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Bugs for GS11 version 1.00 beta 1

Submit any bugs you may find while using Genie Scout 11 build 127
Started on 7 January 2011 by Stam
Latest Reply on 12 January 2011 by Stam
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this error..

im trying to upload my savegame but my connection sux..
The permission errors are gone now (installed it at c:/) but now I got another one...

It says "List capacity out of bounds (1006658560)" Weird thing is that I only get this error on some games. An older save file does work...

Thanks everyone for elaborating :)

I will be updating the initial post trying to list all different bugs reported so far, to make it easier for Eugene to track them down and fix them.
He now installs automatically in C, to install I put the folder in program files, and are still the same error ↓

@Stam where are you gonna post eugene's answers to our bugs?
# Ewoud : had the same problem with w7
instal in c:/ and those errors are gone
thanks, :)
Hi everybody,
I use Windows7. I have downloaded and installed FMGenieScout 2011, but as soon as i click on the icon, immediately appears the "FmGenieScout has stopped working" window, and then this window:

Uploaded with

The program doesn't load at all. I don't see the main page of the Genie Scout. I tried to disinstall and re-install it, to change the installation folders, to run it as administrator, to run it with Windows Xp Service Pack 3 compatibility, but always the same error appears.
I use Fm Genie Scout 2010 and previous versions regurarly on this pc. Never had problems with them.
I loaded three differents games and two of them work with GS.

One of them not and there's this errore when i load it with GS.

In these game i loaded many leagues of many different nations so i think there are an error with this thing.

The error is: Continent data seems to be corrupt.
TFM : @Stam where are you gonna post eugene's answers to our bugs?

He's monitoring the site himself, but I want to sort all bug reports into a more readable format. I don't think there's something to answer to most of them, he'll just look into them and try to fix them. If there's some answer to a specific bug report, I or Eugene himself will either share it with you in the initial post or start a new one.
This isn't really a bug report, but anyone who suffers like me will probably appreciate it!

When you add players to your shortlist, I think (correct me if I'm wrong!) the text of each player's data turns very dark red.

I am colourblind and the dark red is almost indistinguishable from the normal black colour and makes it really difficult to use this feature.

Could Eugene please change the colour used, or use a symbol to mark shortlisted players instead?

Many thanks.

PS. Great job on GS11, Eugene. Well worth the wait!

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