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The retirement of Alex Taylor

Started on 15 May 2016 by ninjaskill
Latest Reply on 14 October 2016 by ninjaskill
I like how you mapped out the logistics of your trip, make me chuckle for a bit xD
I love how there's barely any travel time between games haha!
Atoobie Thanks, they do seem rather repetitive head to Gent then turned left or right stay on that road until you reach the city find the stadium

mgriffin2012 Yeah in a small local amateur league I have frequently gone further for games than so far in this save
Alex had just finished his Flemish practice for the day, he was making food progress in it and hoped to be able to speak it fluently before the start of the next season to ease communication. It had been an interesting day for him interest by Newcastle and Gremio had been reported for Meunier and Claudemir but, then almost instantly reported as dropped. Kevin Sousa’s loan deal to Viborg had fallen through which annoyed Alex as it would have been a great opportunity for the young goalkeeper to get first team action.

Just before Alex set off he got a ping from his phone. One of the Belgian football apps he had downloaded informed him that KV Kortrijk had sacked there manager after losing there last game and being in 15th place in the league, one off of last. It was a reminder to him that he could be moving soon if he didn’t do well in Bruges.

He started his drive back home and wondered if he would beat his family back home. They had been off of the ferry a while ago but, he thought he might get back first especially if his wife managed her usual trick of getting lost despite having a sat nav. As he had expected he got back home and there were no other cars. Alex did a bit more unpacking of the boxes that had arrived a few days ago to try and make it seem nicer. After just a few minutes Alex heard a car pull in to the driveway and when he looked up saw the Volkswagen Touran that signalled his family had arrived.

Alex went outside to welcome his family to Belgium and their new house. He gave everyone the tour of the house and the land around the house with the old shed. He was thrilled to have his family back with him after just over a month without them.

However, when he was trying to get all of his kids to go to bed and not explore the rest of the house while he was trying to get to bed himself so that he could get up early in the morning to prepare for tomorrows game against Oostende. It was a big game for him his second home game and if he won he would have over half of the points available in his first 5 games. It would also be the first game that his family had seen him manage in as they would be at the stadium.
Just caught up, this is one of my new favorites on here
MJK46 Thanks man, glad you are enjoying it
Oostende’s line up featured a player called Lukaku and a loanee from Club Brugge. Alex had gone back to his strongest line up and Dion Cools made his first start under Alex and second start for the club. Alex felt Dion was just as good as the other back up right back and wanted Meunier to play further up to make use of his creativity. In a close call N’Djeng beat out Vossen to start.

Brugge were on the back foot from kickoff with Oostende but, despite that after 20 minutes the only action had been bookings for Jordan Lukaku and Kevin Vandendreissche. After 25 minutes what seemed to be the most dangerous moment of the game so far to Alex occurred Brugge loanee Tuur Dierckx beat a man and then hit in an awful cross that Butelle easily held. His kick was poor though and Alex groaned as yet another Oostende attack was launched. Dierckx hit an early pass to Vanden whatever and he passed to Gohi Bi. Bi turned on the afterburners and simply ran past the two centre backs to get in on goal, his shot was awful though and couldn’t have hit Butelle more centrally in the chest. Joao Paulo smacked away the rebound.

The halftime whistle was a relief to everyone and Alex told his team he expected better. Meunier had been poor and was replace by Gedoz as Alex looked for a spark from his team up front.

“It’s to easy for them” Alex yelled as Oostende yet again passed through Brugge Gohi Bi fired a shot on target from 30 yards out and Butelle sat down read a book, then all of the terms and conditions related to an app he was interested in, quickly checked his hair and then got up and caught the awful shot. His punt out was awful though and Oostende attacked through Dierckx again. “Why is he out on loan” Alex asked himself after Dierckx beat a man again. The answer came as from 30 yards out he hit shot that was closer to the roof of the stadium than the bar and was met with jeers.

“Too f*cking simple” Alex yelled shaking his head. Gohi Bi again paicked up the ball and got one on one with Butelle, his shot was better this time but, hit off of Butelle’s arm and went out for a corner. Alex pulled off Simons and put on Vossen he figured Oostende would likely score so needed to be able to try and score on themselves.

A poorly hit in free kick meant the Brugge had a goal kick. Butelle hit the goal kick long and just inside the Oostende half N’Djeng got up to win the header, but didn’t as Vandendreissche pulled him down for some reason. The referee blew for the foul and showed the deserved second yellow to reduce Oostende to ten men and give Alex hope his team could win it. He told them all to push forwards in the hope of a goal.

Brugge began to dominate the game, but couldn’t get a clear chance. Felipe Gedoz got free out wide but, massively over-hit his cross and it went out for a goal kick. Alex was running out of hope when the clock ticked to 87 minutes. The goal kick went right to Joao Paulo and the ball was worked across the backline to Felipe Gedoz he beat one man and avoided a slide tackle before passing to Vanaken who switched play over to Joao Paulo he played it inside to Izquierdo who with one touch played in Vossen.

Vossen was on a 10 hour goalless run so Alex did not hold out much hope. Vossen took a touch and then hammered the ball into the top corner to send the stadium into delight and the Oostende keeper who had done almost nothing fell backwards with his gloves over his in anger. Alex celebrated with his coaching staff before yelling at his players to keep it tight at the back.

They did and Alex’s side grabbed a one nil win that may not have been pretty or deserved, but still won them the three points.

Alex was relieved to get the home win and thrilled to have won with his family watching on. A solid hardworking win and the fans went home happy with the result if not the performance.

Vossen ended his long goal drought which was another bonus.

Frequent visitor Remi Garde was at yet another game.

Last and most importantly we get into the top six which is needed to have a shot of the title or more realistically this year CL football. It is very tight though so we have to keep getting points.
Keep going mate gonna be in with a shot at CL football!
Just read through this and I have to say, you've done a brilliant job! Really attractive style of writing and layout - now go get that Europe spot!
mgriffin2012 yeah think we have a good shot especially as every teams total gets halved after 30 games

Jack Thanks appreciate it. Only a couple of points off of Europe so we should be able to get into it
“Okay so it is a simple club T.V. interview, the questions are simple to answer and if you can throw in some Flemish it would be great. Don’t worry about getting stuff wrong we can get rid of it or reshoot it.”

“Okay” Alex responded. In truth he was hardly listening he had done the new to the area interview so many times and doubted it as much different as a manager he would try and add some Flemish though as he figured the fans would appreciate it.

“Great lets get started” The TV host waited for the Cameraman to give a thumbs up then launched into his first question. “How would you judge your first five games as manager. Are you satisfied with the results?”

“Well..” Alex thought over his answer realising the one challenge of being a manager all of the staff, players and fans would listen so he had to try and please them all. “We have got into the top six which is good and we have to do out utmost to stay there. Despite a couple of losses we have looked good playing some good football attacking and defending and I am pleased with what the players have shown.”

“How do you feel your signings have done so far?”

“I know the challenge of moving clubs quite well and I’m encouraged by what I have seen from them so far although obviously Ebert has been unfortunate to pick up such a bad injury after only 24 minutes. N’Djeng has looked a threat and linked up well in the attack while Zokora has shown why he played at a high level with his performances on the pitch and what he does off of it.”

“One final question about on the pitch matters, how are you feeling about the upcoming Europa League tie with Braga”

“This looks like it may be a disappointing season in the league for us so we want to make up for it by having a good run in Europe. Braga are a top side though so we will have to fight hard and play well to get past them, but I think it is possible

“Interesting, and how do you feel you have adapted to life in Bruges and Belgium in general?”

Alex decided to give his Flemish a try put for this answer. “I’m enjoying living here, my family recently arrived as well and we are all settling in well. I’ve already seen quite a bit of Belgium for our away games and it is a nice country with Bruges clearly the nicest part and I love living here and as you can tell I am learning Felmish to try and fit in more. The short travel between games is great as well."

Alex stopped and got a thumbs up that everything was good before the presenter went for his last question. "What are your goals for the rest of the season?"

Alex thought for a second before speaking. "I would love for us to go further in the Europa League but, we will have to do very well to progress. In the league first we have to finish in the top six and then I hope we can get into Europe for next year possibly the Champions League as it would be quite tight."

"Wonderful" The presenter wrapped up "This is Maartens Marten signing off for Club TV. See you soon."
Shooting up the table, got the media eating out of your hands, everything seems to be going to plan for Alex! Now to knock over Braga & secure that top 6 spot!
Would love to see you in the CL next year would be a fantastic achievememt!
It's quite tight, a few wins and you'll be up there.
Lippo So far so good, long may it continue. Thats the goal hope it works out

mgriffin2012 Hopefully it is tight so we should have a chance. Or we could just win the Europa League to do it :p

ScottT Yeah very tight except for the leaders so hopefully we can keep moving up

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