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Kalle Koskinen: The Iceman

Kalle Koskinen Challenges The World Of Football In This Tale
Started on 23 April 2019 by Justice
Latest Reply on 7 December 2019 by Griffo
Mixed bag of results in the league, but you're still quite close to the top spot, so not too much to worry about. But your next month with 9 league games is really going to define your season.
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The Dance Of The Dragon


Helsinki | Finland

Snow fell in clumps upon the Finnish capital. A cold breeze rattled between the buildings as temperatures plummeted below freezing. The ground was white and the sky was dark in the evening. A cold winter was forecasted but nobody anticipated just how cold it was to get. Everybody wore an extra set of clothing and normally avoided heading outside. However, Helsinki was buzzing a week before Christmas. Festive stalls and performances lined the streets, with ice rinks dotted around the capital wherever there was enough clear space.

Helsinki was considered to be one of Europe's most beautiful cities during the winter, due to its many parks and attractions which saw tourists enjoy lavish and authentic experiences. Some of the parks saw locals offer husky rides for tourists who wished to experience a more Arctic experience, while traditional mince and rice pastries did the rounds at stalls. Cinnamon rolls and prune-jam covered pastries were in abundance as both locals and tourists fed themselves to keep their stomachs warm. Children sipped on hot chocolates while adults gulped down generous portions of mulled wine.

To the north of the square in front of Helsinki's major railway station stood the iconic national. The building was relatively square-shaped in perimeter, with walls clad in stone blockwork. A large dome sat on the middle of the roof, with a number of smaller domes extending from four turrets. A set of lights at the front entrance lit the wall in a pale purple. A banner advertising the night's event was draped over the door. People gathered in the doorway, entering in groups at their own leisure.

The event in question was to be a performance from dance troupe Scoot. Having gathered a new set of performers over the past few years, Scoot had toured Europe and were critically-acclaimed to be one of the most talented group of performers in the world. Their lead dancer, Mia Eggenberger, had joined a few years ago from her homeland of Switzerland and had become an integral part of each performance. She was renowned for her artistic impressions and her toned figure. She attracted many admirers and many suitors, but remained single throughout her travelling career. She was only interested in true love.

Mia was stretching with the rest of her group behind stage as their manager, Syb van Doom, and doctor, Christian Schäfer, prepared them for the task ahead. Syb was a nice man, but often found himself on the receiving end of jokes. He once dated one of the group's dancers, Selena, who revealed that Syb had a micro-penis. The shame almost pushed the manager into leaving. However, he stuck out the shame and the group respected him more for it.

Christian Schäfer was something else. He was known as 'Der Professor' for his academic studies. He was a very well-educated man. However, he was not a figure that Mia was too fond of. Mia felt uncomfortable during her medical as a sixteen year old, when Christian examined her to see if she was suitable to join the troupe. Christian had a wandering eye, and appeared all too comfortable examining Mia's body. Christian had made advances upon Mia in the past, but Mia rejected him on each occasion. However, Christian had grown persistent and relentless in his pursuit for Mia's affections, which often strained any conversation Mia had with any other male.

As the show began, some of the group made their way to the stage. Mia continued to stretch and mentally recite her role for the performance. She was to join the event later on, following the introductory display, where she was to take centre-stage and perform a number of acrobatic displays. The performance which the troupe had planned for the night had Mia as the crown jewel of the performance. She was nervous, but comfortable with her role. She had excelled in the role before and she had become a renowned star.

Mia listened to the songs which the troupe danced to, and counted down the seconds until she had to head on stage. She took a sip of water, and hopped on the spot a couple of times before heading out on to stage. Her white dress, which was covered in a veil of diamonds, glistened in the spotlights which lit up the stage. She heard the crowd gasp in awe of her beauty as she made her way to the middle of the stage, and then a round of applause and some cheers. She held her arms aloft in appreciation, with an ear-to-ear smile lighting up her face.

To the rhythm of a drum which was beaten elsewhere on stage, Mia began to move with the grace of a mythical creature. She spun and contorted her body into a number of poses which she had practiced for months and demonstrated her dancing capabilities. The other dancers complimented her performance, but nobody outshone her. The audience fell into silence as they witnessed the performance with mouths hanging in awe, before breaking out into applause after a daring move or an acrobatic display.

The last performance of the night by Scoot was to be a routine called 'The Dance of the Dragon'. It was a complicated display which required each dancer to move in absolute unison. The dance troupe performed it elegantly. At the end of the display, two more performers appeared on stage and produced pyrotechnics to replicate the fire of a dragon's breath. The shape that the dancers and other performers had performed mirrored that of a dragon. And then, all of a sudden, the performance ended with the performers holding their final positions.

The crowd were stunned into silence. After several seconds, the spectators burst into a euphoric round of applause and cheers. The performers made their way to the edge of the stage, hand-in-hand, and breathed in the crowd's praise. As one, the performers bowed and smiled and applauded the crowd. They had put in an incredible performance which the fans had appreciated and they were able to ease up and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Mia walked the edge of the stage, waving to fans as she walked past. Her eyes locked onto those of a man who sat in the middle of the seats. He had short blonde hair combed back and a slight beard threatening to break out. His face was weathered, as if he was an outdoors labourer of some sort, but he appeared to be no older than Mia. He met her gaze and the pair stared at each other for some time. A smile appeared on the man's face, and Mia couldn't help but replicate the gesture. She felt a connection which she had not felt with any man before. Is this love at first sight?

Comment Section

Jim | I think the Finnish league will always be a tightly-contested one. There is a surprising amount of quality distributed throughout the division, and everybody has ambitions to either win the league or qualify for Europe.
ScottT | It is sometimes difficult to remember that this is the team's first season in the Veikkausliiga, playing at such a high intensity. They will grow into it, I'm sure of it.
Jack | Hopefully we can pull things in our favour!
TheLFCFan | You just had to say it, didn't you? :P
SonOfAnarchy | Indeed it shall, hopefully for the better.

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What a nice update mate. Once again, your storytelling is out of this world. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Mia found the one? ;)
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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Peimari Confirm Claeys Capture

Peimari United Signed Belgian Teenage Striker Guido Claeys On A Free Transfer From FC Bolton Bolts


Peimari United today completed the signing of eightheen year old Belgian striker Guido Claeys. Claeys joined the Veikkausliiga club on a free transfer from US development side FC Bolton Bolts, where he was rated as one of Belgium's up-and-coming young stars. Claeys scored thirty goals in fifty-six games in all competitions for FC Bolton Bolts, and made his debut for Belgium's U21 side earlier this year, before securing a move to the Finnish side as the Veikkausliiga's transfer window opened.

Born in Aalst in Belgium, Guido was the youngest of three children. His parents, a banker and a shopkeeper, moved their whole family to the US when Guido was a young child. Guido showed tremendous talent as a youngster and made his debut for FC Bolton Bolts last year, at the age of sixteen. Guido went on to make fifty-six appearances in all competitions for the team, scoring an incredible thirty goals in the process. Such fine form led to Claeys earning a call-up to Belgium's youth teams. After making six appearances for the U19s last year, Guido made the step-up to the U21s this year and made his debut at that level in a friendly against Scotland in March. Claeys has not made any more appearances at that level since.

Claeys was handed the number seventeen shirt upon his arrival at Peimari United and will have to contend with established strikers Jesper Santanen, Rasmus Nielsen and Antti Pokela for a place in the starting eleven. Pokela is likely to leave the club either temporarily on loan, or permanently, however, with manager Kalle Koskinen set to give the three younger strikers more responsibility in the squad. Claeys will be unable to make his Peimari United debut for a number of weeks due to his presence at the UEFA U19s European Championships with Belgium, with his team set to kickoff against Serbia in two days time.

Peimari United manager Kalle Koskinen has relayed the hype surrounding his new acquisition but was keen not to set too many expectations for the youngster. The former Bayern Munich and Finland midfielder was quick to dismiss any suggestion of there being pressure on Claeys to perform at a high standard immediately, and instead suggested that Claeys would require time to settle in and find his feet. Koskinen did outline his belief in Claeys' potential, however, revealing that Peimari United beat a number of Europe's top clubs to his signature.

Guido Claeys Is One Of Belgium's Hottest Properties And Has Already Scored Thirty Senior Goals

Kalle Koskinen:
"We are very happy to be able to welcome Guido Claeys to the football club. He is a young boy with a very good attitude, a very modest character and he has a willingness to improve. Most importantly for us, he has the talent to succeed at any level of football he wants to. He has a fantastic track record to date, marking up over fifty senior appearances and scoring thirty goals, despite only turning eighteen years old a few days ago. He has pace, he is athletic, he can score goals, and he can create something out of nothing. He could become a complete striker in the future.

Guido is away with the Belgium U19s at the minute, preparing for the upcoming European Championships. This will mean that it will be a few weeks before he comes to the club and trains with the other boys for the first time. When he joins us, we will assess his level of fitness, how he fits in, and all that stuff. There is no rush for him to start playing immediately. Playing and living in Finland can be quite a huge cultural shock for a boy who spent so much of his life in the US. We will give him time and, when he is ready, he will get the opportunity to play.

I won't lie, we were a little bit surprised to be able to complete this signing. There were a number of other big clubs circling, that we were aware of, and we are obviously very delighted that Guido decided to join us. We can only offer him an opportunity, however, and it is up to him now to make sure that he takes it. He has everything he needs here at Peimari United to succeed, so now it is time for Guido to show us what he can do."

Comment Section

Jim | It does seem as though she has!

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Nice capture! This Belgian lad sure looks solid.
A pretty good looking prospect signed on a free, loving that. I'm sure he will become the first choice striker sooner or later. Let's hope he does well what most strikers don't which of course is, score goals. ;)
Shock :O a young striker signed up! But once again a very impressive prospect who will surely improve the squad. With Kalle expected to move on Pokela, Guido chances of making his mark will come quick and he will need to impress early on!
Excellent writing as always. Scoot are an excellent troupe, with an excellent name. ;) Looking forward to seeing how Claeys performs when he does make the move to Peimari. There appears to be a lot of hype around his signature that suggests he has a bright future ahead of him and, perhaps, doesn't have any business being in the Finnish Premiership. Regardless, it shows the appeal Koskinen has if he is able to attract players of such quality to the club, in spite of the lack of reputation around the league or club.
This story is really coming together now. The depth of which the details extends is incredible. An absolutely fantastic signing in Claeys too!
Justice's avatar Group Justice
3 yearsEdited

Season 2021: July

An Overview Of Peimari United In July 2021

Kalle Koskinen:
"We had one trophy in the bag but after a horrendous run of form, we were left in a tender position in the league. We knew that some drastic improvement was required for us to bounce back and to remain in contention for the title. We were hoping that signing a top player would make the difference."


Peimari United Signed Guido Claeys While Three Players Were Loaned Out

Players In
Our one signing was discussed in the previous update. Guido Claeys joined the club as one of Belgium's hottest young talents in the game. The eighteen year old striker had already scored thirty senior goals for FC Bolton Bolts, in just fifty-six appearances, and was set to reinvigorate our side with his quality and mentality. A brilliant acquisition.

Players Out
Three players left the club on loan. The first was youngster Cleiton Vieira, who joined PKKU for the remainder of the season. PKKU were playing in Kakkonen, and offered a starting role for Vieira. Striker Antti Pokela joined Kakkonen side Atlantis FC for the rest of the season. The arrival of Claeys pushed Pokela to being fourth-choice striker, and the loan was an opportunity for him to keep his match legs. Johannes Mononen soon joined him at Atlantis. We had five central defenders in the senior squad, Mononen was at the bottom of the pecking order. It made sense.


Peimari United Started July Very Brightly But Saw Their Good Form Fizzle Out

It went from good to bad. We recovered from last month well with three back-to-back wins, narrowly beating TPS, SJK and AC Oulu on the way. FIFK frustrated us at HakkisPaana in a goalless draw, before we bounced back by demolishing IFK Mariehamn away from home to the tune of 6-1. Unfortunately, our form dipped once again as we slipped to draws against VPS and FC Lahti before being demolished 3-0 away to FC Inter Turku to end the month poorly.

Player of the Month

Riku Sjöroos Was Peimari United's Star Player During July 2021

Riku Sjöroos was our hero in July. The left-sided inside forward scored four goals in a month full of ups and downs, and his goals proved to be crucial in earning us some invaluable points. Sjöroos certainly bounced back from his injury set-back at the end of last season, cementing his place as an integral part of our squad once again.

Riku Sjöroos' Monthly Stats
Appearances: 7
Goals: 4
Assists: 1
PotM Awards: 1
Disciplinary Record
Fouls Committed: 8 (1.14 per game)
Fouls Against: 6 (0.86 per game)
Yellow Cards: 1
Red Cards: 0
Attacking Play
Shots On Target Ratio: 60% (9/15)
Dribbles Completed: 3 (0.43 per game)
Key Passes: 6 (0.86 per game)
General Play
Pass Completion Ratio: 79.87% (127/159)
Headers Won: 11 (1.57 per game)
Average Rating: 7.27
Defensive Play
Key Tackles: 0 (0 per game)
Tackles Won Ratio: 100% (5/5)
Interceptions: 3 (0.43 per game)

Assistant Manager's Report
Value: €130,000
Wage: €240 p/w
Current Ability:
Potential Ability:


Peimari United Climbed Back To The Top Of The Table Despite Blip In Form

We were in a much better position than we were in a month ago. Our first five games of July saw us in incredible form, and this boosted our title hopes. However, we were wary of the teams behind us. A number of teams had games-in-hand due to European football commitments. HJK were still favourites to win the league, particularly with new manager Sami Valakari at the helm. We knew we would need to push them as hard as we could to earn the league title. They were the favourites, but we were a force to be reckoned with too.

Upcoming Fixtures

Peimari United Were To Play Five Games In August

We were edging towards the business end of the league season. Each game brought more and more pressure from the fans and the media. August was set to be a majorly important month for us in our pursuit for the title. RoPS and SJK were set to be our toughest opponents in August, but we knew we couldn't switch off the tap for a second. It was all or nothing for the players.

Comment Section

FML_Slipky | He is one of the brightest prospects in the game, and we were lucky to get him!
Jim | Sooner rather than later, I hope!
TheLFCFan | Somebody will have to move on to accommodate for Claeys in the squad, but that's football.
ScottT | Whether he stays and performs well or is sold for a big fee, I don't really mind. We're delighted with the capture, which will only be a positive for us!
Jack | Thank you Jock.

Previous Update: #85 - Peimari Confirm Claeys Capture
Next Update: #87 - Kevin Larsson Seals Sochi Switch
A mixed month I would say. Those last results really make it look worse than it is. On the positive side, you are still on top of the table. The first match in August against 2nd placed RoPS is crucial to the season. Take advantage of their recent form and pile on their misery!
A much better month in terms of overall form, despite the fact there was a clear blip towards the end resulting in a heavy loss to end it. You're in an amazing position for a club who are in their first ever season in the top-flight and that has to be applauded. It's astonishing to see so many players who have been part of the journey from the start still doing their bit and more!
A much better month, however, following that 6-1 win the drop in form was clear. Hopefully Kalle can sort that out quickly and it doesn't become a major issue. Top of the league is a great place to be at this point in the year, hopefully HJK slip up along the way with their few games in hand.
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Kevin Larsson Seals Sochi Switch

Peimari United's Kevin Larsson Joined Russian Premier League Side Sochi For €165,000


Finnish wide attacker Kevin Larsson today sealed his move to Russian Premier League side Sochi for a fee of €165,000. The nineteen year old wideman joined the club on a contract expiring in June 2024, where he will earn an estimated €1,200 per week. Larsson left Peimari United after his release clause was activated by Sochi. Peimari United had offered him a new contract, but were unable to match Larsson's wage demands. Larsson becomes the first player to be sold by Peimari United for a fee, but is some way off the record purchase of Sochi, who signed Mikhail Ignatov from Spartak Moscow for a fee of €2,016,000 last month.

Kevin Larsson joined Peimari United in 2019 for a fee of €250 from KäPa Helsinki. He quickly became a key player for the team, despite his young age, and helped the side to a Kakkonen league title and Kakkonen Cup title in his debut season. The following season was just as successful for Larsson and Peimari United, as they won the Ykkönen league title in an unbeaten league season. Larsson had been in incredible form this season in the Veikkausliiga, scoring ten times in league play for Peimari United in just twenty-one appearances, scoring twelve in all competitions this season. Larsson leaves the club having scored twenty-three goals and assisted twenty-nine more in just seventy-one appearances.

Larsson is likely to join up with the senior team of Sochi for the 2021/2022 season, which has already begun. Sochi were defeated by Lokomotiv Moscow earlier and currently sit bottom of the league with just three points from their opening five games, having beaten Nizhniy Novgorod four days ago. Larsson will be in line to make debut against Rostov next Saturday when the two sides meet at Fisht.

Peimari United manager Kalle Koskinen congratulated Kevin Larsson on his move to the Russian Premier League side, but spoke of his disappointment that his club were not able to convince Larsson to stay. Koskinen revealed that Peimari United are unlikely to pursue a direct replacement for Kevin Larsson this season, with the club under strict financial constraints until the end of the Veikkausliiga campaign.

Kevin Larsson's Peimari United Record (2019-2021)
Appearances: 21
Goals: 10
Assists: 7
Appearances: 16
Goals: 6
Assists: 10
Appearances: 16
Goals: 5
Assists: 4
Suomen Cup
Appearances: 18
Goals: 2
Assists: 8
Kakkonen Cup
Appearances: 0
Goals: 0
Assists: 0
Appearances: 71
Goals: 23
Assists: 29

Kalle Koskinen:
"I want to congratulate Kevin Larsson on his move to Sochi. He has been a fantastic servant to our football club and has a very bright career in football. We will all be following Larsson's progress with great personal interest, as friends and former colleagues, and we are sure that he will become a success at Sochi. He is a player of fantastic quality who produced excellent performances on a regular basis for us, especially this season in the Veikkausliiga, and I am certain that he will go on to become a senior international footballer for Finland.

We were unfortunate that there was a release clause in place in his contract. We feel that we haven't gotten the true value of the transfer and we certainly pulled the short straw. The fee paid is merely a fraction of Larsson's true worth and it is a pity that we could not get any more money for him. We would not have held him here against his well, but we would have made certain that a fair sum of money was paid for his services.

We won't be signing anybody to replace him this season. It would be impossible for us anyway, our transfer window is closed until mid-January. We also have strict financial constraints for the remainder of the season anyway so, even if the transfer window was open, we wouldn't have any new faces coming in for a while. We will have to see (whether somebody comes in to replace him) when the next window opens. I cannot say for certain that we will because you never know who is available and for how much. If the right move is available, we will certainly try to make it. But it will be difficult to replace Larsson's quality, that is for certain."

Peimari United Pocketed €165,000 For The Sale Of Star Player Kevin Larsson

Comment Section

Jim | The game against RoPS is indeed a crucial one, although I'd argue that every game now is crucial. I won't feel comfortable with relying on anything other than a win now.
ScottT | I think we can be proud of what we have achieved, but only at the end of the season. There's too much at stake now to start looking backwards.
TheLFCFan | We have one more fixture against HJK to turn the screw, but we need to remain focused in other fixtures. Hopefully it all falls into place.

Previous Update: #86 - Season 2021: July
Next Update: #88 - Season 2021: August
Nevertheless, I think an excellent fee has been recouped for a true hero at Peimari. Larsson has asserted himself as an excellent servant under Koskinen and has attracted a lot of success and plaudits during his time with the club. It's a great opportunity for him to impress at a higher level of football - with the Russian Premier League far outweighing the Finnish top-flight in terms of quality, it has to be said. It is a shame that there was a release clause inserted in his contract and we'll be left wondering just how much Peimari could have forced Sochi, or indeed another side, to pay for his services.

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