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Liam Drury: Return To The Top

A young footballer's career is blighted by injury early on. As he turns to management, is he able to return to the top or will he crash and burn like before?
Started on 23 February 2016 by LiamDrury8
Latest Reply on 10 June 2016 by LiamDrury8
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Aston Villa sack Liam Drury

Aston Villa have today, 26th December 2015, sacked their manager, Liam Drury, after only being in charge for 5 months.

The 20-year-old English-born manager has left the club after a humiliating defeat to Leicester City on Boxing Day where Villa conceded 5 goals in the 1st half.

It has also been widely reported that the ex-Aston Villa manager was summoned by the board late after the Leicester game where the board demanded to know why Villa had been recently struggling with results. It has also been thought that Liam thought he had played tough fixtures recently but when the board said they thought otherwise, Liam was unfortunately sacked.

It is understood that Liam is immediately on the lookout for another job himself and is being eyed up by a number of lower league clubs.

Liam was loved by most of the players at Villa during his short spell and club captain, Micah Richards, had this to say about him: "It's a massive shame that he left. He brought a good feel around the club and when he first came in, he was interactive with the players and the backroom staff but now we have to move in with a new guy in charge".

With a 1-month old daughter at home, this isn't going to help Liam care for his children but it will allow him to spend more time with his daughter.

Also, early this morning, an off-duty reporter spotted Liam packing his girlfriend and their daughter, Holly, into a car before driving off with them. Liam was later seen down in Weston-Super-Mare, arriving at the football club.

Liam was also seen meeting up with Weston manager, Ryan Northmore, outside the club.

Upon his sacking at Villa, Drury has said that "he would love another chance in management, preferably from lower down in the football league ladder, so I am capable of working my way back up through the ranks".

When quizzed about Liam's departure from Villa, chairman Steve Hollis said "It was a shame that Liam didn't work out here at Villa Park. We brought him to the club with the intention of creating a stable future for the club with a young manager going forward but unfortunately due to his inexperience, he was unable to produce results".

So, with Villa now having to rebuild themselves with a new manager for the second half of the season, where will Liam Drury end up next? Hopefully it's soon...
where will you end up now?
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Sooru-God knows. Just have to see what comes up.
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Drury Becomes Academy Director At Weston

Weston-Super-Mare have taken a bold step in appointing Liam Drury their Academy Director for the second time in less than a year. It has also been reported that Drury has decided to help former team-mate Matt in coaching the U13's side.

Liam was first spotted at Weston the day after he got sacked as first-team manager at Aston Villa, Liam has continuously bene back there for gameday and is now thought to hsve bought a house in Weston so he can stay somewhat closer to his family while he still owns a house in Birmingham.

It is thought that the Juniors at Weston are also ecstatic with the news that a Premier League boss is now present within the Academy setup at their club.

The manager, Ryan Northmore, is also happy to have Liam back among the Weston ranks and had this to say: "It is an amazing thing now for this club going forward that Liam has come back, having managed at a Prem level, and is willing to pass his knowledge on to the club's kids at this level, which is a massive boost for us".

The League were also able to catch up with U13's manager, Matt, who will be working alongside Liam at the club: "It's great to know that an old friend like Liam is now back at the club after being at a Premier League club for a few months. It's a shame it didn't work out for him but I hope we can now continue our working relationship".

The excitement that Liam Drury has returned to the South-West is massive to everyone surrounding Weston-Super-Mare AFC. Liam is loved by all at the club and is known to take a more reserved and casual manner to Junior games. He is also thought highly off by the other Weston Junior coaches.

Liam's former coach Dan had this to say about him: "He was a talented player when he was playing for Weston, all the way through the academy up to the first team. He's also a talented coach as well which is why he was Aston Villa manager last month and it's a real credit to have here at Weston".

Liam also gave us this statement about his new job role: "It is a massive privilege to be a part of this fantastic football club. Obviously, my time at Aston Villa has a failed attempt, and I have no idea why I left Weston but it feels amazing to be back". So Liam is back at Weston but will everything work out for him?...
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12th March 2016

Spring was in full swing here at Weston AFC and I was currently sat in my office at the Woodspring Stadium, as I was sat behind my desk.

I was filing in paperwork for the Junior Premier League games just gone at the weekend when a knock came at the door from Head Of Youth Development, Steve Booker.

I looked up from my paperwork before shouting "COME IN". Steve then entered the office before closing the door behind himself.

Steve sat down in the chair opposite my desk. "What is it Steve?" I asked him. Steve relaxed in his chair before speaking.

"The new youth products have just arrived. I've sent them all to the changing room to get changed. Would you want to be my assistant for today?" Steve asked.

I smiled at Steve after he finished asking me his question. "Of course I want to, Steve. It would be an honour to be alongside you" I said, replying to his question.

Steve stood up smartly from his chair before walking over toward the door. "We better get a move on" Steve said as I stood up and strode over to join him at the door.

Me and Steve stepped out into the corridor outside my office before walking down the tunnel together.

We approached the changing room before we entered and Steve settled the youngsters down. "Alright, boys. This is a big game today. This can determine whether you stay or go at Weston".

I could see that the boys were all clinching onto Steve's words.

Before long, Steve asked if I had any words to say. I stepped forward. "Show everyone at this club you should stay at this club. Now go out there and show this lot who are better".

All the boys stood up before shouting. Me and Steve headed out onto the pitch while the lads lined up in the tunnel.

Me and Steve took our places in the dugout before U18 manager's and first team manager's Ryan Northmore and Mark McKeever came over and shook our hands from the opposite dugouts.

Steve went to sit down in the dugout while I stood standing on the touchline. I smiled as the game kicked off and I looked around to watch Ryan's body movement.

During the game, I made the occasional shouts of "GET BACK" or "PUSH FORWARD" depending on the team's situation.

I gradually managed to learn everybody's names due to Steve's knowledge of the youth graduates. I was, therefore, happy to see us run out 4-1 winners.

When the final whistle blew, I shook the hand of my former manager Ryan Northmore and his assistant Mark McKeever before heading into the changing room with the players and Steve.

"Well done boys. What a win" I said, congratulating them as they all clapped eachother on the back and started celebrating as Steve walked in.

I smiled before heading back outside with Steve as the lads got changed. "Was it like being a manager again on a proper pitch?" Steve asked me. "I enjoyed it. And I can't wait to do it again" I replied before walking back toward my office with a great big smile on my face...
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28th March 2015

It was Easter Monday and today, Weston were facing Bath in the local 'derby' at Bath's ground, Twerton Park. But instead, I had organised a friendly game against Cheltenham U13's at the Woodspring.

I pulled up outside the stadium with Matt in the passenger seat before we got out the car.

Me and Matt pulled our kit from the boot of the car before heading round to the back changing rooms where we placed the kit in the home changing room.

Before long, the players began to enter the changing room as me and Matt demanded that they hurry up and get changed as kick-off was in 45 minutes.

When all the boys were changed and ready to roll, we headed outside onto the training pitch before Matt sent the players on a jog on the edge of the box.

Me and Matt laid out cones next to the touchline before we called the boys back over. "Right, so same as usual. There are 4 boxes, when you pass the ball to someone in your box, move to the box on the right of yourself" Matt said before instructing the players to begin.

Me and Matt took strides around the boxes as we watched the players pass the ball around.

Matt then threw me some footballs. "Go over and train the keepers" Matt instructed. I walked over to the nearest goal with Tom and Owen, our keepers.

Tom and Owen both took different turns in between the sticks as I took shots at them from different angles at different heights and different directions.

Being a winger, central midfielder and striker myself during my playing days, I always wanted to test the keeper and when I did shoot, I always wanted to see them make some decent saves. I felt the same here with these two.

After around 25 minutes of warm-ups, Matt called us in and we all walked into the changing room where Matt told the players to get their Weston shirts on before giving his team talk.

"I want your full attention and concentration out on that pitch today. It's just a friendly but we are getting closer to the end of the season. Now let's go win a game" Matt said.

I was ecstatic with the way the team connected on the pitch. We managed to win 2-1 with everyone putting in a strong shift. Me and Matt waited in the bar for the players.

When the players had all arrived in the bar, me and Matt then took all the players outside before climbing into the minibus with the squad before driving off toward Bath for the derby...
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Weston Relegated From National League South

Weston-Super-Mare have been relegated from the National League South after enduring a troublesome season with Ryan Northmore at the helm for the whole season.

It has been stated that tricky winger Joe McClennan is the only player that has been set for Weston release at the end of the season, so Northmore intends to keep the same squad outlook.

Tristan Plummer headed up the top scorers chart this season with 13 goals, whereas Luke Purnell and Jamie Edge both earned 48 appearances this season. Tom Jordan was also Player Of The Season.

Weston finished 21st in the league with 37 points, 4 off of safety.

Weston going down is a massive shock to the footballing community and this is the first time in Weston's history that Weston have ever been relegated from a division.

Weston will now have to ply their trade in the Isthimian Premier Division, where Weston will be hoping to get back to the Conference South at the first time of asking.
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24th May 2016

It was a sunny morning as summer was approaching at the Woodspring Stadium and I was sat in my office Today was the day when Weston's staff were partaking in the annual staff game and I was due to play up front for one of the team's. I looked at my clock, which read 2:15PM, so I turned off my computer, stood up, grabbed my kit bag before walking down the tunnel.

I entered the changing rooms and there, I saw most of the youth managers and their assistants. It appeared to be that me and the youth staff had been put together. Then, the managers Phil and Gregg, walked in. The pair coached the U18's together and were coaching us today. The pair then read out the lineup.

"In goal is Luke Purnell. At right-back is Jamie Edge. At centre-back is Glen and Dan H. At left-back is Harry. At right-mid is Jake Mawford. In the centre of midfield is Dayle Grubb, Will Sneddon-Coombes and Matt. On the left is Syd Camper and up front is Liam. On the bench is Scott Wilson, Ash, Jay, Sol, James, Dan Jackson, Lewis, Clayton Fortune and Tom Jordan" Phil said.

We then went out to train and warm up for a bit before kicking the game off. My side were able to take the lead 13 minutes into the game when I received the ball from Matt. I laid the ball back to Matt who played the ball out to Jake. Jake controlled the ball before passing inside and Will Sneddon-Coombes slotted home into the far corner via a deflection.

The next piece of action came five minutes from the interval when the ball came to Syd out on the left-hand side. Syd played a 1-2 with me before playing the ball inside to Dayle who was backing into Mark McKeever, the 1st team assistant manager. Dayle laid the ball off to Syd, who turned past the centre-back before firing his shot straight at Ryan Northmore.

The first half then dragged out and the second half began with no real flair, and the first action of note was Syd coming off and James coming on. Then, a minute after the sub, I was played in down the right before putting David Callow on his arse before crossing for Jake who shot at goal but Ryan blocked the ball and gathered at the second attempt.

My side were able to score a second goal with 25 minutes left to go when Jake worked the ball inside to Matt. Matt looked up and found Will, whose instinctive passing and long-range vision found Dan H on the overlap, and as me ad James waited in the box for a cross, we were surprised to see Dan's shot fly over Ryan and into the back of the net.

The last chance of the game came 20 minutes from time when James got moved up front alongside me and we were soon linking up well when James beat the defender for pace and as he brought the ball under his spell, he turned another one inside out before delivering for me, who brought the ball down and my eventual shot was kicked away by Ryan's foot.

The final whistle was then blown, and we all shook hands before trudging off the pitch. For me, it was a massive feeling to be back out on the pitch since my sacking at Aston Villa and I was glad to have played a part in my team's win. After I got changed, I walked out to the car park with Matt as I was prepared to begin Weston's new season...
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3rd July 2016

The sun was still shining in the sky as the clock ticked to 5.30PM. I exited the Weston changing rooms with Matt, both dressed in our Weston training gear, as we both carried training cones out toward the training pitches.

The U13's, managed by Dan H and James, were just finishing off their training session before picking up their equipment and heading off to the changing rooms. Me and Matt began laying out the cones that were needed and we dragged 5-a-side goals into position.

I then threw all the balls roughly near the positions where they had to be before I strolled back through the stadium and through the tunnel toward the changing rooms. I re-entered the changing room, where I saw the players getting changed there.

"Come on boys. We've got a long, hard season to prepare for" I demanded of them as they continued to throw on training tops, shorts, socks and boots. I then grabbed a whistle, which was hanging on the peg inside the managers changing room, and I strolled outside with captain Callum.

"So what are we doing today?" Callum asked me as we walked around the first team pitch toward the training pitches. "Gonna start with a few passes before shooting into a 5-a-side goal, then we're gonna try long passing drills. Then play a game between us all" I replied.

Me and Callum walked onto the training pitch as a nearby camera clicked nearby. I saw that club photographer, Wayne, was the one taking the photos before me, Callum and Matt all stood around, talking, while waiting for the other players.

In the next 5-10 minutes, the other players came onto the pitch before I sent them all off on a jog. Me and Matt observed them as we watched the players jog around the pitch, chatting to eachother at a steady pace as they laughed and joked about their holidays.

I then called all of the players in before putting them into four groups and two groups to each goal. Tom and Owen went in between the sticks before I showed the players how to play the drill. Matt stood on the edge of the area, I passed the ball to him before he played it back and I shot first-time at Tom in goal.

Me and Matt then stood back as we watched the boys try and score past my two keepers. I was certainly impressed with striker James who managed to get all his shots on target.

I was, however, unimpressed with my other striker Michael who was struggling to hit the target. He only got one shot on target and that was straight at Owen. I felt that after training, I would need to have words with my star striker.

Me and Matt then got some of the players to move the 5-a-side goals against the wall so we could get on with our next drill. I got them into groups of two with me and Matt stood at the front. I then explained to the boys that when I shouted 'go', the players on the left would run before the players on the right would play a 30-40 yard pass toward the player.

Me and Matt then stepped aside as we watched central midfielder Ben smash a pass toward winger Jake. Jake was able to bring the ball under control and run it back toward the players with the ball.

Me and Matt watched the players do this all twice before stopping them and placing the players in teams of 10 as we prepared to play a game of 11 vs 11, with me and Matt being on opposition teams.

It was hard playing in the training game while trying to keep an eye on everyone, but I still enjoyed myself nonetheless. I particulary enjoyed it when my team passed the ball around 42 times without Matt's side getting it off us.

I was encouraged by what I was seeing from both sides, with Matt struggling to hold onto the ball in midfield for his team. I was happy with the way James performed up front with Aidan, with the pair both linking up superbly.

The game then finished and I led the team back into the changing room after our first training session of the season. And I was pleased to see that we knew what we were doing...
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Liam Drury Signs New Contract To Carry On As Academy Director

We as a club are delighted to announce that Academy Director, former Aston Villa manager and Weston player Liam Drury has signed a one-year contract extension.

Liam originally signed for Weston as an 11 year old in August 2006 and joined the U11 team, managed by Dan Jackson.

Liam was a talented player for the junior sides, racking up plenty of goals and assist. However, he did have his moments, memorably when he was sent off in an U16 game for starting an on-pitch brawl.

Liam also won the U16 cup in 2011 when beating West Brom 3-1.

Liam made his competitive Weston debut in August 2012 with Weston drawing 1-1. However, Liam suffered his first leg break in pre-season training 2013 when Llewellyn challenged him late.

Liam returned to football in April 2014 with help from Mark McKeever but suffered another leg-break the following January in a game against Chelmsford at The Woodspring.

Liam then retired from football the same month before taking his Continental Pro Licence course in March 2015.

Liam is then appointed by Aston Villa as manager in July 2015, before being sacked due to poor results on Boxing Day of the same year.

Liam then retook his post as Academy Director at the club as well as becoming U13's manager with Matt at the time and we hope Liam's career with the club can continue...
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Weston U14 Sign New Winger

This morning, Weston U14's have signed a new left-winger in the form of Josh. Josh is still 13 years old and turns 14 next April, but he is still regarded as one of the best players among the academy. Josh has signed from Weston's rivals Clevedon Town after playing in 11-a-side games last season, in which he nicked 8 goals and 11 assists in a team that struggled for most of the season.

Weston U14 managers, Liam and Matt, seem pretty pleased with their latest acquisition as October begins at The Woodspring Stadium. "It's a massive signing for us and Weston Juniors. We have a philosophy that we need to adhere to this season and this season, we have been asked to look toward the future. So that's what me and Liam have done by bringing in Josh. Looking toward the future" Matt said.

Liam also commented by saying "The signing of Josh here at Weston really does speak volumes about us going places. He is one of the best left-wingers in Somerset for his age group and has a bright future ahead of himself in the beautiful game. Josh is a technically skilled player, with the ability to turn games on their head in an instance. Josh has been training with us for the past few weeks on trial and I am delighted to welcome him to Weston".

Josh was born on 19th April 2002 to parents, Chloe and Sam. Josh is an avid supporter of Weston and first joined the club as a 7 year-old. Josh was then spotted in an U10's match in the Junior Premier League before Weston pulled their side of the JPL. Josh was then signed up by Clevedon as a 10 year-old schoolboy, where he remained until rejoining Weston today. In 4 seasons at Clevedon, Josh made 53 appearances, scored 22 goals and assisted 36.

Josh has also spoken out about his decision to join Weston. "It's probably the best decision I've made of my carrer so far. It's an absolute privilege to be back and playing at this wonderful, wonderful team. Liam and Matt have known eachother for years, they've been in the same position as every other kid in Weston's academy and used to be the captain and vice-captain in the same team. That shows how good their leadership must be".

Josh is clearly of admiration of his new managers and his newly found team, but does Ryan Northmore feel the same way/ "I would just like to congratulate Liam and Matt on their scouting talents and on picking Josh up for the team. This signing proves that the pair are both determined to look toward the future and I would just like to thank them on finding Josh and hopefully breeding him up as a first teamer for the future".

So with Josh returning to Weston after 4 years away, the technically gifted left-winger is ecstatic at having resigned for his boyhood club. Josh is being billed as somebody who could go on and have a bright future at Weston and U14 managers Liam and Matt and first team manager Ryan Northmore appear to think along the same lines. But can Josh become a first team regular or will he go down the same path as Liam Drury himself?...
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15th January 2017

I pulled up outside The Woodspring Stadium in my car before I jumped out and locked the door. Today, I was dressed in my Weston suit and tie with my dapper, polished black shoes on. I strode up toward the main entrance into the bar area before entering the function room next door to the bar. There, I saw Ryan Northmore sat down at a nearby table with a drink in his hand with his assistant, Gary Owers, sat near him.

I took my seat opposite the pair before the bar lady, Anne, kindly brought a glass of Fosters over and set it next to me. I smiled at Anne before nodding my head in words of 'thank you' and she walked over. I took a swig of my drink before placing it back down on the table. I then sat upright to make myself look formal before Ryan finished his glass full and placed it back down on the table. Ryan then sat upright and looked me in the eye.

"Do you know why me and Gary have called you here today?" Ryan asked me calmly as I continued to look him in the eye. I shook my head cautiously as I stole a glance toward Gary, who was holding no facial expression whatsoever. Ryan then poured himself another drink form the bottle lying next to him before taking another swig. "I have recently understood that you have, once again, made it known amongst the media that you would like the Weston job if I was sacked" Ryan said.

My heart plummeted. Was this Ryan's way of telling me that due to my stirring in the newspaper, he didn't want me at the club anymore? Of course Ryan did have a reputation for forcing players and staff out of the club if they did ever go behind his back or do something that Ryan didn't like.

"Now, I don't like people going behind my back, Liam, and I certainly don't like them declaring interest in a job which I was still, currently, heavily involved in. However, I like you Liam. I have liked what you brought to Weston over the past year since your sacking as Aston Villa manager and now that you are here, I am willing to offer you a chance within the first team for the rest of the season" Ryan explained.

My heart leapt with relief and I sighed, inside of course, that this was not Ryan's way of sacking me but his way of offering him a job within the first team structure. "Continue" I said as Ryan took another swig from his glass of wine. Ryan placed his glass down before smiling at me. "Liam, I am currently unsure myself as to whether I am going to be at the club for next season and I love this club. I want to leave someone in charge if I do go" Ryan said.

"Now, if I do get sacked before the end of the season, or even if I get sacked at the end of the season, I want someone to take over the helm with me. Someone who the players would respect. Someone who has experience in management at any level and someone who loves this club from their heart to their actions. I'm trying to lay down the foundations for a successful team here, myself, but that may be coming to an end soon" the manager said.

"I like you as a person, as a manager and as a friend, Liam. You are the suitable choice to replace me if I do go at the end of the season, so Liam, my plan is for you to help me, Gary and the other coaches to train the first team for the rest of the season. This way, it will allow you to get to know the rest of the backroom staff and most importantly , you can get to know the players" Ryan said enthusiastically.

I took a swig of my Fosters before setting the glass back down. I then looked from Ryan to Gary before smiling. "Ryan, it would be an absolute honour to help train the first team for the rest of the season. Thank you for this opportunity" I said as I beamed from ear to ear. "It's a pleasure working with you, Liam" Ryan said before the pair of us shook hands. Ryan was practically offering me a route back into first team football after 1 year away...
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Liam Drury takes charge of South Shields

On the 15th June 2017, Liam Drury has taken a bold step into first team management again with Northern League Divison 2 side South Shields. Liam appears ecstatic to be back in football management following his sacking at Aston Villa 18 months ago. Liam has taken a side that finished in 18th last season and his task this season is to try and drag the team further away from relegation.

Upon his arrival at South Shields, Liam stated that "It's an amazing feeling to be back in management with such a great side. yes, they've never won a trophy but they have a really strong fanbase and hopefully it is a fanbase that can get behind the team in important matches this upcoming season. Yes, I want to thank everyone at Weston for what they've done for me over the past 18 months but it's time for me to move on".

Upon hearing that Liam had departed the south-west club for the Geordie side, Weston manager Bill Whitbread commented "Liam has been one of a select few to manage in the Premier League but unfortunately for him, his Premier League experience hasn't worked out and now he finds himself further down the ladder with South Shields. I would just like to congratulate Liam on everything he has done for Weston".

When hearing on Liam's surprise appointment at South Shields, former Shields and Middlesbrough player Julio Arca stated that "I have been speaking to Liam regulary over the summer and I understand that he also had an interview with League 2 side Port Vale in the summer but that didn't work out. I am also happy that Liam has entrusted me to give him information on Shields and I hope everything works out for him".

So with football star Julio Arca getting in on the act and speaking about Liam's appointment, Liam seems set to have people around Shields and Weston backing him all the way. Also, with Premier League experience, South Shields are hoping that this is something the players and the club as a whole can profit from. So with Liam Drury now taking up the south Shields hotseat, can he guide Shields to where they belong?...
A huge drop from Villa but I love some LLM so I'm looking forward as to what happens at South Shields, good luck!
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8 yearsEdited

Dropping down from Aston Villa to South Shields seems to be one of the best decisions I could make in my career. I am really enjoying my time as manager at South Shields, with the players being part-timers and everything and working throughout the week, it allows me to look over the squad and how I'm going to approach each game in an orderly and tactical fashion. Yes, pre-season didn't go as I had planned but I hope August will be better. Here's how Pre-Season went:


(Friendly)8.7.2017-South Shields 0 Stavely MW 1(Pownall 88 Pen)

South Shields:Graham, Libuird, Draper, Laing(Denton 45), Hohn, Norman, Wilkins(Osbourne 67), Robson(Green 62), Feasey(Sawko 67), Emson, Henderson(Ironside 62).

Stavely MW:Goodman(Mullin 83), Fletcher(Dexter 62), McGee, McManus(Bardsley 51), Richardson(Beeson 51), Leon(Pownall 51), Burrows(Edge 62), Thorpe(Currie 83), Batchelor(Murray 62), Tatier(Pease 78), Jenkinson(Elliot 56).


(Robson Testimonial) 12.7.2017-South Shields 0 Stranraer 1(Wilkie 69)

South Shields:Graham(Greenwood 69), Claridge, Hohn(Laing 45), Draper, Liburd(Sawko 56), Wilkins, Robson, Green(Denton 45), Norman(Ironside 45), Southern, Emson(Henderson 45) (Osbourne 86).

Stranraer:Adamson(Morris 81), Aitchinson, Maitland, McNaughton, Allan(Hendry 45), Blair(Rodger 69), McGregor, Hendry(Tokeley 67), MacDonald(Wilkie 45), Young(Henron 45), Gallagher.


(Friendly) 26.7.2017-Ryhope CW 0 South Shields 1(Henderson 38)

Ryhope CW:Kamara, Crawford,(Maddison 77) Donaldson(White 51), Townsend(Skinner 51), Okechukwu(Carter 51)(Sheridan 51), McDonald, Reece(Brimscombe-Ward 45)(Boardman 51)(Clarke 57),Riley(Fare 45), Christodoulou, Edge,(Younghusband 77) Cooper(Knight 67).

South Shields:Graham(Greenwood 56), Liburd, Hohn, Draper(Osbourne 45), McCann(Ironside 45), Wilkins, Green, Robson(Hall 71), Feasey, Henderson(Fura 56)(Davies 61)(Farle 66), Emson(Sawko 45).

Player Of The Month-Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson goes down as my Pre-Season POTM for his excellent work rate, good hold-up play and his eye for goal. Despite only netting 1 goal in 3 outings, he scored the only goal for us during Pre-Season and hopefully he gets better during the season...

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