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The retirement of Alex Taylor

Started on 15 May 2016 by ninjaskill
Latest Reply on 14 October 2016 by ninjaskill
Lippo Yeah, although it is one less stand full of fans to worry about

mgrffin2012 I'd say it is still pretty cool. Thats the plan, Alex wants another vacation
The teams lined up the referee checked his watch looked at both teams and blew his whistle to get the game underway. He had gone for Dion Cools at right back. He was pleased to see that Hassan was on the bench.

Braga rolled the ball to get the game underway. Pavon went on a instantly run and had his cross blasted away. Braga took the ball and launched another attack. The ball was hit wide to Djavan he drilled in a low cross and it hit off the leg of Denswil and the ball bounced invitingly 6 yards out. Pedro got to the ball and hit a first time shot, it was a powerful effort but right at Butelle who parried it before it was hooked clear. Alex hoped it wasn’t setting the tone for the game.

Within ten minutes each side had a man booked Dion Cools and Pedro Rocha. After 10 minutes Brugge got there first attack of the game. A goal kick was hit up to Meunier and he took the ball down. Some nice passing got the ball over the other side to Gedoz, his cross was cleared to Joao Paulo. The ball was passed around and worked to Zokora he played to Vossen who played a 1-2 to Vossen who had found some space at the edge of the box. He took a touch and fired a low shot that took a deflection on it’s way. Alex though it was going wide but, the ball smashed onto the post and rolled in front of the goal. It was a Braga player who got to it first though and they fired the ball into row Z. Again the woodwork not helping Brugge.

Alex gave the fourth official some abuse as a third Brugge player was booked for tackles Braga players had only been warned for. As he turned away from the fourth official Alex saw the ball hit out wide to Djavan who whipped in a cross. Denswil headed out but, right to Vukcevic who lofted a pass to an open Pavon in the box. Pavon ran to the goal line and Alex held his breath as Joao Paulo slid in to win the ball. Fortunately, his tackle was perfect and he knocked the ball away. Goiano won the race to the loose ball and crossed in. His cross was over hit, but Alan was able to hook the ball back into the six yard box. Gonzalez lined up his volley and smashed the ball goalwards and into the diving legs of Denswil who blocked the shot and a certain goal. Felipe Gedoz smashed the ball away as Brugge held on to their lead.

Alex was able to lead his side into half time still ahead. “We need to keep it up. Work hard defending, the longer we keep it level the more they will have to attack and then we can hit them on the counter. An away goal would do us wonders so try and grab one”

Alex’s side seemed to take the plan to heart as they came out and were willing to attack. Vanaken and Zokora passed it between them in the Braga half until Vossen dropped deeper and they passed to him. Vossen turned and played in Meunier with a beautiful pass. This was the chance Alex though. Meunier took his shot first time to help the angle but sliced his shot badly and the keeper was unconcerned by it.

After 70 minutes Braga were throwing noticeably more men forward. A Djavan cross was headed clear and the ball laid off to Luiz Carlos 25 yards out his shot and Butelle made a simple save. He hit the ball long and Vossen headed the ball down to Vanaken. He got the ball back and squared it to Felipe Gedoz. He took a touch and spotted the run of Vanaken and slipped him in. Vanaken took a touch to help the angle and then fired a low shot that beat the keeper at the near post and went in. The stadium became silent save for the small section of Brugge fans.

After 80 minutes Braga got a number of corners. Brugge cleared the last one and launched a counter attack. Vossen won a loose ball and played the ball wide to Gedoz. Whose pass was poor and allowed Braga to launch their own counter as Brugge had overcommitted to the attack. Djavan took a touch out wide and whipped in a cross Hassan rose above everyone ad powered his header into the ground. The ball bounced once and went just wide of the post with Butelle just a spectator.

“Booking.” Alex yelled as Luiz Carlos crudely brought down Vanaken to stop a counter. The ref produced the yellow card and Vanaken hit a quick free kick to Zokora. He looked up and slipped in Felipe Gedoz. Gedoz took a touch and blasted his shot well over the bar. Alex threw his hands up in disgust and walked back to his seat.

Alex watched on as to jeers from the crowd Butelle stood over the goal kick. The clock just ticked over 88:30 as Butelle smashed the ball upfield. Braga won the ball after a couple of headers and hit in another cross that was easily headed away and won by Vossen. He passed the ball into the space where the left back had left and Meunier ran onto it. Running down half the pitch Meunier took one last touch and passed to Vossen who was instantly tackled. The ball fell right into Meunier’s path. He looked up and fired a pass to the late runner into the box with a rabona. A stretched toe from 6 yards out sent the ball slowly rolling past the despairing dive of the keeper and in.

Zokora looked in shock that he had scored. His last club goal was in 2004 and last international goal in 2007. After a second of realising he ran towards the dugout and only when he leaped in the air did Alex realise he had to try and catch him. Alex did that as the players and staff all joined in the celebration of the goal that rubberstamped their progress into the next round. After Zokora headed back to the pitch Alex celebrated for a second with his staff and then watched as the game fizzled out until the referee blew the whistle.

The team and staff all went over to celebrate with the fans who had travelled for a few minutes before heading back to the dressing room. Alex felt on top of the world, far better than just watching the game he thought.

Now to see who they would get in the next round
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As with every rivalry these days between two top teams in the league the matches between Club Brugge and Anderlecht were called the Belgian El Clasico. Although Alex did feel this one had more in common with El Clasico than most games called that. It was a port city vs an inland capital that spoke different languages with many in the port wanting independence. Alex wanted to win his first big rivalry game as they had the weekend of in the league he had plenty of time to prepare his team for the game.

Alex couldn’t anything for the game now though as he was in traffic going to pick his kids up from school and was stuck in traffic. After a lot of swearing Alex was finally able to make some decent progress and arrived just on time to pick his kids up. “Can you all hurry up and learn Flemish this drive is becoming very annoying?”

“Well we aren’t the ones who picked to move here.” His oldest daughter Lauren huffed.

“Yes, but you are the ones who like to live in a house and have clothes, beds, food and technology.” Alex retorted before feeling old as he realised it was something his dad had told him. Changing the radio when the number 1 song came on as he hated it didn’t make him feel any younger.

A much quicker drive back to Beernam improved Alex’s mood. When he walked in he rushed to get in front of the TV for the Europa League draw. A few teams passed by until Brugge was drawn out of the hat. They would be facing tournament final hosts Basel. Alex was thrilled with the draw it was one of the easier ones, but any team at this level would be a challenge for Brugge.

A look at how Basel had got through showed they had lost the first leg 2-0 away before coming back to win on penalties against CSKA Moscow who Alex would have considered a much bigger challenge than Basel.

His plans to watch some film of Anderlecht was ruined when his wife said that their neighbours had invited the family over for dinner and she had accepted. A long dinner with a pompous lawyer named Stjin de Ridder had been a waste of a good Friday evening. He had said he was a Brugge fan but, Alex doubted that he had ever seen a game live. He had bored everyone with his talk about corporate law career. Alex spent most of the dinner trying to think of a good excuse and avoid his wife’s kicks under the table when he zoned out.

After Alex was able to come up with an excuse so simple he couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought if it earlier. “Well it’s past the kids bedtime so we will get going back home now” Alex’s kids complained but he overruled them and told them they had to do.

Alex got back and went over some Anderlecht film before getting to bed feeling quite confident ahead of the big game.
I want you to walk right up to Youri Tielemans and punch him right in the face, just for giggles!

It was very tight at the top of the table before the big Belgian game, Charleroi also got relegated

At the request of Griffo: As the teams lined up some scuffling broke out between the teams and Alex joined the referees and coaches trying to split up the teams. He put a hand out to try and split up two players and felt some contact on his hand and saw Youri Tielmans fall to the ground.

Two strong lineups as both sides have had over a week to prepare for the game

Der Klassiker had lead to very loud atmosphere in Brussels. It was a near filled out stadium as everyone made their way out to start the game. Anderlecht got the game underway and Brugge pressed forward to try and win the ball back quickly.

It got Brugge an early throw in that Meunier took long to Denswil. Denswil hit a long pass to Gedoz on the halfway line, he got past Buttner before being forced to pass back to Zokora. The ball was played across the other side to Izquierdo. He noticed Vossen’s run and whipped in a cross. The keeper tried to come and claim but, Vossen was in acres of space when the ball arrived and lofted his header over the onrushing keeper and in to give Brugge the early lead.

Buttner got his revenge on Vossen by cutting him down from a throw in for no reason.

Just after half an hour Anderlecht whipped in a free kick and it was headed away to Vormer. He hit the ball up to Vossen who held the ball up and then tried to hit a pass out wide. It was a poor pass and Gedoz tried to chase the ball and just as the ball crossed the line Buttner took him out for no reason. It brought the entire Brugge bench to their feet and the referee agreed giving a free kick and giving Buttner a second yellow card to the anger of the crowd.

After 37 minutes Anderlecht fouled again and Brugge had another free kick, but no booking. Alex was pleased with the way that his side cut through Anderlecht, but the two crosses were cleared away by Anderlecht to Denswil who got the ball wide to Meunier and then he got it up to Gedoz. He beat two players and whipped in a cross that he shanked out for a goal kick.

Alex was pleased to lead his side in at half time ahead. “Keep it tight. We’ve not let in a lot of goals so we can keep them out and we will win.

Brugge got a throw in deep in the Anderlecht half and Alex told them to take their time with it, which they did to the annoyance of the home fans. Meunier threw the ball in to Felipe Gedoz and played a number of 1-2’s until Gedoz found himself in some space in the box and rifled a shot away. Proto got a hand out to tip the ball away and it was smashed clear.

A long ball up to the front was cleared by Anderlecht and they got the ball wide and moved up the pitch. Kara hit a deep cross to an unmarked Gallardo 18 yards out. He took a couple of touches which closed down the angle and Butelle parried the shot and it went out for a corner. Butelle came to claim the corner to stop the flow of Anderlecht attacks.

Anderlecht had a free kick out wide and pressed everyone forwards. The delivery was poor and Butelle grabbed the ball. The referee then blew three times to end the game and Alex had won his first Der Klassiker match with Brugge.

A win to help endear Alex to the Brugge fans and help Brugge to stay in third place
Very good win over Anderlecht pal, keep it going and you'll be a club icon in no time!
Make sure you keep hold of that 3rd place spot bro!! Nice to see a derby win over Anderlecht as well!
mgriffin2012 Thanks, still got a ways to go to get to club icon status

BeanyUnited Hope to improve on it to second so I can get CL football for next year
Hold onto third and that will be a good little finish for you.
ScottT With the odd points halved rule and 12 games left we can still move up a bit
It was the time when youth contracts were handed out. Alex had watched the youngsters practice and read the reports from his coaches. He had one last look over the reports on the best players from the coaches before going to watch the youth candidates play the U19’s.

Davy Lauwers was a central midfielder who the coaches felt could be a first team player. A hardworking dependable player it was widely felt that he would have to improve technically to make it. He was also not serious enough about his training for some coaches, but Alex hoped a loan in a couple of years could fix it.

Arnaud Sabbe was a hard working striker with a good touch and some decent finishing. At 5’11 at 147 lbs Alex felt that he had to bulk up a bit to make it. Alex would try to work with him to improve his finishing as well.

Matis Verheist was a rather aggressive winger who the coaches said had been flying into tackles that would get him into a lot of trouble which did worry Alex. Alex also felt he was miles away from being fit and strong enough to be a first team player.

Alex watched on as the under nineteens won an open game with the youth candidates. Sabbe impressed him and Alex felt that the young striker could do well in the future for Brugge.

As Alex was walking back to his office Laurens De Bock was waiting outside his office and Alex had a feeling that he could guess what Laurens would want as he was stuck behind Joao Paulo in the pecking order for left back. “Laurens come in to my office” Alex opened the door and showed Laurens into his office.

Laurens took a seat and waited for Alex to take one before launching into an appeal. “I want to start more games I have the talent to be starting in this league for any team and I want to do it here.”

Alex leaned forward “I have a proposition for you,” He then felt like an awful villain in a film and sat back. “Your not training well right now if you pick up how you are training then I will give you gametime. Do we have a deal?”

Laurens though for a minute then smiled “That seems fair to me, I will keep my end I hope you keep yours.”

Alex agreed to and left his office soon after Laurens did.
Some good negotiation skills mate!
Nice to see you are keeping your players under control! :)
mgriffin2012 Hopefully it works out. Promised to keep the morale up

BeanyUnited So far so good. No major issues

It was a shorter flight for Alex and his team as they prepared for the first leg of the tie away to Basel. De Bock was starting soon after asking as Paulo was banned for too many bookings. He would only have to contend with Breel Embolo anyway.

It was loud in Basel as the sides walked out. With a home final possible the Basel fans were trying there best to help the team get as far as they could, Alex just hoped his players would rise to the occasion.

Alex’s team had been on the backfoot for most of then first ten minutes but, offering a decent threat on the counter attack. Brugge won the ball and it was passed to Vanaken he spotted Gedoz out wide and played it to him. Gedoz hit the ball to Meunier on the overlap he took a touch and whipped in a cross. Three players converged on the ball and it bounced around in the box and fell invitingly for Zokora. For a plyer who never scores he reacted quickly and blasted a half volley towards goal. Vaclik got the smallest of touches on the ball and it bounced off of the post and was cleared away. Alex was annoyed it was a great save that did just enough to keep them level.

Alex had told Butelle to take his time with goal kicks and he was doing so to boos in the 13th minute and Alex could only imagine they would grow louder. It was won by Basel and they pressed forwards. Nahuel ran inside passed to Zuffi who slid in Embolo. Butelle came out and closed the angle down. Embolo shot and it hit his arm and went out for a corner. 1 good chance a piece thought Alex.

Lots of hard running had allowed Brugge to stop Basel from getting any good chances and threaten a bit on the break. Basel took a short goal kick after 33 minutes and despite all of the running Alex’s side couldn’t stop Basel from pressing forwards and getting into the final third. They worked he ball wide to Embolo and he took on De Bock who did well showing him outside. Just before the ball rolled out for a goal kick Embolo hit a cross that looked threatening. Sporar ran in to try and flick on the ball but missed. Butelle had to react to the lack of contact and was only just able to stop the cross from going in with a fingertip save.

Afer 35 minutes Embolo tried another mazy run but, Izquierdo as tracking back and won the ball back for Brugge. Zokora intiated another counter attack the ball was worked to Izquierdo who ran through the middle at the Basel defence who backed off. Just as they moved in he hit a beautiful chipped pass up to Vossen to play him in. Just inside the box Vossen watched the ball and met it with a volley and it flew into the top corner. Alex celebrated for a second until he saw the flag was up for offside and didn’t think that he could complain about it.

Meunier went on a run after 40 minutes that was halted by a good tackle but, gave Brugge a throw in. Vossen chested the throw down and passed it back to Meunier who had two men close him down. He faked a cross and slipped a pass in between them to Vossen. He took a touch in the box and evaded a defender before passing to Gedoz who was 8 yards out in front of goal. With the keeper way over at his near post scrambling over Gedoz hit a low first time finish to the near post and the keeper couldn’t stop momentum and could only dive in vain as the ball went in. Alex celebrated a goal after checking the flag was down, even though it was miles onside. An away goal could be valuable.

His side held on to go into the half level to Alex’s joy. “We’re doing well keep it up and they will struggle to break us down and if they do we have Butelle. On the counter they are struggling we will have chances and if we can take a couple of them we can kill off the tie.”

Six minutes after half time Alex watched on as Basel probed the Brugge defence but were struggling to get anywhere with the ball. Lieva picked up the ball played a 1-2 to get into the box then went down near Engels and Meunier near him. Jonas Eriksson pointed to the spot and Alex went over to calmly talk to the fourth official who decided to pretend he spoke no English even though Alex had heard him speak it earlier. He tried to remember some Swedish curses a team mate had told him “Din djavla hora” Alex said as he turned and walked away. From the reaction of the fourth official he thought he had got it right.

Jean stood with the ball on the spot as Butelle did all he could to delay the kick. When the referee finally blew the whistle Jean calmly sent Butelle to level the scores.

After 67 minutes Xhaka sent Izquierdo flying and the referee finally showed a yellow card that Alex felt was overdue. Felipe Gedoz stood over the ball and whipped in a free kick. Vossen got the step on his man and stuck out a foot to redirect the ball past the keeper and in to put Brugge back ahead.

Alex told his team to sit back and put on an extra DM to ensure they got the win which they did with little concern.

Alex was thrilled with the win and the two away goals his side had played just as he had hoped and how they had worked practising for the game.

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