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Matteo Koning - A Dream.

The story of Matteo Koning, once a great winger now struggling to get into the coaching area of football.
Started on 10 July 2017 by De Magere
Latest Reply on 30 August 2017 by mgriffin2012
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Some good additions there mate, could be pivotal in your battle against relegation!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
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The January review of the 2016-2017 season

Matteo Koning - With some impressive performance in the friendly I was happy with how the team starting to shape for the second part of the season. After two fairly decent matches against Werder Bremen II and Aachen I wasn't happy at all! We should win against that kind of teams with 3+ goal difference. Although score lines doesn't reflect the games, I wasn't happy with our goalscores. We needed firepower.

In the Ludogorets match the pieces of the puzzle where on there place. Against the past 5 winner of the Bulgarian league we have a superb performance scoring two goals. We where ready for the first match against number 3 Bochum.


1-3 Lose v VfL Bochum (H), 2. Bundesliga. 27/01/2017
Attendance: 26,274 (1,076 away)

'88 Silvio
'11 Mats Møller Dæhli (own goal)
'15 Timo Perthel (pen)
'32 Pawel Dawidowicz

This just wasn't it. We, the staff and the players, all believed we could challenge Bochum even though they where third in the league. The first 15 minutes was the unluckiest I have seen in my short career. With an own goal in the '11th minute and a penalty against in the '15th minute we where trailing 0-2 already. We tried in the second half with resulted in a goal. Still it wasn't enough. Only one positive, Silvio scored in his first official match for the club.

Pawel Dawidowicz: 8.1/10 - VfL Bochum

Upcoming Fixtures in February


mgriffin2012 - Hopefully Yaya and Silvio can grab some goals and Hernandez can prove himself we need to buy him at the end of the season. Very curious how they are gonna develop at a club that is fighting relegation in the middle of the season.

Justice - I almost got him in mid january before he was transfer listed but his wages where to high. When I got a message on deadline day that he was for sale and I could get him cheaper, I went straight after him. Happy Arsenal is paying some of his wage, it really helps.

Message from me
Now that I got my hands on Photoshop again, the posts are gonna get more detailed every time till I have the right setup for me story. So some changes are gonna be made in the next post, but when I'm finished and completely satisfied when I have a setup that I can use for seasons to come it will be superb.

Previous Update: #5 Winterbreak 2016/2017
Next Update: #7 February 2016/2017
A good set of results and a cool header! Things looking better and better here mate!
Love the graphic! A decent set of results going into the season, especially that win over Ludogorets. Here's to a successful upcoming season, I hope!
Another mixed month but hopefully in time your team will adjust to your style and tempo and the results will pick up! There is a huge summer coming for you and this side!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
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March Review

1-6 vs SV Sandhausen (A). 05/03/2017
Hardtwaldstadium, Attendance: 10,595 (Away: 2,205)

Hamburg, 06/03/2017 - This was a superb performance! Same statistics against Kaiserslautern but now with more goals. With another fantastic performance from our left back Javi Noblejas. One of the signings from the last manager that works out for the club.

Regarding the tactic and formation, I'm happy my team works hard on training to get to know everything about it. They need more time to completely works like I want to, but everything in time. For now only the results matter and if we can play like this and can get results, I see us climbing allot on the table in the upcoming weeks.

Choi Kyoung-Rok, 9,4/10 - FC St. Pauli
Superb performance grabbing 2 goals.

2-1 vs 1. FC Union Berlin (H). 11/03/2017
Millerntor-Stadium, Attendance: 28,582 (Away: 2,029)

Hamburg, 12/03/2017 - Javi Hernandez. f-in Javi Hernandez. The guy that came on loan because we didn't wanted to spent that much money (have a optional buy clause £210k). Already grabbing 1 goal and 1 assist in the previous 2 matches he did it for us in this match.

Trailing at half time I wasn't happy at all. At home, in the Millerntor-Stadium we need to impress. The rivals need to come here with fear in their eyes when they see the fans, the atmosphere. That can only be achieved when we play aggressive. So I got them out there with one mission, lets make it the Hell of Hamburg again and let them know that we will come at them with everything that we got.

After the break I saw a different Hamburg side, we complete ran over Union Berlin and the fans caught our intensions right away and pushed us over our limits and beyond. With a build up that started at our own goalkeeper we repaid our fans with the ultimate glory, comeback from 0-1 and winning the game. In the 85' minute there was Javi, already scored the equaliser. We celebrated with the fans, everybody. The players rushed to the stands, the reserve players and the coaching staff. Finally we got what we wanted against a top team in the 2. Bundesliga, a win.

Javi Hernández, 8,8/10 - FC St. Pauli
What a performance grabbing 2 goals and win us the match!

0-1 vs FC Würzburger Kickers (A). 19/03/2017
flyeralarm Arena, Attendance: 11,537 (Away: 2,343)

Hamburg, 21/03/2017 - Another win! What a month. Absolutely fantastic performance overall from the team. Grabbing 6 vital points against fellow mid-table sides and one match against number 4 Union Berlin where we finally grabbed points from a top table side. Couldn't have asked for more after February.

Now pushing on into April where we have 5 matches. We can play ourselves safe, although we are very safe at the moment. There is a very, very small chance we can still push for 3th, but that can only be achieved if we win every match and Bochum and co suddenly starts losing. Lets be happy with out performance and focus on the last 7 matches and get an early focus on the 2017/2018 season.

Javi Noblejas, 8,3/10 - FC St. Pauli
Scoring a late freekick to seal us the 3 points. Amazing stuff!

Transfer News - With Javi Hernandez grabbing 4 goals and 1 assist in 5 matches for Hamburger St. Pauli, I decided with the staff that we need to make his stay here in Hamburg permanent. With the optional buy clause of £210k we where in a good spot, but finding out his contract expires at his current club in less then 6 months we avoided the buy clause and got him for free. He accepted our contract offer and will be as of 01/07/2017 a St. Pauli player.


mgriffin2012 - Very mixed results, never the less its also very decent for a relegation side.

Previous Update: #7 February 2016/2017
Next Update: #9 Yaya Sanogo already set on leaving?
Much better in terms of results, things are moving forwards!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
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Yaya Sanogo already set his mind on leaving?

Hamburg - The former Arsenal player is unhappy at his current club. Inside sources are saying that Yaya Sanogo set his mind on leaving the Hamburg side, only 3 months after joining them. Reason for his unhappiness is that he is not playing enough for his liking. After failed loan spells at Ajax and Charlton, he really thought he would have a starting position here. Altough Hamburg has enough strikers in there disposal, Yaya doesn't think he has any competition.

Here is wat Yaya Sanogo has to say about the matter: 'It is true that I am unhappy here. I have chosen this club because it was the ideal club for me to bounce back and play myself in the picture of the French squad and a top flight club. The coach lied to me, he promised I would be his number one striker. I want to play, I can score everywhere. I'm Champions League material playing at a second division club. They should be happy to even have me around here!

It is clear that there is something going on between the coach, who joined here just before the winter break. In his short managing career he hasnt got allot of experience so its possible that he messed up and promised Sanogo things just to get him to sign. We asked some fans around the training area what they thought of the matter.

Fan #1: 'I can see why he is unhappy, but he hasn't shown enough on the training and I know! I have been watching every training for the last 34 year. He seems not fit and even though he has potential, I can see why the manager is not putting him in the starting 11. He should be looking at himself!'

Fan #2: 'I always thought the manager was not experienced enough. Results doesn't tell the whole story, thats for sure. Only a few matches at some unknown club in Sweden that nobody has heard of. What was the club thinking?! Hopefully they pick somebody else for the job after this season.'

Fan #3: ' I saw Yaya at the club last Saturday. Partying and drinking, says it all doesn't it?'

We wanted to have a word with the manager Matteo, but he wouldn't answer any of our questions and told us to leave. He didn't want any problems for the last few matches, because his team is focusing on that third place, even though there is maybe only a 5% chance of getting it. This is not the last you heard of this.

Previous Update: #8 March 2016/2017
Next Update: #10 April 2016/2017
Its always a Yaya -_-
If he isn't starting then he must not be good enough so maybe moving him on is best for both player and club!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
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April Review 2016/2017

1-1 vs Braunschweig (H). 03/04/2017
Millerntor-Stadium, Attendance: 29,546 (Away: 2,954)

Hamburg, 04/04/2017 - Even though we were the better side, I can't complain with a point. Another match on our unbeaten run. Downside is that the third spot for the play-off promotion is now even further away.

Javi Hernández, 7,9/10 - FC St. Pauli
Got himself another assist. What a player.

1-1 vs 1860 Munchen (A). 10/04/2017
Allianz Arena, Attendance: 28,582 (Away: 2,029)

Hamburg, 11/04/2017 - 1860 Munchen was our next opponent. In the big Allianz Arena, we could not cope with the pressure. We weren't ourselves and we played against ourselves. With a late goal we secured a point. Play-off is now officially over. It dropped to 0.1%..

Michael Liendl, 8,3/10 - 1860 Munchen
He was amazing, with 1 goal he gave his side a point.

3-0 vs SpVgg Greuther Fürth (H). 13/04/2017
Millerntor-Stadium, Attendance: 26,871 (Away: 279)

Hamburg, 15/04/2017 - It looked like we have shaken the pressure off our shoulders. With Play-off out of the picture we played like the matches before, amazing. They had no chance and we got a solid win. Good way to celebrate that we are staying up. We can't go down anymore. The season is basically over, but we want to finish it strong to build momentum for the next season.

Javi Hernandez, 8,6/10 - FC St. Pauli
Double trouble assist. Who else?!

1-3 vs Fortuna Dusseldorf (A). 25/04/2017
ESPRIT arena, Attendance: 30,435 (Away: 3,455)

Hamburg, 27/04/2017 - Another solid win. Nothing to complain about. The goal in the '85 minute is a let down. Nevertheless, another 3 points and our unbeaten run is now 8!

Mats Møller Dæhli, 9,0/10 - FC St. Pauli
Was causing the Dusseldorf defenders trouble 90 minutes long! Rewarded himself with 2 assist.

1-0 vs Karlsruhe (H). 30/04/2017
Millerntor-Stadium, Attendance: 27,323 (Away: 731)

Hamburg, 15/04/2017 - We struggled against a defensive Karlsruhe. We dominated, but chance wise it wasn't until the second half that we got clear cut chances. In the end Park Yi-Young sealed us the 3 points in the '77 minute.

Is play-off still possible? We don't believe it, with 2 matches and 4 points behind. Still, we can be proud to come this far on the table.

Park Yi-Young, 7,7/10 - FC St. Pauli
Grabbing the goal that got us the 3 points in the end.

League Table


Justice - Yaya yaya yaya yaya yaya , kolo kolo kolo!

mgriffin2012 - Probably yes.

Previous Update: #9 Yaya Sanogo already set on leaving?
Next Update: #11 Boardmeeting
Those last few results have set you up for a good end to the season! Promotion may be just out of reach, but you can be happy with how you've ended the season anyway!
I can hear the Bundesliga anthem and see the BT Sport cameras arriving already ;)
Personally I don't think you'll get that playoff spot but all in all it's been a fantastic campaign from you. Hopefully next season, if you choose to stay, you can continue what you've done this season and potentially win promotion.

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