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Kalle Koskinen: The Iceman

Kalle Koskinen Challenges The World Of Football In This Tale
Started on 23 April 2019 by Justice
Latest Reply on 7 December 2019 by Griffo
Just like every young child, Mia has a sense of adventure and intrigue about the world that surrounds her.
Such a happy child, shame about her being murdered about to die through childbirth, though. :(
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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Peimari Unveil New Kits

Peimari United Unveiled Their New Kits For The 2021 Season


Peimari United's players will be donning brand new kit designs for the 2021 season, with both home and away jerseys released to the general public. Both jerseys have retained the lion's head over the use of the club's official logo for the season, with the club still holding onto the proud nickname of Paimion Leijonat.

Peimari United signed a one-year extension with Puma, who manufactured the kits on display. Peimari signed with the German company last season and their partnership has since proven to be a major success. The German sports company currently manufactures kits for English giants Manchester City, major German side Borussia Dortmund, as well as a host of top Finnish clubs including FC Honka, HIFK, IFK Mariehamn, KuPS, RoPS, TPS and VPS. Puma has long since been a beloved kit producer for Finnish football, and Puma have taken advantage of a relatively uncompetitive market in a country with a strong economic structure.

Supercell, a Finnish mobile gaming company, signed a one-year extension to be the main, and only, kit sponsors of Peimari United, once again. Supercell are mainly noted for producing hit mobile game Clash of Clans, which has long been one of the most downloaded mobile games in the world. Supercell have been noted for their donations to charity. The employees of the company donated €3.4M to the Finnish New Children's Hospital project during the early stages of the project; the largest donation by any Finnish company employees ever. The founders of Supercell, Mikko Kodisoja and Ilkka Paananen, have also set up non-profit charity organisations which have spent millions for children in Finland.

The two sponsorship deals have earned Peimari United an estimated total of €425,000. This comes as a notable increase of €200,000 from the deals that Peimari United held last term. Any future deal with Puma, or another company, should Peimari United earn European qualification, is expected to be another major increase.

The home kit features an extraordinary design. With a black background, a blue-green ocean colour, and pattern, encompasses much of the lower part of the torso and sleeves. A dark-green line separates the lower and upper sections of the design.

The away kit is hooped in design, with a mix of two different shades of green. The sleeves are embroidered with white stripes to create a diversity in appearance.

Both home and away kit don a lion's head instead of the club's official logo. The lion's head is used as a testament to the club being affectionately known as Paimion Leijonat (The Lions of Paimio) over the past season. The text Paimion Leijonat is written underneath the backs of the collars of both sets of kits.

Comment Section

TheLFCFan, ScottT, Jack, I would like to thank the three of you for your continued support throughout. It has been a pleasure to write for you.

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Another beautiful kit! Lets hope for further success that is just as beautiful.
The money recouped from sponsorships goes a long way for clubs like Peimari. I really like the kits, as per.
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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Season 2021: Suomen Cup Qualifying

An Overview Of Peimari United In Suomen Cup Qualifying 2021

Kalle Koskinen:
"A new season was upon us. We had earned promotion to the Veikkausliiga with our heroics from the previous season but we first had to contend with the wonders of the qualification process for the Suomen Cup. The qualifiers provided us with ample opportunity to tweak our tactical work on the pitch ahead of a tough league campaign."


Peimari Recorded A Perfect Qualification Process With Five Wins From Five

Perfect. Just perfect. SJK provided stern opposition in our season-opening qualifier at HakkisPaana. However, Ollila proved to be the difference as he assisted and scored to earn us a much-needed opening day victory. We followed this up with a tense win away to TPS. After twice falling behind, we climbed back and went on to win thanks to a late goal. The manner of the victory was pleasing, with the players showing their stomach to keep fighting.

A pair of 1-0 victories followed, with tight wins coming against VPS and FC Inter Turku. This was then followed up by a routine 2-0 win over RoPS to round off the qualification process with us earning a 100% win record throughout. It was a brilliant opportunity for the players to prove they can perform as full-time footballers, for the first time, and to build up match fitness and on-pitch tactical awareness.

Suomen Cup Qualifying

Peimari United Topped The Group With Some Ease

Our perfect record easily put us top of the table. SJK, RoPS and TPS joined us in qualification. However, FC Inter Turku surprisingly missed out on qualification. The last sixteen was due to be played at the end of April. You can find out who we were drawn against in the next update, because I was too lazy to write it in this one.

Comment Section

TheLFCFan, hopefully the opponents will just give up when they see the kits!
ScottT, the money is a major boost, of course. We are hoping for that to increase in future seasons to further improve the standing of the football club.

Previous Update: #73 - Peimari Unveil New Kits
Next Update: #75 - Squad Overview: Peimari United 2021
A very easygoing group stage against some better teams really! Congratulations also on a very well-deserved Story of the Month award.
Five out of five. Perfect! Lots of clean-sheets and goals, too. Positive signs for the season ahead, definitely. Congratulations on the Story of the Month award, too. You deserved it after an incredible month of writing.
At least you were honest in being lazy, although surely that line could of been used to put the opponent? ;)

Five out of Five, are we supposed to be surprised? Good start and hopefully this is the year you can finally go all the way!
Justice's avatar Group Justice
3 yearsEdited

Squad Overview: Peimari United 2021

A Look At Peimari United's Squad Ahead Of The 2021 Veikkausliiga Season

No. Name | Age | Position | Nationality | CA/PA
1. Aatu Hakala | 20 y/o (28/07/2000) | GK | Finnish | /
Wage: €275 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €69,000

25. Tyler Whitesides | 18 y/o (26/03/2003) | GK | American | /
Wage: €450 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €425

22. Ville Saikkonen | 27 y/o (23/09/1993) | GK | Finnish | /
Wage: €240 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €650

12. Bruno Rodrigues | 24 y/o (03/10/1996) | D(R),AM(R) | Portuguese | /
Wage: €240 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €67,000

26. Arttu Eerola | 20 y/o (14/08/2000) | D(R) | Finnish | /
Wage: €120 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €500

24. Richard Latham | 19 y/o (18/01/2002) | D(C) | English | /
Wage: €240 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €98,000

28. Mikko-Petteri Latosaari | 27 y/o (25/09/1993) | D(RC) | Finnish | /
Wage: €250 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €31,500

32. Teemu Honkaniemi | 30 y/o (25/01/1991) | D(C),DM | Finnish | /
Wage: €240 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €1,600

5. Johannes Mononen | 29 y/o (04/05/1991) | D(C),DM | Finnish | /
Wage: €250 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2021 | Value: €30,500

4. Rasmus Holma | 28 y/o (13/09/1992) | D(C) | Finnish | /
Wage: €240 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €86,000

3. Jukka Virtanen | 18 y/o (15/08/2002) | D(L) | Finnish | /
Wage: €240 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €32,500

23. Felipe Aspegren | 27 y/o (12/02/1994) | D(RLC),DM,WB(L) | Finnish | /
Wage: €300 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €84,000

16. Eero Hyöktvirta | 22 y/o (17/03/1999) | DM,M(C) | Finnish | /
Wage: €325 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €98,000

30. Aleksi Kylmälä | 21 y/o (26/08/1999) | DM,M(C),AM(C) | Finnish | /
Wage: €250 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €67,000

8. Oliver Antman | 19 y/o (15/08/2001) | M(C),AM(C),ST | Finnish | /
Wage: €675 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €86,000

15. Iiro Järvinen | 24 y/o (03/11/1996) | DM,M(C),AM(C) | Finnish | /
Wage: €240 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2023 | Value: €100,000

14. Sasha Popovitch | 27 y/o (08/05/1993) | M(C),AM(C) | Finnish | /
Wage: €250 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €105,000

31. Jarno Seppälä | 17 y/o (15/07/2003) | M(C),AM(C) | Finnish | /
Wage: €240 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €2,500

29. Kevin Larsson | 19 y/o (15/09/2001) | AM(RL) | Finnish | /
Wage: €325 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2024 | Value: €130,000

19. Justus Kauppinen | 23 y/o (27/04/1997) | M(R),AM(RL) | Finnish | /
Wage: €275 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €93,000

7. Aleksi Ollila | 20 y/o (25/04/2000) | AM(LC),ST | Finnish | /
Wage: €300 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2023 | Value: €135,000

11. Riku Sjöroos | 26 y/o (10/03/1995) | M(L),AM(RL) | Finnish | /
Wage: €240 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €93,000

10. Jesper Santanen | 17 y/o (20/07/2003) | ST | Finnish | /
Wage: €275 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €81,000

9. Rasmus Nielsen | 18 y/o (23/08/2002) | ST | Danish | /
Wage: €275 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2023 | Value: €125,000

20. Antti Pokela | 23 y/o (18/11/1997) | ST | Finnish | /
Wage: €240 p/w | Expiry Date: 30/11/2022 | Value: €2,500

Comment Section

Jack & ScottT, thank you very much sirs, I'm happy to have your support!
TheLFCFan, where would be the fun in that? :P

Previous Update: #74 - Season 2021: Suomen Cup Qualifying
Next Update: #76 - Perfect Peimari Punish Horrendous HJK
A promising team going up into the top tier. Looks like it could do some serious damage.
Some real class in the ranks. Intrigued to see a bit of continental goodness distilled within the squad!
Justice's avatar Group Justice
3 yearsEdited

Perfect Peimari Punish Horrendous HJK

Peimari United Opened Their Veikkausliiga Account With A 3-0 Win Over Reigning Champions HJK


Veikkausliiga football threw up an incredible shock on the opening day as reigning champions HJK succumbed to a 3-0 defeat to Peimari United at HakkisPaana in Sauvo. Goals from Kevin Larsson, Riku Sjöroos and Rasmus Nielsen delighted a capacity crowd of 400 as the home fans witnessed their team earn an incredible victory in their first ever Veikkausliiga appearance.

Peimari United were certainly buoyed by back-to-back league titles and promotions and, having won five of five Suomen Cup qualifying fixtures, headed into their clash with HJK on good form and with a very positive morale. The home side were in a positive mood and this was emphasised by their performance on the pitch, as they began to produce their much-famed high pressing style from the very first minute. The Paimion Leijonat played with heart, passion and desire, while their tactical and physical preparation combined with their incredible youthful exuberance to eviscerate HJK's defences.

It took less than ten minutes for the hosts to find the back of the net, and it was teenage sensation Kevin Larsson who scored the opening goal with an incredible finish. Full back Jukka Virtanen had raced into space down the left wing and controlled Oliver Antman's cross-field ball with aplomb. Virtanen fired in a back post cross, which evaded defender Faith Friday Obilar. The ball bounced once before Kevin Larsson wrapped his foot around the ball to send an immaculate half-volley soaring into the goal, grazing the inside of the near post on the way.

Kevin Larsson Scored An Early Contender For Goal Of The Month With A Super Half-Volley

HJK were unable to quench the early storm which they found themselves under and Peimari's attack was running amok in their box. The hosts found a deserved second on the quarter-hour mark through Riku Sjöroos. Midfielder Oliver Antman was at the heart of everything positive for Peimari United, and he picked out Sjöroos unmarked in HJK's penalty box. Sjöroos needed just two touches as he controlled the ball with his first before wrapping a low, pitch-skidding effort into the far corner.

Minutes later, Peimari scored a third. Danish teenage striker Rasmus Nielsen went an entire last season without scoring for Peimari United last term, but found the net with a deft finish. Riku Sjöroos was the creator, as he kept the ball in play following a rebounded shot. Sjöroos stood up Faith Friday Obilar, before producing a clever feint which left Obilar on the deck. Sjöroos' low driven cross was deflected into the far corner by Nielsen, who had been waiting on the six yard box. Game over.
Peimari United 3-0 HJK

Player Ratings:
Peimari United:
GK: Hakala (6.9)
DR: Aspegren (8.0)
DCR: Mononen (7.6)
DCL: Latosaari (7.6)
DL: Virtanen (7.8)
DM: Hyökyvirta (8.1)
MCR: Antman (6.9) [65']
MCL: Järvinen (6.9) [65']
AMR: Larsson (8.2)
AML: Sjöroos (9.1)
ST: Nielsen (7.4) [60']
Subs Used:
Sub 1: Santanen (6.6) [60']
Sub 2: Popovitch (6.7) [65']
Sub 3: Kylmälä (6.8) [65']

Manager: Kalle Koskinen
GK: Kozlinski (6.6)
DR: Ramon (6.8)
DCR: Obilar (6.1)
DCL: O'Shaughnessy (6.4)
DL: Pirinen (6.2)
MCR: Yaghoubi (6.7)
MCL: Annan (6.5) [60']
AMR: Wellington (6.4)
AMC: Akale (6.2) [60']
AML: Jeisson (6.3)
ST: Riski (6.2) [60']
Subs Used:
Sub 1: Dahlström (6.6) [60']
Sub 2: Agudo (6.5) [60']
Sub 3: Fernando (6.5) [60']

Manager: Mika Lehkosuo

Peimari United Blew HJK Away With Three Early Goals

Kalle Koskinen:
"I don't think I could have asked for too much of a better start from the boys! It was a very strong performance from everybody. They showed great commitment to our tactical philosophies and were very regimented when they needed to be. The pre-season that we had was very tough but we showed today that it benefited us a lot to have some tough challenges early on.

I thought our pressing was fantastic. We used our energy and our desire to really put a lot of pressure on HJK. We then showed great tactical nous to keep them under pressure and to not give them a way out. We were hungry and showed ferocity, but we did not sacrifice our principles in doing so. It was a very proud performance, and one which makes the players deserve the title of 'Paimion Leijonat'!

It is a very good start for us in Veikkausliiga. Beating the reigning champions is no easy thing to do and we can consider it a fantastic accomplishment. It is, however, just one game. We have thirty-two more to play before the league season is over and we have to produce similar performances in each game, that is the expectation now. We've set the bar very high for ourselves now but I want us to keep pushing that bar higher and higher with every game. That is the mentality that we need to have moving forward."

Comment Section

Jack, they have ability to do damage now, and the potential to go on to become one of the greatest teams in Veikkausliiga history!
ScottT, while the squad is mostly full of domestic talent, it is nice to see the likes of Whitesides come in. Hopefully a few more foreigners come in to add to the culture of the club, both on and off the pitch!

Previous Update: #75 - Squad Overview: Peimari United 2021
Next Update: #77 - Peimari Fans Call For Stadium Expansion
A fantastic victory to begin life in the top-life of Finnish football, especially when you consider the issues Peimari and Koskinen have had against HJK in previous meetings. I'm sure Kalle is delighted to get the monkey off his back with this tremendous result which will surely have the rest of the division's undivided attention, if the other teams weren't aware already!
Great victory over HJK. Well done! Looking forward to more.

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