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FC Groningen - Regencity

Getting the CL with regens
Started on 5 April 2016 by Michael
Latest Reply on 2 November 2017 by Michael

2063, somewhere in a nurseryhome in Groningen, loungeroom.

"Hey Stam, nice to visit me. I knew you got out of that lifesentence yesterday, but didnt expect you to come visit me so quickly." Stam smiled. "Yeah, I was the last one to be freed, but I have a small surprise for you," whilst stepping out of the doorframe, and a small band of senior citizens came out of the hallway. Lewie, Alex Anders, Timmy, Svetlana, Scott, Jack, Ronnie, and even Claire Fanny. The old crew back together. "We have 1 final thing to do, which we couldn't do the last time we were all in 1 room." I began reminiscing. Yeah, the last time we were together, that was one hell of an evening. "Yeah, but lets bring up all those fun memories first guys, it has been too long"

2023, Below in the secret hide-out of Subsonic, Groningen

"Ok guys, so the plan is clear? Lewie, Alex & Ronnie, you go to Amsterdam. Stam, Miles and Timmy, you go to Rotterdam. Scott, Jack and Claire, you go to Enschede. Svetlana, Akash and me are taking care of Heerenveen. This will be a day of either great victories, great battles, and great casualties, Or this will be the day we die. Are you ready?" "YEAH" yelled everyone in unison.

2023, on the A28, just south of Zwolle

"Hey Ronnie, I believed we are being followed.". "Shut up Lewie, thats just Stam in his pink Fiat 500". "I don't mean Stam with his head sticking out of the roof, and his pilotglasses. I mean that black BMW who is tailing us for 30 km now." Ronnie Briggs checked his mirror, and indeed, a black BMW without license plates were following the 3 cars riding south. "Alex, can you radio this in to Scott, we gotta hurry." Alex grabbed his phone, called Scott, and talked for a bit.

2063, thats same loungeroom of earlier

"Indeed, thats where the shitstorm started, about 100km earlier than we planned." said Scott, taking a sip of his scotch. Stam quickly stepped in. "Yeah, we didnt knew we had a traitor in our midst, but luckily everything went well." Lewie sat up, almost breaking his hip. "Went well? Went to shit you mean, this was amongst the most improvising I had to do. You even changed my nickname to MacGayer that day." Svetlana began lauhing "We never expected that you would tie up someone with your briefs"

2023, 15km later, near a gasstation

"Box him in now, we need to get him to the parkingspaces, Stam, you just drive ahead to Rotterdam after forcing him to take the exit, Ronnie, you follow Stam to Utrecht and go to Amsterdam. Scott, you are the one taking care of this." Stam drove the pedal to the metal, got in front of the black BMW, and hit the brakes. The BMW lowered his speed, wanted to go to the left, but out of the blue Ronnie got there in his yellow Ford Focus ST, and Scott was on his tail. Forcing him to take the exit, Scott hit the black BMW, grabbed his BB-Gun, and shot out the backwindow, and waved goodbye to Stam and Ronnie. He had no idea how crazy this day was gonna be.

2023, a gasstation just south of Zwolle

After being forced onto the gasstation parkinglot, the BMW stopped, and 4 man in yellow speedo's stepped out. Off course. Darren fucking Smith. Who else. "Hey, you are not Michael?" "Nope, but we will give you a beating nonetheless". And with that Scott stepped forward, pulled on the front of the speedo, and let it snap back. Claire swung with her purse against the head of Aussie no.2 knocking him out stone cold. Jack, in meantime, just grabbed the paper from the back seat of the car, went to the picknickplace, and lit up a Cuban cigar. "You guys can handle this, I think, Ill just sit back and enjoy the show." Claire swung her purse again, this time against the ribs of the unlucky victim. "This is for stalking me!" and she finished him off my planting her 3-inch heels in the neck of the now deceased guy in a yellow speedo.

Scott, in meantime, was re-enacting Mayweather vs McGregor. After blocking another punch, he came right out with a haymaker over the defence of the tired Darren, and his light went out. Spreading his arms like the Rio de Janeiro Jesus-statue, feeling victorious, he felt something against his elbow. "Ahhh, my nowse, you broke my bloody nose." Scott laughed loudly: "Well, indeed it is bloody." After seeing the deathstare he got from the Aussie, he quickly jabbed the nose again, causing the bone to hit his brain, and him falling death to the ground.

"Well, we have to tie those 2 guys up, anyone got some rope with him?" Jack said. "I have something better," Claire said, and grabbed a Iron out of her purse. "So thats how you knocked those guys to the ground"

2023, parkinglot of De Galgenwaard, Utrecht

"We've gotta split up now, Stam, you will take care of this stadium, and go on to Rotterdam. You've got a busy day ahead of you." Ronnie took off, towards Amsterdam, and was quickly out of sight. "Well guys," Stam said, "Time to place bomb number 1." Walking to the trunk of his pink little car, he bent over to grab the C4, when Timmy screamed: "Watch out Stam." But it was too late, and Stam got hit in the back by a baseballbat, wielded by Miles. Folding in half due to the pain, Stam narrowly avoided the next hit, and saw Timmy do his thing. Walking up to Miles, he grabbed him by the back, and lifted him up with one hand. "Everything ok Stam?" "yeah, a bit of pain in the back, nothing major."

Miles in meanwhile was trying to get loose from Timmys grip by undoing himself of him blouse, but sadly for him, Timmy intervened by grabbing hm by his pants. "Stam, can you start the car and let it run stationairy?", Timmy asked whilst tying Miles' hands behind his back with his own belt. Stam quickly started the car, and stepped outside. "Watch and learn Stam. Now open wide Miles." He said, whilst forcing Miles to open his mouth. "Now eat the exhaust." Miles struggled violently, but in vain, as the giant called Timmy forced him onto the exhaust, burning his tongue, and suffocating him with the gasses of the small pink Fiat 500.

"At least we are 1 traitor down, here is the C4, now plant it, because we need to hit the road again."

2063, again, the same loungeroom

"Yeah, there we knew we had a traitor in our midst, and we didnt know how much of our plan we foiled", Stam said. "My back never fully recovered from that day, although it also could be the prisonbeds." Michael stepped in. "Well guys, the trip to Friesland was also crazy, remember that those Russians tried to stop us?"

2023, somewhere near Bovensmilde
"Michael, watch out, he's got a gun." Yeah, Svetlana, like I cant see it for myself, thinking in myself. Ever since we went of the A28 in Assen, those 5 black cars started to hassle us. But now we were canalside, and it seemed like they wanted to make their move. "Hey Akash, do you still remember how to stickshift in this old Subaru?" "Hell yeah, off course I do" "Well, take the wheel" I said, whilst climbing out of the window, and onto the roof and holding myself onto the backspoiler, lying on the back window. "Well Akash, you know what to do." And with that, Akash pulled the handbrake, turned the wheel right, onto the bridge, and catapulted me off the car, straight through the windshield of the car that followed us the closest.

"Goedemorrege, todays special are concussions." The Russians were flabbergasted, and blinked. That was all the time I needed, I smashed their heads together, undid the seatbelts, tied it to the steeringwheel, and jumped out of the car. I had barely enough time to stand up and jump out of the way, before the 2nd car was on the place where I was. Not thinking, I grabbed the knife on my ankle, and threw it towards the car. The moment I threw it I knew I was lucky. The knife bounced of the asphalt, into the rightbacktire, who blew, getting the car into a skid, and into the water.

I turned around, and I saw my death riding towards me. As I closed my eyes, waiting for the hit that would end the journey there and then, I thought about all the fun things that happened. it would be up to the others to finish the job.


I slowly opened my eyes, blinked a few times, looked to the right, and saw two cars, 1 T-boned into the other, and an airbag which was deflating. Behind me stopped the blue Subaru, with Akash still behind the wheel. "I dont know where you've got this fierce lady, but damn. But both of you, get in, we've got a stadium to destroy."

2023, Meanwhile somewhere in Almelo

"Hurry up, Jack, get that bazooka and blow the gate to pieces." "Yeah, I would, if you didnt forgot to pack the missiles." Jack said, whilst still messing in the trunk. "Well, well well, look who we've got here." A strangely familiair voice called out. Jack turned around, and looked into the face of the deadliest female alive, flanked by 2 humungous brothers. "Seems like we're just in time for the party." And with that she kicked Jack as hard into his balls as he could. Jack didnt even flinch, and began laughing. "Yeah, rule number 1 in doing illegal things, always wear a cup." And with that the real fight, 3 on 3 started.

Claire and The little Ninja flew into each others hair, locking each other into a stalemate wrestleposition. Jack, on her leftside, punched big boy 1 on the solar plexus, knocking the wind out of his lungs. Scott, on the rightside, just barely ducked in time to avoid being grabbed by the neck. Like a tagteam, Scott tipped Jack on his shoulder, they switched places, and Jack immediately knifekicked the kneecap of big boy no 2, whilst Scott went for the all time classic the Atomic Wedgie. Winded, with his briefs pulled over his head and secured behind his nose, Big Boy 1 was no more. On 1 leg, the other incapitated by the kick of Jack, the other wouldnt last much more longer.

Claire in meanwhile, got to one knee, en went into a judoroll, flipping Ninjabitch over her shoulder, against the painful leg of Big Boy 2. Screaming out in pain, he was getting angrier and angrier. "Jack, lend me a hand" Scott exclaimed, running towards Jack and expecting the hop. Just in time Jack was ready, lifted Scott in the air, where Scott, having watched to much WWE, placed Big boyt 2 in an RKO, smashing him into the little ninja.

"Seems like this extra job is done. They seem like militairy, maybe they got some rockets in their SUV", Claire said whilst pointing at a black SUV 50 meters away. Opening the trunk, she saw a load of C4 whilst detonaters already in them, and a timer on 42 seconds. "RUN" She screamed, whilst grabbing a brick. She opened the drivers door, started the car, trapped the brick on the gas, and ran away. She was counting, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5. The Car hit the southgate at 4, collided with the stands at 3, alerted the security at 2, honked his last time at 1, and blew at 0.

"1 down, 1 to go. Quickly, to Enschede."

Thank you for reading Part 1 of probably 4 of the Final Update.

Character count: 10925

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