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Goal Of The Week / Rules

How to enter our weekly contest
Seph's avatar Group Seph 2010-11-17 13:50
gr 92 posts joined Oct 10, 2010

What's the buzz?

FM Scout has now established the "Goal Of The Week" contest!
Score long range efforts, banana shots, powerfull headers, bicycle kicks, pile-driver free kicks or marvellous effort goals and... YouTube them!

How to enter the contest:

Send me a PM with the YouTube link, and I will nominate the final 5 entries that will get the chance to win the "Goal of the Week" award!

The Prize:
Winners will be awarded by Stam himself, who will place a fancy new icon on their public profiles and forum posts. If you win more than once, we will log your winning record and rub it in for you!

Good luck!!!


The contest will run on a weekly basis.
  • All YouTube links must be sent to me by PM until Saturday by midnight.
  • All goals will be checked and the best 5 of them will get nominated through a vote poll on a separate forum topic.
  • Vote polls will open on Sunday and everyone will be able to vote util Tuesday (guest included)!
  • The polls will close on Tuesday night, and a bit later we will announce the big winner!
  • In the meantime, you can still send me goals for the next week's contest!

720p or 1080p Youtube quality videos are accepted

Added Rules:
    - The limit of uploads you can send me for a week is 1.000.000
    - For those who want to send me longer videos than the max of 11 sec. via FM, you can use BRS Screen Recorder. It can work as a third party programme and it can help you capture goals made of teamplay, or longer player's effort etc. Such videos are also welcomed!
    - Exept for the icon a winner receives, the winner-holder will have the opportunity to choose the weekly logo or the photo of his favourite team or player which lies in the "GOTW Hall Of Fame" section

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hope we will all enjoy this! ;)
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Stam's avatar Administrators Stam 2010-11-28 12:17
gr 2338 posts 821 likes joined Oct 03, 2006
G.O.T.W. Part 1 (closed) - winner: thetime
G.O.T.W. Part 2 (running)
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deanboyle25's avatar Group deanboyle25 2011-02-19 14:12
gb 1 posts joined Feb 19, 2011
how do i upload my goal
baiscj's avatar Group baiscj 2011-03-01 16:58
id 1 posts joined Dec 11, 2010
Is this contest still running?
iiiioooque's avatar Group iiiioooque 2011-03-01 23:22
pt 198 posts joined Jan 04, 2011
good to see that GOTW is back, i kept my goals of previous saves in my other computer just to share them with you ;)

as soon as i have the patience i'll upload them and PM you!

keep up the good work :D
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djae_punk's avatar Group djae_punk 2011-06-14 08:21
ke 3 posts joined Jun 14, 2011
Looking forward to trying this out, my players score some spectacular goals at times but I've never had a reason to save em, but now I do :)

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