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Darius Xavier: The Conqueror

Darius Xavier is the earthquake in modern football, looking to change the landscape of management forever.
Started on 24 October 2014 by basham97
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Franco Vazquez
Franco Vazquez is a name that will be familiar to many football fans across England. Vazquez is a new signing at Vicarage Road having joined from Italian outfit Palermo in July. Franco Vazequez began his career at Club Atletico Belgrano in 2007 making a total of 98 league appearances and scoring 15 goals for the club. In 2011/12 he joined Citta de Palermo for £3.9 million and made 90 league appearances and scored 15 goals. During this time he also spent time on loan at Rayo Vallecano SAD, making 18 league appearances and scoring 3 goals. Vazquez joined current club Watford for £575,000 in July 2016 and has currently made 4 appearances and scored 3 goals for the club.

Francesco Signori
Francesco Signori is a name that will be familiar to many football fans across England. Vazquez is a new signing at Vicarage Road having joined from Italian side Modena in July. Francesco Signori started his career at Atletico Montichiari in 2004/05, breaking into the first-team in 2006 and making a total of 8 league appearances. Signori joined Sampdoria in July 2007 but failed to make a league appearance for the club. During this time he also spent time on loan at Foligno, Vicenza and Modena, making a combined league appearances and scoring 10 goals. In July 2013 he joined Modena for £300,000 and made 97 league appearances and scored 7 goals. Signori joined current club Watford for £3.5 million and has currently made 5 appearances for the club.

Alberto Masi
Alberto Masi is a name that will be familiar to many football fans across England. Vazquez is a new signing at Vicarage Road having joined from Italian side Ternana in August. Alberto Masi began his career at Sampdoria in 2007/08 but failed to make a league appearance during his long 4 years at the club. During this time he spent on loan at Lavagnese, making 20 league appearances. In 2011/12 he joined Pro Vercelli, making 38 league appearances and scoring 2 goals. Masi joined Juventus in 2012/13 but failed to make a league appearance for the club. During this time he spent on loan at Pro Vercelli and Ternana, making a combined amount of 10 league appearances. Masi's spell at Juventus didn't last very long and in 2013/14 he joined Ternana making 76 league appearances and scored 4 goals within 3 years. Masi joined current club Watford for £1.9 million in August 2016 and has currently made 4 league appearances for the club.

Gabriel is a player with a growing reputation among football fans in England. Gabriel is among the numerous signings that Vicarage Road having joined from Italian outfit Alto Adige in August. Gabriel started his career at Resende FC in 2010, breaking into the first-team in 2011 and making a total of 14 league appearances and scoring one goal for the club. Gabriel joined Juventus in July 2011 but failed to make a league appearance. During his time he spent on loan at Pro Vercelli, Speciza and Delfino Pescara making a combined league appearances and scoring one goal. In July 2015, he joined Sudtirol - Alto Adige making 29 appearances and scoring 2 goals. Gabriel joined current club Watford for £1 million in August 2016 but has yet to make an appearance for the club.

Ahmad Benali
Ahmad Benali is a name that will be familiar to many football fans across England. Having made his Libya debut against Congo in March 2013, he has gone and made 13 appearances for the country. Benali is a new signing for Vicarage Road, having joined from Italian side Perugia in August. Ahmad Benali began his career at Manchester City in 2008/09 but failed to make a league appearance during his 4 years at the club. During this time, he went on loan to Rochdale and made 2 league appearances. In 2013/14 he joined Brescia, making 81 league appearances and scoring 8 goals. In August 2015 he joined Perguia for £1.1 million and made 34 league appearances and scored 8 goals. Benali joined his current club Watford for £2.6 million in August 2016 and has currently made one league appearance for the club.

Ashley Barnes
Ashley Barnes is a well-known name for football fans across Europe. Barnes made his senior debut playing for Plymouth against Wycombe on 14th August 2007. Having scored on his Austria debut against Moldova in October 2014, he has gone on to make 10 appearances for his club and scoring 5 goals. Barnes is a new signing at Vicarage Road, having joined from Burnley in August. Ashley Barnes began his career at Paulton Rovers in 2006/07, making a total of 12 appearances and scoring one goal for the club. Barnes' spell at Paulton didn't last long and in March 2007 he joined Plymouth Argyle, making 22 league appearances and scoring 2 goals in 3 years. During this time he went on loan to Oxford United, Salisbury City, Eastbourne Borough, Torquay United and Brighton. Making a combined 30 league appearances and scoring 10 goals. In July 2010 he joined Brighton for £200,000 and made 141 league appearances and scored 42 goals. Barnes Seagulls team lifted the Sky Bet League 1 in 2011 and in January 2014 he joined Burnley and made 102 league appearances scoring 26 goals. Barnes joined current club Watford for £3.9 million in August 2016 and has yet to make an appearance for the club.

A decent start for the first month at Warford. First month was very intense playing a total of 7 games, I am very happy to remain undefeated in the league so far as it keeps squad harmony high. My team was defeated in the bout against Fleetwood, a game we dominated, because of penalties. My team scored a total of 14 goals and conceded 7 goals. Looking at the results into a closer perspective, the results really aren't that fantastic from a league perspective. My team really only won 3 games out of a potential 5 (9 points out of a potential 15 points), I am looking to win and dominate the Sky Bet Championship and enter the Premier League. This is not domination, I am truly not satisfied.

48' - Morris failed to reach the ball, Battochino searched out Vazquez first time. Free kick to Watford. Kane clattered Franco Vazquez. Battochino played the ball forward, Abdi went after the goal. Penalty kick!! Abdi was pushed by Josh Morris. Leeds couldn't believe that the penalty was given. Fabrni has stepped up to take the penalty... GOAL!

70' - Watford changed to a 3-3-3-1. Sylla moved across to take his side's throw in. Alberto Masi passed first time along the floor for Sylla to pick it up down the right. Sylla swung in a deep first time cross. Amos could only parry it! It was almost an own goal! Almen Abdi to apply the finish... ABDI HAS SCORED FOR WATFORD!!

73' - Mowatt stepped up and drifted the corner in. Lowry got above Cristian Battocchio to win the ball. Lowry powered a header at goal. GOAAALLLL! Fantastic header!

11' - Sylla moved the ball forward to Vazquez. Vazquez and Troy Deeney exchange passes between each other. Vazquez sprayed the ball wide towards Juanfran. Juanfran delivers a beautiful ball to the far post. Vazquez shoots at a tight angle. GOOOOOALLLL!

35' - Gary Gardner delivered the ball to the near post. Joe Mattock got past Masi. Joe Mattock played the ball to Igor Vetokele's feet. Vetokele looked odds-on to score! IGOR VETOKELE SCORED FOR CHARLTON! Joe Maddock's superb vision made the goal.

81' - Good play by Deeney in making himself some pace. Deeney sees the deflection from Fabbrini's shot. Deeney went for the follow up. Deeney was there to apply the finish. GOOOALL! Could Watford run away with this?

89' - Fabbrini surged past Gomez. Fabbrini puts the ball into the six yard box. Good play by Vazquez in making himself some space. Vazquez had the goal at his mercy... FRANCO VAZQUEZ'S SECOND OF THE GAME!!

"This was a good start to the month, even reading through the lines. The players haven't adapted to my philosophy and my tactical system. I will dominate the Sky Bet Championship, then I will walk into the Premier League and announce to the world that the future is here."
Pretty good first month.

Luke Dowling - "Welcome everybody to the new web-series of interviews with new appointed manager Darius Xavier. A little background on the new manager, Darius Xavier was appointed manager of Watford in July 2016 from being released from his old club - Woking FC. We will get to that later. First question, why are we doing this? Why are we sitting down and talking about these subjects?"

Darius Xavier - "It's apart of my contract. I wanted the opportunity to sit down with you Luke, and express my views exclusively to Watford. No media coverage, no press because, I really dislike the press in this country. They're manipulative and they put words into your mouth. It's disgraceful. They are meant to say the truth, however they never say the truth, do they? There is a clause in my contract that states, that I am able to say whatever I want and not have someone as devious as a journalist, to manipulate it."

Luke Dowling - "Those are some bold statements. Don't take this with any disrespect to you, you have a lack of experience and a lack of qualifications in fact. Only holding a National B License and only managing at a low level in the Vanarama Conference to Sky Bet League 2. Why do you think Watford wanted you, specifically after the departure of former manager - Slavisa Jokanovic?"

Darius Xavier - "You'll have to ask the chairman that. He asked me to attend the interview, he asked me to to take the job. He asked me to get the team promoted and I will do just that. But overall, if I was to give a reason, I would have to say, my ability to get the results no matter what. If you looked at the teams I managed and the squad it had, it had a relegation defence, bang-average midfield and attack. I not only got them promoted once, but twice. Now can you imagine, the dominance I could show if I had a team of able players? I like to think, the chairman saw this and his decision was made straight away."

Luke Dowling - "Going back to what I was mentioning earlier. You had a number of opportunities to manage at other clubs, specifically in Spain and Italy. But why did you choose to remain in England and join Watford?"

Darius Xavier - "There is a number of reasons for this, mainly being the smaller reasons such as family and friends. But that honestly, doesn't matter to me. I want to do well in life and mostly in football management. Now, I had an opportunity in managing in Serie B and Liga Adelante, but they don't get me to the best league in the world - the English Premier League. Now, in my mind, I still have some business to take care of here."

Luke Dowling - "And... What business would that be?"

Darius Xavier - "To announce to the world, that I am the future of football management. I am going to take Watford to there highest league position in 2 seasons time, I have already broke 2 records on transfer income/outcome so far. I will take this club to places you've never been to before, to competitions you've never experienced, as long as you're willing to pay my wages and allow me to do this."

Remaining undefeated in the league looks promising. You know, drawing Derby in a fantastic clash away from home 3-3 looks like a good result, right? Nah, it's really not. We drew 3 games in a row, in games I feel we should have edged out the opposition such as against Derby, Brentford and Crystal Palace. Games where we couldn't put one more goal in the net. My team took the game to Ipswich and took the game by the scruff of the net and defeated them 2-0. I am pleased with the away win against MK Dons, a clean win.

5' - Judge swung the corner into the box. Javier Saviola looked to set to apply the finish. SAVIOLA HAS SCORED FOR BRENTFORD! His first ever goal for Brentford. Brentford strike first!

18' - Judge is running with the ball at the halfway line. Skips past Alberto Masi. Sylla tackles Judge, but Judge still holds on it and brushes Sylla off. Judge is alone with the keeper, he applies the finish. GOAL! Wonderful solo goal!

65' - Watford has a chance to launch a counter-attack. Deeney played the ball square looking for Vazequez to pick it up. Bidwell couldn't cut out the pass. Vazquez laid it low through to Sean Murray. MURRAY SCORED FOR WATFORD! Watford has scored on the counter.

82' - Vazquez played it past Tarkowski. Watford launches a counter attack. Vazquez crossed into the box from the left. Jake Bidwell showed a great composure in intercepting the ball. Jake Bidwell makes a clearance, straight to Sean Murray outside the box. Murray strikes the ball. GOOOOOOALLL!!! WHAT A STRIKE!

"This was no different then last month. It's a shame. I noticed we concede too many goals from set pieces, mostly corners. I noticed also that Alberto Masi gets skinned too often, allowing players to skip past him and score against us. He may have to warm the bench the next couple of games, to show that it's really not good enough for my team. For players to be a constant starter, they need to perform otherwise they can rot in the reserves."
Doing pretty good, not losing is always a good thing and the goals help with form so I'd say theres always that ;) great graphics by the way, I like how neat and clean the updates come off on the eye, very easy.
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9 yearsEdited

After finally turning up to an actual press-conference Darius Xavier has used some very explicit terminology to express his thoughts on the return of former Watford player Andi Weimann. This has caused an uproar for some TV networks.

Sky Sports News has been merely forced to not broadcast the full press-conference because of the language used by the Watford manager, this was to protect the younger viewers. The official site for the football club has censored the words however kept the whole conference up.

This also questions Darius Xavier's managerial ability from a professional stand-point. Is he a good example or role-model to be representing Watford FC and a good role model to representing children? From his past press-conferences we have witnessed him bully journalists and express his dissatisfaction with there questions.

Watford manager Darius Xavier has received his consequences for his actions during the pre-match press conference against Blackburn. The Football Association has come to the conclusion that Darius Xavier will pay a £35,000 fine. However, the fine can rise to £70,000 if Darius Xavier refuses to write a letter of apology to the TV networks effected, Andi Wiemann and to the journalist who asked him the question.

Darius Xavier will also be banned from going to manage his side for the rest of October (receiving a 2 managerial match ban). This means that Watford's undefeated streak could possibly come to an end, as assistant manager Rubèn manages the team against Bradford and Huddesfield.

After being banned from pitch-side, I ultimately blame the Huddersfield result on the assistant manager Rubèn for his incompetence in not following my instructions. My team completely destroyed Bolton in a classic 6-2 bout. The game that got me in trouble, my team ended up going to Blackburn and beating them 3-1. Bradford was an easy game, happily to let Rubèn take over for that, I had faith for him there. The Huddersfield was a game we could have won, but he ignored the initial game plan and set up a 4-2-3-1? We don't have talented wingers, I don't understand what was going through his mind.

23' - Hoban threw the ball the back into play. Diego Fabbrini moved the ball first time to Ahamd Benali. Benali played the ball forward, looking for Gabriel. Gabriel rifted in a half-volley. GABRIEL HAS SCORED FOR WATFORD! It was a cracking effort from 25 yards out.

32' - Free kick was given to Watford. Tim Realm was penalised for a trip on Murray. Benali played the ball forward. Erkstrand was able to latch onto it. Wheater read the ball well to intercept the ball. Wheater headed the ball to safety. Vazequez leaps up. The head of Vazequez has met with the ball. GOAL!

41' - Banali passed through to Fabbrini. Fabbrini looks for Deeney. Deeney plays a one-two with Signori. Roberge slide tackled Deeney. It falls to Vazequez, he strikes the ball inside the penalty box. WHAT A FINISH FROM VAZEQUEZ!

50' - Lee Chung-Yong hit a left-footed half volley. Sutton picked up the loose ball and centred the ball. Lee Chung-Yong pounced on the rebound. Bond pushed it away. Sutton got a free in the penalty area, Sutton goes for the follow up... BOLTON FIRES BACK!

55' - Vela looks for Davies. Davies found Kellett with a low pass left, Kellett moved the ball out for Ream. Ream was forced onto the ball, crossed the ball low from the left. Good play by Clayton getting himself into space. CLAYTON SCORES! Jonathan Bond is going to disappointed with being beaten by his near post. The Watford defence is claiming it was offside.

74' - Goal kick for Bolton after a poor attempt by Deeney just a minute ago. The keeper steps up to take the goal kick. It's a miskick! Deeney latches onto the ball and buries it into the bottom corner!

82' - Benali out jumps Clayton, making a great interception by heading the ball towards Gabriel. Gabriel plays the ball to Vazquez's feet. Vazquez laid it right to Fabbrini, while Fabbrini switches it to Gabriel. Gabriel lays it off to Benali. Benali passes it to open space, Murray has a go from distance with his left foot! GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL! Wonderful team goal by Watford.

85' - Gabriel skips past Clayton, running wide with the ball, covering a lot of distance. Plays it into Vazquez, Vazquez swiftly manoeuvres the ball into the path of Murray. Can he do it again? HE'S GOT HIS SECOND!

"This month from me as an individual has been a nightmare, but the FA will feel the wrath of me soon. Fining me £70,000 because I am expressing my views on national television? There will be vengeance. Overall, the results were promising, however we could have picked up more then 2 points in the game against Huddersfield. I'm starting to sound like a broken record, repeating the same process, month after month. We are 15 games undefeated in the Sky Bet Championship, and undefeated I shall try my best to retain."

After the departure of manager Darius Xavier in the summer, Woking Football Club has been suffering in the Sky Bet League 1. Woking has lost every single game in October, getting a total of 0 points out a potential 18 points. Woking are currently 24th place in the Sky Bet League 1.

Darius Xavier's successor Keith Hill was questioned on the disappointing Woking which we've witnessed since the beginning of the season. He replied with,
"Everyone at the club just wants to push on, and try get the best results possible. Every club experiences bad form, no matter who the manager is, it truly doesn't matter. Is it coincidence? Yes, probably is. Let's just hope November, this bad form goes away."

Darius' side of Woking was known for his goal-scoring abilities and however not for his defending. His typical strategy would simply be to out-score the opponent, with oppressive tactics. Woking has scored 13 times out of 16 games, while conceding 34 goals.

The real question remains unsolved, is Woking missing the brilliance of manager Darius Xavier or did Darius Xavier get released before the cookie crumbled and the successor Keith Hill is getting the blame? The question will be forever unsolved.
Take Watford to the Prem!!!!! love them. A nice story so far. Love seeing attitude haaha

Luke Dowling - "Welcome everybody. Today I am sat down with Watford manager and, my boss Darius Xavier. I want to talk to you, not about Watford but your old club, Woking Football Club. Let's start out, why was your released of your duties by Mike Smith?"

Darius Xavier - "I knew you were going to ask me this. You already know the answer, and so does everyone in the backroom staff. But the public, doesn't know? Well, during my time at Woking, I achieved a lot of great things for the club at that standard. For example, claiming the FA Trophy and capturing promotion in the first 2 seasons. I wasn't appreciated as much as I should have been, I was an icon. I broke a total of around 15 records in my first season in football management. Everything that went wrong was put on me and everything good went to the players, when in actuality it was all me, my tactical mind that drove the club forward. I got so pissed off, that I released my synopsis to the public and I was released of my duties within 6 hours and it was removed from the net."

Luke Dowling - "Feeling unappreciated was the main problem with the club, not the fact because you wasn't getting paid enough?"

Darius Xavier - "Oh no, I wasn't paid nowhere near the amount I should have been getting paid. I was earning around £26,000 a year and we had a massive 'financial turnover', all the players got around 10-20% wage increase. The real architect of the success was actually me, again, I was unappreciated."[/img]

Luke Dowling - "Ok, let's get off why you were released. Why do you think they are struggling now, and how can the current conditions of the club be improved?"[/img]

Darius Xavier - "There is no coming back from this. Are you kidding me? The squad is relegation worthy on a Vanarama Conference stage and they are in the Sky Bet League 1, you have to be a very talented manager to get them through the divisions, in my personal opinion. Keith Hill is not the real guy, and the only reason that Keith Hill is in the spot that he's in, is because I was released."[/img]

Luke Dowling - "Interesting, following after what you said about the Blackburn player, we won't mention his name. How was your ban? What are your thoughts on it? Did you deserve it?"[/img]

Darius Xavier - "Oh goodness. Well, my ban was actually fantastic. I visited some friends in Amsterdam for a week, I got into contact with Rubèn before each match, instructing him what to do and it paid off, mostly. My thoughts on the ban, I used it to get away from football for a week from the 22nd to the 29th, I was in the pub, catching up on reading or hitting the gym, trying to keep away from the whole football career. Being fined £70,000? That's a joke and a half, that's literally 1/4 of my wage at Watford, so it's not that bad. If I got fined at Woking for £70,000 I would of had to work 3 years to pay for it! I don't feel I should be fined and banned for expressing my opinions on television, concerning that it wasn't even live. They could just cut it out or censor it, what's the big deal?"

My team scored 3 goals out of 4 games, thankfully that didn't cost us any points as I was able to pick up points in every game. Is it good enough for my standards? No, it's not. We should have at least edged against Sheffield United and Brighton. Sunderland is a different story, they're expected to become first in the Sky Bet Championship. Sheffield and Brighton were matches that we should have won, no excuses. Technically, this may look good on paper, not losing. However, we only got half the points of the projected. We got 6 points out of 12, that's not a team that's meant to be winning the league, it's just not good enough!

67' - Hoban headed the ball to Masi, Masi holds up the ball. Alberto Masi passes the ball towards Murray who is in the penalty area. Murray buries it into the top right corner. GOAL! Watford finally have there breakthrough.

88' - Troy Deeney laid it forwards to Ashley Barnes. Barnes picks out Franco Vazequez with a lovely pass. Vazequez lays it low to Benali, Benali jumps over the ball, drifts towards Tom Deeney.. GOAL! His 100th league goal for Watford. That goal should seal the victory for Watford today.

"It's like I can't get mad at the squad because we are undefeated the league. Like how can you get mad at your squad of players for not losing? I have my projections, I will get promoted this season, no matter what. I would honestly substitute this undefeated streak for a few more wins on the table to make sure we have security in points, as we could sink into Play-Offs which is below my standards."

When she pops in from work to see that he is okay, and to bring him some takeout - Buffalo chicken wings and chips - he is sitting in the chair with a Spanish Rolling Stone magazine open on his lap.
"Rockstar of the year?" he says. The man laughs softly. "That smells like wings," he ays taking the styrofoam box and opening it. "Looks delicious".
"I brought you lots of napkins and wet wipes" she says, handing them over. "Try not to drop the bones all over the room".

Like it would matter. He's always spilling his food after his accident. Once a week or so she tries to get in here an clean up the mess, but honestly, doesn't she have enough to do? The room reeks, but she stopped noticing the smell a long time ago.

"Did you think about what I said this morning?" he asks, biting into a wing, tearing at the chicken with his grey teeth.
"What did you say this morning?" she replies. She remembers-she always knows what it will be about-but feigning ignorance stalls things for a while.
"About going into work? Or just going out?"
"Enough. You're wearing me out."

She gathers some magazines on the bed-New Statesman, a bible and the Spanish Rolling Stone at sets them neatly on the bedside table. "You can't ask me the same thing every day and think you're going to get a different answer. You-oh for god's sake, there's toast crusts in your bed."
The man says, "If it's getting me out that worries you, I think I could manage the stairs myself. It'd just take a while, that's all."

"It's not about that," she says. "You know that."
Something that troubled her that morning is eating at her again. Where's the book? The one he writes in three times a day, or more? Now that she thinks about it, she hasn't seen it for days.
"Where's your stupid little notebook?" she asks.
"I told you, I write in it after you leave."
"Since when?"
"I just do."
"Where is it right now?"
"I think it fell under the bed. Might be stuck between the bed and the wall."
"Move aside, I'll find it for you."
"It's okay," he says. "I'll do it."

"Better find it fast or you'll forget what to write," she says, deciding to drop it, at least for now. She has to go.
As she turns to leave, he says, "Wait."
She stops. "What?"
"The boy," he says. "What's up with the boy?"
She is confused for a moment, unsure which boy he's referring to. His son, or the one who's behind this accident. She decides on an answer that covers all the bases.

"Everything's under control," the woman says. "We're doing our best to sort things out."
"Maybe," the man says, allowing a naive sliver of hope to creep into his voice, "it's a good thing, what happened. I mean, it might mean things will change." He smiles at her with those grey teeth. "I could use a change".
"No," she says. "It doesn't mean that at all."

Another unbeaten string of games, this time picking up wins in every single game, which is a first. We edged out Yeovil 1-0 in a clash which was quite predictable however the win didn't look as decisive as it should. We acquired victory against Wolverhampton 2-0 away from home which I was actually expecting a draw. Conquering Bristol City 4-1 was a walk in a park and looked like it was a Sunday League performance from Bristol City. Wigan and Leeds were defeated 2-1 in classic bouts and them bouts are the ones that will push us into that first place spot.

80' - Vazquez swung a corner into a box with Batth jumped with Doherty and won the ball. Batth cleared the ball. Sylla tried to find Abdi with a forward pass as Ralls fails to reach the ball. Abdi plays a beautiful through-ball, drifting into the area for Deeney. Troy Deeney tries an audacious shot at goal.. GOOOOAAAALLLLLL!!! Deeney scored with a fine strike.

88' - Sylla passed left to Diego Fabbrini. Diego Fabbrini played the ball to Troy Deeney's feet, Deeney looked for Signori to his left. Signori tried to find Battcchio with a pass to his feet. Cristian Battcchio passed to Vazquez. Vazquez first time switches it to Abdi. Abdi hit a hopeful looking shot with his left foot. ABDI SCORED A FABULOUS STRIKE!

"This was honestly a great month, a month which should have happened a long time ago. We are putting pressure on Nottingham Forest, we are not going to slip away, and let them have the title, it's not going to happen. I will be attending the press-conference when we have to face Nottingham Forest, which the corporate idiots will be calling the 'title decider.' This is going to be a very interesting next month."

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