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Paderborn: Born to Win

Started on 19 November 2014 by Icarus
Latest Reply on 15 March 2015 by Icarus
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Thanks guys, I'm glad you're enjoying it as much as I am!

just caught up.......... Your doing great and I always enjoy your writing keep it up!
Still right up there! Hope you can get few good results and finish in top 4.
Really interesting results with Bayern drawing four times you could be pulling off a shock European place. Paderborn for the win!!

Hey guys, sorry for the absence of updates, I haven't given up on the story it's just that at the moment I'm using a really weak wifi and it doesn't allow me to always load up google images, therefore I've had to think outside the box this time, as a disclaimer I apologize beforehand to the aweful images you're abot to see.

Very Active Paderborn in January Window

We've gotten twice the budget we did in our first transfer window, £2.1m! Plenty for me, really. This transfer window is particular, in a sense that not only we've got our hands dirt on transfers in and transfers out, but also on pre-contract agreements for a few players (Although we didn't sign everyone we wanted to in that regard), but without further ado, here they are.

Transfers IN

Escudero! The Japanese International, although not actually born in Japan - Obviously. With him we now have two Japanese players on the team (The other one being Sakata), hopefully they'll build good chemistry together.

Ajer, the Norwegian regista wonderkid. I could have signed him for less earlier in the game, but he completely slipped my mind. He can't actually play either, not until he becomes 17 of age, due to strict Bundesliga rules, but he'll one day become my Pirlo, spraying passes from the depths of the Ocean.

Pre-Contract Agreements

Now this, is the cherry on the cake. Paderborn will look mighty illustrive, if we ever manage to get into Europa League football next Season, with Bakkali playing on the Wing or AMC - his value will sky rocket and he'll become one of the strongest players in the world very fast under my guidance.

Manuel Gulde, a very decent center back fished from the second German division. He's still young, and has potential to be very solid in the back for me, and his wage demands were rather cheap so it's a win-win situation for me.

Transfers OUT

Sorry if I don't draw every single player in this window, but I didn't want to spend the whole day painting. I've decided to flash you with the players sold / released instead:

No one particularly fascinating, made a bit of income and I free'd up some salary wage. All in all a very succesfull transfer market, although we did miss out on Nicola Leali, tho I'm sure we'll live.
Very nice graphics :D Not sure I agree with the sales though ;)
Lovely sketches! Surprised to see you let Lukas Rupp go. He's often a handy player to have, but Bakkali is a really exciting steal for next season :D
pompeyblue's avatar pompeyblue
9 yearsEdited
Been reading through recently, and I'm really impressed with the story so far, buddy.
Really nice presentation, especially with the sketches in the last update and of course as a manager you've been doing excellent with Paderborn too. Can't wait to see what's next in store!
The artwork here is... Magnificent? Great read so far, but 1Million for Rupp is a bit steep ;)
I love the layout of the updates. Keep it going
Icarus's avatar Group Icarus
9 yearsEdited

PadeREBORN in January

The take-over talks finally settled down in January, the new owner was now German Businessman and CEO Owner Martin Hornberger. Although he came in during a transfer window, no funds were injected into the club right away, the Clubs finances were left the same until the end of the Season, where the Club would review the current Managers work and take action from there.

And now, for the month of January let us take a look at how Paderborn faced itself in the Bundes.


A really good month for the German club, the highlight of the month is probably the snatched draw against top of the table Bayern, rather than the two victories over Mainz & Freiburg. The team didn't really surprise statistically, as most of the time the team would take more shots, and they'd hold on to the ball longer - and the Manager has spoken about this to the media, there would be a tactical overhaul and from February on out the Club would try and adapt a more offensive philosophical approach with a more attacking mentality.

The reason the Paderborn manager probably wasn't sacked following the take over talks is probably because of this, a magnificent place in the upper half of the table, history in the making for the small Club in its Bundesliga debut. He's spoken about "team effort" and "luck" but most supporters knew there was more to that, something special.

January Player of the Month

The Koc has been impressive this month, scoring & assisting - most of the time clinching the winner for the team - a very reliable player for the club.
Here comes the monnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!
Is nice to see how this story has developped, congrats on signing Ajer. You are surely going to europe if you keep up the good results. Get ready for the money!!
great update, as always! keep it up man!
That cleansheet against Bayern must have sent you through the roof celebrating :))

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