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Ryan Ferguson - The Path To Power

Ryan Ferguson is back; but everything has changed!
Started on 14 September 2014 by Justice
Latest Reply on 11 October 2014 by Ziechael
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Aaron's avatar Group Aaron
9 yearsEdited
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's my God with a club overview update on Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC.

Idk, but good luck!
Justice's avatar Group Justice
9 yearsEdited

Season One: Squad Overview

In my last update, I showed you an overview of the club side of Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC. In this update, you get to see what the senior team looks like. There are a lot of holes to be filled in, and I will explain more at the end of the update.

No. Name - Age - Position - CA/PA
3's = 3 Star Players
47. János Balogh - 30 - GK - /

78. Volodymyr Ovsienko - 34 - GK - /

Right Backs
21. Zsolt Szokol - 23 - DR - /

20. Gábor Polényi - 21 - DR - /

00. Balázs Benko - 17 - DR - /

Central Defenders
13. Tamás Rubus - 23 - DC - /

26. Gergo Gengeliczki - 20 - DC - /

Left Backs
85. Tamás Törtei - 27 - DL - /

12. Gábor Jánvári - 23 - DL - /

Central Midfielders
17. Dániel Kákonyi - 24 - MC - /

16. Mihály Ulviczy - 27 - DM/MC - /

6. Donát Reznek - 19 - MC - /

27. Roland Erno Paku - 19 - MC - /

Attacking Midfielders
7. Tamás Huszák - 24 - AMC - /

9. Dávid Pákolicz - 28 - AMC - /

19. István Sándor - 27 - AMC - /

15. László Rezes - 25 - ML/AML - /

18. Péter Bajzát - 31 - ST - /

10. Péter Szilágyi - 25 - ST - /

25. Macell Molnár - 22 - ST - /

Main Talking Points

  • Strengths: Our strongest areas on the pitch are in central midfield and up front. We have many talented players in these two positions and so our team will be based around the best players from these positions. We have three very different strikers who offer us a great array of options up front.
  • Weaknesses: Our biggest weakness, without a doubt, is in central defence. We only have one player who is even remotely competent, while the other is not worth mentioning. We need to fill this position before the season starts or we will have many, many, many, many problems. Our other weakness is a lack of wingers. We have the one natural winger in Rezes and while Pákolicz can be deployed on either side, we need to add more options to this area.
  • Transfers: With a non-existent wage budget, it will be extremely difficult to bring in the players I need. I will look to do my best with what I have and hopefully add a couple of reasonably good players to our line-up so that we can make a promotion push.

  • That's it for our squad overview. Keep watch for our tactics discussion!

    Previous Update: Club Overview
    Next Update: Season One: Hungarian Division II Preview
    Justice's avatar Group Justice
    9 yearsEdited

    Season One: Hungarian Division II Preview

    The Hungarian Division II is the second highest division in Hungary and runs from the end of August until the beginning of June. There are sixteen teams competing in this league; everybody plays each-other twice (home & away) to make thirty games each. The top two teams win promotion to the Hungarian Division I, while the bottom three teams face relegation. The transfer windows are slightly different to what most people are used to. The summer transfer window runs from 8th June until 31st August, while the winter transfer window runs from 20th January until 20th February. There are a couple of interesting match rules which we must comply with:

  • The match squad must have no more than 3 non-EU players.
  • The match squad must have at least 2 Hungarian under-21 players.

  • All that's left for me to explain is the title/promotion race. There are three main contenders to earn promotion to the top division, us included. I will give you a brief overview of what you can expect from each club this season.

    ZTE Football Club

    Manager: Miklós Lendvai
    Captain: Géza Vlaszák
    Key Player: Milan Bogunovic
    Predicted Finish: 1st

    ZTE Football Club is the favourite to win the league this season, and you can understand why when you look at their squad. Based in the city of Zalaegerszeg, ZTE play their home games in a 12,000 capacity stadium called Október 6. Tér. ZTE's manager, Lendvai, is known for using a 3-4-3 formation and ZTE's strongest point is it's midfield, which is by far the best in the division. It will surely be a question of how many points ZTE will win the league by, as they are the big favourites to come up trumps at the end of the year.

    FC Tatabánya

    Manager: László P. Nagy
    Captain: N/A
    Key Player: Gábor Szamosszegi
    Predicted Finish: 2nd

    FC Tatabánya will be pushing for promotion this season, as they are the "best of the rest", so to speak. The club from Tatabánya, who play their home games at Ságvári Endre út, like to play some adventurous football and their main strengths come from wide play and a fast, fluid midfield. However, their strikers lack experience which could be a huge disadvantage for them if they cannot get them firing. Tatabánya's goalkeepers may come under scrutiny also, as they are not of the highest calibre. Can Tatabánya challenge for the title? It will be tough but surely they can!

    Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC

    Manager: Ryan Ferguson
    Captain: N/A
    Key Player: Péter Szilágyi
    Predicted Finish: 3rd

    Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC, nicknamed Szpari, will be under the spotlight this season after the much-criticised hiring of managerial newbie Ryan Ferguson. The gaffer who can't speak Hungarian will find life tough in his new surroundings and will have immense pressure on him to produce results this season. His team's main strength is in central midfield and attack, where there is plenty of quality to produce chances and score goals. However, central defence is an issue with only one reasonable player covering that position currently. It is unknown how Ferguson will set his team up but he is expected to use a tactic which allows his creative players to make an impact on the game.

    So that's a look at the league rules and the top three challengers. I did get the idea off of pompeyblue, so credit to him for such a good idea which I could emulate! Next up is tactics discussion and then, finally, pre-season! I hope these updates haven't bored you all to death so far, I can promise you that more is to come soon enough!

    Previous Update: Season One: Squad Overview
    Next Update: Season One: Tactics Discussion
    Great update!
    2014-09-18 18:53#194463 Tallery : Great update!
    Thanks :)
    well presented and well-written as usual, Justice: loved it!
    2014-09-19 09:20#194493 TodayAtTomorrow : well presented and well-written as usual, Justice: loved it!
    Thanks TAT, I try to be as organised as possible! :)
    Justice's avatar Group Justice
    9 yearsEdited

    Season One: Tactics Discussion

    I have created three tactics for Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC which are only intended to be short term. I'll use these tactics through pre-season to see if they suit the team or not. If not, then I'll change. If they do, then I'll use them until I can build the team around a style of football which I want to possess. The Team Instructions, Mentality and Fluidity for each tactic are the exact same and I will describe them in this update. I will also describe the differences between the three tactics; the 4-1-2-1-2, the 4-3-1-2 and the 4-2-3-1.

    4-1-2-1-2: My team lacks wide midfielders but possesses many quality players in central midfield and up front. For this reason, I am using a narrow formation. The 4-1-2-1-2 is intended to control all areas of the midfield and have a presence in all aspects of the game. This is intended for opposition who we would want to dominate in all areas of the pitch, with no specific focus.

    4-3-1-2: This is very similar to the 4-1-2-1-2, except it has one less DM and one extra MC. The reasoning for this is to press the opponents further up the pitch. This is intended for opposition who are not so good in possession of the ball and we can easily win tackles.

    4-2-3-1: This is my "if all else fails" tactic. Instead of having four midfielders through the middle, this has just three but with two wingers taking to the pitch. A striker has been sacrificed but the advantage of wide play could become a useful Plan B.

    Mentality: Control
    Fluidity: Fluid
  • Retain Possession
  • Shorter Passing
  • Pass Into Space
  • Drop Deeper
  • Stick To Positions
  • Lower Tempo

  • I intend to dominate possession of the ball but to be very careful with it. While Spartacus are amongst the favourites to earn promotion from this division, I want to play it safe and make sure that we don't mess up. You may call me a negative manager but I am just covering my tracks. Besides, I'm only bringing English football to Hungary. The quality of our attackers should hopefully see us through.

    I know this isn't much detail regarding my tactics but there really isn't much more I can say. This is how I will play and that's really it. Expect more to come on pre-season and transfers!

    Previous Update: Hungarian Division II Preview
    Next Update: Nyíregyháza Spartacus Unveil New Captain
    Justice's avatar Group Justice
    9 yearsEdited

    Nyíregyháza Spartacus Unveil New Skipper

    Dávid Pákolicz, pictured on the ball above, was today announced as Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC's new captain. The twenty-eight year old attacking midfielder had spent three seasons, from 2009 until 2012, on loan at Spartacus before signing a permanent deal for Szpari at the beginning of last season.

    Born on 13th September 1984 in Kalocsa, Hungary, Pákolicz joined his local team, Kalocsa, in 1992, aged just eight years old. He broke in to the club's first team in 2002, aged eighteen, where he spent three years before subsequently moving to Gyori ETO FC in 2005. However, in his five seasons at the club, he only amassed 41 league appearances, but spent a lot of time out on loan. In 2009, Dávid Pákolicz was loaned to Division I side Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC, where he excelled in a free-roaming attacking midfield role. Nyíregyháza were relegated that season to Division II, where they are currently playing in.

    Pákolicz's time at Szpari was a fruitful one and he spent the next two seasons there on loan. In his three years on loan, he clocked 62 appearances, scoring a very impressive 17 goals from midfield. In the summer of 2012, Dávid Pákolicz signed a permanent deal at Nyíregyháza Spartacus and went on to make a further 27 appearances last season, scoring four times. The twenty-year old is looking to add to the 21 goals which he has scored for Spartacus in the past and is delighted to have been named as captain.

    Dávid Pákolicz: "I am very happy to be named as captain. I love life at Nyíregyháza and I want to stay here for many years. We have a new manager and things will be difficult at first but he has great ideas and I know that the club will prosper in the long term. We want to battle for promotion this season and we have the quality in our team to do so. We have many great players in our team and I am honoured to play alongside them, and now to lead them.

    Of course a lot of pressure comes with being captain and it is important that I make sure I play well before making sure everybody else does. I can only be captain if I am on the pitch and I won't be on the pitch if I play poorly. That is why it is important that I perform at my very best this season and I have faith in myself to do so. I want to give everything to Szpari and I am confident that I can help the club to promotion. That is all I want."

    Szpari = club's nickname, for those who don't know

    Previous Update: Tactics Discussion
    Next Update: Kit Unveiling
    A great appointment. What a player.

    (Yes I do watch Hungarian Division II football, and yes I do follow my my favorite player Dávid Pákolicz. Watch every game.)
    2014-09-20 20:55#194626 AaronHJFT96 : A great appointment. What a player.

    (Yes I do watch Hungarian Division II football, and yes I do follow my my favorite player Dávid Pákolicz. Watch every game.)
    Great, so you can give me advice! ;)
    Justice's avatar Group Justice
    9 yearsEdited

    Season One: Spartacus Unveil New Kits

    Nyíregyháza Spartacus are happy to unveil our new kits for the upcoming 2013-2014 season. The kits are manufactured by Adidas and is sponsored by Gazprom. Both companies have signed a one year deal with Spartacus, with the option to extend the deal.

    The three kits are made in the same style; one main colour with another colour trim on the top of the chest, the cuffs and under the arms. The fabric used is a new, special synthetic type of fibre which gives the wearer optimum comfort, keeps their body heat stable and allows for their skin to breath. The home kit is red and white, the away kit is white and black and the third kit is yellow and dark-blue.

    Kits will be on sale from this weekend onward and will cost you just €15 to purchase one. To add a name and number to the back, you will need to pay an extra €3. Make sure to get your star's kit and show your Szpari colours!

    Previous Update: Nyíregyháza Spartacus Unveil New Skipper
    Next Update: Season One: The First Day
    Nice, simple kits! Good luck this season :D
    2014-09-21 12:08#194650 Zed : Nice, simple kits! Good luck this season :D
    Thanks :D
    Justice's avatar Group Justice
    9 yearsEdited

    Season One: The First Day

    Ryan Ferguson's first day with his team saw an intra-squad friendly played between Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC and their under-21s team at Sósói út. The match was behind closed doors as the new manager got a close look at how his players work on the pitch.

    The senior team opened the scoring in the fifth minute after a fantastic team move. A well-worked throw-in saw the right-back, Szokol, earn space on the right, with several passing options. He opted to cross the ball to striker Péter Szilágyi, who turned on the spot and volleyed past the helpless goalkeeper to make it 1-0 to the senior team.

    The senior team doubled their advantage twenty minutes later through Molnár. A period of patient build-up play on the left saw the ball land at the skipper's, Dávid Pákolicz's, feet, and he showed great awareness to thread a delightful through ball for Szilágyi to run on to inside the box. His first touch took his marker out of the equation and he plotted a pass to his strike partner, Molnár, who netted his side's second goal with ease.

    It took just a minute for Ferguson's team to fire home for a third time. The right-back Szokol launched a hopeful ball forward in the direction of Marcell Molnár. The poacher threw off his marked with an exquisite dummy, leaving the ball to roll directly in to the path of Péter Szilágyi who, one-on-one with the goalkeeper, made no mistake by scoring his second goal with aplomb. It was now 3-0.

    Szilágyi was not done there, as he went on to complete his hat-trick in the fifty-seventh minute. The senior team were beginning to show their confidence by upping the tempo of their attacks and putting the youngsters under constant pressure. Captain Dávid Pákolicz got on the ball in an advanced position and swept a spectacular cross to Péter Szilágyi who, hungry for his third of the day, fired home a crisply executed half-volley which left the goalkeeper flailing in desperation.

    A goal was much-deserved for Dávid Pákolicz and he converted a chance in the sixty-second minute. The confident Péter Szilágyi was beginning to show some swagger as he took on three players on the left wing before cutting back to his captain in the box who, after scrambling past an out-rushing defender, fired home through the legs of the helpless goalkeeper to make it 5-0 and complete the rout.

    It was a very convincing win for Ryan Ferguson's win and the statistics were all in his favour. While the matches ahead were only going to prove more difficult, would this result be a good omen for the future?

    Previous Update: Spartacus Unveil New Kits
    Next Update: Defensive Duo Seal Szpari Move

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