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Milan de Koningh - I Nerazzurri

Started on 24 March 2019 by Nerazzurri
Latest Reply on 14 August 2019 by Jack
A great run of early results for Liverpool, despite slip up's against Crystal Palace and Leicester. The Netherlands have claimed some fantastic victories, but a heavy loss against Portugal shows there's still improvement to be made.

Transfer News

With Milan de Koningh accepting that they're short in the midfield department, with just Fabinho, Keita & Rekeem Harper, who de Koningh accepts isn't ready to take a first team spot just yet. So with that in mind, de Koningh went and completed deals for Arthur who joins from Barcelona for a fee of £54 million, and Eljif Elmas who joins from Ajax for just £8.25 million.

"Both were instrumental in last seasons Champions League victory for Ajax, it was a no brainer to take them with me here to Liverpool. And i’m sure we’ll enjoy much more success in the coming years."

Another problem for de Koningh is the future's of Umtiti, Samassekou & Ivan Gomez, all of which want a move away from Anfield, but de Koningh has firmly told them "Only on his terms". Will they still be here when the January transfer window opens?
Two big additions to the side. I'm interested to see what role each will play alongside Keita and Fabinho!
Some big additions to a team that are already seemingly performing well, going unbeaten so far. Looking forward to the continuation of this story!
Arthur will be a sensational signing to an already outstanding midfield, some real competition within the squad coming to Liverpool now!

October, November & December 2021

At the start of October, de Koningh decided on a change of tactics with Manchester United away. He feared the defence might be too open, and promptly changed it and it worked. Coming away with a 3-1 victory which pleased the red half of Liverpool and the blue half of Manchester. They scraped past Watford in the next game before failing miserably away to Galatasaray and Tottenham. A much changed and young side dismantled Chelsea in the Carabao Cup booking a Quarter Final appearance against former Liverpool legend, Steven Gerrard and his Aston Villa team. But finishing off October was a home game against West Ham. And someway, somehow despite dominating and West Ham being restricted to just two shots on target, they secured a 2-2 draw.

Disappointed with the results and the performances, Milan went back to the old tactic that worked so well in Amsterdam and had done so well early on here in Liverpool. Immediately it paid dividends as they bounced back to smash Galatasaray 8-1, Southampton 6-1 and 7-0 against Leeds. Despite a defeat to Juventus in the Champions League, November was a dream for Milan, but that still wasn’t enough. Despite it all, Milan demanded perfection, even if it’s impossible to get, he still demands it.

December and Milan de Koningh was embroiled in controversy as Liverpool faced off against Arsenal on Boxing Day with the away fans chanting “Your wife is f**king someone else” clearly irate, Milan waited till the final whistle and instead of embracing his players, he ran over to the away fans and celebrated wildly in front of them, as objects rained down at Milan’s direction as he mouthed “14th. 14th” which grew even more ire from the away fans, as Milan just smiled before being escorted away by his own players.


A comprehensive victory away from home for Netherlands, as goals from van de Beek, Zirkee, Depay, Wijnaldum & Janssen and coupled with Portugal beating Northern Ireland 3-0 meant Holland went into the final game, three points and with a six goal difference behind. Meaning they had to beat Portugal by at least FOUR clear goals to take top spot in the group and qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

“This is it lads. Win tonight and by four goals and we take that top spot. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s going to be hard. Portugal are very good. But you know what, you’re BETTER!! Now go out there tonight, show them, show the fans and show yourselves just how good you truly are. Tonight you can make a name for yourself. Each and everyone of you can. I know you can do it. I love each and everyone of you. Veel succes!

Scott: Yeah those results against Palace & Leicester were disappointing, but that was the bedding in period. And losing to Portugal, they were simply better on the day. Some of the players they've got, wow. And with the way i play, Fab and Keita are lucky if they play two in a row, so bringing in these two was much needed.

Seb: All good things must come to an end :(

Jack: He was great for me at Ajax last season. So seeing him listed, it was an easy decision. And gives us much needed depth and competition. Elmas will play an important role as well, but not as important as Arthur will become to this team.
Bloody hell, those results are mental. You're smashing clubs left, right and centre and then you go and get hammered against Crystal Palace! Such a strange run of form. Then again, the fact Vincent Janssen seems to know where the net actually is suggests the whole save is just strange at this point. :P

Good work nonetheless, with both Liverpool and Holland.

It’s lonely at the top

With Christmas approaching my thoughts drifted towards Sarah and the kids. It’s been almost a year since she kicked me out. Christmas Day, 2020. In the ensuing year that’s followed, i’ve tried to convince Sarah that nothing happened between me and Anniek but it fell on deaf ears. And now my wife has being seeing another man for the past few weeks. And the image of them together just won’t leave my mind, as much as i try. It’s burned deep inside my mind, no matter what i do i just can’t rid myself of it.

Even though Sarah filed for divorce, i’ve dragged my feet and refused to cave in. Deep down i believe i can salvage this, but that hope is dwindling day by day. And with Marco (van Basten), Michael (Reiziger), Aron (Winter), Carlo (L’Ami), John (Achterberg), Bjorn (Rekelhof), Frank (van Deursen), Jasper (Steens), Jesper (Gabriels) joining me in Liverpool from Ajax. Not only were they staff members, they were also trusted friends, but still, the loneliness was eating away inside of me.

Professionally the world was at my feet. Soaring high with Liverpool, after all the success with Ajax in the two years prior, meant that in just three short years i was being mentioned as one of the best managers around. But yet without Sarah by my side, it didn’t feel as good. Winning that Champions League as a 19 year old player, Sarah was with me. It felt amazing. Winning it last season, looking around the stadium hoping she and the kids were watching, it felt empty. I should’ve been on top of the world, but I wasn't. As much as I loved Amsterdam and Ajax, I knew I had to get away. With Sarah fleeing to England after our break-up made my choice that much easier. Hoping being in the same country as her, I might win her back and see my kids more regularly, but neither has happened. And with nothing in my life, the drinking became a regular occurence. Every night I'd get through at least a bottle of Whiskey. Marco knew there was something amiss with me and every time he asked, I just laughed it off. Marc and Marco were my closest buddies, we’ve been through it all together. On the training pitch, in the stadiums, press conferences, I was a happy, smiling, bubbly person. Once my day at work had finished that all changed. And instead I dived head first into a depressive, alcoholic state.

I knew this wouldn’t get Sarah and my children back. The life i loved, but that wasn’t going to happen at this rate. The troubles of the past plagued on my mind as the drink overtook me. That one evening 30 years ago. Even though i was on the books with Ajax, my childhood was less than perfect. And at times i was uncontrollable. And one evening it all came to a head, quite literally. Pouring the alcohol down my throat, seemed like harmless fun, then came the moment it all changed.

“Let’s steal a car” Thinking back on those words I uttered, I shook my head furiously, before slamming my hand down onto the table in front of me.

“Why Milan, why did that idiotic thought enter your mind?” Talking to myself now and in that instant i knew i was on the verge of breaking. “Why the fuck did you do that?” reliving that moment through my end time after time. Every day i asked myself. I wanted to make amends, i tried, but they wouldn’t listen. And I couldn't blame them. They wanted me dead and right now, I want myself dead.

Transfer News

We’re delighted to announce the signing of Hugo Lloris from Tottenham Hotspur.

The French World Cup Winning goalkeeper has signed a contract with the club until 2024.

#WelcomeHugo #Liverpool

"I'm delighted to have captured Hugo's signature. He might be 35 now, but he's still world class and will provide ample back up for Alisson and give him the competition he deserves. And with Hugo being in the last 6 months of his contract at Spurs, getting him for £8.5 million for his class and stature is a snip in today's transfer market."

Contract Extension

"We're delighted to announce that Alisson has signed a two year extension at the club, contracting him until 2026."

"I'm extremely happy to commit my future to this wonderful club. With Milan at the helm, i believe we can fulfill all my hopes and dreams here. Winning the Premier League was special, but i want to win it again and the F.A Cup, but most importantly, i want to win the Champions League. That will be a special moment in my career if we can do that."

Alisson has copped a huge pay rise in the process, but that reason is because he's one on the list that Milan doesn't want to sell. And has recently rejected huge contracts for Virgil and Sadio, as he believes if they sign the huge contract they want, they'll be harder to offload should bids that match Milan's valuation of them be made.
A very raw, emotional update. Fantastically written. Milan appears to be in a very deep, dark place.

Lloris, meanwhile, is an excellent back-up to Alisson. Plenty of experience and quality, despite his age.
Lloris makes for a high-quality, highly-experienced backup. He will prove to be more than just a good player on the pitch, but also an incredible leader in the dressing room. A wonderful presence to have around.
A quite brilliant update going in to depth about how someone can be on the top of the world in their professional lives but still feel as if they have nothing. Great work mate!

Around the World in 2022

Some standout ties in the last 16 of the Champions League, none more so than Milan de Koningh’s Liverpool taking on Barcelona. Milan taking on Real Madrid, Bayern hosting PSG. Liverpool have undoubtedly got the hardest task of all the English clubs. As Manchester United face Dortmund and in another England vs. Germany, it’s Hoffenheim going against Arsenal with their North London Rivals tumbling out at the group stage as RB Leipzig and Inter finishing ahead of them.

Milan’s former club, Ajax. Who he took to glory in last seasons Champions League, and the Europa League, season beforehand, finds themselves in the Europa League after finishing behind Arsenal and Milan. And they go against another team in Italy, AS Roma.


Pipping Portugal to top spot, has given the Netherlands a tricky group stage draw, with Nigeria, Colombia and old enemy, Germany. With them set to take on the Germans in the first game, tensions could be running high. There’s a considerable amount of hate amongst the two countries, Milan especially disliking his German counterparts.

With the World Cup coming up in November, the draw was made and most of the groups were relatively easy for the main favourites, but the group that grabbed most attention was Group C. As hated rivals, Netherlands and Germany were drawn together with tricky opposition in Colombia and Nigeria. Many experts marking this group down as the group of death, but one that Milan de Koningh is licking his lips in excitement over.

Scott: Thanks mate. And yeah had a few ideas with him, so trying to work things out. And really pleased with grabbing Lloris.

Justice: Thanks. And couldn't have said it better myself.

Seb: Thanks mate, will be delving into his past and current situations over the next few weeks. Hope they come out alright :)

Barcelona will prove to be very tough opposition in the CL. Hopefully you can reproduce some of Origi's heroics from real life :P
Barcelona will be a tough test, but good luck to Milan and the squad... there's no reason why they can't get the job done. I enjoyed looking at some of the other European league and there are definitely some surprises in the way they have developed. The likes of Roma, Sporting and Braga have really fallen in their respective leagues.

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