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when will GenieScout11 come out??

Started on 29 October 2010 by bang411
Latest Reply on 8 December 2010 by Stam
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The news are official obviously, do you think I made up a fake screenshot?
# stam : The news are official obviously, do you think I made up a fake screenshot?

Keep in mind that the picture is really old. (the demo wasn't available at that time) So the delay may be related to issues with this year version.

FM Genie Scout 2011 released same time as...

Football Manager 2012 !!
Why dosent SI develop a scout. Release it at the same time as the game for a couple of euros.
# kruSher : Official:

FM Genie Scout 2011 released same time as...

Football Manager 2012 !!

You've got something there hehe
# Benfica suporter : due like my self open genie scout 2010 and now opem the latest FMRTE in RTE go to settings and click on rating settings now ypu see the settings that RTE have by default to scout player, change all the settings of the player positions copying the settings of GenieScout. Now you have FMRTE scouting like Genie!!

I didn`t know u could search in the fmrt... i cant find a working download link for genie10 would be great if someone can upload one... U say that it searches like genie, can u search for regens and save shortlist?
Genie Scout 10

@Benfica supporter: Provide a screenshot of the search results for people to see mate.
I guess that what Benfica supporter is saying is something like this:

FMRTE Original ratings for Central Defender

FM Genie Scout Ratings for Central Defenders

FMRTE Ratings adjusted to Fm Genie Scout

FMRTE Search Results using original settings

FMRTE Results using FM Genie Scout ratings

Not much difference between the results, but as I was getting the ratings of GK's I notice that they are quite more different among each other, more than in tha case of central defenders.

Do you think this worth the work??? If you believe this worths the pain I could get all the ratings adjusted in 24 hrs (Im going to sleep now :) )


P.S. I tried to insert the images directly to the post but i could not find my way around, sorry for getting you into Yfrog :S
By the way... I for got... Theres one parameter that FMRTE uses and Fm Genie Scout doesnt, which is Age Peek... this will surely affect in some way the ratings you get in FMRTE
If somebody that already did this would be so kind as to export and upload these settings many people would be eternaly gratefull :-* :D
@figosv: Thanks for your efforts mate, it's much appreciated. I guess the only difference then should be the time needed to output the results, due to the limits of real-time processing, right?
@stam youre correct, I guess that will be the only main difference, and the fact that I dont really know what impacto does the parameter age peek used in FMRTE has in the players ratings, if you aske me, the impact should not be considerable.

Ill try to get the FMRTE custom ratings file done and upload it here with your permission Stam, but I dont want to commit myself into any time frame... my guess will be MAX 48 hrs.

I have to make it clear that I will copy the EXACT same ratings used in genie scout to FMRTE and I will not make any personal evaluation about if genie is missing considering one ability to certain position (when i was getting the GK's to FMRTE i personally thought this) the reason is because we want to replicate, as accurate as possible, the ratings we get in Genie scout, dont we? :)

Anyway, chances are that by the time I finish doing this, Eugene has alredy upload Genie 11, which will be great!! ;)

Peace and Greetings!
Yes mate, do it whenever you can and definitely don't pressure yourself. When you're ready we should prepare a proper download page about it including details regarding how it works in a simple step by step guide.

Cheers :)
I've just read through this topic to get the latest news about Genie Scout, and I noticed the discussions about releasing Genie Scout as open source, so that other developers can help with the work on this great tool.

I actually think that Genie has to release his scout as open source, the reson for this is that the original CM Scout by Nygreen, which Genie Scout is based on, was released under a GPL license, as can be seen here.

The way I understand the GPL license it means that if you take the source code from a GPL application, like CM Scout, add your own additional features and release a new application, like Genie Scout, then you also have to release your modified source code. If you don't do this then you are actually breaking the terms of the GPL license, and can in fact risk a lawsuit.

Obviously by now Genie Scout is very very different from the original CM Scout that it was based on, because of all the changes that Genie has made. But I don't think this makes any difference when the original was released under the GPL license, it just means that Genie should have been releasing the source code for every version of Genie Scout.

I don't think that Genie will get sued, in fact I think it would have to be Nygreen suing him, so Genie will never be forced to release the source code, and that wouldn't be fair anyway, considering the amount of work he has put into this tool for the community.

I just thought I would post this here to point out that it seems Nygreen released the source code for CM Scout to the community with the intent that the community could add extra features and share these new features with the rest of the community. Genie did add a lot of extra features and released Genie Scout to the community, but he hasn't allowed the community to add to his work like Nygreen did, and I think this is a real shame.
Hey there prendy,nice post.
But i just have to say my point of view of it:
I agree with you but there is a problem trying to force Genie to release the code,he has done a quite large job with the tool and it would be just unfair.

We do hope everyday to hear from Eugene about the tool but still nothing.

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