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(FM16) Il Ritorno: Parma Calcio

The story of a club far from its 1990's heyday and its quest to return to the top of Italian football
Started on 5 May 2016 by mgriffin2012
Latest Reply on 12 December 2016 by mgriffin2012
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02 March 2017

- Parma manager believes his side can still secure automatic promotion
- Would rather not take the gamble of going through the play offs
- Believes his side are playing the best football in the league

With 24 games played in the Lega Pro Girone A campaign this summer, the man in charge at the Ennio Tardini has today spoken to the club’s official website and has reflected on how the season has gone so far and given his thoughts on the final ten games of the season. With Parma currently sitting third in the table after 24 games, Parma have won 16 games, drawn 6 and lost 4 with Vanoli’s men having not lost in 7 games in the league and the manager said in his interview that he was confident with how well his team was performing and was sure that they could continue to push for automatic promotion if they kept on playing as well. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us Paolo. It can’t be easy at the minute, juggling everything that is going on, attending interviews, whilst remaining focused on trying to compete at the top of this league?”
Paolo Vanoli: ”You are most welcome. No you are completely right but it is always nice to sit down and talk football, and at the end of the day it is great to be able to talk about a team that is doing extremely well at the moment.”

””Our return to form means we can finish in that automatic promotion spot.” ”You mentioned that Parma are doing really well then, what do you think they can achieve over the course of the final ten games? There is still a lot on offer as a place in the play offs looks more and more likely every week, whilst the race for the title and that automatic promotion spot is still on. What can Parma achieve in these final 10 games?”
Vanoli: ”Anything is possible at this stage in the season it really is. We’re winning games at the moment and our confidence has returned. A couple of games ago it looked like our aim for the rest of the season had to be making sure we finished in a play off spot, but this return to form of late means that we are now capable of pushing on and qualifying for that automatic promotion spot. We have ten games to give absolutely everything that we have in our lockers. If we can finish the season, feeling like we have honestly given everything then we can be happy and if we can do that, then I believe we’ll be there or there abouts because we have that much quality in this squad.” ”You have a big game against Vicenza coming up in the league, is that the biggest game of the club’s season so far?”
Vanoli: ”You would have to say yes, on paper, it is at the minute. They are having a great season and have been remarkably consistent whilst ourselves, and the likes of Cittadella and Reggiana haven’t been able to match those levels just yet. However somehow we have clawed our way back into this hunt and we’re now only four points behind them and if we win that game at the Ennio Tardini then we will be a point behind them as it stands at the minute. It is a big game that we’re all really pumped up for.”

”I made sure the players knew what was expected of them after we had teams catching up with us week after week.” ”It is only a big game though Paolo, because you managed to put that poor run behind you. What do you think was the main cause of that drop in momentum and the subsequent poor form?”
Vanoli: ”Honestly I don’t know. It felt like the whole place was on a bit of a lull when we were going through that. We had done so well to break the league record for the most amount of wins and obviously off the back of that, everyone was confident and feeling good. Then we went and lost to Cittadella in a difficult game and maybe that just knocked our confidence a little bit and we never recuperated from that. Momentum was dropped in that defeat and obviously we saw Vicenza slipping further away whilst the likes of Pro Patria and Reggiana who were outside the play off spots were catching us week on week and that would not have helped at all. Then it came to that Cremonese game and it was time to snap out of it and I made sure that the players knew what was expected of them.”

Parma captain Alessandor Lucarelli leads a lap of honour after his teammates beat Cittadella 4-3 in the Coppa Italia Lega Pro second leg, to take them through to the final 6-5 on aggregate. ”What was notable though Paolo was that your form in the Coppa Italia Lega Pro didn’t slip. What was it about that competition that meant the team managed to keep getting positive results?”
Vanoli: ”It is a completely different ball game in the cup competitions. For starters you know that you don’t have any room for error. If you lose you are out and it is all over for you for that season. Maybe the loss of league form was complacency as well, not just on the players fault but on my fault, and maybe in the Coppa Italia we didn’t go into the games thinking we can afford this kind of result here. We knew we had to win and thankfully we did and we’re into the final now with the chance to pick up some more silverware come April.” ”That brings us on to the Cup Final now then Paolo. With the two legs of that final coming up in what will already be a busy month for Parma what will the priority be, win the cup or try and win the league?”
Vanoli: ”It has to be both doesn’t it? Honestly if we can get both we would take both because it would be a huge achievement for this club to go through what it went through and then go and win a fair few pieces of silverware in two seasons.”

I would take promotion over winning the cup!” ”But what if somebody offered you promotion and no cup win, or a cup win and you miss out on promotion, or you qualify for the play offs?”
Vanoli: ”Of course I would take promotion. I think it is imperative for this club to keep making its way back to the top and towards Serie A and if we can get into Serie B next season, after the start we made this year, and especially after playing in Serie D next year then that would be huge for the club. The cup win would be nice, but I would prefer to avoid the lottery of the play offs if at all possible.”

Yves Baraye celebrates after scoring against Cittadella back in December. Despite scoring twice, Parma would go on to lose the game 3-2. ”The performances of certain players this year has started to raise a few eyebrows in Italy Paolo. I am sure you are well aware of the rumoured interest in Francesco Corapi and Mattia Minesso, two players that have been influential in Parma’s bid for promotion this year. What are your views on their transfer situation.”
Vanoli: ”As far as I am concerned, if there is rumours around, let them exist. Until it gets to the point where the player is knocking on my office door and requesting a transfer then it doesn’t bother me. Udinese could be interested in Mattia for all I know. I have a lot of time for anybody that approaches me to sign a player in the right way and if they want to do business and Mattia then comes to me and tells me he wants to leave then we shall see what is right for all three parties [Parma, the other club & the player.] Like I said, as it stands they are our players at the minute and will be for the next 12 games that we’re guaranteed to play this year and I know they’ll give everything to try and achieve something huge with this club.” ”Okay well that is just about everything for you today Paolo. Thank you once again for taking the time out of your schedule. Good luck for the rest of the season, let’s hope you can be celebrating come May. Just before we sign off this interview, do you have any final words for the fans reading?”
Vanoli: ”Thank you very much! Yes my final words to the fans would be to strap yourselves in because it is going to be an entertaining ride and we will do our best to achieve what you all want us to. Have a good day.”

Very in depth and very entertaining press conference mate! I would agree with the manager, promotion is bigger than cup victory! But both would be nice ;)
Agree with your point on promotion, club progression through the leagues will only lead to cup wins in the future!
Hahaha that photo... about time you came back, I have missed you lad!
2016-07-15 07:40#235308 BeanyUnited : Very in depth and very entertaining press conference mate! I would agree with the manager, promotion is bigger than cup victory! But both would be nice ;)

Thanks man, you're right, both the cup win and promotion would be a very nice thing to settle for ;)

2016-07-15 09:56#235314 Jack : Agree with your point on promotion, club progression through the leagues will only lead to cup wins in the future!

There is a big future ahead, with a couple of cup wins thrown in for good measure :P

2016-07-15 15:11#235335 Griffo : Hahaha that photo... about time you came back, I have missed you lad!

Haha the one of Baraye in the mask? Thanks man, missed you too! Gonna try and push the story on a lot before I go away on holiday next week!
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Date: 12 March 2017
Kick Off: 15:00

Based In: Parma
Position: 3rd
Manager: Paolo Vanoli
Captain: Alessandro Lucarelli
Key Player: Denis Baumgartner
Injuries & Suspensions: Fabiano Santacroce, Niccolo Belloni, Mattia Minesso Francesco Corapi
Last Match: 1-0 Vs. Bassano

Fans Prediction: ”Considering how when we met Vicenza at the start of the season we were 10th and they were still first, and now we are 3rd, just four points behind them, I’d say that our form has been better since that day when we won 2-0. We went through a little blip at the start of the calendar year but it feels like we’ve recovered from that now and we’re playing a high quality of football again that is getting us results and we’re within touching distance of Vicenza and if we can get the win like I think we can then there is no reason why we can’t push even harder for automatic promotion.”

Vicenza Calcio
Based In: Vicenza
Position: 1st
Manager: Michele Serena
Captain: Thomas Manfredini
Key Player: Mario Sampirisi
Injuries & Suspensions: N/A
Last Match: 1-0 Vs. Venezia

Fans Prediction: ”Parma have improved massively since we met them at our place at the start of the season and they’re looking like a very likely team to push for automatic promotion. However if we can hold out then maybe they won’t catch us. We’re more than capable of beating them, but our recent form hasn’t been as good as theirs. However Michele Serena will pump this team up for this game and if they can go out and play our best game this weekend then there is no reason we can’t win the game.”

Surely this game can be won? Better form mate, always important! As always loving the updates :)
2016-07-16 08:33#235390 BeanyUnited : Surely this game can be won? Better form mate, always important! As always loving the updates :)

I think so ;) Better form and a better squad I think! Thanks man :D
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05.03.2017: Bassano 0-1 Parma
- Late Goal Earns Parma Victory Despite Sending Off
68: F. Corapi
90+1: D. Baumgartner
Alessio Innocenti

12.03.2017: Parma 1-0 Vicenza Calcio
- Wonder Goal Seals Tight Victory For Paolo Vanoli’s Side
15: G. Piscitella
Giammario Piscitella

19.03.2017: Alessandria 1-1 Parma
- Late Equaliser Lets Vicenza Extend Lead At The Top
43: A. Innocenti
90+3: S. Branca
Cristian Sosa

23.03.2017: Parma 2-0 FeralpiSalo
- Parma Show How To Be Clinical In Front Of Goal With 2-0 Win
23: N. Belloni
82: D. Melandri
Niccolo Belloni

League Table

Player of the Month

Francesco Corapi

In a month where Parma have closed the gap on Vicenza to a single point, Francesco Corapi has been the best player in the team, helping to fill the void left by Mattia Minesso’s injury extremely well. Despite only assisting once his performances have been of an extremely high standard and the player has shown just how good he is and how important he is to this Parma team.

Youth Intake

The club’s annual intake of youth players was this month, although the yield perhaps wasn’t the strongest with perhaps only Andrea Ferazzoli and Marco Sechi being anywhere near good enough to play for the first team in the future.


Mattia Minesso. The player was an extremely unfortunate victim of injury as he damaged his Achilles tendon, leaving him out of action for up to 6 months, meaning he will miss the rest of the season, Parma’s pre season campaign and the start of their hopeful Serie B campaign.

Next Month

With just six games to go in Lega Pro the end of the season is near and for Parma the bid for promotion all hinges on the final six games. Sitting just a point behind Vicenza in second, Parma start their league fixtures away at Pordenone before the trip to face ACR Messina in the first leg of the Cup Final. Two fixtures against Giana Erminio and Venezia are a big opportunity for Parma to keep the pressure up on Vicenza. After Venezia, Parma meet Messina in the second leg of the Cup Final at the Ennio Tardini where they will be hoping to seal the silverware. Once the cup final is over, attentions turn solely to the final three league fixtures against Lumezzane, Cittadella and Pro Piacenza, two teams that beat Parma in the reverse fixtures.

Other News

05.03.2017: After reports broke that the players lost confidence in him, Alessandria took the decision to sack manager Angelo Adamo Gregucci with the club facing relegation.
27.03.2017: Alessandria ended their search for a new manager by announcing former Ascoli manager Mario Petrone as their new manager after he ended a near two year break from football by taking the job.

Manager’s Thoughts

A good month in terms of results. It feels like the performances haven’t been as high as they could have been but that doesn’t matter as the results have been good and we are in touching distance of Vicenza. The final six games of the season will be a thrilling set of fixtures and if we can get the points we need to close the gap and earn that automatic promotion spot that would be fantastic. As for the Cup Final, we didn’t expect to be here, and I’ve said it before that if we win the cup final and throw away our promotion bid I wouldn’t be happy and I would take promotion over the cup win anyday.

Certainly a busy month to finish but you are in a good position to finish top, best of luck!
Strong month mate! A good gem in the youth intake it seems as well :)
2016-07-17 07:38#235442 Griffo : Certainly a busy month to finish but you are in a good position to finish top, best of luck!

It's going to come right down to the wire but fingers crossed we've got this! Thanks man!

2016-07-17 13:10#235457 BeanyUnited : Strong month mate! A good gem in the youth intake it seems as well :)

Yeah he could be a decent player but hopefully the future has brighter youth intakes in store for us! :P

Story Update

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to write a quick note to apologise for the lack of updates on this story recently. My interest in the story did slip a little and then I was away in China for three weeks. However the break has allowed my interest to return a little bit and from now on until the end of FM16's lifetime, I am going to try my best to push this story forward as much as possible.

Hope you continue to enjoy,


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7 yearsEdited


Dates: 05 & 19 April

ACR Messina
League Position: 11th in Lega Pro Girone C
Odds: 13-2
Manager: Raffaele Di Napoli
Captain: Andrea De Vito
Key Player: Marco Tumminello
Injuries & Suspensions: Alberto Rizzo

Media Prediction: ”For Messina, much like Parma they used to be a Serie A team, although for Messina it was longer ago. They finished 7th one year but now they are struggling in mid table in Girone C and they have used this competition as respite for their league woes. Their form has been decent this year in the cup and they need to continue that form against Parma if they are to have any chance of winning. If the Messina that has been performing poorly in the league shows up it will be Parma’s final to lose.”
Fans Prediction: ”The media are right about us. We’ve fallen a long way from grace this year and this competition has given us a chance to enjoy ourselves. We need to forget about the league for both of these games if we are to stand any chance of winning this final and just concentrate on the two games against a very good Parma side otherwise they will walk all over us.”

League Position: 1st in Lega Pro Girone A
Odds: 2-5
Manager: Paolo Vanoli
Captain: Alessandro Lucarelli
Key Player: Francesco Corapi
Injuries & Suspensions: Mattia Minesso

Media Prediction: ”Parma are by far the favourites for the final. They are the best team, in form, and playing some very good football and they’re looking likely to be promoted to Serie B for next year. They are a great club that have fallen far but if they do what is expected of them in this final, then winning this trophy will give the fans something to smile about.”
Fans Prediction: ”We’re all really excited for this cup final. Messina are a good side not having the best of seasons and we are favourites for a reason. Having said that doesn’t mean we just have to turn up and win this game. They’re going to give us a run for our money and we must make sure we on our A game if we are to stand any chance of winning this trophy.”

Hopefully you can come out of the final victorious, good luck!

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