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The Mercenary

A "hit and run" style save on Football Manager, with short-term managerial contracts, bespoke targets and strict limits on how I play.
Started on 29 November 2021 by Harleygator
Latest Reply on 23 September 2022 by Harleygator
Great start! although only 5 points between the top 5, should make for an interesting second half of the season. Cole Dasilva just sounds like a footballer, he was named to be a baller!

@J_ames: I got Rio Adebisi - not quite the same technical prowess, but he's a good kid with excellent athletic abilities, much needed for the running he'll be expected to do.

@Maxporto: He is indeed. And it has been a great start and appears to be solid as we move towards the busy Christmas period.
Nice to see you've been able to replace Cole Dasilva as it seems! Also the fact Waldron has been doing so good is great to see, even after the step up to the national league! Let's hope you can make more of a name for yourself so you can make a nice step yourself when you need to!
Still a lot to go in the season, but you seem to be only improving. Did you manage to attract clubs interested on your services already?
A nice little gap at the top of the table, and the gap in goal difference is quite substantial too. I can't see any club catching up to you in that regard. Things are going really well atm, and it should be helping build your CV for that next job: whatever/wherever it is.

NTBgaming: We'll have to see about that. My reputation remains quite low, though hopefully a promotion will bump it up.

Tango: No, no offers yet. I don't think I'd accept an offer until the end of the season anyway on this form, but it would've been nice to be liked. Last year, I had a save with the same trajectory as this one, same club, same reputation, and must've had 3 or 4 offers by now, so I'm not sure where they're at.

J_ames: I'm quite happy with the snowballing of our form on from last year; I'm confident now that we'll make it to the next league, but I'll consider my future when that's secure... Fat Ladies and all that.
Funny that you mentioned that, I had the same impression. It seems that no one's trying to poach the player in this game

And your form is just fantastic, you got away with it and the right-wing curse does not seem to be enough to halt your progress

Tango: It most certainly hasn't dented us - Sam Osborne and Jack Stobbs are good players, but ever since Cole Dasilva, we've always played down the left, eh. So we've been fortunate that an injury and transfer crisis has fallen on our weak side, rather than the one we actually use. I'd rather break my left arm than my right.
You've absolutely DESTROYED the league. What a way to leave the club, and hopefully it'll have given you enough of a reputation boost where you'll also find work at a new club in a division above. Any lower league club should be looking at what you've done for Leamington and thinking "we need to get this guy" tbh.

Best of luck in finding a new dugout!
A manager capable of doing this should dream higher than Leamington.

I'm dying in curiosity to see where you're gonna end up

@J_ames: Thanks a lot, it certainly snowballed in an explosive way which I'm pleased about, and cup success is a highlight, in line with the priorities of the save.

@Tango: Try to survive over the weekend until the next update!
The league was a breeze, very well done nonetheless, but I am particularly happy you were able to win the cup this time around. Looking forward to finding out your next club!

Well, we can call it a season. Guess Leamington can stand on their own feet from now on

@maxporto: Thanks a lot. Didn't have any luck over the summer, but keeping my eyes peeled for a new challenge as soon as possible.

@Tango: Ha, didn't even notice that! Hopefully will be the last time we ever see it, as I don't expect to return to this level in my career, unless things go seriously wrong!

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