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Rodgers' Reds: Class is Permanent

The journey of Brendan Rodgers as he aims to bring Liverpool back to where they belong.
Started on 14 January 2015 by Glenn T
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Rodgers' Reds: Class is Permanent

I wasn't really planning on getting FM15, but a friend gave it to me as a Christmas gift so hey, why not? I'm not much of an FM player as I was in the past, but somehow I've been really hooked on FM15. After playing with my Liverpool save for awhile and enjoying the crap out of it, I decided to go with what I do, or at least what I think I do best, writing a manager story on FM Scout. So yeah, welcome to my first, and most likely my last, Football Manager 2015 story.

You might be able to tell from the title but I will be going with the team I typically go with in my first save of every Football Manager game - Liverpool, the club I support. My managerial persona will be the current manager in real life, Brendan Rodgers, primarily because I couldn't really be arsed to think of another person when starting the save and I partly also like the idea of taking Liverpool to greater heights with the same man who led them to 2nd place last season.

As I'm terrible with story titles usually, I've combined 'Rodgers' Reds', something I came up with by myself as I thought it sounded cool, and 'Class is Permanent' from the quote 'form is temporary, class is permanent'.

I hope you enjoy!


Season One: 2014/15

Chapter 1: LFCTV Interview: Brendan Rodgers
Chapter 2: Liverpool FC: Summer Transfers 2014/15
Chapter 3: Restructuring the Defence
Chapter 4: Pre-Season 2014
Chapter 5: Liverpool FC: Squad Overview
Chapter 6: August 2014
Chapter 7: Champions League: Group F
Chapter 8: September 2014
Chapter 9: Liverpool's Goalkeeping Crisis
Chapter 10: October 2014
Chapter 11: November 2014
Chapter 12: December 2014
Chapter 13: Sportsmail Interview: Jordan Henderson
Chapter 14: Match Report: Capital One Cup Semi Final Leg 1
Chapter 15: Match Report: Capital One Cup Semi Final Leg 2
Chapter 16: Liverpool FC: January Transfer Report
Chapter 17: January 2015
Chapter 18: Liverpool: Back to the Champions League
Chapter 19: February 2015
Chapter 20: Capital One Cup Final 2015
Chapter 21: March 2015
Chapter 22: Champions League Quarter Final Draw
Chapter 23: April 2015
Chapter 24: Lovren: I want out
Chapter 25: Liverpool: Premier League Winners 2015
Chapter 26: FA Cup Final 2015
Chapter 27: Carra: We can go again
Chapter 28: The Captain's Decision
Chapter 29: May 2015
Chapter 30: Premier League Awards 2014/15
Chapter 31: Liverpool Awards 2014/15

Season Two: 2015/16

Chapter 32: First Departure
Chapter 33: The Clearance Begins
Chapter 34: Reus Rejection
Chapter 35: New Backups
Chapter 36: Selling Spree
Chapter 37: Recruitment Drive
Chapter 38: Pre-Season 2015
Chapter 39: Liverpool's Second Garcia
Chapter 40: Match Report: Community Shield
Chapter 41: August 2015
Chapter 42: Deadline Day
Chapter 43: Liverpool FC: Summer Transfer Report
Chapter 44: Liverpool FC: Summer Loan Report
Chapter 45: Raheem Sterling: The Number Seven
Chapter 46: Liverpool FC: Squad Overview 2015/16
Chapter 47: Champions League: Group H
Chapter 48: Trouble at White Hart Lane
Chapter 49: September 2015
Chapter 50: October 2015
Chapter 51: November 2015
Chapter 52: December 2015
Chapter 53: Anfield's Golden Boy
Chapter 54: Attack on Paris
Chapter 55: January 2016
Chapter 56: Sportsmail Interview: Ruben Garcia
Chapter 57: Rodgers' Dilemma
Chapter 58: Match Report: Champions League First Round Leg 1
Chapter 59: Capital One Cup Final 2016
Chapter 60: February 2016
Chapter 61: March 2016
Chapter 62: Champions League Quarter Final Draw
Chapter 63: April 2016
Chapter 64: Liverpool: Premier League Winners 2016
Chapter 65: FA Cup Final 2016
Chapter 66: May 2016
Chapter 67: Premier League Awards 2015/16
Chapter 68: Europe's Best
Chapter 69: Liverpool Awards 2015/16

Season Three: 2016/17

Chapter 70: Boruc Retires
Chapter 71: Liverpool Review: Euro 2016
Chapter 72: Liverpool: Summer Transfer Rumors
Chapter 73: For the Future
Chapter 74: Summer Sale
Chapter 75: Record Signing
Chapter 76: Pre-Season 2016
Chapter 77: August 2016
Chapter 78: Liverpool FC: Summer Transfer Report
Chapter 79: Liverpool FC: Squad Overview 2016/17
Chapter 80: Champions League: Group B
Chapter 81: September 2016
Chapter 82: October 2016
Chapter 83: November 2016
Chapter 84: Mignolet: I want to stay
Chapter 85: December 2016
Chapter 86: Mario Balotelli: One of the Best
Chapter 87: Liverpool: January Transfer Rumors
Chapter 88: Young Iron
Chapter 89: January 2017
Chapter 90: Capital One Cup Final 2017
Chapter 91: February 2017
Chapter 92: Sixth Round Defeat
Chapter 93: March 2017
Chapter 94: Champions League Quarter Final Draw
Chapter 95: April 2017
Chapter 96: Champions League Semi Final Draw
Chapter 97: Europe's Final Beckoning
Chapter 98: Liverpool: Second Place
Chapter 99: Premier League Awards 2016/17
Chapter 100: Champions League Final 2017
Chapter 101: Rodgers: Ten is the Number
Chapter 102: Liverpool Awards 2016/17

Season Four: 2017/18

Chapter 103: Liverpool: Summer Transfer Rumors
Chapter 104: Lazar Markovic: City Bound
Chapter 105: Signing Three
Chapter 106: Pre-Season 2017
Chapter 107: Internazionale's Calling
Chapter 108: August 2017
Chapter 109: Liverpool FC: Summer Transfer Report
Chapter 110: Liverpool FC: Squad Overview 2017/18
Chapter 111: Liverpool FC: Meet the Youngsters
Chapter 112: Champions League: Group E
Chapter 113: September 2017
Chapter 114: October 2017
Chapter 115: November 2017
Chapter 116: Club World Cup: Play to Win
Chapter 117: Top of the World
Chapter 118: December 2017
Chapter 119: Liverpool: January Transfer Rumors
Chapter 120: More Youngsters for Rodgers
Chapter 121: Alejandro Moreyra: The Golden Boy
Chapter 122: January 2018
Chapter 123: Liverpool FC: January Transfer Report
Chapter 124: February 2018
Chapter 125: Capital One Cup Final 2018
Chapter 126: March 2018
Chapter 127: Champions League Quarter Final Draw
Chapter 128: A Hectic April: League Failure & Cup Success
Chapter 129: Champions League Semi Final Draw
Chapter 130: April 2018
Chapter 131: Return to the Final
Chapter 132: Second Place Again
Chapter 133: Premier League Awards 2017/18
Chapter 134: FA Cup Final 2018
Chapter 135: Champions League Final 2018
Chapter 136: May 2018
Chapter 137: Liverpool Awards 2017/18

Season Five: 2018/19

Chapter 138: Liverpool: Summer Transfer Rumors
Chapter 139: Liverpool Review: World Cup 2018
Chapter 140: The New Number One
Chapter 141: Departure to Italy
Chapter 142: Pre-Season 2018
Chapter 143: Richairo Zivkovic: The Number Nine
Chapter 144: The Anfield Fallout
Chapter 145: One In, One Out
Chapter 146: August 2018
Chapter 147: Liverpool FC: Summer Transfer Report
Chapter 148: Liverpool FC: Squad Overview 2018/19
Chapter 149: Champions League: Group B
Chapter 150: September 2018
Chapter 151: October 2018
Chapter 152: November 2018
Chapter 153: Youth Spotlight: Conor Skinner
Chapter 154: December 2018
Chapter 155: The World's Second Best
Chapter 156: Liverpool: January Transfer Rumors
Chapter 157: January 2019
Chapter 158: Liverpool FC: January Transfer Report
Chapter 159: Youth Spotlight: Yusuf Turan
Chapter 160: February 2019
Chapter 161: Capital One Cup Final 2019
Chapter 162: March 2019
Chapter 163: Champions League Quarter Final Draw
Chapter 164: Chelsea's Last Laugh
Chapter 165: April 2019
Chapter 166: Champions League Semi Final Draw
Chapter 167: Road to Olympiastadion
Chapter 168: Liverpool: Number 21
Chapter 169: Premier League Awards 2018/19
Chapter 170: May 2019
Chapter 171: Champions League Final 2019
Chapter 172: Balotelli's Golden Shoe
Chapter 173: Liverpool Awards 2018/19

Season Six: 2019/20

Chapter 174: Dortmund: We want Rodgers
Chapter 175: Rodgers: Here to Stay
Chapter 176: The Captain Retires
Chapter 177: Pre-Season 2019
Chapter 178: Liverpool: Summer Transfer Rumors
Chapter 179: The Liverpool Leader
Chapter 180: A Loanee's Return
Chapter 181: Daniel Sturridge: An Icon's Departure
Chapter 182: August 2019
Chapter 183: Liverpool FC: Summer Transfer Report
Chapter 184: Liverpool FC: Squad Overview 2019/20
Chapter 185: Champions League: Group B
Chapter 186: September 2019
Chapter 187: October 2019
Chapter 188: November 2019
Chapter 189: Youth Spotlight: Ernie Sharp
Chapter 190: Sturridge's Verdict
Chapter 191: December 2019
Chapter 192: James Ward-Prowse: Third Best
Chapter 193: Liverpool: January Transfer Rumors
Chapter 194: Pavel Savitskiy: From Madrid to Merseyside
Chapter 195: The City Outcast
Chapter 196: January 2020
Chapter 197: Liverpool FC: January Transfer Report
Chapter 198: February 2020
Chapter 199: Capital One Cup Final 2020
Chapter 200: March 2020
Chapter 201: Champions League Quarter Final Draw
Chapter 202: Chelsea's Revenge
Chapter 203: Liverpool's Second Cup Crash
Chapter 204: April 2020
Chapter 205: May 2020
Chapter 206: Premier League Awards 2019/20
Chapter 207: Liverpool Awards 2019/20
Chapter 208: Journey to Euro 2020

Season Seven: 2020/21

Chapter 209: Munich's Most Wanted: Brendan Rodgers
Chapter 210: Rodgers Stays On
Chapter 211: Liverpool Review: Euro 2020
Chapter 212: Liverpool: Summer Transfer Rumors
Chapter 213: Liverpool Add Four
Chapter 214: Pre-Season 2020
Chapter 215: August 2020
Chapter 216: Liverpool FC: Summer Transfer Report
Chapter 217: Liverpool FC: Squad Overview 2020/21
Chapter 218: Champions League: Group D
Chapter 219: September 2020
Chapter 220: October 2020
Chapter 221: November 2020
Chapter 222: End of the Streak
Chapter 223: December 2020
Chapter 224: Liverpool: January Transfer Rumors
Chapter 225: Rodgers: No one is leaving
Chapter 226: Cuello's Merseyside Return
Chapter 227: The Brazilian Wonder
Chapter 228: January 2021
Chapter 229: Liverpool FC: January Transfer Report
Chapter 230: Capital One Cup Final 2021
Chapter 231: February 2021
Chapter 232: Disappointment in Manchester
Chapter 233: March 2021
Chapter 234: Ernie Sharp: England's Next Star
Chapter 235: Champions League Quarter Final Draw
Chapter 236: April 2021
Chapter 237: Champions League Semi Final Draw
Chapter 238: The Road to Wales
Chapter 239: May 2021
Chapter 240: Premier League Awards 2020/21
Chapter 241: Champions League Final 2021
Chapter 242: Rodgers Commits Future
Chapter 243: Liverpool Awards 2020/21

Season Eight: 2021/22

Chapter 244: Liverpool: Summer Transfer Rumors
Chapter 245: Coutinho: I'm ready to leave
Chapter 246: Anfield's First Korean
Chapter 247: Jordan Henderson: Midfield Maestro
Chapter 248: Steele Out, Costantini In
Chapter 249: Pre-Season 2021
Chapter 250: August 2021
Chapter 251: Liverpool FC: Summer Transfer Report
Chapter 252: Liverpool FC: Squad Overview 2021/22
Chapter 253: Season Round-Up: September-December
Chapter 254: Liverpool's World Awards
Chapter 255: Liverpool Q&A: Mario Balotelli
Chapter 256: Midfield Exodus
Chapter 257: The First Loss
Chapter 258: Liverpool FC: January Transfer Report
Chapter 259: Coutinho's U-Turn
Chapter 260: Capital One Cup Final 2022
Chapter 261: France's Next Lloris
Chapter 262: The England Centurion
Chapter 263: Season Round-Up: January-May

LFCTV Interview: Brendan Rodgers

We have an exclusive pre-season interview today on LFCTV with Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers. Following Liverpool's 2nd-placed finish in the Premier League last season, LFCTV presenter Claire Rourke will find out from Rodgers what his targets are and what he expects to happen during the upcoming season, as well as the club's activity regarding the summer transfer window.

Question: Liverpool were agonizingly close to a first Premier League title last season, but a few unfortunate results during the last few games saw Manchester City lift the title instead. Why do you think Liverpool couldn't go all the way?

Brendan Rodgers: I can't really answer questions like that, on how we didn't manage to go till the very end. One thing is for certain though, we played very well throughout the entire season and I believe it was down to purely being unlucky that we couldn't hang on and grab that league title. If I had to say, I feel that Jordan Henderson's red card was very impactful. I think I've said somewhere before that he was the most improved player in the Premier League and I stand by that opinion, he was great for us and not being able to have him in the team for the last few games hurt us badly.

Question: Do you think the team can go that one step higher for next season and win the league?

BR: Yes, I think we can go on to win the league this season. We have tasted the success of making the Champions League and now we want to improve on last season and go on to win the Premier League.

Question: Who in your opinion are some of the more vital players for a league title push in the squad?

BR: I don't like to single out individuals for being particularly good or bad. I suppose the only one I can name is Steven Gerrard, captain fantastic himself. He's such a leader, on and off the pitch, and can always inspire the other boys to do better than they're currently doing. That's a very important quality to have as a captain, in my opinion.

Question: There are a lot of rumors that Liverpool's star man Luis Suarez is going to leave by the end of the transfer window, with clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid showing interest. Can we have some of your thoughts on the Suarez situation? Do you think you keep him with the club?

BR: I don't want to comment on something like that. Ultimately we will all know if Luis stays or goes. But of course, I want to keep him. He's a terrific player.

Luis Suarez might leave Liverpool for Barcelona or Real Madrid in the transfer window

Question: Are there any positions you are looking to strengthen?

BR: Positions to strengthen... Yes, some of our priorities are a striker as well as a left-back.

Question: Continuing on with questions about the transfer market, Pepe Reina has returned on loan from Napoli - do you see any place for him on the team or will he be moved away on a permanent deal?

BR: We will have to see about that. I think both Simon Mignolet and Pepe are top, top goalkeepers and keeping the two of them is very possible. I think he did well at Napoli. We will review the club's and his own personal interests before deciding if he will be moving on or not.

Pepe Reina might not be a Liverpool player by the end of August

Question: Moving on to pre-season, is there anything you have planned?

BR: We have been invited to a Friendly Cup tournament in Italy so I suppose that is where we will be heading for the pre-season.

Question: Good luck! Will your full squad be available?

BR: Yes, I have everyone available, they've all had their holidays and are raring to go. We will be flying out sometime next week.

Question: Alright, is there anything you would like to say to the fans before we end this interview?

BR: Hm... Well, nothing much else except keep supporting the team. We want to finally bring the title back home to where it belongs next season, and we are definitely going to be up there. There's also the Champions League to play in so yes, I hope the fans can keep cheering Liverpool on, although I doubt I even have to ask. Here's to the fans, you'll never walk alone!

A very interesting talk with the Reds boss, where he expanded on his ambitions for the team next season as well as delving further into the topic of potential departures from the club. It remains to be seen what Liverpool will do in the transfer window, but Rodgers will hope to at least be able to keep Suarez, arguably the club's star player after scoring a grand number of 31 goals last season.

Liverpool FC: Summer Transfers 2014/15

Brendan Rodgers has wasted almost no time in diving into the transfer market, with Liverpool actively buying and selling a number of players. It has been a busy period for Rodgers and the club with no less than 6 players leaving on permanent deals and a total of 9 players being brought in.

Transfers Out

Perhaps the biggest blow for Liverpool fans to take is the loss of Luis Suarez. The man who scored 31 goals in 33 appearances in a Reds shirt last season will now make the move to Catalan giants Barcelona, in a massive £75 million deal. Suarez joins a star-studded lineup at the Camp Nou that already features the likes of fellow South American compatriots Lionel Messi and Neymar.

He won the Premier League Golden Boot as well as the league's Player of the Season award on the back of a successful season with Liverpool, his performances helping tremendously to propel his team to a 2nd-placed finish, as well as firing them to within touching distance of the league title. However, after a controversial World Cup 2014 where he was found guilty of sinking his teeth into Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini, he will now continue to ply his trade with Barcelona, albeit after he has served his four-month ban from football.

Barcelona have wrapped up a deal with Liverpool's Luis Suarez

Longstanding servants with Liverpool have also been moved on, with Pepe Reina heading to Bayern Munich and Daniel Agger returning to his native Denmark to play for former club Brøndby.

Reina was sent out on loan to Napoli last season with the arrival of Simon Mignolet, and has now made his departure from Anfield permanent after 8 years playing as Liverpool's first team goalkeeper. Vice-captain Agger, who joined the club in the same summer as Reina and largely spent the season playing second fiddle to Martin Skrtel and Mamadou Sakho, has also left after being told that he is not needed by Rodgers.

Transfers In

Linking up with Liverpool is the Southampton trio of veteran striker Rickie Lambert, Saints captain Adam Lallana, and central defender Dejan Lovren.

Their combined fee comes at a hefty £44 million being paid out to Southampton, but Liverpool will no doubt be pleased with what they have acquired, with all three being proven as players with Premier League quality. Lallana especially is a signing to look out for, but he will arrive at Liverpool carrying an injury with him, and is not expected to play any part in his new club's pre-season.

Southampton captain Adam Lallana has joined Liverpool

A promising buy is former Bayern youth product Emre Can, who comes in from Leverkusen for £9.75 million. Joining him is Lazar Markovic, the Serbian international arriving for a grand fee estimated to be around £20 million. Aged 21 and 20 respectively, they could be extremely vital for Liverpool's future plans.

Striking wonderkid Divock Origi also joins from Lille but will be returning on loan to his club for the rest of the season, while young Spaniard Javi Manquillo is also recruited from Atletico Madrid on a two-year deal. Reinforcing the defence is Alberto Moreno, who arrives from Sevilla, acting as another option at left-back - a position Liverpool desperately needs to strengthen.

But the transfer Liverpool fans will be most interested in has to be the player touted as Suarez's replacement, and it comes in the form of an unlikely candidate, former Manchester City bad boy Mario Balotelli, who joins from Milan for £16 million to start a second spell in England. A deal that could potentially backfire for Liverpool, however it seems Rodgers is ready to take the risk.

Mario Balotelli completing his move to Anfield

A rather exciting transfer window for the Kopites, who have seen many leaving their club and many joining in. It remains to be seen though, if the departure of Luis Suarez will hurt them in any way. Rodgers has made clear that his aim is the title, but can he really continue to overachieve without the influential Uruguayan?

£116 million has been spent in total on players this summer alone, but are these new players enough to cushion the loss of Suarez? With that being said, the transfer window has not closed, and Rodgers might look to continue dipping his toes into the market.

Restructuring the Defence

Liverpool have announced two new signings to complete their transfer window, with young Brazilian defender Eder Alvarez Balanta joining the club from River Plate for a fee of £8.5 million, while Nathaniel Clyne, a name fans will be more familiar with, also joins from Southampton for £10.5 million, adding an additional £19 million to the club's expenditure this summer.

Clyne will be the fourth player from Southampton to sign for Liverpool in a single summer, following teammates Rickie Lambert, Adam Lallana and Dejan Lovren. The 23-year-old adds on to a list of young arrivals after an impressive season for Southampton, with his future looking to be very bright. Despite having 0 caps so far, he is expected to be named in an England squad soon.

Nathaniel Clyne looks to have a bright future for both club and country

21-year-old Balanta has been catching the eye of clubs like Barcelona in recent times, as well as being named in the Colombia squad for the 2014 World Cup. The central defender will provide competition for fellow new signing Dejan Lovren, Martin Skrtel, and Mamadou Sakho.

More players have also exited the Anfield door, with Rodgers sanctioning the sales of Glen Johnson and Joe Allen to Tottenham for a total fee of £20 million, while Kolo Toure also completes a £600k deal with West Ham.

Glen Johnson will join Tottenham after 5 years at Liverpool

The sale of Johnson states Rodgers' intention to play Clyne as his first-choice at right-back, while Toure has also been moved on after a short one year with the club.

Allen is perhaps the more surprising sale of the three, with Rodgers having given no indication that the midfielder he brought in from Swansea along with him was no longer needed. The move leaves Liverpool with only Steven Gerrard, Jordan Henderson and Emre Can as the squad's only central midfielders.

In terms of loans, Liverpool have sent out Suso out for a season to Turkish club Beşiktaş, where he is expected to play a huge part in the club's Süper Lig campaign for the season.

Pre-Season 2014

Liverpool enjoyed a great pre-season, with the only loss coming in a penalty shootout against French club Laval. The Reds managed to get good results against clubs like Dnipro and Chievo.


Liverpool 3 - 0 Liverpool Under-21s

Dnipro 2 - 4 Liverpool

Liverpool 3 - 0 Chievo

Liverpool 1 - 1 Laval (10-11 p.)

Panionios 1 - 5 Liverpool

ACS Poli 0 - 2 Liverpool

Player of Pre-Season

New signing Mario Balotelli performed well, scoring 4 goals in 6 pre-season appearances, including a superb brace against Greek club Panionios.

Manager's Thoughts

The team did great, apart from being unable to find a winning goal against Laval and the new players managed to integrate themselves nicely. Aside from Balotelli, Lazar Markovic impressed also and so did Philippe Coutinho and Raheem Sterling. Despite their young age, they're talented individuals all of them will be pushing for first-team places this season. We start our Premier League campaign with a game against Swansea, followed by fixtures against Stoke City and Leicester, three matches from which I'm hoping to get nine points.
Good luck with the Season :D!
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Liverpool FC: Squad Overview

A complete evaluation of the team by the gaffer Brendan Rodgers himself, before the start of the new season. This report, compiled by Rodgers and his staff, will assist greatly for his side's upcoming league campaign.


Liverpool will be playing mainly with this tactic

Characteristically dubbed the Asymmetric Bulldozer, it is an extremely offensive tactic, but keeps itself balanced by remaining solid at the back. A defensive midfielder is utilized in this formation, as well as a left midfielder. The man in the left midfield role will be vital, playing in an attacking style along with a number 10 who will sit behind a lone forward. This leaves only a single midfielder in the center of the pitch, who will adopt a box-to-box playstyle behind the number 10.

This tactic doesn't belong to me. Full credit goes to Abuzerkadayif, the owner of the Asymmetric Bulldozer tactic.

Key Players

Steven Gerrard
Squad Number: 8
Age: 34
Best Position: Defensive Midfielder

The captain will fall back into a more defensive role this season, and is expected to play as the manager's first-choice in the defensive midfield position. A Liverpool legend and the obvious crowd favorite, everyone will be largely depending on him to lead the boys to as many wins as possible.

Mamadou Sakho
Squad Number: 17
Age: 24
Best Position: Central Defender

Between Skrtel, Balanta, Lovren and Sakho, competition for a place in the club's defensive positions are going to be rife, but Sakho has to be the best man that can be called upon if Liverpool need a solid central defender. The former Paris Saint-Germain captain possesses qualities like leadership, consistency, determination, and can be great in the air when the situation calls for it.

Jordan Henderson
Squad Number: 14
Age: 24
Best Position: Central Midfielder

The new vice-captain displayed some great performances last season and will look to continue to do the same. He has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years and there is full confidence within the team in his midfield prowess.

Philippe Coutinho
Squad Number: 10
Age: 22
Best Position: Attacking Midfielder

Coutinho has proved to be a brilliant buy since his arrival at Liverpool in January 2013. A very skillful attacking midfielder, versatility is another strong point of his - he is able to play in central midfield and on the left wing aside from his usual number 10 role.

Raheem Sterling
Squad Number: 31
Age: 19
Best Position: Left Winger, Right Winger, Attacking Midfielder

Despite his young age, Sterling is a very important member of the first-team. He is also already an England international at the age of 19, his first cap having been won two years prior. His major strengths include his incredible versatility on the football pitch, being able to play in a number of positions, as well as his acceleration and pace.

Daniel Sturridge
Squad Number: 15
Age: 25
Best Position: Striker

The man who will hopefully be banging in the goals for the club this season, Sturridge established a great understanding with Luis Suarez before his departure from Anfield, and will look to shine in his former teammate's stead.


Eder Alvarez Balanta
Squad Number: 5
Age: 21
Best Position: Central Defender

Balanta is very highly-rated among the coaches and the manager himself, and although he probably isn't the first name on the team sheet at this moment in time, will still have a part to play in the first team this season.

Jon Flanagan
Squad Number: 38
Age: 21
Best Position: Right Back

A product of the club's youth academy, Flanagan forced his way into the team last season, and now has more competition with the arrival of Nathaniel Clyne. Not quite ready to be a first-choice player yet, but is most definitely one to watch.

Emre Can
Squad Number: 23
Age: 20
Best Position: Central Midfielder

Someone with incredible potential, Can signed for the club just this summer. He will most likely be only playing with the Under-21s for now, but could very well be Gerrard's successor with time.

Lazar Markovic
Squad Number: 50
Age: 20
Best Position: Right Winger, Attacking Midfielder

The Serb brought in from Benfica can play on both wings as well as behind the striker, and this ability to play in multiple positions will definitely give him an edge in getting more first-team opportunities. Still at a tender age, but nonetheless has the skill required to participate in first-team games.

Full Squad

Name - Age CA/PA

Simon Mignolet - 26 /
Brad Jones - 32 /

Nathaniel Clyne - 23 /
Jon Flanagan - 21 /
Javi Manquillo - 20 /
Mamadou Sakho - 24 /
Martin Skrtel - 29 /
Eder Alvarez Balanta - 21 /
Dejan Lovren - 25 /
Alberto Moreno - 22 /
Jose Enrique - 28 /

Steven Gerrard - 34 /
Lucas Leiva - 27 /
Jordan Henderson - 24 /
Emre Can - 20 /
Raheem Sterling - 19 /
Philippe Coutinho - 22 /
Adam Lallana - 26 /
Lazar Markovic - 20 /

Daniel Sturridge - 25 /
Mario Balotelli - 24 /
Rickie Lambert - 32 /
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