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Matteo Koning - A Dream.

The story of Matteo Koning, once a great winger now struggling to get into the coaching area of football.
Started on 10 July 2017 by De Magere
Latest Reply on 30 August 2017 by mgriffin2012
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Keep patient, the right club will come on with an offer.
You wont be unemployed for much longer, have faith!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

Matteo is heavily linked with MVV


After being on the sideline since he resigned from the Hamburg job, Matteo Koning is reported to make his return in the Netherlands. Being spotted at Schiphol and being picked up by people of the club, rumours started running all over the news.

Despide the internmanager winning his first game, MVV only looks at him as a short-tearm solution as the club doesn't want to relegate because that would be the end of the club. Matteo looks like the perfect candidate for the club, due to his experience with relegation treathening sides.

Leaking to many goals seems to be the problem in Maastricht

MVV, currently sitting in the 18th spot in the Jupiler League (second division) really needs the boost. With only one top 10 performance the last 4 years and being 17 years straight in the Jupiler League, the club is more likely heading down then up. With the january transfer window in sight, it seems like the perfect time to move on. Leaking goals left right and center, it shows the problem Matteo will have to fix right away.


Justice - Patience is key.

mgriffin2012 - Clubs starting to fire managers again, so this is the perfect time!

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Would be a tough challenge but a worthy one, should you take it on!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

AZ fires van den Brom

van den Brom at the sideline.


AZ have fired there head coach John van den Brom. The Dutch manager, who was in his fourth year at the club, did not preform well enough to finish the season at the club. After sitting in 8th position with 7 points behind Feyenoord who are in fifth position, things are not looking good for the club.

Joining the club in 2014 the club finished third, fourth and sixth on the table. Adding European football to his list, that is a beautiful performance. But last year the football was getting worse and this year the results didn’t come. The club knew enough and fired the manager after 3,5 years of service.

The players recently said there backing the managers as there also responsible for the poor run lately. The club though different as they held the manager responsible for recent drop in performance and gave him plenty of time to recover.

Players still had faith in van den Brom

Sitting in 8th place, the club isn’t out of hope just yet. The places 4,5,6 and 7 play fort he European ticket for next season in a fierce play-off battle royal. That is the main reason AZ is looking at fresh ideas on the market. With the January transfer window coming up, the new manager will have plenty of room to improve the squad and staff fort he reaming half of the season. With 10 million pounds in the bank, managers will have multiple options.

AZ is known for there possession and attacking based playing style and youngsters regularly come trough from there academy to joint he first team. That in mind, with the transfer budget and options, the AZ side is an interesting side for managers to join.


Justice - They really are! Both parties could go for a amazing journey to the Eredivisie.

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De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

Aberdeen looking for a new manager, again!


After the former manager left at the end of last season, Aberdeen looked briefly at Matteo Koning. But after judging Matteo as to light they moved on to another manager. Only to fire him 6 months later!

As the poor performance keeps on coming, Aberdeen had enough. They sacked the manager and are looking fors ome fresh impulse fort he squad. Sources say that Matteo is looked at again, and even visited te club to talk about the job. We called Aberdeen to talk about the rumor:

Aberdeen Chairman
Yes, we have invited Matteo (Koning) to talk about potentially taking the job. We are never to late to fix mistakes we have made our self. Of course, we look bad fort he media, but we really want to move on and challenge Celtic fort he title.
We can’t say anything over Matteo, as we also have other options come over to talk about the job. It’s anyone game right now.

After being reported to joint he Dutch side MVV, Matteo has enough options at this time. After failing to find a club at the beginning of the season things are looking bright fort he young Spanish manager. We called him to talk about Aberdeen and other potential clubs:

Matteo Koning
I’m delighted about the interest from different clubs. It was a real shame I could not find a club at the beginning of the season, but right now I have other options that are maybe even more interesting then last summer.

I talked with MVV and Aberdeen and both conversations went well. I am confident that we can work it out and that I can join a club soon. The transfer window is coming up and I have faith that whatever club I will join, we will accomplish glory together.

It seems Matteo have found some luck in the end. After being unemployed for 6 months, he must me triggered to show his quality tot he world and show FC St. Pauli that they made a mistake not to put there trust in him .

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A lot of potential jobs are popping up, excited to see who Matteo will go to!
Aberdeen would also be an excellent club to join!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

AZ appoints Matteo as there head coach


Reporter: Matteo, first of all congratulations on your new job.

Matteo: Thank you, I'm happy to be here.

Reporter: How did you end up here, when MVV and Aberdeen where more interested according to the media?

Matteo: At MVV, we didn't agree on how to play football. They liked me to play direct and focusing on set pieces. I want to play possession, attacking based football. So there was the difference and they appointed Keizer. Easy choice for both parties.

Reporter: And AZ really wants to play attacking style football

Matteo: Yes, AZ is known for wanting to dominating the opponent and play forward. The same style I played in Sweden en Germany.

Although every country has there own style of play, so I will have to adapt at some places, but I'm a quick learner.

Reporter: AZ is sitting in 8th place with 7 points behind number 5 Feyenoord and 10 points behind number 1 FC Utrecht. I can't help to ask how are you gonna fix that and if the fans can expect another big run like you had at Orebro SK and FC St. Pauli?

Matteo: That is too soon to say. I will have some friendlies to get to know the squad better and shaping my tactics. Everybody will start at zero again so they will have to prove themselves to me.

I can say I will do my best to get this squad up and running in no time. I have no problem dealing with the pressure.

Reporter: With the next to matches being against the number 2 SC Heerenveen and number 1 FC Utrecht, aren't you afraid to start of very poorly at AZ? Also with the 10 position on the home record table, it doesn't look to good for the matchup against Heerenveen?

Matteo: If we start of poorly, so be it. I'm here to build to squad to another level and I can asure you that won't be possible in two weeks time.

I am of course will get the squad ready for rumble when Heerenveen due come to the AFAS Stadium. We will be ready to prove to everyone that AZ belongs in the top 4.

Reporter: Can you say anything about some transfers you want to make?

Matteo: First I will evaluate the squad, but at the linksback position we need a solid back up. After Haps injury, we need a Eredivisie quality LB as a backup and now that's not the case. Ouwejan is a very promising talent, but not there just yet. More competition will do him good.

Reporter: With having a good relation with the fans in Orebro and Hamburg, do you have anything to say to the AZ fans?

Matteo: Please don't expect us to dominate right away, give my staff and the players time to work togheter. To bring our plan into the squad.

But I can promise one thing, we will fight. From day one I will have my players ready to fight for every inch on the field, to want to dominate every opponent, to play attractive football, to bring joy back in to the team and the stands.

Reporter: Thank you Matteo. Now some questions for you Rene. As Director of Football you are responsible for the singing of a new head coach, why Matteo?

DoF : Matteo prevormed amazing in Sweden and even better in Germany. He made a relegation side into a top 6 team within 6 months. After we saw MVV and Aberdeen where interested we had people do there homework and dig in on Matteo.

We knew it would be a risk because we class AZ higher then Orebro SK and FC St. Pauli, but we have faith that Matteo is the right man for the job. His attitude and playing style match our style and ambition and we believe we can achieve great heights again.

Reporter: Attitude?

DoF: When Matteo came to Alkmaar to talk, I asked him why we should pick him because this is a big step upwards and he replied with: It will be the best decision you will ever make.

Reporter: What can we expect the next 6 months until the end of the season?

DoF: We hope to play in the playoff for Europe, but other then that we give Matteo a blanc card until the end of the season. We can't do much anymore this season, so we hope Matteo will take this months to shape the squad to fire at all cilinders next season.

Reporter: Thank you for your time, that will be all.


ScottT - AZ! What an opportunity.

Justice - It would, but they did choose somebody else, again!

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Ahhhhh familiar opposition in AZ! Good luck mate, shouldn't take a lot to be able to get them competing with Ajax, PSV and most importantly FEYENOORD at the top of the Eredivisie
AZ has always been a very exciting team to follow, I have a feeling you'll bring them plenty of success!
AZ are a great club and have slightly fallen away in recent years from the likes of Feyenoord, Ajax and PSV so it'll be interesting to see if you can take them back to the top of the division!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

Double deal in Alkmaar


Yoel van Nieff joins the Alkmaar side on a 3-year deal. Coming from FC Groningen, the left back is brought in to replace the injured Haps and to compete with Ouwejan, but can also play in midfield.

Joining FC Groningen in 2012 as a youth players, van Nieff made his debut at 16 years only at FC Groningen. After 2 seasons and 12 appearances he got loaned out to Jupiler League side FC Dordrecht. Impressing at the second level with 7 goals in 19 matches he became a regular the next season at Groningen.

After a failed loan deal at Excelsior, he joined back for the 2016/2017 season. Impressing with 6 assist he had an amazing year. This year he couldn't really make an impact at the squad in Groningen.

With Haps being injured for another 2-3 months, it's his golden chance to grab the spot from Ouwejan and become a regular at the Alkmaar side.

Tommy St. Jago comes over from Lazio Roma on a 6 month loan deal. After selling Rens van Eijden they needed a new centerback behind the 'golden duo' Luckassen and Nuytinck.

After joining the Roma side at the beginning of the season, he didn't make an official appearance for the first team. Looks like he isn't going to play one of the two out of the first 11, but nothing is sure.


mgriffin2012 - Very strong side, can't lay the finger on why the manager couldn't get this side in to the top 4!

Justice - I will try to bring some trophies to Alkmaar!

ScottT - I hope so, plenty of room for improvement.

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Next Update: #22 AZ swings past SC Heerenveen
Can't say I'm too familiar but good luck to the both of them!
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

AZ swings past SC Heerenveen


Coming in this match, AZ was sitting in the 8th spot on the table. With a new manager just two weeks ago, it sure seems like a mountain to claim to claim points against inform SC Heerenveen who sits in second position on the table.

If anybody remembers the press conference when Matteo was appointed at AZ, you will remember him saying that his team won’t be ready in two weeks, but will fight for every inch of the field. That’s exactly how AZ started. They started with an aggressive push and attacking playing style with lots of movement. SC Heerenveen couldn’t keep up, until around the 35th minute where they got some control of the game because AZ started slowing down. You could see there where not used tot his playing style just yet. Despite SC Heerenveen hitting the post, they did go in to halftime trailing 1-0 as Bel Hassani moved the scoreboard in the 15th minute with a brilliant solo.

In the second half it was SC Heerenveen who came out flying, hitting the post again before scoring the equalizer in the ’54 minute. It was classed as an own goal from AZ goalie Piet Velhuizen, because he touched the ball twice before going into his own goal.

Dos Santos scoring his second goal of the match

After that the AZ side pulled themselves together for another offensive rush forward and it payed off because of the outstanding Dos Santos who scored twice in 2 minutes. Hitting the net more than his 11 games before Matteo joined the side. Already assisting the 1-0, Dos Santos claimed the man of the match and leaded his side over number 2 SC Heerenveen in a swinging fashion.

The first 30 minutes showed a promising AZ that can compete with the best. Matteo’s hand is already showing itself, but it needs more time to show a whole 90 minutes. This will be a boost for the whole of Alkmaar after a disappointing first half of the season.


ScottT - Two players I know from another FM save with my local team FC Utrecht. St Jago is a promising youth player and van Nieff and excellent backup player with decent free kicks stats. Perfect for 6 months of building until in the summer I can really build my preferred side.

Previous Update: #21 Double deal in Alkmaar
Next Update: #23 January 2017/2018

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