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Matteo Koning - A Dream.

The story of Matteo Koning, once a great winger now struggling to get into the coaching area of football.
Started on 10 July 2017 by De Magere
Latest Reply on 30 August 2017 by mgriffin2012
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De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
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Meeting with the Hamburg Boardmembers


Chairman: Welcome Matteo. We are pleased that you wanted to join us for this meeting. We want to talk about the future of the club and the direction we want to go in. Of course we want to hear your opinion on it as well as your vision.

Matteo: Thank you. I’m hoping we are on the same page in which direction this club needs to move in order to get back in the Bundesliga.

Chairman: Of course that is the goal we all want! But how we get there is the question. We, me and the board, really want to keep the squad intact for the most part. Of course some loan deals are gonna expire, but that can be filled up with players from our youth team. With another 1 or 2 signings I believe we can compete for a promotion spot.

Matteo: I totally disagree. We need to have at least 4 or 5 new players come in. Doesn’t matter to me if it is in terms of a loan deal or permanent, but we need them. We can’t focus our hope on youth players alone. We also need to improve our scouting system allot, get scouts from all over the world with knowledge. So we can bring in the best talents.

Boardmember #1: You are saying you need at least 4 or 5 players? First off all, how are you gonna finance them, we havent have allot of money. Second, you are ranked third on the second half of the season with this team! I think the Chairman is right. We need to keep this team intact.

Matteo: Look, I’m on the field with them all the time. I know what they are capable off and I am showing it in the matches. But we want to finish first right? Then we need the players. I am ambitious, I hope you are too.

Chairman: We are! We want the best for the club but we cant allow you to bring in so many players. We dont have that much money and we dont want to lose our identity. You still have one year left in your contract. How are you going to work when you need to listen to us and don’t get what you want?

Matteo: That would be very disappointing, but I will honor my contract. But if things doesn't change before we begin pre-season and I can’t bring in the players I want and I know we need in order to challenge fort he titel, I’m not extending my contract. You know what I can do, so trust me.

Boardmember #2: Trust you? You are here 6 months, we are here 12 years! We know what is best for the club!

Boardmember #1, #4 and #5 all agree.

Boardmember #3: Matteo, I want to know what you are gonna do if you fail the objective and we sit here with allot of new players, lets say permanent, that came to play on the highest level.

Matteo: If we can’t get a promotion, players will leave. But the foundation is set. We then have scouts to bring in cheaper, maybe more talented players. It it a win situation for the club either way. If I fail, there is a proces to build on in the upcoming years.

Chairman: We need to think about it. You will hear from us within a week. Thank you for your time, that will be all.

Matteo: I hope you will reconsider and trust in me. Have a nice day everyone.


Justice - Yes, for sure! This is promising for the upcoming season.

mgriffin2012 - Hopefully next season we can get that titel and get my first season in one of the top 5 Leagues rolling!

ScottT - No, that is out of our reach. Now I can begin evaluating the squad who can leave and start looking for staff additions and players.

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Well, seems like the board are holding form over this. They'll come to reason in due course, I hope.
Interesting discussions, hopefully the board see sense and give in to your requests as you seem to be improving the foundations of the club.
Seems you may have to pay due diligence to your youth team and bring one or two players in to influence the side if the board refuse to nudge from their stance
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
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Hamburg St. Pauli says No to Matteo


Hamburg - After meeting one week ago with the board and chairman of the club, Matteo now faces a difficult challenge at the club. The former Ajax and Barcelona winger will get no extra funds to build the club in a titel challenging squad as the board thinks there already strong enough.

Last week the manager and the board sat down with each other to talk about the future at the club. With Matteo almost completing his first 6 months in Hamburg and the end of the competition insight it was the ideal time. Even though the board still hesitating to agree on the vision Matteo brought, both party's where sure that they will come closer and agree on a current vision.

One week later and there is signs that the board will shift into another direction, with could mean Matteo will leave the club only 6 months after joining them. Being sixth in the League overall and already secured a third spot on the second half of the season leaderboard you would think the board wants him another season. After a leaked message from one of the board members, we now know that its almost over between the two sides.

The board member had this to say: After sitting down with the manager (Matteo) only one board member showed signs that he agreed with him. The manager wanted to bring in quality scouts with knowledge from Brazil, Argentina, Columbia and Chili. Because he believes there is the talent and its cheaper to bring in a Colombian than a German player with the same qualities. Also he wanted to bring in 4 or 5 (!) new players, ridiculous!

With this leaked message, the club made an official announcement saying that Matteo and the President even talked about this issue. Matteo suggested that he wanted more than the current £1,4 million transferbudget to strengthen the staff and squad because players like Eggstein and Mots Moller would go to there respective Bremen and Freiburg due to there loan deal ending. The President said no and Matteo refused to leave it and said that he cannot compete with youth players and the current squad. The President stayed at his vision and ended the conversation there.

Matteo will bring out a press conference before the final game against Bielefeld, having lost against Stuttgart 2-1. We will know in just a few more days what it is going to be. Will the manager stay and work in a toxic environment or will he resign and get revenge at a other club?


Justice - Unfortunately not. They would't give extra money and I can't strengthen the squad with only £1,4 million and around 4 key members leaving.

ScottT - I hoped so.. Really did.

mgriffin2012 - I brought in two youth players, a striker and midfielder. The best ones from St. Pauli II. Both where not even close to the level I have sitting on the bench...

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It would be a big surprise if he did leave! The eternal war of football politics goes on and on and on
Disappointed that the board have stuck with their decision, I think Matteo should resign and leave on his own terms, similar to Tony Pulis. :P
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

Matteo says: 'Goodbye Hamburg'


Hamburg – After the 3-0 win over Bielefeld, everyone could see it coming. The departure of Matteo Koning. Despite leading the side to victories and a unbeaten run of 9 games, he will leave. The way he made his round in the last home game of the season, thanking the supporters said enough. That he keeps a warm band with the fans is no surprise, there where banners everywhere that the board should leave and chants that Matteo is there man. Now over to our reporter who is at the live press conference from Matteo after the game:

Matteo, first of all congratulations on the victory and the 6th place and only 4 points behind the number 3 who will go on to play in the playoffs for promotion. Some achievement after joining them when they where 5 points deep in the relegation zone.

Thank you. It was some journey we made. I am proud of the players. They fought with me to achieve this, so you can thank them to. They really showed that Hamburg is a tough side to beat and they should feel the same way in the upcoming season.

About the upcoming season, we all want to know. Will you leave?

Yes. On the first of June 2017 I will resign my contract. The board already agreed.

We all want to know, why are you leaving? Surely you are not finished here.

I am far from finished here, but we just didn't see eye to eye. And I’m sure you understand that I cant tell everything that happens behind closed doors.

I do want to thank the players. They fought together with me and gave everything. We achieved this together and they can be proud of it. Second I want to thank the fans who supported me from day one and gave me a chance to prove myself. And I hope I gave something in return, that is a stadium that teams will fear when they are traveling towards us. I will miss them and I hope they will get what they deserve.

Do you already have options?

I know the risk. I can sit at home for 1 month, 3 months or even 1 year. I am happily taking that risk. I will look at my options after I leave this job.

Before I end this I have to say one thing. I hope the board will think of me and what I said when in 6 months from now, they are nowhere near the title or a promotion spot. Goodbye.


Justice - Well, he just did. The board didn't want to invest at all.

ScottT - I tried 3 times, they didn't want to give funds for staff, wage or transfers.

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You did yourself proud with some good results, potential future employers will see this as a good base of experience for you!
I'll be shocked if you don't find an even better job, you've done brilliantly in your career so far.
Oooo there was a bitter end to that press conference! Hope you get to come back to hamburg and show st pauli what they're missing
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

Review of the 2016/2017 Season

2. Bundesliga

10 Unbeaten run seals sixth spot

When I joined here it was a mess. With some adjustments in the squad we managed to go on some journey. With some amazing results against most of the teams, only fallen against Stuttgart (2x), Bochum and Hannover.

The squad really showed some strength. Managing to overcome poor morale and form, they all had superb motivation for every game. Of course the 1-6 game against Sandhausen was one of the moments we will not forget.

Preforming at all cilinders, we managed a sixth position on the table. After begin 5 points down in the relegation zone, this was some performance. I don't think any manager would do a better job then this. Maybe that's to much, but I really feel the squad gave it all and did what they could.


The squad on rating. I have another first 11, but players like Eggstein, Moller, Flum and Noblejas really stepped up under my command. They where my leading 4 with of course the signing of Javi Hernandez.

Yaya Sanogo didn't do much unfortunately . The players chanted: 'YAYA DON'T SCORE WHEN HE WANTS!' and YAYA YAYA, YAYA YAYA NO GOAL...

Manager Words
I have, of course, some mixed feelings about the season. After a great start we managed to get in mid-table and even briefly flirting with promotion. Despite only winning once out of 5 matches against the top 4 I think we did well against the rest. Overall I have had a great 6 months at the club.


Justice - I really hope! I'm looking forward to a new challenge.

ScottT - I would be shocked too!

mgriffin2012 - They asked for it, maybe not the smartest move but I really feel like I needed to make a point to them.

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De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

Matteo linked with the big boys


After resigning his contract in Hamburg, clubs are heavily linked with the former Barcelona winger. Also some of the 'big boys' seems to be interested. Clubs like AC Milan, Celtic, Newcastle United and Braga SC are looking for new managers to boost there bad league performance last season.

It will be a huge step up, managing Orebro SK in the Swedish League in to a safe haven. That gained the intrest of FC St. Pauli who where also in relegation danger, being 5 points down to the safe spot. Managing them to an outstanding sixth place, clubs will look seriously at Matteo. But, what are some games in Sweden and the 2. Bundesliga for a club like Newcastle and AC Milan?

One thing is for sure, Matteo is destined to manage in a bigger league and is looking at another step in the right direction.

Matteo Koning:

Whatever the club may be, I will be interested in clubs that maybe plays 'lower' then the 2. Bundesliga. I can do what I love, that is being involved in Football. At what club that will be, it doesn't really matter for me.

Of course you want to manage the best sides and I'm flattered that clubs like AC Milan and Newcastle are looking at me as a coach. Hopefully I will get invited and we can talk Football. I remain positive about the future and what it holds for me.

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Four very interesting teams interested in you, hopefully one makes a move because they'll do wonders for your reputation in world football.
De Magere's avatar Group De Magere
4 yearsEdited

Matteo gambled and lost?


When he resigned from the Hamburg job back in June the world was at his feet. At least, that is what we and the people taught. Now, 3 months later it has turned out clubs don’t think like we do.

Managing Swedish side Orebro SK with some very good results. Not losing once with a 11 unbeaten run (6 wins and 5 draws) he led them tot he save haven that was the 12th place. Manage to scramble 20 out of the 30 points in just 10 games, which also led to a very good 4th place on the table in the second half of the season.

The performance gained the interest of FC St. Pauli, who where also fighting a relegation battle. Being 5 points deep in the relegation zone they moved quickly and where just right in time as Orebro SK offer Matteo a contract extension at the same time. Matteo moved to Germany, to the 2. Bundesliga for another challenge.

Moving in he first needed to overtake the 5 points tot he safe 15th place on the table. With some outstanding results he quickly moved 2 points into the safety zone before the winterbreak. In the months after the winterbreak FC St. Pauli transformed from a easy opponent to one of the toughest opponents in the 2. Bundesliga. One of his targets became reality when after the Bochum game in January, the squad didn't lose a home game the remaining of the season. Which resulted in Hamburg being the Hell of Hamburg once again.

After finishing sixth on the table and third with 5 points in front of number 4 on the second half of the table, the Bundesliga was in sight. Everything changed of course when troubles with the board came out in the open and after that Matteo left.

After being linked with the likes of AC Milan and Celtic, the world was at his feet. It all changed when Celtic, Braga, AC Milan, Aberdeen and Newcastle United qualified Matteo as ‘to light’. This came as a blow to the Spanish/Dutch manager. He really hoped Aberdeen found him qualified enough fort he job and that not being the case Matteo needs to wait until December when the first round of contract termination is coming.

Dark months are ahead for Matteo, as he will miss the pre-season and will have to manage a relegation side again after hoping he could have a fresh start for once. We will keep you updated about the story as Matteo didn’t want to reply at this stage.

We can’t help to address that FC St. Pauli after 3 games have drawn 2 and lost 1. Seems like there really missing someone at the start of the season. Maybe there is a option to return? Who knows..


ScottT - These where big clubs, but in the end still to big.

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