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Kalle Koskinen: The Iceman

Kalle Koskinen Challenges The World Of Football In This Tale
Started on 23 April 2019 by Justice
Latest Reply on 7 December 2019 by Griffo
A fantastic victory over the Finnish giants HJK, especially considering the defeats against them in the past. Hope to see more of the same in the future from Kalle!
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Peimari Fans Call For Stadium Expansion

Peimari Fans Have Urged The Club To Expand Their Stadium Amid Overwhelming Ticket Demand


Peimari United's supporters' club Paimion Leijonat today issued a public statement urging the football club to make steps to expand the club's stadium, HakkisPaana. The stadium, based in Suavo (a 15 minute drive from Peimari United's home town of Paimio), is currently restricted to a capacity of 400 (all-seater). Peimari United's debut in the Veikkausliiga saw them host reigning champions HJK yesterday, with the home side thrilling the supporters present at the game with a 3-0 victory. However, many were left without the possibility of attending the sold-out game due to the low capacity.

Peimari United's sell-out crowd of 400, however, became the lowest attendance at a Veikkausliiga game in recorded history. Despite the club not being able to fit any more supporters in to the ground, any attendance at the current HakkisPaana structure will either match, or be lower than, the current figure set. The club are expected to sell out each home game, and thereby striking the lowest attendance in Veikkausliiga history for a record sixteen times this season.

There has been no shortage in interest in the games, however, with the club having sold 360 season tickets prior to the kick off of the Veikkausliiga campaign. This has left an allocation of 20 tickets for corporate sales, and 20 tickets for away fans. Despite not being able to attend the game properly, many fans were able to view the game from elevated grounds or buildings that surrounded the stadium.

The president of Paimion Leijonat, Jaako Pirinen, was full of praise for his club's performances throughout the past few years but was quick to iterate the desire of himself, and the supporters of the club, to see their side play in a stadium with a much greater capacity. Jaako produced a petition of over 800 signatures for the club's chairman, Antti Eklund, to make the necessary steps to redevelop the existing HakkisPaana structure to accommodate more fans, or to play in a new or different stadium.

Jaako Pirinen:
"We are so very proud of what our football team has accomplished in the last few years. Under the stewardship of manager Kalle Koskinen, Peimari United has done the unthinkable and achieved back-to-back league titles and promotions to earn a place in the Veikkausliiga. Our first step in Finland's top tier was to demolish the reigning champions in front of the home fans. It was one of the most memorable games in the club's history, and one we (the fans) will cherish forever.

We had a sell-out crowd of 400 people at the game, 380 of which were Peimari United fans. While it is fantastic to have a capacity crowd at our stadium, it was not enough to avoid becoming the lowest attendance at a Veikkausliiga game in history. We are also aware that we will continue to set the lowest attendance, or match it, as the season goes on. It is not a record we are proud of earning, but nothing that we could have avoided in HakkisPaana in its current condition.

We could have easily doubled or tripled yesterday's attendance had the opportunity been available to us. While we do understand that Antti Eklund's priority has been on directly funding the first team so that we could reach the Veikkausliiga as quickly as possible, we (the fans) believe that the priority should now be on improving facilities and giving as many of the fans the opportunity to watch their team as possible."

Comment Section

ScottT, it is always important to get the first win early. It opens the door for future victories, and to do so in such fashion has knocked the door off it's hinges!
FML_Slipky & BigMaguire, thank you gents

Previous Update: #76 - Perfect Peimari Punish Horrendous HJK
Next Update: #78 - Der Professor
I had this exact problem at Oulu and it was a contributing factor to my departure from there with the board consistently rejecting my request. Really do hope that Eklund listens to the fans as after all, it is the fans who make the club.
A great win over HJK, but the stadium problems are clear and could slightly overshadow a successful campaign. The club are losing out on valuable income by not being able to accommodate the high level of supporters. Hopefully the club realize this and soon expand the ground, potentially looking to building a new ground in the future.
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Der Professor


St. Gallen | Switzerland

Temperatures had dipped as the summer began to reach its climax. While the Swiss town of St. Gallen still basked in a warm sun and temperatures were well into the low-twenties, people had begun to prepare for the upcoming winter. More clothes were worn by all and wives were haggling at market stalls for knitting supplies and blankets. There were less children visible on the streets as a new school term was approaching. Tradesmen were beginning to sell the last of their wares before the impending freeze of the winter months, spending their hard-earned coins in the many taverns scattered across the north-eastern Swiss town.

The town itself housed just under eighty-thousand citizens, predominantly German speakers. The figure was a notable increase from the times of the two World Wars, and St. Gallen's booming textile industry provided jobs to many. Religious divide was never a major issue in the town, with there being almost an equal number of Protestants and Catholics. St. Gallen played host to a well-renowned university called Hochschule für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften. It specialised in business research, economics, law, trading and other business and social studies. There were over one thousand pupils undertaking studies there at any time during the sixties.

Mia was somewhat overwhelmed by how busy St. Gallen was in comparison to her hometown of Weissbad. As the son made the cobblestone roads glisten in an eerie delight, Mia picked her way through the busy town roads towards the university. She had turned sixteen two months previously and was dressed in her most formal of dresses. She had her hair tied up into an elegant bun and she wore makeup for one of the first times in her life. She was unaccustomed to how she looked in the mirror when applying the makeup but she had a big day ahead of her.

An international dance troupe by the name of Scoot were looking to recruit new performers for their tours throughout Europe and had stopped off in St. Gallen to comb through the talent in the accompanying areas of the major town. Mia had been handpicked for her talents during a public exhibition and was set to join the prestigious troupe in the following January. However, as part of the process of joining Scoot, Mia was required to pass a medical at the university, which included an evaluation of her physical capabilities. The chief doctor of the troupe was to provide the examination, and Mia was hoping that she would pass.

It had been Mia's dream to be part of such a troupe. Her parents, Hans and Sofia, both toured the world to dance in front of thousands while they were young. Mia held an ambition to replicate her parents' feats and the opportunity presented by Scoot was not something she could turn down. While she was confident in her own ability to perform in front of people, and to do so well, she was nervous about the medical. She prayed that there were no underlying issues to undo her dream.

As Mia entered the university, she followed directions offered by regularly-placed signposts which directed her to where the medicals were taking place. Outside the room, four other girls sat on chairs. They were all of a similar age to Mia and appeared to be just as nervous. They were all dressed elegantly but stood stiffly with either their arms crossed or their hands clenched together in anticipation. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the girls and they did not want to fail at the final hurdle.

One-by-one the girls had their medicals, leaving Mia to be last. Each girl left the room with a satisfied, but wary look on their face. They spoke of the doctor with high regard, describing him to be handsome, charming and endearing. The third girl, Gabriella, spent an unusually long time in her examination, and exited the room with her hair more messy than it was and some sweat pouring down her skin. When asked what she had been up to during her medical, she giggled and winked before departing.

It was past six o'clock by the time the fourth girl had completed her medical. As she left, she wished Mia well and gave her an encouraging hug. Mia straightened her dress and allowed herself two deep breaths before knocking on the door and entering the room. The room itself belonged to one of the classrooms of the university. Students' desks were piled up against the walls and the accompanying seats were stacked upon one another. The room belonged to economics seminars and hand-written posters depicting key points of lessons dotted the walls.

A large desk was situated towards the back of the room. Sitting on the other side was a man somewhere between ten and fifteen years older than Mia with dark black hair combed back carefully and a brown pair of glasses covering his face. He was known as 'Der Professor' due to his academic interests. He finished writing a sentence on a piece of paper in front of him before placing his pen down on the desk and clasping his hands. He looked up from the paper at Mia and studied her appearance.

As the man's eyes worked their way up from Mia's feet to her face, a chill ran through her body. He was a handsome man but his eyes were deep and cold. There was a sense of mystery about him and he emanated a formidable presence. He was, by all accounts, very attractive. However, Mia could not help but feel uncomfortable by his stare, particularly when his eyes lingered upon her bosom. After some time, the man spoke. He had a thick German accent and spoke with authority and conviction.

"Guten Abend Fräulein. Ich heiße Doktor Christian Schäfer. Wie heißen Sie?"

Comment Section

Jack, Eklund has been reasonable during meetings so far. Unfortunately, we may have to wait until the end of the season before discussing any potential stadium expansion, it seems.
TheLFCFan, a new stadium would be nice although I would love to see HakkisPaana remain. It has become somewhat of a fortress.

Previous Update: #77 - Peimari Fans Call For Stadium Expansion
Next Update: #79 - Season 2021: April
"Der Profesor" seems a man of true mystery and intrigue. And that dance troupe has the best name I've heard from such a thing!
I wonder why their hair is messy and they are sweating so much! It is clearly a very intense medical to get into this dance group!
This is getting ridiculous now. So I'm meant to believe that THE Christian Schafer is a certified nonce?
Peimari are really missing out on extra revenue by not having a ground fit for purpose in the top-flight. It would really aid them, financially. I can imagine getting tickets for the away end is a huge pain for travelling supporters, too!

Also, "Der Professor" ought to be sacked for sexual intercourse with a student. Dirty. No place for that in the Swiss education system.
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Season 2021: April

An Overview Of Peimari United In April 2021

Kalle Koskinen:
"April brought with it our debut in Finland's top tier, the Veikkausliiga. We were incredibly excited about the challenges that lay ahead of us but we knew that we would be pushed to the very limit in every fixture. We were anticipating playing our toughest ever fixtures and that not everything was to go our way. However, we didn't lack in fighting spirit and we had a determination to set ourselves up for a bright season."


Peimari United Signed One As Two Left On Loan

Players In
We made one final signing for the season as seventeen year old left back Joonas Karlsson joined for a compensation fee of €110 from Kakkonen side JäPS. Karlsson made his senior debut for JäPS last season and went on to make a total of 8 Kakkonen appearances. He was a very athletic player with a high amount of speed, an invaluable asset in modern day footballers. He was reasonably intelligent for a defender of his age and possessed good tackling ability. He joined the senior team to be a backup to Jukka Virtanen, pushing Felipe Aspegren to play more games on the right-hand side.

Players Out
Two players left on loan. Teenage midfielder Santtu Johansson joined Helsinki side Futura on loan for the season for some invaluable senior experience. He was a very bright prospect and Futura was selected as the ideal place for him to hone his skills. Full-back Arttu Eerola joined Atlantis FC on loan. Eerola was due to be second-choice right back for our senior team this season, but the signing of Karlsson pushed Eerola further down the pecking order with Felipe Aspegren now becoming second-choice right back.


Peimari United Enjoyed An Almost Perfect Start To Veikkausliiga Life

Our first game could not have gone much better. We demolished the reigning champions, HJK, 3-0 in front of a capacity crowd. This was followed up by an impressive win away to KuPS, with Iiro Järvinen scoring a late winner. We then scored five goals in an away win against RoPS before seeing out a goalless draw at home to TPS. The month of league action ended up with Kevin Larsson inspiring us to victory against AC Oulu with a tidy goal.

Suomen Cup
We just had the one Suomen Cup fixture in April. A trip to KTP was in order for the last sixteen and they proved fairly tough. Goals from Oliver Antman and Antti Pokela did the job for us as we secured our place in the quarter finals. We saw the Suomen Cup as a very winnable piece of silverware and we were determined to make up for losing the final in each of the last two seasons.

Player of the Month

Kevin Larsson Was Peimari United's Star Player During April 2021

Kevin Larsson was our hero in April. The teenage superstar got the ball rolling with an incredible half-volley goal against HJK, and went from strength-to-strength throughout the month. Larsson scored a total of five goals, and assisted two more, as he lead his side to some incredible early-season form.

Kevin Larsson's Monthly Stats
Appearances: 6
Goals: 5
Assists: 2
PotM Awards: 2
Disciplinary Record
Fouls Committed: 12 (2 per game)
Fouls Against: 8 (1.33 per game)
Yellow Cards: 2
Red Cards: 0
Attacking Play
Shots On Target Ratio: 56.25% (9/16)
Dribbles Completed: 5 (0.83 per game)
Key Passes: 7 (1.17 per game)
General Play
Pass Completion Ratio: 69.94% (114/163)
Headers Won: 18 (3 per game)
Average Rating: 7.70
Defensive Play
Key Tackles: 0 (0 per game)
Tackles Won Ratio: 100% (3/3)
Interceptions: 8 (1.33 per game)

Assistant Manager's Report
Value: €155,000
Wage: €325 p/w
Current Ability:
Potential Ability:


Peimari United Were Sitting Pretty On Top Of The Table

It was a dream start for Peimari United. Teams were blown away by the intensity of Peimari United's style of play. Some good early season form, most notably from Kevin Larsson, lead to Peimari United topping the table. However, there was still plenty to play for and not everything was set in stone just yet.

Upcoming Fixtures

Peimari United Were To Play Against RoPS In The Suomen Cup Quarter Final

Up first was an away game against RoPS in the Suomen Cup quarter finals. We were anticipating a tough fixture against a team more than competent. This was to be followed by a wave of Veikkausliiga fixtures. Three away games in a row, against SJK, HIFK and VPS, made for grim reading. We were to get some respite with home fixtures against IFK Mariehamn and FC Inter Turku, however.

Comment Section

BigMaguire, yes, Scoot is quite something
TheLFCFan, I guess the girls just needed a thorough examination.
Jack, that would be the implication
ScottT, not a student. They're just merely using the university as a place for medicals.

Previous Update: #78 - Der Professor
Next Update: #80 - Suomen Cup 2021: Road To The Final
A more than admirable start to the season, that's for sure! Excellent work. Peimari and Koskinen seem to find the transition between divisions no problem at all, settling with ease and immediately picking up from where they left off the previous campaign. You love to see it! ;) Progression in the Suomen Cup is another bonus to take and hopefully you'll work your way into another final, but make that extra step this season. You've been so close and surely, it's time you taste success. I have to say, it's brilliant to see the likes of Popovitch and Sjoroos continue to impress, even in the top-flight. They've been excellent servants so far under Koskinen's spell. But a lot of respect has to go to Larsson, who is really demonstrating his quality in-front of goal. He looks to be a real handful and someone who could be key to any form of success this season. It's only right both he and Koskinen attain awards for their work this month. Long may this form continue. Three successive away-days (and an extra one in the cup) will be a challenge, but one you can certainly tackle.
A dream start to life in the Veikkausliiga! Some shrewd business done too with some qualifty brought in for sure. Hopefully you can continue this reign of form, and possibly even get UEFA Champions League football next season( in the play-offs at least), which would go a long way to helping with any debt and the stadium expansion!
Great details in your update, great start to life in the Veikkausliiga. Long may it continue. And congrats on winning SOTM!
A quite simply stunning beginning to the season with Peimari's first season in the top-flight. Much better than my first season in the top flight with Oulu, that's for sure! ;)
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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Suomen Cup 2021: Road To The Final

We Analyse Peimari United's Road To The Suomen Cup Final 2021


Peimari United have once again reached the final of the Suomen Cup. Tomorrow's final against SJK will be their third final in as many seasons with Kalle Koskinen as manager. However, Peimari lost the previous two, with SJK and HJK coming out on top in each. The Paimion Leijonat will be looking to get their hands on the trophy for the first time in the club's history, and tomorrow's final presents their best opportunity to date.

Qualifying Round

Peimari Recorded A Perfect Qualification Process With Five Wins From Five

Perfect. Just perfect. SJK provided stern opposition in our season-opening qualifier at HakkisPaana. However, Ollila proved to be the difference as he assisted and scored to earn us a much-needed opening day victory. We followed this up with a tense win away to TPS. After twice falling behind, we climbed back and went on to win thanks to a late goal. The manner of the victory was pleasing, with the players showing their stomach to keep fighting.

A pair of 1-0 victories followed, with tight wins coming against VPS and FC Inter Turku. This was then followed up by a routine 2-0 win over RoPS to round off the qualification process with us earning a 100% win record throughout. It was a brilliant opportunity for the players to prove they can perform as full-time footballers, for the first time, and to build up match fitness and on-pitch tactical awareness.

Last Sixteen

Peimari United Marched To A Hard-Earned Victory Against KTP In The Last Sixteen

It was a very tough game for Peimari United. With Veikkausliiga football taking its toll on the squad, there was plenty of rotation for this fixture. However, Peimari still found a way to produce the goods. Teenage wonderkid Oliver Antman scored a long-range effort to open the scoring just after the half-hour mark. Antti Pokela, who had dropped significantly down the pecking order this season, scored a close-range effort to double Peimari's lead and to kill off KTP before half-time.

Quarter Final

Peimari United Required Extra Time To Defeat A Stubborn RoPS Side

It was tough and it was testing. RoPS' home advantage didn't help them at the beginning, with Danish teenager Rasmus Nielsen popping up with an early goal. However, Jeam equalised for the hosts midway through the first half. The game fizzled out into extra time. It was then that Peimari United's superior physicality showed, with their players seemingly not tiring. Substitutes Jesper Santanen and Jarno Seppälä each scored excellent goals to book a place in the semi finals for Peimari United.

Semi Final

Peimari United Defeated Kakkonen Side JäPS In The Semi Final Stage

A straight-forward task on paper. JäPS plied their trade in the third tier of Finnish football (Kakkonen), and were deemed no match for Peimari United. Peimari showed their superiority with two first-half goals, with Oliver Antman and Akseli Ollila scoring for the hosts. However, the hosts proved problematic to break down in the second half, and showed strands of threatening attacking play, coming close to scoring several times late on. However, Peimari played the game out to earn a place in the final for the third consecutive season.

Who Will Peimari United Play In The Final?

Peimari United Will Host SJK In The Suomen Cup Final

A familiar foe for Peimari United. SJK won the Suomen Cup final against Peimari United two years previously, courtesy of a winner in the sixth minute of stoppage time. The two played each other in the qualifying rounds this season, with Peimari coming up as 2-0 winners. It will be an incredible clash tomorrow at HakkisPaana, Peimari United's home stadium, with 400 spectators set to view the game. Who will come out on top? Will Kalle Koskinen's Peimari United finally end their Suomen Cup final hoodoo?

Comment Section

ScottT, I think what has really benefited the club during its rise is the profile of the players brought into the club from the very beginning. The key players brought in have all been young, with the likes of Larsson, Santanen, Virtanen and Nielsen all teenagers, while Sjöroos and Popovitch joined during their early-to-mid-twenties. We've been able to mold them into the players they are now on the way, with them improving on a daily basis.
BigMaguire, Champions League football would be amazing, but we would have to win the league to get into the qualifying rounds for that. I'd settle for a top-half finish. The sky is the limit at the minute, but we need to keep realistic.
SonOfAnarchy, thank you very much!
Jack, what is an Oulu? ;)

Previous Update: #79 - Season 2021: April
Next Update: #81 - Peimari Smash SJK To Secure Suomen Cup Glory

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