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Darius Xavier: The Conqueror

Darius Xavier is the earthquake in modern football, looking to change the landscape of management forever.
Started on 24 October 2014 by basham97
Latest Reply on 29 June 2015 by basham97
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Pieter Gerkens
Pieter Gerkens is a player with a growing reputation among football fans in Holland. The new Feyenoord signing has already made it known that he is happy to be apart of the project at De Kuip. Pieter Gerkens started his career at K Racing Club Genk in 2013/14, making a total of 52 league appearances and scoring 3 goals for the club. Pieter Gerkens joined current club Feyenoord in July 2017 but has yet to make a league appearance.

Alex van der Horst
Alex van der Horst is a player which popped up in on my radar due to a scouting report. The 16-year-old is a central defender. His best attributes are teamwork, heading, marking and natural fitness. He was bought from Sparta for £650,000 and is considered to be a hot prospect for the future successes of the club.

Keziah Veendrop
Keziah Veendrop is a player with growing reputation among football fans in Holland. Keziah Veendrop made his senior debut playing for Groningen against Koper in July 2014. Keziah Veendrop is a new signing at De Kuip having joined from Groningen for £6.5 million. Keziah Veendrop started his career at Hoogezand in July 2005 but failed to make a league appearance during his 2 years at the club. In July 2007 he joined Groningen making 81 league appearances and scoring one goal. Keziah Veendrop Holland's Under 19 team lifted the European U19 Championships in 2016. Keziah Veendrop has made 6 league appearances for the club already.

Dennis de Lange
Dennis de Lange is our new hot prospect playing in the left-back position. Feyenoord signed him on a free transfer. His best attributes are his pace, off-the-ball and his technique. At only 15-years old he has appeared 4 times for Feyenoord in the league so far.

Dennis van der Wal
Dennis van der Wal is another new hot prospect playing in the right-back position. Feyenoord signed him on a free transfer. His best attributes are his long throws, acceleration and aggression. He has yet to make a league appearance.

I began my semi-long career at Feyenoord with wins. Picking up +2 goal difference in every single game. We picked up a total of 12 points in 4 games fulfilling the pure potential of the league position. All matches were televised however I wasn't phased and acted accordingly. Defeating Utrecht 3-1 was an easy bout however our poor goalkeeping left us exposed. Hercales was a solid 3-0 victory, keeping a clean sheet. Groningen was the only game we didn't score 3 goals however won 2-0. NEC was another solid win of 3-0 also.

5' - Buwalda jumped with Veendorp and won the ball. It was well intercepted by Buwalda, Buwalda headed the ball clear, Geraldo sprayed the ball out right for Toornstra. Toornstra put the ball into the six-yard box. Good play by Geraldo in making himself into space, Geraldo headed the ball. GERALDO HAS SCORED FOR FEYENOORD!

31' - Manu laid it left first time to Hiljemark, Hiljemark sprayed the ball out to the left wing. Bilal Basacikoglu curled it right in to the near post. Supusepa did well to pick out and intercept that pass. Suspusepa made a sliced clearance. BAL KAMARA SCORED AN OWN GOAL!

36' - Lago Junior got above Reginaldo, Lago Junior read the game well to intercept the ball. Lago Junior got his head to the ball, Sven van Beek passed first time along the floor for Jens Toornska to pick up down right. Jens Toornska crossed to the far post from the right. Smashed away by the goalkeeper. Corner for Feyenoord. Toornska has taken the corner, whipping it into the box. VAN BEEK GETS HIS HEAD TO IT, GOAALLLL!!!

"Continuing the dominance from England into the foreign league known as Eredivisie. With complete and utter annihilation in my last four games and rivalling the three teams at the top of the table. They won't be there for long, this club will past them under my guidance leading to us winning the Eredivisie championship, that is a guarantee."
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9 yearsEdited

There isn't a day that the man doesn't think about his 'accident'. In his journal he describes it as - the fall of terror, the fall of grace, the fall of faith. It was what seemed to be the biggest game of his career, then his career ended during the tunnels leaving the stadium, he was pushed by an unknown individual. Leaving him paralysed from the waist down.

The match was the final of his career and considered to be the most dramatic in history of football or that's how the press made it out to be. 'Battle Of The Generations', 'The Best vs. The Best' sprayed the headlines of newspapers and news coverage. He remembers every event of the match, every corner, every foul, every card and every attempt.

However, he doesn't remember his emotions. He remembers mixed sentiment. Sensation of extravagance and a sensation of pure disappointment. Additionally, he doesn't remember the causes for these feelings. It has frustrated him internally everyday since the 'accident' and it will cause him fury everyday until he's departed.

He feels like a prisoner on-top of all that vexation, he was the one and now he's nothing. He's trapped in this room, for good. His wife divorced him because he became a different man and got custody of his son, he sees the same four white-washed walls, the same magazines, he feels like he's going insane. His caretaker comes every so often to check on him, to make sure he hasn't done anything indictable to himself.

He believes the caretaker is being paid by the individual that done this to him, to keep him trapped and away from the public eye.

Darius Xavier comes up to his biggest challenge yet in his career as Feyenoord take on Ajax. Feyenoord's home advantage gives them the edge in what should be a close encounter against Ajax according to betting sites.

Feyenoord have notched up five-straight wins and the title contenders occupy second place in the Eredivisie. Feyenoord could move into the top spot with a victory. Ajax are currently on a four match unbeaten run and title contenders lie in 6th place of Eredivisie.

I've always enjoyed the top 3 teams in Holland, would be interesting to see a bit of dominance from Feyenoord, maybe some success is Europe.

We've had a mediocre mixture of fixtures, facing title contenders, mid-table teams and dead last teams. We were able to obtain 7 points out a possible 9 which is decent. Firstly, facing Roda JC at home, soundly defeating them 2-0. In a massive clash, one of the biggest matches of the summer against Ajax, edging them 5-4 in a very entertaining match. Zwolle were very, very lucky to draw against us, they hit us on the counter attack towards the end when I should have taken off our tired defenders.

15' - De Lange ran into Zivokic, Zivokic plays a superb ball to Isla, Isla finds himself into space. Isla has a shot at goal... Vermeer shoves it away but Zivokic is first to the ball. GOAL! Feyenoord 0-1 Ajax

22' - Free kick to Feyenoord, Geraldo looks to step up and take this... He smashes the ball with full intensity. Top corner. GOOOOOAAALLLL! Feyenoord 1-1 Ajax

47' - Ajax kick off. Lovely passing from Ajax, first-touches and flicks. Isla skips past Geraldo and crosses it towards his teammates in the penalty box. Fischer gets his head to it! FANTASTIC HEADER! Feyenoord 1-2 Ajax

71' - Habran crosses the ball from the right flank. Denswill got to the ball first, Denswill scrambles the ball away, falling to Manu.. Manu is set to apply the finish. It beats the keeper... GOAL! A MISTAKE BY DENSWILL HAS LED TO THE EQUALISER. Feyenoord 2-2 Ajax

81' - Geraldo played the ball upfield looking for the run of Elvis Manu. Coentrao attempts to slide tackle Manu. Habran gathers the ball and is in a dangerous position. A bliss of pace, charging into the box. What a run! GOAL! Feyenoord 3-2 Ajax

86' - Hiljemark played a perfect pass to Gerkens. Gerkens finds himself in some space. Gerkens has a shot, but pushed away by the keeper. Habran lost his man and found himself in some space... For his second! INTO THE ROOF OF THE NET! Feyenoord 4-2 Ajax

87' - Ajax kick off, and immediately have a shot at goal from around 45 yards. It troubles the keeper, it hits the woodwork and bounces clear. Great effort. Zivkovic loses his marker at the edge of the penalty area, he's now alone with the keeper. Buries it into the bottom corner. Feyenoord 4-3 Ajax

90+2' - Boetius aimed the corner for the near post. Header by Habran! GOAL! What a turn of events. 5 goals in the last 20 minutes, this is incredible. Habran celebrates his hattrick. Feyenoord 5-3 Ajax

90+3' - Ajax looking dangerous, putting all players forward. Kishna plays a fantastic through-ball to the strikers. Zivkovic gets to it, puts it into the back of the net! My word, what a great conclusion to a very, very competitive game. Feyenoord 5-4 Ajax

The game against Ajax is by far the best game of my career so far. It was truly electric, the atmosphere of a derby match with that amount of goals in such little time was gripping. I'm happy with this month, in all frank, we are still technically top because we have the same points. It's early days and I will be adding the Dutch league to my conquered list at the end of the season. This dominance in the league, is only the beginning.
What a game!
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9 yearsEdited

Martin van Geel - "Welcome everybody to a new addition of our interview videos on our YouTube channel. Our usual guest is non-other than the manager Darius Xavier. First question actually comes from one of our fans. This young guy is from Birmingham, England asks, what do you think about the English Premier League?"

Darius Xavier - "The English Premier League, it's definitely the best league in the world. However, it's also the most corrupt league in the world. Referees, linesmen and the press are fucking awful. One thing that annoys me about the English Premier League is that it protects the very vulnerable. Half of the managers in the Premier League are piss-poor and undeserving to be in that spot, the media, the club and the fans protect them and make them look better then they actually are."

Martin van Geel - "The second part to his question, is why didn't you enter the Premier League as Watford?"

Darius Xavier - "At the time, I had two paths. I would either enter the Premier League, the best league in the world. I would have been shunned, I would have been an outsider, someone unestablished, lacked experience and wasn't worthy. The league isn't ready for someone like me, the future. On the other hand, I could have gone abroad, establish myself here, win more trophies and come back to the Premier League, when the Premier League is ready for the future."

Martin van Geel - "Tell me about the future, Darius."

Darius Xavier - "The future is everywhere Martin. In this league, Serie A, Ligue 1 and especially in the Premier League. These managers are old, they are ageing. In the Vanarama Conference, I saw some hungry managers. I talked to them. I know what they are and I know what they are not. They were all hungry, starving, scratching and clawing every single fay, to be the future. The future that the FA cannot stop, even though they think they can."
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9 yearsEdited

Me and my squad began our cup run with smashing De Graafschap Reserves 8-0 to advance to the next round. Defeating our affiliate club, proving to be the better and superior affiliate by beating them 2-1. Our next home game - Willem II was a dominant win by us 3-0. Our biggest game of October saw us draw against AZ. Our second cup game lead to us defeating Achilles 4-1 on Halloween night. Overall earning 7 points out of a potential 9.

22' - Corner for AZ, Heymans aims the corner to the near post. Johannsson with a powerful header! The Feyenoord goalkeeper hits it away, Sahar has to bury this! BEN SAHAR HAS SCORED FOR AZ! Poor defending from Feyenoord. AZ 1-0 Feyenoord

77' - Reginaldo played the ball forward, Manu and Gouweleeuw raced after the ball, Manu passes the ball. Romain Habran plays a beautiful through-ball to Oscar Hiljemark... OSCAR HILJEMARK HAS EQUALISED FOR FEYENOORD! AZ 1-1 Feyenoord

"An aggressive week from us, lots of goals and very little conceded. Overall netting 18 goals out of 5 games and only conceding 3 goals. These are the types of performances I want to continue seeing from my squad of players."
Lovely layout, but I guess an alright result

Another undefeated month, our key match against Twente (is featured in the key match) ended in a draw 1-1. De Graafschap was a fantastic performance from both sides which ended in 4-2. Heerenveen was a very triumphant victory by defeating 4-1. We scored another 7 points out of a potential 9 which is still a decent amount.

23' - Pass by Romain Habran, Riveros tackled Jao Rodriquez. Renato Tapio cleared the ball, Wilson found Nuytinck sent the ball over. Riveros passed first time to Kyle Ebecillio in the area. Good play by Ebecillio in making himself into space... GOAL! Feyenoord 0-1 FC Twente

86' - Reginaldo hit a speculative long-range shot. The ball was deflected and went out for a throw-in. Reginaldo threw the ball in, Helijemark laid it wide back to Reginaldo. Reginaldo curled it first time into the far post.. Geraldo gets his head on the end of it! GERALDO HAS SCORED! Feyenoord 1-1 FC Twente

"We are just ahead in the league, by one individual point. I've guided the team to remain undefeated in the league, hoping to remain undefeated, but our future fixtures are looking not too promising in holding onto the streak. Right now, I have 21 matches lost out of 4 seasons so far, the goal is to leave Feyenoord with only 23 losses."

Domination is the word to describe this month. Remaining undefeated through the tough opponents such as former champions PSV and Vitesse. Not only getting points from them, but actually defeating them. PSV fell victim to a 3-2 smashing. Vitesse was demolished as they let in 5 goals and scored 2 of there own. Venlo showed they were more tactically sound in defending as we weren't able to destroy them, but a 2-1 nonetheless. Utrecht was a difficult team to breakdown as they change there tactical system often, therefore I take responsibility for not being able to overcome them with a bore draw 0-0. Dordrecht from the Jupiter League was soundly defeated in the Dutch Cup.

60' - A free kick was awarded to PSV. Van Beek was penalised for a trip on the Ntep. Hiroshi Kiyotake played the ball to his left. Header by Tollisso! GOAL! PSV 1-0 Feyenoord

69' - Tonny Trinade de Vilhena latches onto the ball and moves into the channels of the defence. With a burst of pace, breaks into space inside the penalty area! He buries it! GOOAAL! PSV 1-1 Feyenoord

71' - Kiyotake played it past Reginaldo. Kiyotake tried to find Mora with a cross to the penalty area. Mora found himself in some space... Mora taps it in! PSV 2-1 Feyenoord

87' - Manquillo headed the ball clear. Reginaldo made it first to the ball and looks up. Reginaldo chips it to Toonstra. Toonstra finds himself in lovely space, half volley with his left foot! ROOF OF THE NET! PSV 2-2 Feyenoord

89' - De Lange played one-two with Boetius, De Lange laid it right to Toonstra. Toonstra played it forward first time to Geraldo. Geraldo fed the ball to Tonny Trinade de Vilhena in the penalty area. TONNY TRINDADE DE VILHENA HAS SCORED HIS SECOND GOAL! PSV 2-3 Feyenoord

"A fantastic double win against two title-contenders in the league. Huge wins for the league title and puts us five points clear of top, it was eight however drawing to Ultrecht has narrowed it down slightly. I am impressed with some players performances and determination such as Geraldo and Tonny Trinade de Vilhena in particular."

Rio Ferdinand has retired as a player last season, looking for a club to manage as he feels 'I can give more to football, then being a coach'. Rio Ferdinand has latched onto the departure of Keith Hill after being relegated from the Sky Bet League 1 last season.

Woking now find themselves 24th in the Sky Bet League 2. Relegation favourites and the Woking chairman Mike Smith has sacked Keith Hill after failing to complete his expectations in the current season. Rio Ferdinand was appointed yesterday and his first press conference was today.

Rio Ferdinand briefly mentioned Darius Xavier, stating he is a fantastic manager however his great achievement has lead to a huge downfall on the club, rather then benefits.

Martin van Geel - "Welcome everybody to the new interview with manager Darius Xavier. We have two questions from the fans of Feyenoord and I have a controversial question to ask you, right now actually. What is your reaction to the appointment of Rio Ferdinand?"

Darius Xavier - "My reaction is simply, I don't give a shit. Woking is my past, Watford is my past. Woking is a club that has collapsed because they don't have me, I left and it falls to shit, it's simple. No manager can fix it, not José Mourinho and not Rio Ferdinand?"

Martin van Geel - "You don't think Rio Ferdinand is the best man for the job?"

Darius Xavier - "It's funny to me, honestly. That Woking has hired someone that has no past managing experience in the Sky Bet League 2, he's only in that job because he used to be a football player. It's a disgrace to me. As I said before, no one can replace me, I am the best."

Martin van Geel - "Do you think you're underestimating Rio Ferdinand's managing ability?"

Darius Xavier - "What managing ability? There is no fucking record and no experience. I mean, I understand why you're asking me this. I get it. There is two types of managers/players in this world, I mean you can see a guy that it's natural to him and you see a guy that does it with work. Of course I'm talking about Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. I don't think Rio Ferdinand is a natural manager and his character isn't someone to be the top of this industry in 2-3 years."

Martin van Geel - "You've mentioned before, you're only here until your contract expires which is in 2 more seasons time. You've planned to return to English football - the Premier League. Do you think you will be eating your words a bit, if you go into the Premier League and Rio Ferdinand has made it to the top level?"

Darius Xavier - "If I meet him in the Premier League, he's just going to be another manager, another team that's going to get conquered. It's that simple."

Martin van Geel - "This one is coming from a fan in Germany asking, 'I enjoy your managing style, will we ever see you manage in Germany and take on the giants Bayern Munich?"

Darius Xavier - "There is a possibility of course, I never rule anything out. I can safely say, in 6 or 7 years, I will definitely be visiting Germany and giving you a piece of my action. Challenging Bayern Munich for the title? What if I am the manager of Bayern Munich?"

Martin van Geel - "Final question, another question from the fans, if you were to manage a club in England, what would you manage?"

Darius Xavier - "It doesn't matter who I am, I will become Premier League champion. But a club with a lot of reputation, so Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United would be my preferences."

A very successful month in terms of scoring goal and conceding less. In a televised match against Go Ahead triumphantly greatly 3-0. Defeating Heracles in a glorious 3-0 victory. Roda JC was our toughest opponent while only defeating them with only a +2 goal difference however a 4-2 win is still very generous. Heerenveen was a massive win in the Quarter Final of the Dutch Cup with a massive 7-0 conquering.

"I decided to not include the 'key match' tab because in all honesty, they were just throw away games and no game was particularly challenging. We defeated the bottom 3 teams in the league and won a match in the Dutch Cup which isn't even important to me. Overall, I'm satisfied with the amount of effort and passion these players are showing in there performances. They are pushing/closing down the opponent and have a real eye for goals right now"

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