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FC Groningen - Regencity

Getting the CL with regens
Started on 5 April 2016 by Michael
Latest Reply on 2 November 2017 by Michael
Never fuck with the Russians unless you got a condo for storage. That's rule 1 Micheal, rule 1!

The Alex's, me and Ronny stepped into the blackhawk helicopter. After all the fuzz on the ground, we decided that meeting in the air would be the savest bet. After taking off, we all sat at our allocated places, and stated talking "Well guys, this was an amazing season. Until the winter we had a rough start, but we excelled in the second half, coming from 4 points behind after 13 matches with PSV, we managed to put them behind 21points, which is just a showing of our true power. This also lead to our 4th leaguewin in a row, we are certainly the Dutch powerhouse, the Northern Hulk."

"Also, we now have played 24 games in the cup, and won all 24 games. it will be tough to beat the record for any team, as theywill face us, trying to stop that from happening. 4 cupwins in a row too. And besides that already 3 supercuptitles, and this year we did even perform admireable in the champions league. Where we got kicked out the last 2 seasons in the quarterfinals, all that blocked us this season was Lloris at goal, aswe were just 1 goal away from reaching or first final.but now, it is time to seek out the 23 names who will certainly be in the 1st team upcoming season, I need Idea's."

Archer immidiately said: "Well, Frye and Kingsley should be up there at least, they kept a whle bunch of clean sheets". Alex Ander followed it up with: "Yeah, but how about Bishop and Rak. without those 2 the amount of work of those 2 guys would have been much bigger". I stepped in: "Agreed guys. those 4 are in regardless. I would add Bohm, Greco en Ouaaaaahhhhhhhhh". The Blackhawk nosedived, and Iheard all kinds of warningsigns. "Guys, sit tight, we have enginefailure. we're gonna make a crashlanding" So far for a calm meeting....

The 23 man squad:

Michael's avatar Group Michael
8 yearsEdited

We all buckled up. This enginefailure came outof nowhere, and I had a feeling someone was behind it. "Guys, hang on, electrics are out too, so this is gonna be a rough landing. I hope you guys know how to swim, as I'm aiming for het Paterswoldsemeer." Looking out of the small windows, I saw the water rapidly closing in on us, and I braced. I saw the others getting ready too. The water came closer, closer, closer and then, Wham, we smashed in like my ex when she tried to make a huge splash.

We all got out of the Helicopter before it sunk, and I heard Archer scream: "My dick, my dick has fallen off. I need to get to a hospital, auch, my dick, my dick, nooooooooooooo." A bit annoyed but happy with him screaming as it would draw attention, I said back: "Alex, relax, Ill pay the reconstructive surgery, than you have your 2000 eu back." Drawn to the attention of the screams, a boat came speeding towards us, and pulled us onboard, calling in that we had a severley injured person and needed an ambulance.

"Thanks for saving us,whats your name?" I said to our unknown rescuer. "My name is Louis Omerta, pleasure to meet you. Hey, Arent you the FC Groningen coach?" I wasnt surprised to be recognised, and I wasnt gonna hide now. "Yeah, anything we can do to repay you for helping us getting out of the water?" Iwasnt gonna let this guy get away with nothing, as he came immidiatelyto our rescue. "Well, I have my own clothing design business, if possible, i'd like to design the kits of FC Gronngen for a season. I already had drawn some designs, as Im a big FC Groningen fan, and I would love the chance of helping FC Groningen." "Just send me the drawings, Ill take a look"

We almost reached the harbor, whilst Balik was still crying with his hands between his legs. I looked to the place where you just saw 1 rotorblade sticking out of the water, and I wanted to know why this has happened to me. When hearing the sirens of the Ambulance, I relaxed and just stared into the water, seeing the reflections of Groningen in it. At least we were save now.

Introducing the new FC Groningen Kit!
Well fuck me.....I thought that I was dickless since 2014
I think that kit just made me! You're doing some for me next season!

I was sitting outside the Intensive care, waiting until Archer was coming back from hisreconstructive surgery. He was being delirious from all the bloodloss and the morfine he got against the pain, and he asked Lewie for his balls. Lewie ofcourse was not intimidated and said that the dog had gotten them. I was already treated for my bruised shoulder, and was now already waiting for 2 hours. "Michael!"

I looked up and saw Svetlana running to me. "Are you ok, what happened, what went wrong." She almost jumped me and hugged me tighter than she has ever done before. "Auch," I screamed out "my shoulder is bruised, please be a bit careful" She backed off, and said sorry. "Luckely something else isnt bruised, I heard about Alex, is he ok?" my face became more serious. "They are looking for a complete penisransplantation. The other was ripped of by him slipping out of his safetybelt andcutting of the goods. Its probably down there somewhere in the water."

"Oi Cunt, you still alive?" said a familiair voice. Looking over the shoulder was Darren Smith, this time in a pink boratstring, petting a small koala. "I thought my EMP would have shut you up, but your pilot managed to crashland in the water. I should finish the job myself." He stepped towards me, and dropped the Koala.

Svetlana looked me in the eye, and I became afraid. That fire in her eyes could melt steel beams, it could have scared an army away. She turned around and gave Darren a deathstare, and walked towards him. "You got my friend injured. You are saying that/ You got almost 6 people killed because you want to get rid of Michael? You potentially made someone impotent for the rest of his life?" Nurses came running towards the sound, and saw a tall female, who looked even taller with her 6 inch heels, screaming at a man who seemd to shrink. "Uhm, yeah" was the almost unhearable respose of Darren Smith. And with movement as quick as Usain Bolt on steroids, she planted the whole 6 inch heels into the groinarea of Darren Smith, and left it there, sliding her feet out. "Here, feel yourselves how it is"

An Australian who didnt made the cut, because of him playing a position I do not use.
John should have learned to adapt to a position that you would use.
Splint is becoming me

It was 9 PM, and Archer was just back out of surgery. I was told they would keep him comatose for 2 days so the initial healing could start. He was very lucky that he was in time in the hospital and that there was a transgender surgery going on, so he could got a penis transplant, and possibly have children later in his life. The thought of having little Archers crawl over this earth send shivers through my spine. After this long day I could do with a strong drink, and I asked Svetlana is she wanted to join me.

After giving her some shoes which I always kept in the back of my car, which was driven to the hospital by Ronny, we went to a small bar uptown. "Damn Svetlana, that was quite some action you did today". "Well, emotions took atoll on me, and I craved some release. well, that guy isnt getting a release anytime soon." I laughed and tried to get the attention of the barman. "2 long island ice tea's please, in the biggest and baddest glass you have" He left and I turned to Svetlana. "Will you keep me company with my first game of the season, as help on the field? You can see Martin play". "As long as you keep me company tonight, I dont like to see you get hurt, and you could do with some tender love care."

After the barkeeper came with 2 Huge ass Pineapple mugs we started drinking and chatted some more. I found out that her best friend was from Serbia and that she wanted her to come overto have some old friend back here. "why dont you let her take some friends for Martin here, he may like some company"

Introducing Serbian 1 and 2

Great updates as per! Surprised Lewie hasn't hunted me down yet ;)

I was sitting at the Fc Groningen conference room by my own. This was the closest I have been to having some time on my own. I was looking at old scoutingreports of Bishop, my best defender. That guy has been a rock in the back for me, a leader of th team, and together with Mary-Jane Kingsley they are in the USA team.

My phone buzzed, and I saw a pic of him, dressed as Don Quichot on a horse near a windmill. "Just a regular Wednesday for me, This is Sunday btw, I just bought her." I grinned Typical Dusty, always doing unexpected things. A knock on the door, and a woman wearing 6 inch heels came in. "Hello, im the new coffeelady here, and I just wanted to know that if you need anything, you can call me" She had a nametag on, which read S. M. Kelder. "what's your name? I cant see it on the tag?" She smiled. "I named Sascha, but you can call me Sass" "I'll let you know if I need anything, thanks for stopping by."

I went back to the scoutreport. "Tall determined central Defender. Best one of his agegroup. Could be a worldstar". Berry van Earle wasnt wrong when he said that. The guy made some pretty impressive improvements in 3 seasons, eager to learn, and learning he did. Ahh, were were the times that everything was new for me. Now i know these kids like they are my own.

The new screenie on Dusty Bishop, compared with the old one. Amazing growth.

Damn are you giving him steroids?
Michael's avatar Group Michael
8 yearsEdited

My last check of the Bishop files was rudely disturbed. A loud, low, rumbling Boom echoed throughout the FC Grningen stadium. Looking out of the window, I saw the complete Southstand being demolished. What the heck was going on. I ran outside, and saw Archer, who appearantly was cleared from the hospital, and Sass standing there. "Check it out, or run away?", Archer asked. "Of course we check it out," Sascha said before I could answer "They attacking our sacred home, we aint gonna let that basterds get the win." Quite surprised about Sascha's reaction, i sprinted behind Sascha and Archer.

Coming besides the rumbles of the Southstand, we saw a group of people with flags which said: "Free Market Syndicate will always prevail". Oh noes, not these guys again, was my first thought. 5 of those guys ran towards us, and Sascha didnt hesitate. She stepped forward, and said: "If you want to stay unharmed, don't do a step closer." Off course the bunch of idiots tried to attack Sascha, and that's was when I got my first glimp of what Sascha has been capable off.

The first came on with a knife towards her, she parried the stab, twisted his arm, and stabbed the knife into his neck. Before the second could react he got a kick to his knee, forcing him towards his knees. With a spinning back kick she knocked him out (or killed him, I'm not sure). The third guy saw what happened and slowed down, but Sascha grabbed the knife from the first guys neck, and threw it straight into the groin of him. Screaming he went down, alerting the other 2, but it was already too late. She ran towards them, and went 2 on 1 on them. Kicking one on his chest, she grabbed the other by his neck, and turned him belly upward, just as the other recovered and tried to do a haymaker, which landed in the stomach of guy number 1, crashing all the air out of his body and him falling down. The 5th guy saw what he did, and knew he was too close, and Sascha knew that. With surgical pricision she tapped on 4 places on his body, letting him go limp, and she standing there.

Well, after I cleaned up this mess, I believe you owe me one. I expect you to sign my distant nephew, just as a reward for this." She straightened her skirt, dropped a few bobbypins in her hair, and walked off. I didnt know what to say. This scene was just unbelieveable and i did not saw this coming. What the hell happened here.

introducing Henk Damen, the 4th U21 NLD internationald

Bishop is such a beast man! Future captain!

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