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Rebirth of the Emerald Isle: The Dublin Project

Started on 9 June 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 27 June 2016 by Griffo
Not a big fan of changing the league structure, I feel the challenge is adapting to what is already in place but best of luck regardless mate!
ninjaskill Haha yes or even worse the guy would make everything from scratch and it would be a disaster

Soze Should be exciting

Griffo Well the current system in real life is a big joke and does not help the Irish domestic league at all so this had to happen. Plus changing the calendar to what the majority of Europe use will help with transfers and Europe.
MJK46's avatar Group MJK46
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GAA to allow a select few clubs and boards to participate in the League of Ireland
11 Nov 14

It is a historic day in Ireland as the GAA has announced that a select few clubs will be adding association football sides to their clubs. This is clearly one of the biggest events in Irish sporting history as we are seeing the FAI and GAA cooperating on an even bigger scale than they had before. Previously the two sides worked together while the Aviva Stadium was under construction and the FAI used Croke Park for matches.

On 1 November the FAI awarded licenses to nine different GAA clubs and Boards.

The Clubs and Boards that were given licenses from the FAI and approved by the GAA

Roscommon GAA
Eastern Harps GAA
Donegal GAA
Mayo GAA
Dublin GAA
St. James Gales GAA
Kerry GAA
Clare GAA
Ballinteer St. Johns GAA

GAA President Aogan O' Fearghail said, "I really like what the Football Association of Ireland is doing and I am fully behind their plan of making Irish soccer even stronger. We have had some of GAA clubs and county boards come to us about adding a soccer division, I was very unsure at first as soccer is not an Irish sport but I felt it was time to allow this. These select clubs have been chosen due to their plans and we felt they would be the best to represent GAA based clubs.”

It is said that the clubs will participate in what will be levels three and four of the League of Ireland. As of now some clubs will be looking to change their name to keep a separate but equal brand and some will go by the moniker of Cumann Luthchleas Gael (county name).

Having Cumann Luthchleas Gael or CLG attached to the name will be in a similar way to the CSKA or Dynamo brands of Eastern Europe. As these clubs are a sporting and cultural society. In English CLG means Gaelic Athletic Association.

Football Association of Ireland president Paddy McCaul said, "Having the GAA allow some clubs to participate in football has really opened up the floodgates to Irish football and these clubs could bring in a whole new energy that we have not seen before."

These select clubs will have a chance to prove if having GAA support and backing can help elevate Irish football to the top. If this risky move by the GAA works could we see more counties and clubs petition to be included in the football system??? We will have to wait and see as play begins in late July.
Interesting to see two associations combining their efforts.
2016-06-11 18:07#233826 Justice : Interesting to see two associations combining their efforts.

It is and i hope it brings the republic together and improve the sport.
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14 Nov 2014

Club announcement:

Today is one of the biggest and most historical days here at Dublin GAA a week ago we were approved to include an association football side to the club. This is big as for the first time in history as non-Irish sport will be a feature of us.

This club will be associated with Dublin GAA in crest and colours, sponsors and stadiums for the time being but that is about it. The majority of things will be ran independently by Chairman Patrick Lynch. The 34 year old chairman is a major player in Irish business and is one of the most upcoming people under 35 in the EU.

“Owning a football club has always been my dream and I am very excited to be able to run this club along with the assistance and support of the Dublin GAA. I really hope we can get this club to grow and maybe someday challenge for a Premiership title,” said club owner and founder Patrick Lynch.

For now we will be calling this the Dublin Project as our goal is to become the top club of Dublin in the next decade or so.

The official unveiling of the club name and other information will take place at Parnell Park and there will be a dinner at the Craobh Chiarain GAA Club clubhouse afterwards. This event is set for this upcoming Tuesday starting at 5pm. All are welcome to both events and we look forward to seeing you all there. Tickets start at €5 for the dinner.
Great update! What's on the menu?
Good to see you have a team now to dominate Dublin, then Ireland then the world. Or you know get relegated and sacked either or
Soze Haven't decided yet haha

ninjaskill go bankrupt???? Hahaha. I hope I can be very successful here
MJK46's avatar Group MJK46
7 yearsEdited

The Unveiling

Random person doing the introductions:
Welcome to the unveiling of this club. Today is a very special day as we are set to showcase what has been going on behind the scenes for the last few months. Since the approval of the license of the FAI the members of the Dublin GAA board and chairman Patrick Lynch have been working night and day to get things ready.

Patrick Lynch: Chairman:
I want to thank each and every one for coming out tonight for this special day. I want to thank the Dublin GAA for giving me this opportunity to partner with them and allow us to be part of their society. I am hoping that we can grow and become competitive in the league of Ireland and I hope that you all will be behind this club 100 percent of the time.

Rebecca O’Neil: Chief Branding Officer:
We are Club Sacair Baile Átha Cliath or CS Átha Cliath for short. In English this is translated to Dublin Soccer Club. The reason we are calling it soccer club is due to the fact being associated with the Dublin GAA and football is already reserved for the Gaelic side of things and did not want to confuse anyone. If we ever play in Europe or aboard we will use the English version of the clubs name.

Rebecca O’Neil: Chief Branding Officer:
For sponsorship reasons we will be partnering with the same companies as the GAA club and will have AIG as the primary kit sponsor. We also have reached a 10 year deal with Puma to be the clubs official kit and sportswear supplier. Here are what the three kits will look like and they will be on sale just in time for Christmas.

Stephen Corrigan: Chief Operations Officer:
I would like to announce that all of our matches for the foreseeable future will be played here at Parnell Park and that we will be looking to move out and have our own stadium in the next several years. Currently we are looking into buying some empty land here in the Donnycarney area. The goal is to bring world class facilities to the city that will give players the best advantages in the modern game. Season tickets will be available as soon as possible.

Patrick Lynch: Chairman:
Thank you all for coming out tonight this will be a massive project and everything will take time but I promise you once CS Átha Cliath takes the field this upcoming summer we will be well underway in creating a club that will hopefully grow to something big.

We now have eight months to get ready for the inaugural League Two season and we still have a ton of work to do. For anyone interested in working or volunteering please go to our website and apply, we will also have a job fair this February. One last thing, we will have a coaching staff set by the end of March and tryouts and signings should be soon thereafter. Thank you all for coming out and I look forward to meeting with you all at the dinner afterwards.

I want to thank Justice for coming up with the clubs name
Some stylish kits, although I could get you done for copyright with the title :)
Another nice update mate, keep it up!
Let's hope this club can lift Irish football!
Tallery Thanks man!!! FYI it is not a direct copy and move of a sampled version so that means your lawsuit would fail in US court haha

mgriffin2012 Thanks man

Justice I hope so too, should be a fun story
My interest is 'Dublin' with every update! ;)

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