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FM 2012 DEMO Talk

Talk about the demo
Started on 7 October 2011 by RedArmy20
Latest Reply on 20 October 2011 by Zonnegod
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what do you guys think of fm 12? i only have had time to look through it.
I must say im very upset about the interface, why change so much?

Stupid small things to get used to now, havent played any matches and such yet will try to do some this weekend and see if they have improved the gameplay or just put time on the interface.
i Think so to,i'm sure anyone that has never played FM before will find it extremely difficult to understand,theres too much change and it irritates me! its only an issue of getting used to the change now :/ :O
They have changed the interface to much for my liking also but i think it wont get to much getting used to but a new starter to the game i agree with payne 007 that people will struggle with it
i will just wait until a someone fixes an old version skin so the game is playable.

the functions havent changed but the layout has, stupid stuff.
YES! Waitin for so long...

I play FM (or, CM!), since 94-95, and since then im addicted to this, smart-thinkin game. But my fingers... All that clickin' to see some stats, potential, best positions etc.. But now, maybe a lil bit screamin, its all on one screen, for sure this will save a lot of time for me. Yeah, me likes! :D

And im sure that all of the FM-fans will soon appreciate this little change.
And for those who just can't accept the screamin screens; Go to Preferences, General, and to the uper right you see Default Player Section and Default Team Section, both on Profile. Change this to Attributes and Squad and you have a little bit more of the old FM-style.
The interface is very different and annoying at the moment though I'm sure that once I get used to I'll like it far more than the old one, theres so much more info viewable at once that it will save a lot of time clicking like Tosti says above. Just need to get used to it.
I've got 8 injuries in two games... I've already given the demo up...
# l3nnart : I've got 8 injuries in two games... I've already given the demo up...
That sums it all up! :)) >:)
Hi guys!Can someone please help me out?
I've installed the game but when i start it the game crahes giving me a crush dump..i don't know what to do.I have tryed different solutions,verifyed the integrity of game cache but nothing seems to work..I really want to play the demo so if anyone had the same problem please help me out.
@ tokkra:

Can you give me your system specifications?

And what does the error say?
You got Windows updated? No virus on your system? And is your register clean of old rubbish?
# l3nnart : I've got 8 injuries in two games... I've already given the demo up...
I started DEMO with AC Milan ... in the first three weeks been without Pato (6 weeks injury) Robino (2 months injury) Nesta (4 weeks injury) Ibrahimovic (4 weeks injury)
Taiwo (5 weeks injury) Abate (5 weeks injury) ... that's it !!!
I installed the game for the steam to ask us, it's alright but I can not get into the game, although the steam say I'm playing.
sabr someone how to solve this ??????
does anyone know if fm12 has the backroom advice feature..."the oposition srtuggle against team playing 4-4-2" "the oposition struggle against teams with reputation similar to ours"...etc.

i have the chance to play the full game for at least a week(stam sent me a download code so i can make a preview) but i have no idea where this feature's been taken out from fm12?? i already scout the oposition but in backroom advice i can't find these advices
I think that FM2012 is great(I play demo)
Although,it is a bit complicated
You are right,skin is auful
I hope they will repair that
hi guys... can some one tell me where from i can download fm 2012 demo pls?i can't find it ffs :)

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