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Don't know where I'm going, but I'll get there!

Started on 31 October 2011 by l3nnart
Latest Reply on 30 July 2012 by The FM Rookie
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Keep twisting!

So I guess you're all hoping for an epic post about how I turned things around at Inter, smacked the shit out of Napoli and brought home the Scudetto... spoileralert, that NOT what happened.

I tried my best to make Inter the side they should be, but early on it became clear that was not going to happen, mostly due to the stupid transferrules that screwed with me at Napoli as well. So before things got any worse I decided it was time to leva with my dignity intact in order to once again find the essence of the game that had made me so successful at Anderlecht.

After a few weeks of unemployment the oppurtunity presented itself to do just this. A team from the true flagship of football: Germany.

The team was Mönchengladbach. It may sound as a crazy step to take, but they were a contender for continental qualification and had around the same economy as my former Anderlecht side, as well as a 50k attendence avrage.

The most exciting part of Germany, except the crazy number of supporters (13 teams over 40k out of which 6 have over 60k) is the total freedom when it comes to nationality of your players. Sure, I can understand countries that have rules forcing you to play a certian number of natives, but when they make diffrence between EU-nationals and other forigners it's just stupid!

Anyway immense scouting comensed and I was psyched to get another great journey on track... then this happened:

I guess you want the whole story behind this... First of all, jeffc, sick of you to predict it! But Mourinho decided to resign after a second spell at Real Mardird, his successor? Slaven Bilic, the man who had led my beloved Liverpool for ten some odd years. I spared no time applying for the job and stating in media that I was interested. The board was obviously not happy about their new headcoach wanting to leave after 6 weeks, so they gave me an ultimatum... after some careful consideration I made a decision, you can probably guess what I ended up doing...

Keep in mind I wasn't sure at all if I was going to get the job or not. The trip to Italy ended up costing me my worldclass rep and icons like Stoiochov was interseted as well.

So how did it all end? I'll let you keep wondering for a while
Wow! Talk about suspense. Good luck!

Never knew you could lose the world class rep, shame.
Class story! Hopefully you get the Liverpool job.
Living the dream!!!

I've awaited this offer for the last 17 years!

At last all the hours spent on the traningground and in the office has piad off! Taking those steps onto Daglish Arena was really someting special!

Since the clutch between the 10s and 20s, when the club won three straight leaugetitels, no trophies of significanse has been added to the collection (they won a Europa Leauge title last year, but it doesn't count as a real title in my mind). Here's the current resumé that's about to get loger:

I've started to reshape the squad step by step. The side already included a few starts. Amongst them was an insane goalie (who's also my cap), two strong CB's, nice wingbacks, an argentinian AMC/ST who's probably my best player and a few strong poachers. The only position where we clearly lacked quality in was the defensive midfeild. To solve my problem I've signed a €18.5mil 20yo spaniard who'll arrive in January. He'll hopefully become one of my leading players in a few years time. My focus has otherwise, as always, been towards young talents. My most important signing however is a 58yo colombian - Faustino Asparilla, my eyes during the Anderlecht-project. The guru of playerevaluation was the very first man I made sure to bring out the iseles once I'd signed my own contract.

I've come some way into the season already, having played 15 leaugegames and finishing the groupstage of CL. We were off to a bad start, loosing two straight games, but as lads started to find their ways in my revolutunary philosophy things started to come thogather. Since the two losses we're 11-2-1, with the one loss being against an incredibly lucky Chelsea, we won the shots 23-4 and still they managed to find the 2-1 winner in the 94th minute of play... Anywho, here's the tables:

On the continent it's been a smooth ride thus far as we brushed off Rubin, Athlectico and Celtic with ease. We only lost points in our last game, against Athletico. I fielded my reserves and they were fighting for qualification, still they barley managed to keep us to a draw in their own stadium... and then it should be said that they're ruling Spain supreme! We've had the first round draw, leaving us facing Lyon, it'll be fun to see how it goes, a win is expected however.

Well time for bed now, hope you enjoy the read, cheers !
yes! super congratulations on the liverpool job! and another super congratulations on this story! dude, this is by far the most brilliant story i've ever read! sorry for the exclamation points, but dude! you should be proud of what you've done, hopefully you'll win everything you can win with liverpool! just one question though, how do you manage to be in the same save, season after season? after a bad season i usually get tired of it :( i've never done more than 3 seasons. also, please show us some of your players, we'd be happy to see them :)

cheers mate!
l3nnart's avatar Group l3nnart
9 yearsEdited
glad to hear that your enjoying it! (exclamtionmark ;)) and yes, if there was ever a time to win it's now! as far as the "stamina" goes I've just learnt to first of all not cheat using FMRTE or GS as it makes the game way to easy imo and second of all to let go of a project (resign) if you're not "feeling it". If you aren't having fun there's no point in playing.

Well a few screens:

One of my two strongest CB's

The newly recruited supertalent

The star GK and team captain

Another spanish superstar in the making

One of my favourite players, does remind me alot of Suaréz (though I hate the original)

My best winger

One of my best players and the most expensive player I've ever bought costing me €20mil
OMG! Congrats!

You've got some sick players there, good luck.

Do you have any plans in mind? For example, sticking with Liverpool regardless of what happens, unless you get the boot, of course.
Some of your players there look absolutely amazing! I reckon the Premier League title should be possible here.

How're Hull City doing?

And who has won the most premier league titles now? Still United?
Erm asprilla played for Newcastle
@ Quaesiveris

Well my first intention is to bring home the treble, becoming a legend would also be nice, but since the board decided to build a new stadium not to long ago and named it after King Kenny there's no chanse that they'll build a stadium named after me, which means that I'll probably have to go somewhere else to achive what might be the biggest challange in the game (except for being nr1 in the hall)... but I'll probably stick around here a couple of years!

@ CantGetEnoughOfJelavic

Well yes the squad is almost enough to really consider us amongst the top teams in the world, but I feel there's some areas that needs improving (mainly by developing some players at the club)
I've removed all the english leauges below PL but the infoscreen ses NPL1.
Yes, they're at 22 and we're at 21!

@ Nickbonista

yeah, saw that now, had over 50caps as well, have no idea who he is though
How long have you gone without a job in this save?

Do you have other saves on the go?
l3nnart's avatar Group l3nnart
9 yearsEdited
@ CantGetEnoughOfJelavic

for almost three years after my first faliure in south america, other than that only a few weeks... and no other saves, just do other stuff if I have to wait
The first, and certianly not last

I know the Leauge Cup is the least prestigeous competition of all those PL-sides compete in, but a win is always a win. The fact that this particular trophy has eluded the club for 25 years enhances the feeling just a bit futher as well.

We dominated the first half but in the second Chelsea bounced back, to be honest they were probably the better side towards the end... though the should be happy about us being level at halftime. The late gamewinner by my spanish wonderkid should prove to be a moralbooster for both him and the rest of the team.

In the leauge we've been doing okay, not more, not less. Our biggest problem has hands down been our awayform (atm we've got no more than one win to show for in our last 6 awaygames). The most frustrating thing about it is that I don't know what to change. We create 3-6 CCCs and allow no more than a couple, but still we never manage to win... the only diffrence between our home- and awaygames is that our strikers get the ball into the back of the net at Daglish Stadium, but not anywhere else...

My prediction for the leauge is that at least one of the three teams ahead of us will keep winning almost every game leaving us a too little time to pull back the points we've given away as of late. Even though the goal should always be winning I could live with that provided that we manage to fulfill my prediction regarding ourselves (securing a CLspot for next year without breaking much of a sweat). Arsenal is more or less our only threat but if we find our ways again it shouldn't be a problem.

In CL we've only played one more game since my last post. The first leg against Lyon was played in France and ended 2-2 after a late french equalizer. They shouldn't be able to withstand us in England however so I'm couting on moving on to the next round there.

It'll be interesting to see if we can find that preformancepeek in a few weeks. If we do we'll not just secure the CLspot in the leauge but also pose a real threat on the continent... boy wouldn't winning a CL-ring me extra nice no that the leaugetitle is more or less lost!

Well until next time sayonara
l3nnart's avatar Group l3nnart
9 yearsEdited
Leaving early

As expected we flew past Lyon in the first knockoutround. For the quterfinals we drew Real Madrid, a powerhouse as always! However if we managed to squeeze by Chelasea or Sevilla would be the opposition in the semifinals, which meant the road to the final was open for whoever managed to come out living on the other side of our clash.

Unfortunatly we weren't that team.

We've had a terrible run of form as of late. After scoring 15 goals in three games we put up what could be our preformance of the season humiliating 3d placed Chelsea 6-0, though this was the last fun we've had.

Our next game was a Mersysidederby against Everton. Things were going just as planned, leading 3-1 at halftime without breaking a sweat... a few minutes into the second half they managed to pull one back but I figured we'd kill the match off in a matter of minutes since we still dominated completely... but my strikers refused to take care of any of our countless CCCs and before we knew it they'd gotten not one but two more goals!!! So all of a sudden we'd not just lost two points but a derby all togather! This was followed by a 3-0 thrashing at the Bernabeu where we barley managed to get a shot on goal. Inbetween the clashes with Real awaited another though game as leaugeleaders Tottenham came visiting at Dahlish Arena (know I've said stadium before but just realized that's wrong). It was a tight game but once again our players decided not to score just as our defenders and supergoalie decided to stop nothing, it all ended with a humiliating 2-5 loss at our own house... disgusting! Then followed the second leg, we were the better side, without a doubt, but we never came close to an upset and at the end the 2-2 reslut showed more or less nothing.

Hitting the wall like this is probably mostly due to a lack of depth in the squad as I've been getting rid of tons of dead wood. We've played most of these games without a single natural WB and I guess that's a big reason why the defence has been this bad. New men are on the way in but atm we'll have to suffice with what we've got... despite this we're still 6p ahead of 5th placed Arsenal wich means we can probably get though this season with a C+, even though I had higher hopes...
Land ohoj!

After a few though weeks we can finnaly rest:

I'm not goning to lie, the 12p separating us from first placed Tottenham is highly frustrating, however it's easy to find the explanation (I've written about it in the previous post). Also something as simple as just taking care of our chanses when playing them a week or so ago the distance would be 6p istead of the huage gap we're facing now. Looking the other way in the table offers more reason to smile. With two games remaining 5th placed Arsenal are at trailing us from the safe distance of 7p and 6th placed Everton no less than 14p behind. If you also keep in mind how bad we played last month, combining it with the huage gape down, shows just how outstanding the top four has been looking over the entire season.

Despite the latest setbacks I've got high hopes for next season. I honestly don't think we've got a single player who won't come back better than next year. Add to this a few signings this summer (thanks to the massive selling of players my transferbudget is at €140mil atm!) and an overall better gelled squad it should all spell success.

I'm also happy about finnaly coming close to sorting our financial situation. The club always had alot of money in the bank, but I just don't do €7mil/month losses. Atm we're down to about €3mil/month, my aim is to drop to half of that (maby not as much depending on where our salaryexpense lands after the transferwindow).

I'll get back to you if i make some crazy signings, if not we'll see when I find the urge. 'til then, be well my friends !

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