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Darius Xavier: The Conqueror

Darius Xavier is the earthquake in modern football, looking to change the landscape of management forever.
Started on 24 October 2014 by basham97
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CSKA Moscow has admitted that CSKA Peschanoe could be deserted for the team's European Champions League clash against Feyenoord with a low turnout expected among supporters. Estimates are putting the number of tickets expected to be sold for the European Champions League First Knockout Round 1 is around 15,000 out of a potential 40,000. This match is seen as the weakest match on the fixtures between teams as these teams were expected to be knocked out in the group stage, however it should be an interesting game nonetheless.


"This isn't going to be a match that a lot of people tune into tonight, but I think it's going to be the dark-horse in the fixtures for the Knockout Stage. These two teams are teams that don't have naturally great players but splendid teams due to team-work and work-rate. It all comes down to the team that wants it most. It's all about the players tonight, as much as Darius Xavier wants to make it about him, it's down to the players in the squad that will be the deciding factor tonight." -Jamie Carragher

"Unlike Jamie Carragher, I think this game is about the manager. The managers tactics and how they will combat the opposing team. Jamie said that the players are somewhat equal, same defence, same attack and it comes down to the manager sets them up and the instructions he gives them. CSKA sacked there manager a week ago and you cannot fault Darius Xavier, you gotta give him the respect he deserves for being unbeaten for a total of 101 league games. He's a world-class manager and I think he will take this game." -Gary Neville

"This is going to be a decent match even though these teams aren't the best of the best in the competition but I dare say these two teams are equal in nearly every way. I'm looking for the home-team CSKA Moscow to edge this game or a low goal draw of about 1-1. It will be a decent match, but I see one team taking away with a result and that will be Moscow!" -Alan Shearer

Match Statistics

Shots was quite even in this match. The home-team CSKA Moscow had 14 shots with 5 shots on target. CSKA Moscow also had a very a large amount of clean-cut chances of 5. Feyenoord had a slightly more amount of shots of 17. Feyenoord also had 8 direct shots on goal. Feyenoord had a very slim amount of clean cut chances of only 2.

Possession was a minor factor to this match. Feyenoord had more possession as they normally do due to there tactical system. This led to Feyenoord having 56% of the ball during the entirety of the game. The home team CSKA Moscow had 44% of the ball and seemed to not be able to get into the game, at all. The high pressure from Feyenoord really dispossessed the home team CSKA Moscow a lot in this clash.

Pass Completion was quite even with only a 10% difference. CSKA Moscow has a total of a solid 68% pass completion ratio. Feyenoord had 10% more than CSKA Moscow with 78% of pass completion. CSKA Moscow looked very down about the whole match and didn't show any passion for retaining the ball via passes, instead just running at the defence of Michael Keane.


Inside forward Jean-Paul Boëtius got Feyenoord off to a flyer by scoring a shot from distance on 6 minutes. Wonderkid Dennis de Lange doubled Feyenoord's lead with a freak goal on 36 minutes. Winger Gastón Vázquez completed the rout with an accurate finish on 45 minutes. CSKA Moscow were nearly gifted a goal on 50 minutes through Liam Moore's lapse in concentration but they failed to capitalise on the opportunity presented to them. CSKA Moscow were nearly gifted a goal on 82 minutes through Guido Janssen's lapse in concentration but they failed to capitalise on the opportunity presented to them. CSKA Moscow 0-3 Feyenoord

Manager's Comments

"I don't think this was a 3-0 match to be perfectly honest. We had less possession of the ball, but the quality of the possession we played quite well. We had a lot of shots at goal and I think the Feyenoord goalkeeper was exceptional today and I hope to rebound at De Kuip." -Igor Akinfeev (Captain of CSKA Moscow)

"You critics will say, we won this match because Moscow has no manager however even if there was a manager the result would be no different. My players should have scored 6 goals tonight however 3 of them were ruled offside. The fans had a big part in this match, the home fans really saved there team from getting even more humiliated, the referee played into the hands of the people and I think it's a disgrace." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)

In the awakes of Winter, we had a number of games to compete in. First off was a home game against potential title contenders Vitesse at De Kuip in which we really took the game to them and defeated them 8-2. The second game of the month was against Hercales where we kept a clean sheet and had a solid win of 2-0. The third game was the exact same except away to Utrecht. Napoli was our first Champions League match of the wintery season and it was one to be forgotten, we were defeated by our affiliate 0-1. Twente was our first draw of winter 2-2. In the first of a back-to-back game against Roda JC was for the Dutch Cup fourth round, in which we succeeded 3-1.

After a long Christmas break we returned to the league against our last opponents in a rematch, where we started the month of January fresh of a 5-2 victory against Roda JC. Groningen was a bore-draw match of 0-0. We then face Juplier League side Sparta in the Quarter Finals for the Dutch Up in which we kept a clean shot and won solidly 2-0.

February was our biggest month and a month to be remembered as it was possibly our most successful month this season. We began the month with a 5-0 thrashing against title-contenders AZ with all strikers picking up goals. Defeating Zwolle convincingly 4-1 in a televised home match. Relegation battle side Willem II suffered a 3-1 loss at home. MVV was a very convincing victory of 5-0 in front of the fans of Feyenoord in the stadium of De Kuip. In a competitive match, we took on Ajax before our Champions League Knockout Round. In a match of drama of if the Ajax manager Mario Been should keep his job and ended his career at Ajax 2-1. We took this overwhelming confidence to Moscow and smashed unguided CSKA Moscow, the biggest team in Russia, 3-0.

The title looks in our grasps. Feyenoord remain undefeated with the most goal difference and ultimately most points. Vitesse have surprised most Dutch fans as they occupy the second position meanwhile PSV is attempting to overtake them in the upcoming months. PSV has a higher goal difference however they have more losses. Twente is only a point behind PSV with 50 and seem to be in good form as of late and look to leapfrog PSV due to there overwhelming confidence. AZ is a large 6 points away from Twente with only 44 points however look to push on from here even though they took a massive drop in confidence after there clash with Feyenoord.

In the bottom-end of the table, Heerenveen has risen slightly to 12th place. Zwolle has over-performed since last season after fighting for relegation last season to 9 points away from being close to relegation is an achievement. Hercales occupies 14th position and is 6 points away from the relegation play-offs. Affiliate club Excelsior has a starling goal-difference and is only 1 tiny point away from the relegation play-offs. Could we possibly see our affiliate club fall to the Jupiler League? Go Ahead and MVV has the unfortunate position of currently being in the relegation play-offs. Go Ahead look to hopscotch Excelsior if Excelsior drop points. MVV have a 9 point mountain to climb if they look to avoid the high-pressure play-offs. Willem II look the odds-on favourites to be relegated after picking up a low 5 points out of 25 games and with the lowest goal-difference in the league, looks promising that it's all over for them.

In the future key fixtures, we face Champions League opponents CSKA Moscow in which we look to advance to the quarter-finals as we have three away goals. The most important match regarding the UEFA Champions League is perhaps the matches after the Knockout Stage. In the league, we see PSV once more, in which will ultimately decide who will take home the richest prize of Dutch glory, the Eredivisie league title. Does PSV have what it takes to grasp the title away from Feyenoord and reclaim glory?

"Winter was great, we are more focused then every before and our performances show that. Such as the 8-2 victory over Vitesse, 5-0 victory over AZ and MVV. We are in a whole league of our own and we are in a whole level more then the rest. We will win the Dutch Cup, we will win the Eredisivie and most importantly win the Champions League."


Feyenoord fans are gearing up to welcome CSKA Moscow fans after travelling 2,190 kilometres from Moscow in Russia to Rotterdam for their European Champions League First Knockout Round Second Leg match, one which they are expecting to win by a comfortable margin and with an equally comfortable performance. Feyenoord are preparing for their second leg tie against CSKA Moscow after their first leg battle nineteen days ago.


"I think it's safe to say that Feyenoord will be advancing into the quarter-finals because of there massive advantage going into this game. Feyenoord will obviously be looking to win this match to keep confidence high and to continue there impeccable form, which has been established all the way through this season. CSKA Moscow was embarrassed in Russia and will look to see some sort of redemption. However, I don't think they will be able to do it tonight" -Brendan Rodgers (Manager of Liverpool)

"The last time these two-faced the end result came down to that the winning-side had a manager and the other did not. The same matter remains CSKA Moscow does not have a manager therefore puts them at a distinct disadvantage, I mean having a manager alone is a big boost in the squad. The players get motivation, get guidance and have someone to consult to. CSKA Moscow has big problems coming to De Kuip tonight against Feyenoord." -Sir Alex Ferguson

Match Statistics

Shots was a key factor of this match. Feyenoord got a total of 16 shots off meanwhile CSKA Moscow got only 6 less. Feyenoord used there shots to test the keeper and kept under immense pressure throughout the entirety of the match. CSKA Moscow used there shots to try and get goals, they got very close to the goal before executing there goes at goal. Both teams had a total of 4 clean-cut chances.

Possession was quite surprising in this rematch. You would expect the home team Feyenoord to retain the possession (like they normally do) and to keep the ball, pressurise the opponent. However, we saw a very significant improvement in CSKA Moscow's squad in terms of possession. They held the ball for long periods of time and passed around constantly. Both teams had an equal amount of the ball.

Pass Completion was again another factor to the overall result. We saw CSKA Moscow improving significantly in there pass completion percentage. Feyenoord however, seemed to get complacent and threw away a lot of passes/crosses. This lead to home-team Feyenoord just slightly getting ahead of CSKA Moscow with 77% pass completion while Moscow had 74%.


Complete forward Elvis Manu gave Feyenoord the lead with a well timed finish from close range in the 13th minute. Toornstra was able to keep his composure to score from the spot after Medyanskiy gave away a penalty. An error from Feyenoord's goalkeeper Odisseas Vlachodimos allowed fall-back Andrey Medayanskiy to score a well timed close range finish. Complete forward Jao Rodríquez completed the scoring for Feyenoord with a placed shot on 66 minutes. Feyenoord 3-1 CSKA Moscow

Manager's Comments

"Tonight, we can take some positives from the game, obviously our passing improved and our passion for committing players was significantly improved. We made sure they didn't have a lot of time on the ball and we were able to get a goal which the whole squad is happy that we were able to do. Feyenoord were fantastic in Russia and Feyenoord were fantastic in Holland. We couldn't beat them today, they were better then us, it's as simple as that." -Igor Akinfeev (Captain of CSKA Moscow)

"We conquered CSKA Moscow tonight with a 6-1 aggregate victory. We advance to the quarter-finals where we look to conquer the next team that steps into our path. After conquering that team, we will enter the semi-finals, in which we will conquer them and advance to the finals and bring home the Champions League trophy." -Darius Xavier (Manger of Feyenoord)
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Fans around the world will be looking forward to the most electrifying and competitive Champions League in history. On the 23rd March the Champions League saw the best teams in Europe be paired against each other in the Quarter Finals. This years Champions League will be even more special due to the new rulings made by new FIFA CEO Chris Blatter that the Europa League final and Champions League final will be televised on the same day, same stadium and same television programme. Rumours are shooting round that it will only be available for pay-per-view.

The first match on the agenda is PSG vs. Liverpool. In the Knockout Stage we saw PSG defeat the former Champions League winners Arsenal meanwhile Liverpool defeated French-side Olympique de Marseille. Both sides were crowned Champions of there league last season and looks to be a great contest. It's Champion vs. Champion, who has what it takes to make to the semis?

The second match is Chelsea vs. Real Sociedad. In the Knockout Stage we witnessed Chelsea defeat Russian champions Zenit in convincing fashion. While Real Sociedad kept a clean-sheet in both clashes against Galatasaray which seems them now against Chelsea. Both teams are playing exceptional in there league and currently second place in the Premier League and La Liga. Can these two runners-up surpass one another and hope to crown themselves a winner?

The third match on the match-card is possibly the biggest. Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich. In 1999, both teams reached the final of the Champions League and arguably the greatest final of all time saw Manchester United walk away with the victory 2-1. Could history repeat itself?

The final match in the quarter finals sees the most successful team in Champions League Real Madrid take on underdogs Feyenoord. Real Madrid edged Sampdoria to get to this bout, while Feyenoord 'conquered' CSKA Moscow. Real Madrid's form has been up and down lately, Feyenoord's form has never been so amazing. Could Feyenoord cause the greatest upset in the Champions League so far?

Feyenoord have done the double after they captured the Eredivisie title. Feyenoord will certainly look back at some fantastic wins along the way with perhaps the most notable including an empathatic 4-0 win against AZ, their convincing 4-0 victory over Groningen, a 4-2 triumph against Zwolle and their hellacious 7-0 stomping over Willem II.

Despite being considered a minor contender to win the title, Eredivisie manager Darius Xavier has deservedly received the plaudits for guiding De Club van Zuid to an impressive double trophy haul. Feyenoord have won three of their last five away games in the league. Xavier lifted the Eredivisie with Feyenoord in 2018 and can now add further success to a growing list of honours in an impressive managerial career.

Fans of Feyenoord are used to winning, but this latest triumph in the Eredivisie has now seen them lift the trophy two times in a row. Happy supporters sang songs of praise as they watched manager Darius Xavier and his team of heroes celebrate a spectacular achievement. Feyenoord favourite Dirk Kuyt had words of encouragement for De Club van Zuid boss Darius Xavier following his Eredivisie success. Kuyt, who now plays for Turkish side Fenerbahçe, stated that although many had expected them to wi, Xavier had handled the pressure of expectancy well and showed a great deal of spirit to guide the team to a trophy.
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The new FIFA CEO Chris Blatter had ordered the remaining managers for this year's UEFA Champions League to answer a question which will be compiled into a promotional video. Chris Blatter said if a manager refuses to take part, they would automatically forfeit their match.

What is a Champion?

Laurent Blanc (PSG) - "A champion is a team that on any given night could be the best in the world. There's no way anyone can predict what's going to happen. This Champions League is truly a set of matches where anything can happen."

Ronald Koeman (Real Sociedad) - "A champion is what every team or manager wants to be. A champion is what everyone strives to be in this business."

Jose Mourinho (Chelsea) - "Being a champion means everything to me. Being a champion means something that can never be taken away from you."

Brendan Rodgers (Liverpool) - "Being a champion means being at the top of your game, have everyone around you look up to you."

Carlo Ancelloti (Real Madrid) - "Being a champion to me, means my work is justified, my work is rewarded."

Jagoba Arrasate (Manchester United) - "To be a champion is what we dream of, from day one. Being a champion means you do more than anyone else to become successful."

Manuel Pellegrini (Bayern Munich) - "To be champion again, I will do anything."

Darius Xavier (Feyenoord) - "Being a champion means that you are better then everybody else. A champion is Darius Xavier."

Who are you?

Darius Xavier (Feyenoord) - "I am the youngest manager to ever win a divisional title in history. I am the best currently in this industry. I'll prove it in the final when I hold the championship in my hands."

Jose Mourinho (Chelsea) - "I am the most decorated manager in the world today."

Carlo Ancelloti (Real Madrid) - "I am the manager of a team that you don't ever want to run into. There's a lot of talk about being the main man and being at the top of your game, any manager that's been in a match with me knows that I'm going to bring it to them from whistle to whistle."

Ronald Koeman (Real Sociedad) - "I'm Ronald Koeman and I am the next European Champion."

Brendan Rodgers (Liverpool) - "I am the most unlikely divisional champion in history, a guy told that he would never make it to the top."

Laurent Blanc (PSG) - "I am the guy you don't ever wanna be in the same stadium with."

Jagoba Arrasate (Manchester United) - "I was made a manager by nature."

Manuel Pellegrini (Bayern Munich) - "I am as unpredictable as a dares manager to be. I have been responsible for as many great moments as anybody."
Some fantastic updates, keep it up!


Real Madrid fans have travelled some 1,422 kilometres from their native Spain to Rotterdam in Holland ahead of their European Champions League Quarter Final First Leg against Feyenoord. The home Feyenoord fans are fearing the worst of this match with their team considerable underdogs and will be hoping their team can keep the score respectable. Feyenoord will be looking to take advantage of having the first leg at home by putting themselves in as strong as possible.


"Real Madrid has a quality squad and a quality manager. Feyenoord have a decent squad and a decent manager. This is a no-brainer. Real Madrid have the quality and the tactical system to get them the win tonight at Rotterdam. Feyenoord have won the title and will most likely look complacent because they have done well this season. They have met expectations and succeeded them this season and I don't think the squad has that determination to go win it, unfortunately." Jan Vreman (Manager of AZ)

"I am the worst person to ask who I want to win this match. Barcelona was eliminated from this competition, unfortunately. However, who do I think will win? Real Madrid. Who do I want to win? Feyenoord. I dislike Darius Xavier as a person, but Real Madrid is our rival. Real Madrid have Bale, Ronaldo and many more like James Rodriquez. So it will be tough for Feyenoord and I think it will be too tough for Feyenoord. Real Madrid to win." -Luis Enrique (Manager of Barcelona)

"These are two completely different teams. Real Madrid has a massive following, massive achievements and they are the best club in the world, no doubt. Feyenoord, what have they done in Europe since 2002? Nothing. Real Madrid have more experience and have more achievements then Feyenoord, that's why Real Madrid is going to not only defeat Feyenoord but embarrass them at De Kuip tonight." -Rio Ferdinand (Manager of Woking)

Match Statistics

Shots were quite even in this match despite Feyenoord having the home advantage. Real Madrid's quality obviously had the right composure and dealt with the pressure of these important matches very well. Feyenoord had slightly more shots of 17. Meanwhile Real Madrid had 15 shots. Feyenoord actually had less on target at only 8, while Real Madrid had 10 on target.

Possession was significantly pulled towards Feyenoord. Real Madrid seemed to play heavily on the counter-attack and pushed the wingers Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo forward with short bursts of pace when they did gather the ball. Feyenoord played patiently and attempted to break the defence down with their attacking moves. Feyenoord had 57% of the possession while Real Madrid had 43%.

Pass Completion was as always quite in the middle and both teams had there fair share. Feyenoord had a solid 78% pass completion ratio while Real Madrid had 73% pass completion. The reasons why Real Madrid had a lower ratio is because they were playing very risky balls to their key players during there counter-attacks.


Wonderkid Chris Arends gave Feyenoord the lead with a deftly executed finish in the 27th minute. Cultured winger Gareth Bale then equalised for Real Madrid in the 38th minute with a well timed close range finish. Arends then added his second of the game with a good header from just inside the six-yard box on 56 minutes. Things went from bad to worse for Real Madrid as legendary winger Cristiano Ronaldo earned himself an early bath for ungentlemanly conduct on 66 minutes. An error from Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos allowed strong centre-back Michael Keane to score a close range finish which was timed impeccably. Feyenoord 3-1 Real Madrid

Manager's Comments

"Winning away today was not on the cards unfortunately. We knew this was going to be tough, I mean Feyenoord has had a fantastic two seasons. We've struggled in La Liga with a few injuries and our confidence has been at it's greatest unfortunately. But at Santiago Bernabéu, we will be firing back and hopefully enter into the next round of this competition." -Carlo Ancelloti (Manager of Real Madrid)

"I've said it before, I'll say it again. No matter who we face, we will conquer them. Tonight it was Real Madrid and we have a goal cushion going into the Bernabéu clash and I intend to capitalise on that. Don't get me wrong, I respect Carlo a lot, he's done excellent things for the club but just because I respect him, doesn't mean I'm going to let him advance into the next round. Next time, I want his best, tonight this wasn't his best." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)
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After the upset at De Kuip earlier this month, we witnessed Feyenoord defeat Real Madrid 3-1. However Feyenoord fans face a long 1,422 kilometre journey to Madrid where their team will meet Real Madrid in the return leg of their Champions League tie. However, their trip to the Spanish capital from their native Holland may not be looked upon too favourably. De Club van Zuid are being given little chance of winning and it looks like their trip will be a losing one. Feyenoord will take a narrow lead to Santiago Bernabéu after their 3-1 first leg win.


"Real Madrid will be looking for redemption and what better way to seize on that redemption when you are in front of your fans. When they are cheering you on, unfortunately Real Madrid will not have there key player/captain Cristiano Ronaldo in the starting line-up due to his horrible misconduct last game at De Kuip. Arguably, Ronaldo could have caused Real Madrid to fail to advance as Michael Keane went to score a final goal and made the lead bigger between the teams. I would say, Real Madrid to win but only slightly." -Joachim Löw (Manager of Napoli)

"This will be a memorable match. Feyenoord, there heart and desire versus the world-class quality of Real Madrid. Feyenoord could continue their little fairy-tale run in the Champions League or Real Madrid could come and burn Feyenoord. I have no doubt this will match will have a lot of drama and could possibly be game-of-the-competition. You can't bet against Real Madrid, so I think Real Madrid are going to do their jobs and secure victory." -Laurent Blanc (Manager of PSG)

Match Statistics

Shots were completely dominated this game. Real Madrid had a startling total of 24 with 6 on target. Feyenoord had a much smaller amount of 9 shots while having 4 actually on target. Pundits would attempt to claim that Real Madrid had a lot of pressure on there shoulders going into this game because of them suffering a 3-1 loss at De Kuip. Feyenoord could arguably be seen as complacent and didn't have an 'eye' for goal tonight.

Possession was a different story went it came to possession. Both teams had nearly the same amount of possession however Feyenoord edged the home team Real Madrid slightly. Feyenoord had a total of 51% of possession of the ball. Real Madrid had 49% of the ball. This was a significant improvement from Real Madrid as they played more with the ball from there previous game.

Pass Completion was again, quite close and didn't play a major factor to the result of the game. Both teams had quite equal pass completion, however Real Madrid had a bit more pass completion rate with 68%. Feyenoord had a slightly less of 65% pass completion rate.


A first leg win proved a successful foundation for Feyenoord who secured a 7-3 aggregate victory over Real Madrid following their second leg clash at Santiago Bernabéu. Things did not off to a good start for Real Madrid as strong centre-back Michael Keane seized on an error by Alex Telles to score a well timed finish from close range. Real Madrid were nearly gifted a goal on 25 minutes through Gastón Vázquez's lapse in concentration but they failed to capitalise on the opportunity presented to them. Real Madrid's equaliser came through Gareth Bale as he seized on Gaston Vázquez's mistake to score a well time closed range finish. An error from Real Madrid's Alex Telles allowed Keane to score a well timed finish from close range. An error from Real Madrid's Mats Hummels allowed Vázquez to score a well timed close range finish. Advanced forward Luka Jovic gave the Real Madrid fans a glimmer of hope after 77 minutes with a freak goal. Keane had no trouble in scoring from the spot when Alex Telles conceded a penalty. Real Madrid 2-4 Feyenoord

Manager's Comments

"We had Cristiano Ronaldo away from this game, the best player in the world away due to his bad discipline. I feel it could have been a much different game if we had him on the left-wing. Overall, Feyenoord played well and was very patient in there attacking moves, they defended very well. I feel there goalkeeper really helped them and should be man-of-the-match." -Carlo Ancelloti (Manager of Real Madrid)

"This match wasn't pretty. We won obviously, but we got the job done. I'm very happy for Michael for getting his first hat-trick against possibly the most prestige club in football, a team that's won countless European titles, a team that has lost to a team that has only won one Champions League title. Tonight, history has been made." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)

The new CEO of FIFA Chris Blatter has been a busy man as of late, announcing the united televised broadcast of the European finals and now he has announced his latest innovation. Before practically inheriting his father's role as CEO.

Chris Blatter always wanted to be the host of a television programme. He will be fulfilling his dream on the 6th of May as it's a day before the Chelsea vs. Feyenoord game in the Champions League. He will be asking both managers there opinions on the game and various questions.

Chris Blatter will be doing this for both the Europa League Semi-Finals and UEFA Champions League finals in order to bring hype to the upcoming matches, as according to figures the interest in football is falling. The first of this untitled televised broadcast will feature Darius Xavier and José Mourinho.
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In a very intense battle of words between Feyenoord manager Darius Xavier and Chelsea manager José Mourinho. Chris Blatter was unable to take control as both managers were mocking one another and displaying their true dissatisfaction with one another. José Mourinho didn't look to happy to know he was going to face Darius Xavier and his opening statement only started the fire between the two individuals.

Very naise update :)
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Quite possibly the most anticipated match in the history of Champions League. After both managers (José Mourinho and Darius Xavier) had a huge war with words last night on "Football Face Off" both will look to win in this clash. This match is history in the making, the present of the football business against quite possibly the future of the football industry. Tonight at De Kuip, both managers will be looking to make a statement.


"This match will be history in the making. I can't wait, two of the biggest egos in the football industry going at it for the first time ever! I think José Mourinho will be looking to teach the youth a lesson in football management. Chelsea have a point to prove tonight after finishing yet again, second place in the Premier League, they won't be leaving this season empty handed, they will most likely defeat Feyenoord and face the winner of the PSG vs. Bayern match in the final!" -Alex Ferguson

"The time has arrived to see the match we thought we would never see, Darius Xavier's Feyenoord vs. José Mourinho's Chelsea! It's going to be a fantastic bout and possibly the most-watched Champions League match in history according to television statistics. Two similar minds of managing skills, two with the same passion and drive, but two very different quality of squads. I think José Mourinho takes this bout and I think he advances to the next round." -Thierry Henry

"It's been a long time since José Mourinho has held that Champions League trophy. I think his hunger for that trophy will triumph tonight. José was right last night, Darius Xavier has never been in this spotlight and this immense pressure. He claims to be the best in the world, what better way to prove it by beating the best in the world? Darius Xavier says that the Champions League is his destiny, he needs to prove it tonight by defeating Chelsea." -Jamie Carragher

Match Statistics

Shots were one-sided as expected for the home team Feyenoord. Chelsea had still quite a strong 9 shots against Feyenoord. Feyenoord however, had 17 shots. Chelsea had 4 shots on target unfortunately meanwhile Feyenoord had 10 shots on target. This was a major factor towards the final result as Feyenoord kept pressure on the Chelsea goalkeeper.

Possession wasn't a major factor in this match. Feyenoord obviously having more possession due to having the home advantage and used it very well at a strong 51%. Chelsea on the other hand, had a strong percent of possession even though being away to a very in-form Feyenoord team at 49%. Both teams seemed to take their time with the ball and tried to dictate the tempo.

Pass Completion was quite a major factor to the result as it contributes to both previous statistics. Feyenoord had a lot of pass completion in comparison to Chelsea. Feyenoord had a superb 80% pass completion rate which obviously allowed them slightly more possession and possibly more shots as the attacking moves were effective. Chelsea had 67% of pass completion which could contribute to slightly lacking in possession and shots.


Strong centre=back Michael Keane got Feyenoord off to a flyer by scoring a close range finish which was timed impeccably on 9 minutes. Inside forward Jean-Paul Boëtius doubled Feyenoord's lead with a 23 metre free kick on 14 minutes. Habran scored with a shot which owed an assist to the woodwork in the 27th minute to extend the lead further. Arends scored from the penalty spot after Thiago gave away a penalty. An error from Feyenoord's Michael Keane allowed explosive striker James Wilson to score a close range finish. An error from Chelsea's Bruno Fernandes allowed Arends to score a deftly executed finish. Feyenoord 5-1 Chelsea

Manager's Comments

"Tonight, we were off form and it was a real shame to watch and it was embarrassing. Darius Xavier wasn't good, he wasn't better then me tonight, he was lucky. When he comes to Stamford Bridge, I will embarrass him. I will destroy him when he comes back to his hometown in London, I can't wait." -José Mourinho (Manager of Chelsea)

"I'm not going to say anything right now, I am going to let my actions tonight do all of my talking." Darius Xavier (Manager of Feyenoord)
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Tonight after an impressive performance by Feyenoord, it's José Mourinho vs. Darius Xavier 2! The first match between these two was history in the making and tonight we see it again, it's going to be 'off the hook'. It's best in the world, part two next!


"After a truly inspirational victory at De Kuip, Feyenoord will look to just keep it cool and play for the draw because of there huge goal cushion this match. José Mourinho has a massive mountain to climb but that's what he does, he gets results, no matter what the odds are, that's what makes him a world-class manager. I hope we see a revival from the Chelsea side because it would be a great story to tell for future reference." -Alan Shearer

"Darius Xavier has beaten José Mourinho, that's in the history books permanently. A massive score line shows it was very convincing for manager Darius here. Mourinho has something to prove, he needs to beat Darius Xavier to show solidify who he says he is. Mourinho wants to be the best in the world, he needs to beat Darius Xavier tonight and even better, advance to the finals of the Champions League." -Steven Gerrard

Match Statistics

Shots were extremely one-sided with Chelsea obtaining a massive amount of shots off. Chelsea were able to shoot a total of 27 times, ultimately Feyenoord had less then half of 13. Chelsea also had 9 shots which was actually on target. Meanwhile Feyenoord had only 4 towards goal. Each team shared the same amount of clean-cut chances of a total of 3.

Possession was split straight down the middle. Chelsea had 50% and Feyenoord had 50%. Both teams had an exact equal amount of time on the ball and it says a lot about this game. Neither team was really pushing for the ball, neither team was committing players as much as they should have, there was barely any passion from either team.

Pass Completion was one-sided slightly and it contributed to how many shots each team actually had. Chelsea had a decent 71% of pass completion which is an improvement from the previous match at De Kuip. On the other hand, Feyenoord had a decent 65% of pass completion.


A comfortable first leg victory proved a successful foundation for Feyenoord, who were able to secure an impressive 7-2 aggregate victory over Chelsea following their second leg clash at Stamford Bridge. Wonderkid Chris Arends gave Feyenoord the lead with a deftly executed finish from close range in the 20th minute. Complete forward Jao Rodríquez doubled Feyenoord's lead with a fine header from point-blank range on 44 minutes. An error from Feyenoord's wonderkid Chris Arends allowed explosive striker James Wilson to score a placed shot. Chelsea 1-2 Feyenoord

Manager's Comments

"I don't wish to talk about the result of the match but what actually happened in it. We should have had a penalty. We had a goal that was ruled offside. It was an awful match and the refereeing was dreadful. My players played well and it just wasn't our night, again." -José Mourinho (Manager of Chelsea)

"I again have proved to the world that I am a force to be reckoned with by beating the supposed 'best in the world' on the grandest stage of them all. It doesn't matter who I face now, whether that's Bayern Munich or PSG, it doesn't matter, nothing is going to stop me from capturing my destiny." -Darius Xavier (Manager of Chelsea)

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