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when will GenieScout11 come out??

Started on 29 October 2010 by bang411
Latest Reply on 8 December 2010 by Stam
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Sure thing Stam,so let's wait patiently and see if we can get the best Genie Scout ;)
Sounds like Eugene has had enough with geniescout, which is a shame because its such a good program. I still have hope though and will still get many hours of enjoyment from FM!
What worries me is that the next patch is looming in the background. It might just prove too much work for Eugene to keep up with all these patches..
Maybe Eugene will reales genescout after the next patch will go out.
when is the next patch due out?
Somewhere in December I think.
# FM_GOD : when is the next patch due out?
Don't worry dudes.
I'm sure he'll release it sooner or later, if not he'll surely pass it on because it's just awesome to have. He'll know that
It is said that SI will release 11.2 patch at around Chrismas day. Does that mean if the patch come out earlier than FMGeniescout we will wait for another 30 days??
# stam : Regarding the change you're referring to, there's actually something in the works but it's still far from being production ready. I can't say anything more than this, so don't ask me.

About ruci who makes FMRTE, I think he's still unable to produce something similar to Genie for 1 reason. His program counts on the FMSE framework by DrBernard to work real-time, while Genie works 'offline' by loading the actual savegame file.

Let's not give up hopes on Genie yet, besides the usual "30 days later" didn't pass yet... since latest patch.
i have wife and kids and maybe an hour a day fm playing... a scout is vital for me too have time too play the game.. i think eugene does a good job and im not sure if anyone can make a scout as good looking and simple too use as the genie scout.. but still there must be someone out there who could help him maybe, even i would help if its something i can do... i think as for now genie scout is the best at the market and in a way he has monopoly... that puts eugenie in a position that he wants to make money on scout!! i think we have too pay him, why should he give it for free to others when he has put so much time in it? why not just use it for himself? i would love too hear eugene toughts about charging a small amount for the scout if he then would be able too delivere the scout on time.. example 1dollars for each version.... how many times do u think the scout has been downloaded each year? i bet this would pay him a couple thousand dollars and thats a good payment for a scout.. i understand many of u go too school and maybe have problem paying up but u got the game for 20-30pounds? then u could use a pound or a dollar on the scout...
The problem is that Eugene can not charge money for it as SI doesn't allow him to(as far as I understood the issue)and maybe thats the reason he has no time for it.
why is evryone so much talking about genie scoute. it's good program butall you people can download FRMTE. a little bit complicated but good...genie isn't so better from my opinion...
# Ernest7 : The problem is that Eugene can not charge money for it as SI doesn't allow him to(as far as I understood the issue)and maybe thats the reason he has no time for it.

But we can donate?? and he could choose only too give it to them who donates? its maybe difficult and a lot of job too do that? if he wants ill pay him for my version of it atleast:)
I'm with you mate but i dont want that Eugene will get in troubles because we are trying to help him hehe
Mhmmm only giving money to people that donate is exactly the same as charging money for it... It would be best if he put (more) ads in genie scout or maybe make it with a team so they can 'share the load'.

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