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Rags to Riches

Valued at just £45k, time to climb the rich list.
Started on 21 July 2015 by Nastymiller
Latest Reply on 15 August 2015 by Jer
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Thanks IWelshWizard, I hope it's better than the lower ranks of Engerland!


With the transfer window closing I was unable to bring any players in, as all loans wanted wages and as we have nothing I could pay nothing and ended up with nothing! Great!

The 3 main transfers were Mateo Musacchio, Villarreal to Man Utd for £13.25m, Aleksander Dragovic £8.75m saw him move to Spurs from Barca and finally it was £4.8m for FC Midtijlland's Pione Sisto to Villarreal.

Moving countries didn't mean a change in results with 2 draws and 1 win from my first 3 games and dropping to the bottom of the league...was I jinxed? I don't know, I don't think I have done anything 'that' bad in life to be jinxed. Who know's maybe I have...anyway, let's see what happens.

You took on the impossible job, even with the 5 pts added with your results it looks.. bleak.
Nastymiller's avatar Group Nastymiller
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Pauker, your right, shite club, shit youth intake, shite results, shite, shite, shite, football kicks you in the balls at times.


I think pictures will do all the writing I need them to on this occasion, did I mention the word 'shite'



Youth Intake

Not looking too good in the league at all and the intake was awful! Unlucky isn't the word.
Not looking too good there mate :/ That youth intake was absolutely shocking! Unlucky!
Jesus, nothing goes right for you in this save... Maybe if you get sacked, third time is lucky ;) :P
Welshy, Jack and Jer - your all right and have a look at April!


Just 2 games left of the season and then I'm back on the dole, the club has already been relegated which will mean when the season is over, im looking for my 3rd club. Fingers crossed I get a club 'just' promoted and I can build the squad how I want to.

Here, whilst we are at it - check out the shit results.

Not the best of results. Best of luck finding a job!
Good luck finding a good job at a half-decent club.
Jer and mo_123 - Thanks guys, took a little longer than last time to find a new club to call my own, but I have and it's back in Blighty


17 days I was unemployed last time, this time it took 100 days!!!

I don't think it's worth looking at the final 2 games and final 2 defeats of my reign in Spain which left me with a shocking 42 game record as a manager with just 4 wins and 8 draws.

What the following club was doing employing me I would never understand, but they did with a 1 year deal worth £24k.

My new club were founded in 1998 and were called 'The Hawks' I was back baby, back and ok with a skint club (again) but a half decent one in the bookies opinions.

The club was:

I'm not familiar with the logo :P. Best of luck, hopefully this will be the job that'll improve your managerial record!
Well Jer, my new team is

Havant & Waterlooville F.C. based in Havant, Hampshire which is in the South of England so it's shite. In fact anything not from Yorkshire is shite, but that's a diary entry for another day (if you are wondering what my babble is all about, just google 'if its not from yorkshire its shite'.

Anyhow, 'The Hawks' play in a very poor quality stadium which holds 4,800 fans of which 562 lucky souls can sit down. Everything else is shite, which is what I would expect as they have given me the job.

The media think we will finish in 5th place, and the bookies agreed with them giving us odds of 33-1 to win the league. With no stand out players, no money and no parent club to loan us anyone, I again am in with a battle to do anything with the team I had.

I take over the club in 12th place on 16 points, 7 points behind a play off place and 4 points off the drop zone. I am going to try a 4-3-3 formation with this team and hope Tom Bender who at 22 years of age is my best player, can help my team to at least a play off spot. Tom can, and will play at a higher level.

The chairman is asked to crack on and get a director of football in as we are skint and I can't be arsed looking for players.

So the question on everyone's lips, how long will I last this time....I should make it to the end of the season right?
If you keep up the results, hell yeah! If you get promoted you'll most likely get a job offer or a better budget!
The big 'if' is keeping up the results Jer!


So my first thoughts of the new club were, steady if not a great squad. Mid-table and close enough to push forward for a decent finish and a cup game which would mean the first round of the f.a. cup and some coin.

But then I thought, this is me and when we drew 1-1 away from home then got smashed 5-1 at home in the replay I realised, football may not be shite, it might be me.....but I AM FROM YORKSHIRE and am anything other than shite.

So a team meeting was called, the players bollacked and boom a 2-1 home win against 4th place Wealdstone...bring it on, bring it on Southern shandy drinkers.


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