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The retirement of Alex Taylor

Started on 15 May 2016 by ninjaskill
Latest Reply on 14 October 2016 by ninjaskill
Great result against a tough opponent, well done mate!
Great result mate, keep it up!
Lippo Thanks, just have to do as well in the second leg now.

griffin Cheers, if we can keep it up we could have a good season
Great result mate! Enjoying the diary format of the story :)
BeanyUnited Thanks pleased with the win. Glad your enjoying it
Alex heard a knock on his door and then Felipe Gedoz came in “Just saying I no longer have any concerns about the amount of first team football I’m getting.”

“Oh…” Alex had totally forgotten about that Gedoz had been in great form and the first name on the team sheet. “Well great, no idea why the last manager didn’t play you. I might not be here if he had. You’ve been doing great keep it up.”

Gedoz looked pleased “Thanks boss, see you later.” Alex got back to planning who to play against STVV. While he had to play a strong side ensure they finished in the top six he also wanted to make sure his team was fresh to play against Basel in the second leg on Thursday. When another knock disturbed him “Come in.”

It was back up centre back Mechele who had wanted to play more under the last manager. “What can I do for you Brandon?” Alex asked sure of the answer.

“I want to play more. I’ve only been on twice since you came here.” Mechele seemed determined to start to Alex so he decided to acquiesce to his demands a bit.

“We’ve hardly conceded a goal when Engels and Denswil have played together they are a great partnership but, we have a lot of games in a short amount of time so I will rotate them a bit to keep them fresh and you will be the first name put down if one of them isn’t playing so you will get some game time soon. Sound fair?”

Mechele seemed to think it over for an age before responding. “So your saying I will start games soon?”

“Yes as long as you stay fit then you will play.” This seemed to please Mechele and he rose from his seat.

“Thanks, I won’t let you down” Mechele said as he seemed to leave with a bit of a spring in his step. Alex was glad he hadn’t asked him a couple weeks ago as he wouldn’t have needed him but, now that they looked likely to finish in the top six the games would be coming thick and fast.

Alex looked over his team sheet and pencilled in Mechele to partner Denswil at the back and give Engels a rest before Basel visited.

Alex had gone for some rotation in his side for the game against STVV hoping they wre good enough to win and able to keep some players fit.

The game got off to a slow start with STVV having a lot of shots with very little accuracy. After 16 minutes Alex tossed the ball to Cools for a throw in. He threw the ball to Vanaken who passed to Zokora. He played it over to Izquierdo in space. He hit a ball into the middle and N’Djeng headed the ball out wide to Gedoz. He took a touch into the space and hit in a good cross that Izquierdo was about to head in before Erichot intercepted the cross and did the job for him with a bullet header into the top corner. Alex’s side were ahead now they just had to stay that way.

STVV got the ball just after the half hour mark and pushed the ball up the ball was worked to Mahlangu who had space to run into despite Alex yelling for him to be closed down. He hit a long ball forward to Ono who got in behind Denswil. He took a touch and fired for the top corner. His shot got past Butelle and went flying over the bar and into the stands. “That’s why we close down midfielders.” Alex yelled from the sideline.

Just before halftime Paulo took a throw in deep in the STVV half and got the ball back from Vormer. He took a couple of touches and whipped in a cross, Gedoz took the cross down with one touch and swivelled to fire a volley on target from close range the keeper got a fingertip to it and the ball cannoned off the bar and flew almost out the box until the ball was fully cleared by Cuevas.

Alex side got in level at half time and he made a couple of changes to ensure that no one was overworked.

Not a lot happened for the next 15 minutes as both sides looked to press but, were cautious to avoid conceding. STVV pressed forward with Mahlangu hitting a long ball up to Raman who headed the ball down to Ono. He played the ball back into the middle and MAhlangu hit the ball wide to Cuevas who hit in a first time cross. Raman surprised everyone by not shooting first time. It worked as Butelle had committed to trying to get to the cross and Raman rolled the ball into an empty goal to level the game for STVV.

Alex got up to complain about Raman not being booked for a poor challenge after 64 minutes. Denswil hit the free kick short and passed to Vanaken who played the ball wide to Izquierdo. He held the ball up then released Joao Paulo on the overlap. He took two touches then floated in a beautiful cross. Alex watched as Gedoz raced to get under the ball and from less than a yards out Gedoz caught up and headed the ball in just under the bar. Alex punched the air as his side got back in front.

A nice chipped pass from Cuevas got the ball to Raman out wide in space. With no one in the box he cut back and ran into the box. With no one wanting to tackle him he was able to find space and fired a shot that ended up being a disappointment as it went well wide of the target.

Brugge held on with ease and Alex’s side was able to coast to victory and three more points to keep them in the top six.

Still in the top six but, it was very tight with only one game left to go before the split and all of the teams had their point totals halved for the Championship Group.
I guess the Mechele demand for more time wasn't so bad after that win! :D
Jack Yeah, hopwfully he can keep his form up as the games come quickly in Belgium.
ninjaskill's avatar Group ninjaskill
6 yearsEdited
Alex parked his car up and headed into a nice pizzeria that he had found when he was in the hotel and couldn’t ever leave behind. “Giorgio if I ever leave here then I must take you with me.”

“No you shall not leave you will make Brugge the best team and turn me into the biggest restaurant in the world.” Giorgio was also a massive fan of Club Brugge. “The team has come on immensely since you came here with a full year you will get us the league.”

Alex smiled “That’s the plan. Only issue is a couple of other teams are thinking the same thing.”

“Yes, but they don’t have you. Powered by my pizza.”

Alex finished off his second slice. “Anyway, I’m here to pick up pizza for dinner tonight so one cheese, one pepperoni and one Hawaiian please.”

Giorgio laughed “With your diet how were you ever a professional footballer?”

“Simple I didn’t know you.” Alex headed out with his pizza and went back to his house. If you want to be a hero to kids bring chocolate or pizza was something Alex had learned very quickly as his kids made a beeline for him. “Alright, alright sit down or you’re not getting anything.”

His kids turned heel and raced for the table. Alex followed them carrying the pizza. “How was everyone’s day?” He was roundly ignored as his kids dove in on the pizza but, he got a response from Rachael his wife.

“There is nothing to do here, its impossible to find work as I don’t speak Flemish and I’m struggling to get to know anyone.”

“Just retire and become a WAG. With the house you went for and all of the money you spend on clothes you are practically there.” That got him a death stare with extra death on it.

“What example would that set to our daughters though.”

“Marry a wonderful man like me and things turn out well” This earned Alex another death stare and he relented. Rachael wasn’t a fan of the move and having to drive two hours a day to get the kids to school and back made it harder for her to meet people and with Alex travelling in Europe sometimes she was only with the kids for a couple of days.

After dinner was finished Alex went off to take his kids to football and try to hold his tongue when he disagreed with what their coaches said. He would change what he thought they weren’t teaching correctly and tell them not to say he told them to do it as he didn’t want to annoy their coaches.

As Alex looked on he had time to think about things. His life had improved recently he was no longer bored at home doing nothing, his team were in good form and his family seemed to be coping as well as could be expected with the move. All was well in his life.
Bloody hell if he continues to speak like that to his wife I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up dead in a ditch!
Why do I get the feeling something bad is about to happen?
Soze Well it would be quite the plot twist and there are a lot of canal in Brugge. Maybe :P

Lippo What a guy can't reflectively say everything is going really well without people assuming a fall is coming
It was a loud full house as both sides walked onto the pitch with the Brugge fans doing there best to intimidate Basel and inspire Brugge. Alex knew the math was simple as he walked to his technical area to cheers. His side had to either not lose or concede less than two goals and they would be through.

Alex marched his team back in at half time with the scores level and no real chances. Brugge had a number of shots but none on target while Basel had struggled to break down his deep sitting Brugge side who were sitting back and hunting for chances on the counter. Alex also made a big decision and decided to pull his two CM’s back to DM’s and try and get a clean sheet to see them through as they had struggled to attack.

Izquierdo took a short free kick to Zokora who was out wide after 51 minutes. He was unusually slack with the ball and lost it. Basel tried to counter but, the other two DM’s slowed the attempt and Brugge got back in number so Basel settled for passing in front of a deep Brugge side. Fransson with acres to run into passed to Delgado who turned and played in Nahuel after Meunier had been slack marking. Nahuel took a touch and fired a low shot towards goal. Butelle got down well and got a hand to the ball. The power meant the strike went past it and Alex breathed a sight of relief as the ball rolled just past the post and out for a corner.

Two minutes later Brugge were on the attack, but Vossen was loose with the ball and lost it to the defence and lay there as they moved the ball up. Gedoz regained the ball and the right back slow to move up was able to play in Vossen in miles of space. Vossen took a couple of touches then leaned back and fired well over the bar leaving Alex holding his head in his hands.

“Come on ref.” Alex yelled as Gedoz was tackled in front of him, probably fairly. Basel didn’t stop though and Jean pushed forwards. The ball was played across the pitch to Embolo and he showed his value beating three defenders to race in on goal. Butelle came out a crouched ready to spring either side. He could then only watch as Embolo lifted the ball over his head and into the back of the net. Alex could only shake his head, nothing you can do against that sort of skill and his side had to stay solid for just over half an hour to get into the next round.

With three DM’s buzzing around Alex’s side were able to halt every Basel advance and fire widely off target from range. As the clock ticked past 80 minutes Embolo tried another run and beat a man before Simons came over and took him out with a superb tackle that also gave Brugge a throw in. Both sides lost the ball in midfield until Brugge got it and moved forwards. Vossen got the ball wide to Joao Paulo but he had to cut inside. He played the ball to Vormer who passed the ball up to Vossen just outside the box. He passed to Gedoz just behind him. Gedoz took a big touch and then slammed a shot that flew into the top corner like an arrow and left the keeper grasping at air. Gedoz ran to the Brugge fans who were going wild with his arms out stretched. Alex turned threw his arms out and screamed in joy before celebrating with Philippe. It was an overreaction to a goal that didn’t change a lot. One Basel goal and the game would go on.

The goal had the effect of deflating Basel though and Butelle was untroubled as they easily saw the game out and were into the Europa League quarter finals.

The players and staff celebrated with the fans for 10 minutes before heading to the changing room to celebrate a bit more. After a while Alex calmed everyone down and reminded them that they were only into the quarter finals not the final. Although it was a massive achievement to get that far for Brugge.

The Belgium manager was also there and with the exception of Meunier losing concentration his Belgians had all played very well
Into the Quarter Finals you march man, hopefully you get a good draw!

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