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Sporting CP: Welcome to the Jungle

Esforço, Dedicação, Devoção e Glória
Started on 17 November 2015 by Murtagh
Latest Reply on 5 February 2016 by ninjaskill
FormIsntAll: Thanks. Yeah she definitely is :)

Mané have a new contract

Carlos Mané, Sporting winger, have signed a new contract.
The Lisbon-born 22 years old Lion have signed until 2021, with a release clause of €100M.
Mané arrived at Sporting with only 7 years old, and have played for the green-and-white club since then.
He have also represented Portugal national teams since the under 15 category.
He will receive €142,000 per month for the next 5 years, if the contract is valid until then.
The young winger, 22, have said on his social network that this is best thing that could happen to him. And that he's having the best year of his life, with the Primeira Liga title and an extended contract until 2021.

Sporting 5-0 Boavista - Round 29 Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Vlaar, Balanta, Jefferson, William ( Paulista 70'), Aquilani, Gelson,
Mané ( Matheus 57'), Teo ( Bryan Ruiz 57'), Montero

Motero 19' 21', Mané 27' 33' 43' Assists
Gelson, Esgaio, Montero

Red Card
Inkoom 73'

Man of the Match

Sporting 3-0 Nacional - Round 30 Team
Rui Patrício, João Pereira, Vlaar ( Ewerton 49'), Naldo, Jonathan, Paulista ( William 67'), Aquilani, Matheus, Bryan Ruiz ( Esgaio 49'), Teo, Montero

Paulista 2', Matheus 45', Teo 51' Assists
Teo, Paulista, Jonathan

Man of the Match
Two matches that have dominated definitely seen it on the table.
bebero: Yeah, the league went surprisingly well. :P

Vitor Damas

Vítor Manuel Afonso Damas de Oliveira (b. 1947, October 8)
Damas arrived at Sporting with 14 years old, and would become a eternal legend for the Lions, and would be known as one of the greatest portuguese goalkeepers in history.
Agile, feline, elastic, fearless and elegant, he became a myth for the Sporting fans, and the player with the most games with the green-and-white shirt, 456 official matches.
He debuted in the first team in 1967, with only 19 years old, on a game against Porto that ended 2-2. But only two years later he would win his effective place in the starting eleven. In this year, 1969, he won the Stromp Award for Best Athlete.

He would be Sporting's main goalkeeper for the next 8 years and also became captain of the Lions.
During this time he won the Primeira Liga twice, the Taça de Portugal three times, and reached a Cup of Winner's Cup semi-final.

One of the most epic "battles" of the portuguese football, were undoubtly, the clashes beetween Lions legend, Damas, and Eagles legend, Eusébio.
Beetween so many clashes, theres a legendary save from Damas, at a great header by Eusébio in 69/70 Primeira Liga, on a match that Sporting won 1-0.
Vitor Damas said about the save - "It was an important save that allowed us to win the match by 1-0, and become Primeira Liga champions. Eusébio greeted me in the end, and was whistled by Benfica fans".
You can watch that save in the following video, after the 40 sec.

Vitor Damas also played for the portuguese National Team.
One of his most epic match with the portuguese shirt was in the game against England, for the 1976 Eurocup qualification.
Vitor Damas made an tremendous performance, and many great saves in the match that would end 0-0. One of the saves can be seen at the end of this post.

In 1976, he was transfered for the spanish side, Racing de Santander were he played for 4 seasons.
Then returned to Portugal, to play in Vitória SC for 2 years, and Portimonense another 2.
And in 1984, he returned to Sporting.

He played for more 5 years, with the Lions shirt.
His last match was in November 1988, he was 41 years old.
In the next season he started working as assistant manager for the Lions, and did some games as an interine coach, until 1991.
He then returned in 1996, to be the goalkeepers trainer for another 3 years. And after a year off, he came back as assistant manager in the B team, in 2000/2001 season, before retiring.
In 2003, he died victim of cancer. But not before having his wish granted and seeing the new Estádio de Alvalade inaugural game.

Rights to WikiSporting


April haven't been a paticullary happy month in terms of injuries for the Lions squad.
The first came in the Boavista game. Carlos Mané leaved the pitch at the 57th minute to give his place to Matheus Pereira, but that wasn't just a technical decision. Mané was hurt, and upon further exams it was clear that he would need to stop for some weeks. The first news give him out of competition for 3 weeks.
And it would be only a couple days later, when another winger would be unlucky. This time, Gelson Martins, during a treining session. His injury will last beetween 2 and 3 weeks.
But that wouldn't be all in this first half of April. Bryan Ruiz was also injuried. During the Nacional game, the costa rican player, was substitued due to an injury that will last around 2 weeks.

Sporting 3-0 Desp. Aves - Final Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Vlaar, Balanta, Jefferson ( Jonathan 69'), William, Adrien ( Aquilani 69'), Zivkovic, Matheus, Teo, Montero

Adrien pen 2', Matheus 3',Montero 66' Assists
Teo (2), Vlaar

Man of the Match

Moreirense 1-2 Sporting - Round 31 Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Ewerton ( Naldo 64'), Balanta, Jonathan, William, Aquilani,
Gelson ( Zivkovic 54'), Mané ( Matheus 57'), Teo, Montero

Sagna og 37', Esgaio pen 90'+2. Coronas 56' Assists
Teo, Mané

Man of the Match

Marítimo 1-0 Sporting - Round 32 Team
Rui Patrício, Esgaio, Naldo, Balanta, Jonathan, William ( Paulista 85'), Aquilani ( João Mário 62'), Zivkovic ( Bryan Ruiz 62'), Matheus, Teo, Montero

Ghazaryan 45'

Ewerton's out

Sporting's central back, Ewerton, won't play any more game this season.
Ewerton had to leave the pitch, injuried, in the match against Moreirense, and was substitued by Naldo.
The time for recovery from the brazilian is set to be at least 4 weeks, which makes it impossible for him to return this season with the green-and-white shirt.
Ewerton has been an important player in Jorge Jesus central defensive area, but rumours say he may be leaving Alvalade in the summer.
Tough loss there and will only shorten your options in that area, but he may be leaving anyway so it might not be too bad! A decent round of fixtures there as well :)
Tough loss, but if he does go, at least it's a glimpse into life without him I guess.
tough loss. any other journalists?? :P
Jack: Thanks :) Yeah, he may leave, we'll need to sell this Summer.

FormIsntAll: Definitely, but let's see.

SooruSooru: Ahaha I expect that there will be more in the future. :D
You certainly know a lot about Sporting's history for sure. This story is a great read with some success too, which is always nice. Keep it up.
Nick_H: Thanks for the support man, I appreciate :)

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