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Mats Kool | Football Koolture

Started on 25 July 2019 by Jim
Latest Reply on 14 September 2019 by Justice
Huge game which is pivotal in determining Kool's debut season success!
Jerome Simon has been incredible so far this season and has made a massive impact on that rise up the table. With the cup final on it's way round, hopefully Mats can lead Racing to a big win to end that 23 year wait!

Ecstatic Racing-Union Triumph In Coupe de Luxembourg Final

On a rather cold May evening, Mats Kool's Racing-Union were crowned champions in the Coupe De Luxembourg Final, beating Jeff Strasser's Fola Esch 3-1. This turned out to be an aggressive match, with 37 fouls being recorded, 8 yellow cards and 1 red card. The first real highlight of the game was in the 20th minute, where mispositioning from Racing-Union's right back Hennetier allowed Veldin Muharemovic to slip into the box and passing the ball to a wide open Basile Camerling, who in turn had an easy job of putting the ball in the net, scoring for the 11th time this season. 41 minutes in, da Mota found space and made a run to the left flank, only to be recklessly tripped by Fola Esch's Corentin Koçur. The 23 year-old Belgian was already on a yellow card and with that tackle, he sealed his sending off leaving Strasser's men down to 10. The foul was 20 yards away from goal and Simon stepped up to take it. He stepped back, took a deep breath and took the free kick. The ball was whipped in the top left corner, somewhere Hym could not reach at all. This equalizer set the tone of the match. 10 minutes into the second half, Humbert intercepted a ball clearance from Muharemovic and played it to Simon. Simon gave it back to Racing-Union's number 6, who passed it to David Fleurival. Fleurival hit a first time outside foot thunderbolt in the right corner, sending fans in ecstasy. Things only got better from then on for Racing-Union with Ismael Bouzid scoring an open net goal after a corner rebound fell on his feet, putting his team in front by 2 goals. After the third goal, the match had no particular excitements. Following the full time whistle, Racing-Union started celebrating. We unfortunately could not get a statement from Mats Kool this time around, as he was celebrating with anyone he could find. That was the first trophy in his first year as a football manager.

We do however have, his post-match press conference, which you can read below.

What a great day for Racing-Union Mats. Congratulations on winning the trophy but the most important question is, can you keep the good times coming for the club?

Thank you and yes, I beal that would be ideal for us. We set the foundations this season, with the likes of Fleurival and Simon arriving and of course, we all saw how good they can perform. Now we are ready to take it to the next step so next season we are aiming even higher, maybe even at being league winners. Who knows? A lot of stuff happens so I will not rule anything out.

Racing-Union fans will of course be celebrating tonight after lifting the Coupe de Luxembourg trophy. How do you feel after such a win?

Everyone deserve this. Countless hours of training, sweating and fighting for results we've done it. Everyone was fantastic from the staff, to the players. I think that deserve to finally celebrate after such a long time. Yes as I said, everyone was fantastic during this season.

What did you think of the match Mats? Did everything go as planned?

The match of course wasn't easy. Especially when we went down 1-0, I saw a couple of players giving up. So I tried to encourage them. Then the equalizer came. What a goal by Simon. And of course let's not forget Fleurival's wonder goal. Everyone performed extremely well.

Thank you for the time Mats. Have a nice night celebrating.

Thank you for having me.

Racing-Union are still tied in first place along with Dudelange, who are edging the league on goal difference. Two matches remain till the curtains drop for this season with the league most possibly being decided on the final matchday, where Racing-Union face Dudelange away from home. Dudelange are favourites to win the league, but that does not mean that Racing-Union will give them an easy task.

Comment Replies

Scott: It was the biggest day! :D
Jack: I think we can agree it was a decent debut season for Mats. ;)
Seb: The 23 year drought has become a few days drought. :P
The league season looks immensely close, but congratulations on a cup victory! Great character shown to come back from one-nil down and go on to absolute blitz your way to the trophy. Maybe this could act as a morale booster ahead of those all-important final two league fixtures?
Get in! What a great win and it makes it even more beautiful to achieve it with Kool’s dad too :)

Racing-Union Suffer Heartbreak At The Hands Of Dudelange

As of the time you are reading this, this season's Nationaldivisioun is over. The last fixture was a title decider between F91 Dudelange and Racing-Union. Kool's team was in need of a win in order to win the league, while a draw would be enough for Dudelange to clinch it. With an attendance of 1.700 people, this match went down as one of the most exciting league matches since a long time. Dudelange took the lead early on in the 5th minute, with midfielder Couturier unleashing a powerful strike in the left corner from 20 yards out. Hope was given to Kool's team in the 21st minute where a quick one-two between Simon and Smigalovic found the latter wide open in the box, equalizing for his team. Racing-Union were quickly brought down to earth though, when just 4 minutes after the equalizer, Dudelange's Stolz lobbed a ball behind Racing's defence, where Perez had an easy job of beating the Ruffier on a 1-on-1. The match was pretty quiet after the first half, with Racing-Union not being able to score another goal. Mats Kool had this to say after the match:

"I am absolutely heartbroken. After giving our everything for the whole season, we are disappointed not to leave from here as champions. I still want to give my congratulations to everyone who worked with me this past season, with us being able to perform as well as we did. The players were impressive along with the fans. I could not have wished for a better start to my career. We continue."

Speculation has been involving the future of Mats Kool at Racing-Union, with the 24 year-old's contract still not renewed, running out on the 30th of June. If it is not renewed until then, the Dutch manager will have to leave the club after an impressive debut season. Stay tuned for more.

Comment Replies

Scott: Shame it didn't work out. :(
Jack: It was a sweet victory Jack, I'll tell you that. ;)
A heartbreaking end to an incredible season. With Mats yet to renew his contract at the club, it poses the question as to where his future may lie.
A sour pill to swallow at the end of a long, hard fought season, losing in the most dramatic, but worst way possible. Be interesting too see how Mats picks himself and his team after this, and if he will leave to newer pastures, or stay in landlocked Luxembourg
Heartbreaking. Hopefully Mats contract situation can be sorted very soon.

And It's Over

6 games, 5 wins and 1 loss. It should be considered amazing, shouldn't it? It is for the most part. First, we had RM Hamm Benfica at home. Easy game, smashing them 5-1 with a brace from Simon. 3-0 up at half-time, we couldn't let that match slip if we wanted to. Up next, a trip to Thillenberg against Differdange. We conceded way too early in the game at the 1st minute, but we managed to comeback and win 1-3. Next, we had a "rematch" against Una Strassen, who we beat in the cup semis not too long ago. In a very difficult match, we managed to come on top with a 2-1 win. Our penultimate match was agains Rumelange away. We played very well beating them 0-2. Then, the fucking game against Dudelange came. We were on a 4 game winning streak and so were they. We were tied for 1st with them edging it on goal difference. It was our most important game of the season. We gave everything. But we unfortunately fell short. A defeat at the hands of Dudelange meant they were league winners. I don't really want to analyze the match again, as I did it in the previous update.

On the bright side of this month, we were crowned cup winners after an excellent performance against Strasser's Fola Esch. Esch went ahead in the 20th minute, but a direct free-kick from Jerome Simon tied up the score. Two strikes from Fleurival and Bouzid were enough to clinch the game and thus the cup for our team, giving us at least 1 trophy this season.

We finished the league 2nd, just 3 points off Dudelange. We had a pretty amazing season nonetheless, finishing 2 spots up of our expected 4th. Una Strassen finished 3rd with 53 points and Fola Esch completed the top 4 with 51 points.

I think it would be unfair if I gave a POTM award this time around as every player gave everything in our performances in these last 6 games. We unfortunately could not win the league but as they say, we go again!

Manager's Thoughts:

A bitter end to an otherwise great season. It's pretty painful once you think that if we had scored 1 goal more in a draw we would have been champions. We have to focus on the next season where we'll also play in the 1st Europa League qualifying round. It's the 2nd of June I still haven't renewed my contract. If it doesn't happen in the next 29 days, I'll be out of a job.

Comment Replies

Scott: I'm proud of what the team achieved this season. Onwards!
BigMag: We did our best, but it unfortunately didn't work out. Mats needs a contract to continue though!
Seb: It was heartbreaking indeed. 29 days left before my contract runs out. Waiting on an offer.
The board need to get a contract on the table for Mats to sign. His work would be sorely missed if he was to leave the club.
Congrats on the Coupe De Luxembourg win. But so very close in the league, which must come as a disappointment. But i'm sure you'll bounce back next season.

Season Awards

  • Player Of The Season:

  • 1st - Jérôme Simon (72%)
    2nd - Daniel da Mota (11%)
    3rd - Ismaël Bouzid (8%)

  • Goal Of The Season:

  • Match: Fola Esch 1-3 Racing FC Union Luxembourg
    Competition: Coupe de Luxembourg Final
    Date: 11/05/19
    Scorer: David Fleurival
    Goal: 50th minute

  • Signing Of The Season:

  • Player: Jérôme Simon
    Joined From (Fee): Chania-Kissamikos (N/A)
    Stats: 30 Apps | 16 Goals | 12 Assists | 8 POM Awards

  • Young Player Of The Season:

  • Player: Florik Shala
    Stats: 26 Apps | 7 Goals | 2 Assists | 1 POM Award

  • Top Goalscorer:

  • 1st - Jérôme Simon (16 Goals)
    2nd - Kevin Nakache (9 Goals)
    3rd - Daniel da Mota (8 Goals)

  • Most Assists:

  • 1st - Jérôme Simon (12 Assists)
    2nd - Daniel da Mota (7 Assists)
    3rd - David Silva (6 Assists)

  • Best Average Rating:

  • 1st - Jérôme Simon (7.55)
    2nd - Daniel da Mota (7.24)
    3rd - Ismaël Bouzid (7.13)

  • Most Player Of The Match Awards:

  • 1st - Jérôme Simon (8 POTM Awards)
    2nd - Daniel da Mota (4 POTM Awards)
    3rd - Thomas Birk (2 POTM Awards)

    Comment Replies

    Scott: It's getting really weird that they haven't offered one yet.
    SOA: Cheers mate and yes it was a disappointment to lose the league. We continue though!
    Simon was absolutely brilliant this season. He deserves all the accolades he received and I'm interested to see if he receives any interest.
    So unbelievably close to being champions, though the goal difference might've let you down at the end. A prolific season from both Kool and Jerome Simon, Union better keep hold of both of them!

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