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Ryan Ferguson - The Path To Power

Ryan Ferguson is back; but everything has changed!
Started on 14 September 2014 by Justice / First Post
Latest Reply on 11 October 2014 by Ziechael / Last Post
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"Well firstly I travelled to Ireland where I acquired magical potatoes from the friendly folk known as Leprachauns. Then, a trip to Buckingham Palace where a drop of the queen's blood was taken before travelling all the way to the Andes Mountains in Peru to perform a ritual required to prepare a special broth which was served to my players, giving them extraordinary powers beyond your wildest dreams."

Quite possibly the weirdest thing I've ever seen in a story :))

In all seriousness nice update I look forward to more.
2014-09-27 21:13#195212 Walter :
"Well firstly I travelled to Ireland where I acquired magical potatoes from the friendly folk known as Leprachauns. Then, a trip to Buckingham Palace where a drop of the queen's blood was taken before travelling all the way to the Andes Mountains in Peru to perform a ritual required to prepare a special broth which was served to my players, giving them extraordinary powers beyond your wildest dreams."

Quite possibly the weirdest thing I've ever seen in a story :))

In all seriousness nice update I look forward to more.
Perhaps Fergie is on drugs ;)
Justice's avatar Group Justice
4 yearsEdited

Season One: September Update


We began this month as we finished the last as we blew Balmazújváros apart in our opening League Cup game. A Támas Huszák brace from attacking midfield brought us three points from a game against Szigetszentmiklós. Unfortunately for us, Huszák picked up a long-term injury in that same game and is out for a couple of months. We suffered our first loss of the season at the hands of our fierce rivals, Debrecen, in the League Cup as we were completely out-classed in terms of player quality. We bounced back after that with a draw and three straight wins, including a comprehensive 4-0 victory in the cup. I am over the moon with our results this month. We were expected to lose heavily to Debrecen as it was so losing was no big deal and we were unbeaten otherwise. We picked up many points in league play and we advanced in the cup. All-in-all, a successful month.

Player Of The Month

Dániel Kákonyi had to win the award this month after an astute run of form from the midfielder. Kákonyi scored three times this month; twice from the penalty spot and once from a long range free-kick, to take his tally up to four for the season. He also added two assists to his statistics as he was heavily involved in our creative play. He is a great, well-rounded midfielder who puts in a lot of work for the team. He has been great so far this season and I hope for more from him.

Dániel Kákonyi's Season Stats
Appearances: 9
Goals: 4
Assists: 2
MotM Awards: 1

Yellow Cards: 0
Red Cards: 0

Pass Completion Ratio: 79%
Tackles Per Game: 2.20
Fouls Committed: 6
Fouls Against: 7

Average Rating: 7.32

Hungarian Division II

We stay at the top of the table after what was a very impressive, undefeated month. ZTE recovered after their opening day defeat to us and our within a point of us at the top. Our biggest strength has been our defensive play, keeping five clean sheets since the opening day triumph over the second placed team. A gap between us two and the rest has already emerged, as ZTE are four points above third placed Dunaújváros. Hopefully we can stay in the top two bracket for promotion to the top flight.

Hungarian League Cup

It has been a mixed start for each team in our group as we all sit on three points each and only separated by goal difference. We sit in second place behind Balmazújváros, whom we hammered in our opening game. I'm delighted with how we have performed so far and I hope to stay in contention for qualification to the next round.

October Fixtures

We play seven games next month; including four league games, two league cup games and one cup game. I'm hoping to pick up at least seven points in the league matches and at least two points in the league cup matches. Gyirmót are in our division and so I hope to beat them in our cup tie. Hopefully we can continue our sensational form!

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Justice's avatar Group Justice
4 yearsEdited

We Have The Momentum

It was that time of the month again. No, not my period. Luckily for me I am a man and so do not possess the female productive organs which cause such "hysterical discomfort". It was time for our monthly press-conference to discuss all things Nyíregyháza Spartacus.

Reporter One "Ryan, congratulations on another successful set of games in charge of Nyíregyháza. What was the key to your side's success this month?"

Ryan Ferguson: "If you look back at the games which we played this month, we only conceded two goals in total, and that was in one game. That means we kept six cleansheets this month, which is fantastic for this club. If you're opponents can't score on you and you don't concede, then you've already earned yourself at least a point from that game; you can't lose if you don't concede. That's something which we've been working on a lot over the pre-season and you can see the fruits of our labour. We've played ten games so far this season and we've kept eight cleensheets. That has given us a great deal of confidence and now we have the momentum to carry on in the same form.

Reporter Two: "Your team has been very successful from set-pieces so far this season, both in attack and defence. How much have you been working on dead-ball scenarios?"

Ryan Ferguson: "These days, an awful lot of games are decided by goals from set-pieces and it is an area of the game which we want to dominate. We have shown so far that we can score from corners, free-kicks and even throw-ins and we don't concede an awful lot of goals. Kákonyi and Pákolicz are both very capable dead-ball specialists and their contribution has been enormous. Hopefully we can continue to have a similar amount of luck for the rest of the season because it will win us a lot of games."

Reporter Three: "Do you have any more interesting stories to tell us today?"

Ryan Ferguson: "I suppose I do, Dávid. An ex-girlfriend of mine rang me a couple of days ago. She's an American model who lives in Liverpool, and we did live with each other in the past. You might know her, her name is Emma Walters. Anyway, I broke up with her because I found she was cheating on me with a man named Nick Sherwood. Once we split up, her romance with this Nick Sherwood character blossomed and they were engaged, as far as I knew.

So they were getting on as happy as Larry when Emma called me and pleaded for me to come back to her. Apparently Nick had a certain....inabilities, which was only treatable by medication by the name of viagra. However, Emma claimed that the end product was a little 'short' of satisfactory for her and she wanted me to be the man who pleased her. Trying to hold back the laughter, I replied 'sorry bitch, but I ain't go no time for hoes'."

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Fergie's famed press confereces return :))

Looks like you had a fantastic month earlier and nice analysis in the press conference, especially the last bit! :P
Some great results and hopefully a couple of good cup runs to continue. Looks like a two horse race for the title too, good luck!
Walter, the best man to interview in the world :P

Ziechael, yeah it is looking like a two horse race at the minute, hopefully we'll come out on top :D
Wow great story again glad to see you writing. Nice idea and keep it up its a great one :D
Justice's avatar Group Justice
4 yearsEdited

Season One: October Update


We produced what was so nearly a perfect month as we recored 6 wins and 1 draw from seven games. Our draw came midway in the month in the League Cup against an in-form Balmazújváros. We had to come back in to the game after conceding early on and we were unfortunate not to win the game as we had a last minute goal chalked out for offside. A fair decision, however. Our most notable performances came in a league game against Ajka, where we won 5-1, a 3-1 victory over Vasas and in an 8-2 thumping against Gyirmót in the Hungarian Cup, where we went 6-0 up at half-time (see match report here). That ten-goal thriller was a product of our continuously building confidence and the hunger of our players to score more and more and more. I am on cloud nine with this month; we have been in legendary form, breaking club records left, right and centre.

Player Of The Month

This was an extremely tough choice this month as club captain Dávid Pákolicz and midfielder Dániel Kákonyi have been in sensational. However, Péter Szilágyi's ridiculous goal scoring record could not be ignored. The striker scored an outstanding eleven goals in seven games this month, including posting hat-tricks against Ajka and Gyirmót! This guy has been in the form of his life and nobody can stop him. His relentless shooting has proven to be the bane of many an opposition team this season and he has already become a Fan Favourite. I hope he continues his form because with him at his best, we can beat anybody.

Péter Szilágyi's Season Stats
Appearances: 16
Goals: 17
Assists: 4
MotM Awards: 5

Yellow Cards: 0
Red Cards: 0

Pass Completion Ratio: 76%
Shots On Target Ratio: 51%
Fouls Committed: 5
Fouls Against: 21

Average Rating: 7.60

Hungarian Division II

It was an unblemished month for us in the league as we four wins from four. This has seen us extend our lead at the top of the table to a massive eight points. While we are only a third of the way through the season, we have given ourselves a great platform to secure the league title over the next set of games. Our goal difference of +19 has been far superior to anybody else's and we are the only unbeaten team in the league. Can we win the title? I certainly believe we can!

Hungarian League Cup

The four points which we picked up this month has seen us climb to the top of our group. If we earn two points from our final two fixtures, we are guaranteed qualification to the next round. While this competition is not overly prestigious, it is one which we are competing in and so it is one which I want to win. While we are one of the weaker teams in the competition, we have already proved that we can overcome the odds against strong teams. Hopefully we can out-perform some of the giants.

November Fixtures

We have a tight schedule next month as we play eight games. We play five league games where I will be hoping to pick up at least ten points. I feel that if we pick up this amount of points, we will extend our lead over the others and surely put the title race beyond any doubt. We play out the remainder of our League Cup group matches with a home fixture against (not even going to try to spell their name) before a derby game away to Debrecen, where qualification could eventually come down to the result of that match. Meanwhile, Hungarian Division I side Haladás are our opponents in the Hungarian Cup Fifth Round as we host our opponents in the first leg. If we can continue our form, I can see us going unbeaten for yet another month. Hopefully we can keep impressing our fans with plenty of goals and plenty of action!

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Twas' a great read catching up on everything I had missed, awesome updates Justice!
Good to see how well you are doing in the league too, just got to make sure you hold on at the top now...I'm sure you will :)
2014-09-30 21:05#195355 pompeyblue : Twas' a great read catching up on everything I had missed, awesome updates Justice!
Good to see how well you are doing in the league too, just got to make sure you hold on at the top now...I'm sure you will :)
Thanks pomp, I'll make sure I stay on top of things :P
Justice's avatar Group Justice
4 yearsEdited

Walking A Lonely Road

The life of a football manager often eludes the public eye. While the Ronaldos and the Rooneys of our generation star on the back-page, and sometimes the front page too, of every newspaper every day, you rarely see or hear a word of a manager outside of their careers. Managers aren't pictured driving sports cars or having model wives or dining with the most renowned actors of our day. Not many people have an interest in managers, even though they are the mastermind behind the chess-board; making all the decisions for the team, major and minor.

What the public doesn't know, however, is that when you become a football manager, your life changes forever. Your hair begins to lose colour or fall out entirely, you begin to put on weight, your face begins to develop wrinkles, you begin to feel old and stiff. Why does this happen? It's simple to understand, really. When you become a football manager, you sacrifice everything to marry the job you covet so much. It is an eternal bond which saps your energy and runs you down in to the ground. It does not just become your job, it becomes your life.

You wake very early each morning to the same, boring breakfast and coffee with the same struggle to get out of bed. After a long, warm shower, your only pleasantry of the morning, you gear up and make your way to the training ground before anybody else arrives. You then prepare for training, talk to your coaches and reply to your board's requests with a fake enthusiasm which children show to their teachers when handed a lengthy exercise to complete.

Once the players arrive, you must organise them and get them training as quickly as possible where you then go out to stand in the worst of conditions imaginable and bark the same orders over and over again at the stars of the club, while you look like a camp, grumpy old man with a lack of sleep. Once training is over, you then brief the players on the upcoming opponents and point out where they need to improve. After that, it is off to the video lab where you spend a considerable amount of time watching your upcoming opponents make every single one of their five-yard backwards pass over the past ten years, hoping to find an area where your team can exploit.

After that, you are finally finished for the day. Now, this could be at any time from six in the evening until nine. You rush home to your unsatisfied spouse who knows that all you will be doing for the rest of the night is flick through the football news for anything of interest or watch the golf. For those managers who are uninvolved with anybody, as there are many, they have nobody to go home to and often eat their meals in a bar down the road from where there crumby little apartment behind the club house.

Sounds boring, doesn't it? Well, it gets worse. All this time spent at the training ground, talking to the board, managing at the weekend and watching other football matches on television takes away any spare time which managers have. They have no time for friends, not that they have many, no time to exercise, no time to go out, no time to have fun. As a result, loneliness and depression are common themes amongst football managers. That painful, enclosing feeling which leaves you in a fragile state of self-mourning and hatred, and it never gets any easier. Your only comfort is winning the game at the weekend but even that sometimes doesn't put a gloss on things. Becoming a football manager can turn you in to a lonely ghost of a person, and Ryan Ferguson was no different.

Previous Update: Season One: October Update
Next Update: Season One: November Update
Justice's avatar Group Justice
4 yearsEdited

Season One: November Update


Well, our form this month was nowhere near as good as previous months. We played five league games in the month of November, recording three wins and two draws. While I am disappointed that we dropped points in two games, I am delighted that we kept away from defeat for yet another month in the league. Our form in the League Cup was a large disappointment this month, as we recorded a draw and a loss to cap off the group play. Our second derby game of the season against Debrecen ended similarly to our first one, as we posted our second loss to Debrecen and our second loss of the season. Luckily, we were very successful in the Cup as we through Division I side Haladás aside in the first leg of the last sixteen. Goals from Molnár and Szilágyi secured us the victory in that game.

Player Of The Month

A man who has been in the headlines recently for his impressive form, László Rezes earns the award this month. The natural left midfielder has been deployed as a left winger, a right winger and as an attacking midfielder this season as we have required his services in place of injured players. The Hungarian midfielder has filled in to great affect and boasts a combined goals and assists total of nine, in just nineteen games. He has been in sensational form recently and his flair in and around the box has been a huge asset to us. I hope he can keep up his impressive form.

László Rezes' Season Stats
Appearances: 19
Goals: 5
Assists: 4
MotM Awards: 2

Yellow Cards: 1
Red Cards: 0

Pass Completion Ratio: 72%
Dribbles Per Game: 1.86
Fouls Committed: 6
Fouls Against: 26

Average Rating: 6.97

Hungarian Division II

Our unbeaten league run stretches to fifteen games now as we have a nine point lead at the mid-way stage of the season. Szigetszentmiklós remain the closest to us on 30 points, but our 39 points is far superior to them. We have been in a league of our own, if you like, and we are looking unstoppable in the league at present. I almost expect to win the league this season now that we have such a lead. Hopefully we can bring home our first title under my management and the club's second trophy in their history.

Hungarian League Cup

Despite a nervy last few games, we qualify from our League Cup group against the odds! It did take Goal Difference for us to qualify but in a group with two Division I sides, I am delighted that we have progressed. Unfortunately for us, we drew Videoton, the best team in Hungary at the moment, in the Last Sixteen. The two-legged affair will be contested in February-March, with the first game being at Videoton.

December Fixtures

We play just the one game next month; the second leg in our Hungarian Cup Last Sixteen tie against Division I side Haladás. We hold a 2-0 advantage after the first leg at home and we make the trip to their stadium for the second leg. This will be our final game before the Winter Break begins. The Winter Break will last until mid/late-February, where we will then re-continue our season against Videoton. My next update will be a report on our second leg against Haladás and then I will report on the Winter Break.

Previous Update: Walking A Lonely Road
Next Update: Nyíregyháza Rise To See Off Haladás
Nice non-result update and good to see you're still flying in the league. Is this a sign, though, that Fergie wants to leave Hungary? :o
2014-10-03 21:26#195581 Walter : Nice non-result update and good to see you're still flying in the league. Is this a sign, though, that Fergie wants to leave Hungary? :o
I'm not thinking about leaving just yet. If an offer comes in, however, I would consider it, no matter who it is from.

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