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Matteo Koning - A Dream.

The story of Matteo Koning, once a great winger now struggling to get into the coaching area of football.
Started on 10 July 2017 by De Magere
Latest Reply on 30 August 2017 by mgriffin2012
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De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
7 yearsEdited

Matteo Koning - A Dream

This is the journey of the once great winger Matteo Koning. Making furore at FC Barcelona and Ajax. After a heavy injury, which resulted in the end of his career, he started focusing on coaching. With a degree in Football Science he knows every in and outs of the football database. Analysing opponents and creating the best tactic is peanuts for the young one. Now to find a club to test his skills and becoming the best manager in the world. It's going to be a long and bumpy road...

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The Story

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Manager Awards

Manager of the Month: October (1x)

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Managed Clubs

Orebro SK : 2016-2016
FC. St. Pauli : 2016- 2017
AZ Alkmaar : 2018 -
Good luck!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
7 yearsEdited
Thanks @Justice.

Orebro SK

Name: Örebro Sportklub
Founded: 28 oktober 1908
Stadium: Behrn Arena, Örebro
Capacity 14.500
Chairman: Jan Karlsson
Trainer: Matteo Koning
Competition: Allsvenskan



After coming to the club on my first day it felt right. The people are nice and the place is warm. Something that reminds you of home. You don't even notice that there is a crisis, because there are bottom of the league with only 14 points after 20 games. Everyone stays calm and friendly and let you feel at home.


Evaluating the team

The team is 25 man strong. When I first looked at the team, I didn't understand why they are bottom of the league. The team is not that bad and there are some talents mixed with experienced players.

After evaluating what there strong points are in comparison what the other teams have, I noticed that there attack is very fast and that there lies the advantage in this team over the other teams. So that is where I need to focus on.

The Formation

I have picked the traditional 1-4-3-3. It has everything it needs to be and it is well balanced. With the front 3 set on roaming from position to maximise the strong element of the squad (the attack) it has everything to get us out of the relegation zone.

Previous Update: #0 Introduction
Next Update: #2 Avoid Relegation + End of the Season
Good luck in Sweden mate!
Interesting little side, good luck in Sweden! Never managed there myself so it'll be nice to see how you do.
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
7 yearsEdited

@mgriffin2012 - Thanks, hopefully it will be successful.

@ScottT - I didn't either, will see what they can do.

Story of Matteo Koning

When I was about 5 years old, my dad got me into La Masia. He worked there for around 15 years and fixed the fields, made sure everybody got footballs for the training, etc. He traded most of his salary so that we have 2 season tickets for FC Barcelona. It was worth more for him that I could see the stars of Barcelona than have a expensive holiday.

It was just me and him in my youth. My mom left when I was around 5 months. He helped me with everything, but most of all in becoming a better footballer and person. Unfortunately he got into a fight with some of the board members of FC Barcelona and he got fired. That was also a sign that I was not welcome anymore as a youth players, regardless of my talents.

So we moved back to Holland and I got an chance at Fortuna Sittard to play for there senior team. I signed a 1 year deal with the option to extend it with another year.

And so it begins...

Orebro SK

Recap of the games

Allot of the games I should have won. We were the better side and dominated most games. But whenever the rival team got a bit more attacking 4/5 of my players got nervous or very nervous. That resulted in leaking some goals.

Avoid Relegation (target board)

Started at 20 games and 14 points


Best Match

My best match was by far the match vs GIF Sunsdal (H 1-1). We played that match out of our minds but like I said before. They got very nervous and we drew.

I have one year left in my contract and I will remain at the club for another year. This streak got me thinking what I can do when I have a whole season ahead. The good part is, if I play a good season (it ends in November) I can easily pick up a team in danger in a higher rated competition.

I will updated every transfer news, formation/tactics chances in the next update where I will discuss my pre-season with the team.

Previous Update: #1 Orebro SK
Next Update: #3 New Start in Germany
Not the worst of starts, plenty of room for improvement though!
Quite a brilliant turnaround, well done!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
7 yearsEdited

mgriffin2012 - Yes, there was still allot of work to be done. Still was happy to get out to the relegation zone without a lose.

Justice - Was happy with the results. It evens out, some matches I should have lost and others I should have won.

The Next Step

I moved on from Orebro SK. I had done my job what they asked and I planned to stay for another year, but that was before FC St. Pauli came and asked me to join them. This is a chance I can't let go. Even though it is another relegation battle, it has the potential to go and work in 1 of the biggest football countries in the world. I could not say no even though Orebro SK offered me an extension of my contract.

Matteo Koning

Orebro SK 2016 - 2016
FC St. Pauli 2016 -

FC St. Pauli

Stadium Millerntor-Stadion
Coach Matteo Koning
Competition 2. Bundesliga
From Hamburg, Duitsland
Training facilities Kollaustrasse

Founded in 1910, Hamburg St. Pauli are a professional German club currently playing in the Germand Second Division (2. Bundesliga). Hamburg St. Pauli narrowly failed to win promotion from the Second Division last term.

The club play there home games at the Millerntor-Stadion and Possess average training facilities and good youth facilities. The Hamburg St. Pauli youth team play at Berzirkssportanlage Koningskinderweg. The club also has average junior coaching and a fairly basic youth recruitment network. The club is affectionately known as Die Paulianer and retains a fierce rivalry with FC Hansa Rostock and Hamburg SV.

The club enjoyed probably their best spell of succes during the 1970s. Although now enduring a nine year barren spel, having not won a competition since 2007, Die Paulianer still have a history of which they can be justly proud. Hamburg St. Pauli won the German 4th tier five times and were runners-up three times, won the Germans 2nd tier for the only time in 1977 and finished runners-up on three occasions, and won the German 5th tier in 1981, 1983 and 1986 and finished runners-up once.

Previous Update: #2 Avoid relegation + End of the Season
Next Update: #4 The Start in Germany
What an opportunity to get a foothold in Germany. Looking forward to seeing how it pans out for you.

Transfer budget allowing, any plans on taking/tempting any former players with you?
An absolutely fantastic chance to establish yourself in one of the best league systems in Europe! Good luck!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
6 yearsEdited
Sorry for the delay, I was on holiday for a week in Berlin.

@GleNeIG - Thanks, I am very curious as well. At first getting them out of the relegation zone and making myself a great start for the next season.

@mgriffin2012 - Yes! I really wanted to stay in Sweden, but this was once in a lifetime.

The Start in Hamburg

So my first goal was very simpel. Taking this squad, tweeking a little bit until the winter break so I can really examen the squad and it strengths and weaknesses. For now, it is alright to go on and get myself in a very good position after the winter break. But first of course, getting out of that relegation zone.

It wasn't that far in the relegation, because it was at 1/3 of the season so there is plenty of time to get things right. So, lets see how the matches went.

Previous Update: #3 New start in Hamburg
Next Update: #5 Winterbreak 2016/2017
A superb start to life in Germany! If you can keep up this kind of form, I can see St. Pauli catapulting up the league table!
@Justice - Yes, couldn't have asked for more. Very happy with the results, although I'm a little worried because they all where direct rivals. Very curious how the side will react against mid table teams and higher.
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
6 yearsEdited

Winter Break

It was the winter break. We managed to get in the league quite well, not losing against our rivals that are battling with us to avoid direct relegation.

While my players went on holiday me and the staff stayed behind to get some transfer business in. We needed to strengthen te squad if we really want to survive the league. Like I said before, we need real fire power.

First off all me and the board sat down for the expectations for the league. I said that I believed we could fight for a mid table spot due to the points between the number 10 and 16 is so close. The board wasn't having it with resulted in the expectation staying the same, avoid direct relegation.

That's when I went to look at some players, mostly attackers because that was very necessary. Also because my number one striker went to the Africa Cup, luckily he missed only pre-season, but what if he got back injured..

There was allot of interest in my defender Lasse Sobiech, due to me not extending his, still 18 month during, contract. He wanted to be best earner in the club by upping his wage from €10,000 to €18,000 (!) with the option that if I match that wage with another player, his get increased again (!). I said no, because that isn't how I build my team. NYC FC came first with a bid, but that deal fall trough due they already have 3 designated players. He finally went on to move on at deadline day.

Then my talented defender also wanted to leave due to interest from RB Leipzig and RB Salzburg. Both clubs bid a small amount but due to board pressure and player pressure I decided to accept both bids. It was the first friction between the board and me. After that we got into another argument due to them giving me only 55% of the transfer money to invest. I wanted to increase that, but there was nothing that changed there minds.

I quickly moved on for a defender, getting Bulthuis on a cheap. He would be the ideal replacement for the two defenders I mentioned above. Nurnberg put him on the transfer list, so I was very quick to place a bid and the deal was quickly done. Got him for (only) €160,000. In mind that he is slightly worse then the two defenders I sold for a combined fee of around €5 million.

I looked with he staff at allot of players, between 30-50 players. Most of them where just not good enough or way to expensive due to high wages.

We got our striker reinforcements in the end. With Javi Hernandez coming on loan with an optional fee of €210,000. Also Silvio get a chance in my team to compete with Aziz for that number one striker spot. Due to me playing with 3 real strikers for the second part of the season he will be used allot. For only €45,000 it can't go wrong can it?

The best signing was by far getting Thierry Ambrose on a free contract. Although he is joining at the end of the season, it is how I want business to run here. Getting young players, develop them and sell them. That is how it works at St. Pauli, but I'm OK with that. For me this was the best deal of the January transfer window.

On deadline day I moved over to Sanogo, he was but on the transfer list by Arsenal. Although he asked for €17,500 p/w I got Arsenal to cover some of which resulted in not a friction in the squad due to one player earning allot. We still have to wait to see him in action. He is still injured for 2-4 weeks, but I'm confident he will shine for this club.

That really concludes the January transfer window. Very busy window, but I'm happy with the power we brought in and good handling on two defenders leaving. Now to get my team out of relegation danger as fast as possible so we can look forward.

(selected players are the one's I brought to the club)

Transfers In

Transfers Out

Note: Friendly's will be mentioned in my next post when I cover January, February and March.

Previous Update: #4 The Start in Germany
Next Update: #6 January 2016/2017

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