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Milan de Koningh - I Nerazzurri

Started on 24 March 2019 by Nerazzurri
Latest Reply on 14 August 2019 by Jack

Meeting the boss

A couple of days are completing a long, arduous season. And now i’m in Boston, meeting John W. Henry to review how the season went. I knew they’d be happy with how the season had panned out, Champions League, being the exception. But still, I wasn't worried in the slightest about losing my job.

As John walked over, greeting me with his usual handshake.

“Milan, it’s wonderful to see you again. Please come in.” Leading me into his office, i sat down on a couch of his as he offered me a drink. Politely accepting it, he began pouring it as he spoke.

“It’s been quite the season, Milan. I knew we were right to reject Didier for you. Obviously going out to Barcelona was the most disappointing aspect of this season, but they’re a great team and we can’t really be too frustrated in that instance.”

“That’s the one that still rankles with me. Dominated them in both games and got suckered by late goals in both. I’m just glad they went out in the next round though.”

Walking over and handing me the drink, as i thanked John. He sat down and crossed his legs, as he looked over towards me.

“Well from our perspective, you’ve got plenty of time to put that right if you carry on managing the team to the standard that you’ve set this season.”

Putting the drink down, i looked John in the eyes.

“That’s the main reason why i’m here, John. I wanted to tell you face to face and not over the phone. I don’t know if you caught my comments after the game, but i said i felt this was too easy and needed a proper challenge. And thinking it over, it’s what i need. I’ve loved my time here. The players, the staff, the fans, the city, everything. But right now, i need to move on and go somewhere that will really challenge me. A new culture, new everything. I’m leaving and i wanted you to be the second to know. I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity you gave me and the backing that’s gone with it. But i’m leaving Liverpool.”

“I did catch those comments and i was hoping that they’d come to nothing, but on the off chance they did. We put together a shortlist for this eventuality. It’s disappointing, but i respect your reasons and for you telling me face to face. So i guess this means goodbye then, Milan?”

With that we stood up and shook hands and nodded in unison.

“It does, John. I’ll be keeping an eye out on Liverpool’s results, don’t you worry.”

With Pep Guardiola replacing Milan de Koningh as Liverpool manager, only knows what Milan thinks about that. It was Pep after all that replaced Milan at Ajax just twelve months ago.

With recent speculation linking Milan de Koningh to several clubs, it’s understood that he’s had interviews with Espanyol, Villarreal and a potential emotional homecoming to Ajax. But it seems the Ajax fans aren’t over him leaving just yet, so will that hamper a return to the place he calls home.

Seb: Yeah i was shocked at the outcome of both finals, good to see though. And yeah, we’re looking good going into the World Cup. Can’t wait.

Surely clubs will be flocking to attain Milan's services? Looking club to where his next destination lies seeing as though a return to Amsterdam looks to be off the table.
Big decision to resign from Liverpool after such achievements. Certainly seems like there is sadness on the fans' part as well, a return to Ajax would be emotional although not perhaps the right time if fan reaction is anything to go by.

de Koningh set for Ajax return?

“Milan, we know the fans aren’t exactly pleased about the thought of you coming back so soon after leaving and taking a few of the players with you. But everyone understood your reasons. Everyone understood their reasons as well. As good as we’ve been in Europe with you at the helm, the Eredivisie is a very, very weak league. And those players wanted to test themselves at the highest levels. But with Pep taking over from you, again. We’ve had interest from Mourinho and Zidane about taking over, but you’re out first choice. Always have been, always will be. What do you say?” Marc sat opposite me with the contract, ready and waiting for me to sign it.

“I’ve seen the fans are pretty upset with the prospect of me returning despite all i’ve done for them and the team. And i really want to come back and finish what we’ve started, but i think we all realise that time isn’t now. I love the club, love the fans, love everything about it. And i don’t want to spoil my legacy here, so when i do return, it’ll be my last job in Football. Thank you for the opportunity, Marc. And i know the fans will come round, but i don’t want there to be any anger due to my appointment. So thank you, but it’s a no from me.” Marc nodded his head, acknowledging what i’ve said.

“Understandable, Milan. And i’m certain when you’re ready to return, everyone will welcome you back with open arms. So what’s next?” Pondering Marc’s question, I simply shrugged my shoulders.

“Haven’t got a clue, Marc. But i want a challenge, whatever it is. I want to build something, like we built here. So i guess, only time will tell.” Standing up to embrace a man who's like my brother, it was hard saying no to him and Ajax, but the time wasn’t right.

“Well wherever it you decide to go, they’re getting one hell of a man and a manager.” Smiling as Marc actually said some kind words.

“You’ve got to say that, you’re my best mate remember!” Both laughing, he nodded his head.

“I could’ve called you the worlds biggest asshole, but wanted to be nice. But we need to get together more often and with the families as well.”

"I couldn't agree more, brother."

With de Koningh turning down an emotional return to Ajax and no one seemingly knowing where he’ll end up next. Will he stick by his words and take on a new challenge, or will he just stick with the Netherlands national team as they get closer to the World Cup in Qatar.

The tension! Another big name takes to the dugout at Ajax, mind you.
Nerazzurri's avatar Group Nerazzurri
4 yearsEdited

A new era begins

“Milan, it’s great to see you again. I’m going to cut straight to the chase. We’ve interviewed both you and Diego Simeone as the only viable candidates we want to entrust this club too, with regards to moving us forward. And to be honest with you, there isn’t much to choose from between you both. You’ve both won the Europa and Champions League. You’ve both won your top divisions in the strongest leagues in the world. And ultimately we prefer your style of management and how your teams play and believe you’re the person to take us forward and to get us back amongst the elite on a consistent basis. We had a very good season in the Champions League, even if we came up somewhat short. But domestically we failed to capitalise on that Championship win a couple of years back and have fallen off again.” A huge smile creeps over my face as I look the chairman and gleefully accepts the offer.

“Mr. Zhang, i can’t thank you enough. This is a club that is close to my families heart. My father is a huge fan, and despite leaving to move to the Netherlands to be with my mother, he always had a constant reminder in me.”

“Is that where you got your name from?”

“It is indeed, Mr. Zhang. I’m looking to build a dynasty here and i can’t do that without my staff. So that’s my only demand and that’s they come with me. Without them i wouldn’t have had half the success as i have done. And as much as i want this job, i won’t take it without them.” Mr. Zhang took a few seconds and nodded his head.

“I can agree with that demand, Milan. It’s good to see that you have such loyalty to those closest to you. It’s an admirable trait. But one that i hope doesn’t cloud your judgement with the players.” I could see what Mr. Zhang was getting at and I completely understood.

“As shown in the past, my judgement has never been clouded just because of my loyalty. So that won’t be an issue at all.”

“Excellent. Well with all that sorted out, i’d like to officially welcome you to Milan and hope we enjoy huge success with you at the helm of the I Nerazzurri and you never know, do that and you might just become the La Beneamata (The Cherished One). If you see Miriam, she will help you get settled and deal with everything you need. Thank you for accepting, Milan. And before i forget, due to stipulations in their loan contracts we’ve had to buy Donny van de Beek and James Rodriguez. But if they’re not the type of players you want, we can look at moving them on.” Mr. Zhang said as he shook my hand.

“Thank you for entrusting me with the club. You won’t be disappointed. And i’ve worked with Donny at Ajax, but Rodriguez as good as he once was, he won’t fit into my plans, Mr. Zhang.”

An exciting new project awaits at Inter! Not only that, we now know the reasoning behind Milan's name. ;)
A very Inter-esting turn of events here. It looks like Milan now have their Milan!
Finally knowing what club Milan will be at next season is great to see. Hopefully Milan and Inter are a great fit for each other, and you can guide them back to their former glory!
A shame that an exciting and heartfelt return to Ajax was not available, but it didn't have enough support from the fans I guess. Inter will be a great challenge considering that Italian football is very much in Juve's favour at the moment.
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Without you, i’m nothing

“Marco, i can’t do this without you. In fact i’ve already told Mr. Zhang that if my staff doesn’t follow, i don’t sign. It’s as simple as that.”

“I want to carry on our working relationship, Milan. But A.C hold a special place in my heart, i won so much during my six years there. The fans, if i moved with you they’ll never forgive me.”

“I understand that, Marco. But Ronaldo, Zlatan, Pirlo, Bonucci just to name a few have played for both and been adored by both. I need you man, i really do.” Marco was hesitating but he stared at me with a look that he’s given me a couple of times during the years we’ve known one another.

“Ok my friend, you’ve got a deal. I’ve missed the city, it’s a beautiful place. Let’s do it.” Jumping up out of my seat, Marco had a smile as he stood to his feet and we embraced.

“We’re going to do glorious things in Milan, my friend. Glorious things.” I said whispering to him.

“So have you assessed the squad yet?” Marco even though he just accepted my offer, was ever professional.

“I have. We don’t have the funds we had at Liverpool nor in the last season at Ajax, but we’re stacked up front. So my plan is to sell Icardi.” Marco smirked hearing me say that.

“Sell one of the best players? You’re really not hanging about are you?” Shaking my head.

“No i’m not. You know how serious i am, Marco. We’ve got Martinez, Pinamonti & Merola. He’s 29 now, so it’s time to sell and reinvest that into other areas of the squad. Samir is retiring at the end of the season, so we need to look for a long term replacement for him. We’re a long way down the line in selling Vrsaljko to Tottenham already. I’ve spoken to him already and he’s set on joining Tottenham, so we need to strengthen both fullback positions.” Marco smiled knowing just how detailed i’ve become in recent years.

“Seems like you’ve got the backline covered and the attacking situation, but what about midfield?”

“We’ve got Barella, Palacios, Nainggolan, Benedetti, van de Beek, Rodriguez, Zaha & Politano. Many who whom are non-EU players and we’ve got a limit on how many we can have. So we do have a good starting point there, but still i’ve got ideas on how i want to move forwards and believe that we can strengthen everywhere we want. But we need to be shrewd in how we go about it.” Marco nodded his head, actually looking excited about the adventure that confronts us.

“Didier and Juventus won’t know what has hit them.” Laughing at Marco as he ushers us away. “Let’s get going then, Milan.”

Scott: A very exciting project indeed. One i’m certainly looking forward too. Wrestle that Serie A title from Juventus is a priority :)

Justice: It’s going to be very INTEResting.

Seb: All the pieces fell into the puzzle, thankfully. But if Simeone had’ve got the job ahead of me, i would’ve gone to Madrid instead. And i intend to guide them back to their former glories, they deserve it.

Jack: It very much is in Juve’s favour at the moment. Although Napoli did wrestle the crown from them in 18/19 and Inter did it in 20/21, it’s still very much Juventus as Italy’s dominant side. And a return to Ajax just wasn’t plausible right now. Near the end of Milan’s career though. You never know.

Glad to see Marco is on board, despite his initial reservations about making the transition to Inter. A huge decision has already been made by Milan in regards to selling Icardi - one of Europe's deadliest forwards today - I look forward to seeing if any other important decisions, such as this, are made before the window closes.

Icardi leaves Inter

Luciano Spalletti has gone back to his old club, Inter Milan and brought Mauro Icardi to Manchester City for a huge fee of £83,000,000. Milan de Koningh was quick to make Icardi surplus to requirements at Inter.

“With Lautaro (Martinez), Andrea (Pinamonti) & Davide (Merola) we’ve got some exceptional talent in our forward line. Parting with Icardi wasn’t an easy decision, but ultimately he doesn’t fit in with my plans, nor does the professionalism he’s shown in the past fit in with my virtues. And this transfer will allow us to reinvest into other areas of the squad.”

De Koningh was clearly happy about allowing Icardi to leave. And even though he was in his prime, getting the fee that he did was amazing and took some negotiating. But it remains to be seen if it’s for the best, as de Koningh claims it could be.

Scott: It was vital getting van Basten onboard, he’s been integral to Milan’s success.
A big loss as he undoubtedly has a lot of talent and his transfer fee suggests that explicitly. However, his departure should allow the likes of Martinez and Merola (who I know is a class act) to flourish in this environment of open competition!
Shame to see him go but, as you said, there's plenty of striking talent at Inter. You've got good money in for Icardi, which can be reinvested into other areas.

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