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Milan de Koningh - I Nerazzurri

Started on 24 March 2019 by Nerazzurri
Latest Reply on 14 August 2019 by Jack
You're amassing quite the squad these days! The results in the league and in Europe are a perfect show of the progress being made!
Already a 5 point gap at the top shows the quality you have in the side! Hopefully you can keep it going!
Got a little bit carried away with the season, so i’ll just update the entire season in one go and start from there.
Ajax Fixtures

Ajax’s pivotal month of May

With the Eredivisie sealed at the end of March, Ajax came into May brimming with confidence a potential two major cup finals beckoning for them. The De Topper KNVB Cup Final match was a huge one. Especially after overcoming fierce rivals, Feyenoord in the De Klassieker Semi-Final.

KNVB Cup Final

With the return leg against Inter just three days after, Milan kept faith with the team that had got them through the entire competition. And once again, Ajax dominated proceedings and put PSV to the sword with two fantastic goals from Eljif Elmas, before Luuk de Jong gave PSV some late hope, but that’s all it was as Ajax saw the game out and celebrated with their fans, after grabbing yet another trophy in what was becoming a trophy ladden season for them.

“I’m so happy with the squad i’ve assembled. We’re truly blessed to be able to put what many consider to be an under strength team against a fierce rival in a huge final and yet, see it through with complete professionalism and quality. This squad can go on and become quite the force if we stick together.”

Champions League Semi-Final, 2nd Leg.

With a two goal lead from the first leg, Ajax knew realistically a goal would definitely see them into the final. And after a bright early start, that’s exactly what happened as Denis Zakaria volleyed home after 10 minutes and that's the way it stayed, as Ajax dominated the match and the fans celebrated at the San Siro during and after the game.

“Three days ago all our focus was on PSV and the KNVB final. And today we’ve come to a tough place and walked away with another huge result away from home. I wasn’t confident when we drew Liverpool in the quarter finals, but my lads proved me wrong. But when Inter came out the hat, i was quietly confident, even though they’ve just secured the Serie A Championship, i knew we could blow them away at home and get something away, and that’s precisely what happened and we’ll be celebrating this victory for a while.”


With the final match of the Eredivisie, Ajax knew all they had to do was avoid defeat and it’d be an Invincible season. And despite the league not being as strong as many in europe, that’s still a feat in itself. And Ajax once again took a stranglehold on the game, but it took until the 55th minute and Vincent Janssen dispatched a penalty. And five minutes later, Ziyech who returned to Ajax on loan from PSG put the result beyond any reasonable doubt as he played his last domestic game for Ajax.

“What this squad has achieved has been beyond my wildest dreams. We had a 10 year plan. So to be winners of the Europa League, an invincible season and into a final of the Champions League in under two years is incredible. It really is. And i couldn’t be more prouder of the lads. They’ll forever be in the record books. Most points, most wins, invincibles, they’re incredible. It’s truly been an honour coaching this group.”

Champions League Final

In what’s been a fantastic season already for Ajax, it just got better. As despite playing against the team with the riches of Manchester City, and the players at their disposal, they had the advantage of being at home as Ajax pulled out another fantastic victory as Vincent Janssen carried on his revival since joining Ajax and gave them the lead in the 68th minute. And Ajax fans were biting their nails as City piled on the pressure and even more so as Milinkovic-Savic had his penalty in the 76th minute saved by Pau Lopez. And with two minutes remaining on the clock, Milinkovic-Savic made up for that with a thunderous volley into the bottom corner that broke the hearts of the Ajax fans, as City sensed the tide was changing. With them finishing 5th in the Premier League, City needed to win to make sure of competing in the Champions League next season. And they needed it for Pep to keep his job.

But Ajax kept playing their own game, not fazed by the occasion and with two minutes of the first half of Extra Time almost over, Francisco Trincao plundered home, what turned out to be the winning goal. And once the whistle went, fans and players of Ajax celebrated wildly.

“I’m speechless, i really am. The lads i’ve got here at this fantastic club are the best. I love them all. They’ve got so much heart and talent, the world is their oyster. And with Kenny (Tete) and Hakim (Ziyech) leaving to win the Champions League, because they thought we couldn't do it. Well, we done it. And they’ve got that Champions League medal with Ajax, not Barcelona or PSG, but us, Ajax. I just hope they remember to have a little more faith in their teammates at their parent clubs, than they did here.”

As the players celebrated with their loved ones, Milan was congratulated by his former teammates and the players of the last Ajax team to win the Champions League, the class of 94-95. Milan has now won the Champions League as a player and manager with Ajax. Can Ajax go on and dominate European football as they seem to be doing domestically?

What a season! I can't believe Vincent Janssen has just helped you lift the Champions League title, as well as domestic titles - including aiding an invincible season. There are no superlatives to describe it all! :P
2019-05-08 12:18#256613 ScottT : What a season! I can't believe Vincent Janssen has just helped you lift the Champions League title, as well as domestic titles - including aiding an invincible season. There are no superlatives to describe it all! :P

Thanks mate. And i know, tell me about it. I knew he'd do well in the Eredivisie. But to be fair to him, he's done really well against the biggest teams in Europe for us. Best £6.25m ever spent :)

As the Ajax players celebrate with the home fans after capturing the Champions League for the fifth time in the clubs illustrious history, to go along with their domestic dominance, Milan de Koningh, Marc Overmars & Marco van Basten are stood alone in deep conversation.

Marc Overmars : What an evening, and two years of hard work coming to fruition.

Marco van Basten : It’s been fantastic, it truly has. Achieving this, this season. Personally for me, it gives me more satisfaction. We’d have been lucky to get past the group stage, let alone win the entire thing.

Milan de Koningh : But like Marc said, two years of very hard work from everyone and we’re now enjoying the fruits of our labour. But i brought you two aside for a reason. And i need you to bare with me.

Marc and Marco look at one another.

Marc Overmars : What’s on your mind, brother?

Marco van Basten : Milan, is everything ok?

Milan de Koningh : When you gave me the job, Marc, i was determined to make Ajax a superpower once again in the footballing world. Two European trophies in two years. That fifth Champions League trophy. And now it’s time.

Marc Overmars : Time for what?

Milan de Koningh : Time for me to say goodbye.

Marc and Marco stand there looking shocked, as they hear what i have to say.

Milan de Koningh : I’ve dedicated my entire professional career to Ajax. When everyone left, including you two, i stayed. I retired here. And now that we’ve won this trophy, i think it’s time for Milan de Koningh and Ajax to part company. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now. And i was adamant that if we won the Champions League then i would quit. And now that we’ve won it, i’m certain it’s the best thing. So despite being so happy, i’m also terribly sad. It’s an end of an era, brothers. And wherever i end up next, i want you both by my side again?

Taking in the bombshell that de Koningh just dropped on them, he put hand on each of their shoulders.

Marc Overmars : Brother, we’ve been through it all. If you ever need me, i’ll be there.

Milan looks at Marco.

Marco van Basten : Milan, i’ll always be by your side.

Hearing the guys tell me that, brings a huge smile to mine and their faces, as we embrace in a group hug as many of the old guard look on wondering what’s going on, as the atmosphere is deafening in the Johan Cruijff ArenA as no doubt the big man is looking down on us with a huge smile etched on his face.

Milan de Koningh : I’ll call for a press conference tomorrow, tonight, we celebrate.

With everyone gathered before us, i had Marc and Marco sat either side of me, as i took a sharp intake of breath and began to talk.

“Thank you everyone for coming as such short notice. I’m sure most of us are still slightly hungover from last night, i know i am.” A few laughed, most seemed stoic in their response.

“Last night we achieved something special as a club. Something i thought we’d never achieve so soon into my tenure. But with the support of Marc and the help of Marco and all the staff, we achieved what many deemed to be the impossible. And to win five trophies this season, to go through unbeaten domestically. And to manage just one defeat in 55 games this season, is a feat i don’t think anyone will ever match.”

Taking a few seconds to compose myself, i carried on.

“I retired as a professional football player as a one man team, stayed with Ajax throughout, even when everyone left to the bigger leagues. And managing this great club has been an honour and privilege, but all good things must come to end. So today is my last day as the manager of AFC Ajax. I never got to challenge myself abroad, and that’s what i want to do as a manager instead.”

With the news of the announcement sinking in, the gathering journalists begin putting their hands up to ask questions.

“I’m not taking any questions today. I don’t plan on taking too much time out of football. It’s my life, so once a suitable challenge excites me, i will take it. You haven’t seen the last off Milan de Koningh.”

With that i stood up with Marc and Marco, shaking everyone's hand as we walked away as i prepared to say goodbye to the squad that i had built.

An emotional goodbye from Milan. I look forward to seeing where his next destination may lie.

Christmas 2020

Christmas was always a joyous occasion. Spending that much needed quality time with Sarah and the kids, was vital to me. As much as i loved being a professional footballer and now manager, being a family man was my most important job, but Christmas Day that all came crashing down around my ears.

After enjoying a beauty and bountiful Christmas lunch, that me and Sarah both prepared. We opened a few more presents, and the kids began enjoying what we had brought them. Sarah had gone back into the kitchen and grabbed a drink for us, and also brought in my phone as well. Her face had gone white as a ghost, as i stood up.

“Babe, what’s happened?” As soon as i asked her, she dropped her drink and slapped me right across the face, stinging the hell out of my cheek. Before shoving the phone into my chest.

“Your girlfriend is wishing you a merry christmas, and a huge thank you for the other night. Apparently it was just what she needed.” Scrunching my face up in confusion.

“What the hell are you on about? I don’t have a girlfriend. You’re talking crazy, babe.” Looking down at my phone, seeing a message from Anniek.

“ik hoop dat je een geweldige dag hebt, en nogmaals bedankt voor de vorige avond. Het was precies wat ik nodig had. Love Anniek xxxx”

Rolling my eyes reading the message, as i looked back at Sarah and pleaded for her to be understanding.

“It’s not what you think, it’s really not. I took my marriage vows seriously. I’ve never once cheated on you, never will. She was having some personal issues, and she seeked my advice, that’s all it was. You’ve got to believe that.” I tried to hold her hand, but she just pushed me away and screamed at the top of her voice.

“NO! GET OUT MILAN. I ALWAYS KNEW YOU CHEATED. ESPECIALLY WITH THAT SLUT!” Shoving me out the door, only allowing me time to grab my car keys and a jacket, as she slammed the door behind me and locked it up so i couldn’t get back in. For several minutes i did bang on the door, begging for her to let me back in, but to no avail.

Getting into the car, sitting there for a few minutes wondering where to go next. I knew i could call Marc or Marco, but i didn’t want to disrupt them from enjoying the holiday with their loved ones. So instead i started the car and drove to the one place i really shouldn’t have.
Getting found out for cheating on Christmas Day. You couldn't make it up! Wondering where Milan drove to though...

Christmas 2020

The car journey wasn’t long, no more than fifthteen minutes, but the entire journey was a complete blur. I couldn’t believe how the day had turned out. Waking up to the woman i married. The mother of my children, and now, after a complete and utter misunderstanding, my personal life is on the edge of collapsing. Walking up to the door and taking a deep breath before knocking. I wondered to myself why the hell am i doing this. The door opens.

“Milan, what are you doing here?” She says with a smile.

“Thanks to your message, Sarah decided to kick me out of the house and out of her life. Because she’s got this notion that you’re my girlfriend and we’re having an affair.” Anniek was standing there trying to look all innocent and upset, but you could tell she was happy about it on the inside.

“So you decided to come to here, to the home of the woman that your wife has accused you of having an affair with?” She posed a good question, one that i had no way of answering. As she stepped aside and ushered me into her house. Walking into the living room, she offered me a drink as i sat down on the sofa, as she sat down besides me.

“Sarah got upset about that message? Did you explain to her what it was about?” She asked as she placed a hand on my knee.

“I tried. But she was furious and wouldn’t let me get a word in edgeways. And i didn’t want to disturb Marc or Marco on Christmas Day of all days, so i ended up here. More fool me.” Anniek smiled as she ran her hand up my leg.

“I think it was more than that, Milan. We’ve both wanted this since the first moment we met. I saw it in your eyes.” She lent in for a kiss, i know i should’ve backed off but i couldn’t resist.

“You’re gorgeous. And i’d be lying if i said my mind never wandered that way, but i love Sarah. She’s my wife.”

“But Milan, she kicked you out. She’s already assuming me and you were lovers, you want it, i most certainly want it. Give in to temptation.” With that she stood to her feet and walked towards her bedroom, dropping her dressing gown to the floor in the process, as she looked over her shoulder and winked at me.

Getting up and following Anniek, i knew i shouldn’t. But i’ve been kicked out because of my supposed affair, so why not make it real?
Poor Sarah. :(

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