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Leeds United story

Started on 9 November 2011 by psah
Latest Reply on 3 February 2012 by promitch
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We also did well in the EURO cup and qualified for the next round where we face a very strong challenge in the form of A.C. Milan
Just a quick update on our progress. Our impressive form continues and we are now lying in 3rd place in the league.

I'll do a recap of the season once we get there!
It has been a very long and exciting season, but it is finally over and I think we can take pride in our overall performance.

After beating Milan in the EURO cup, I think we were a bit unlucky to draw Bayern Munchen, but I think we did reasonably well against them and we came close to advancing to the next round.

We also came close to getting a shot in next seasons Champions League, but our form declined towards the end of the season and we'll have to compete in the EURO cup next season aswell.

Unfortunately the club's finances are very thin and I will have to do my best with what I have. I'm happy with the balance of the squad though, so not many changes are needed anyway.
Here is the best eleven for the season:

While my squad is out playing for their countries in the European Championship, I have been trying to find suitable transfer targets and have managed to make 2 signings so far. I think defence is currently our weakest point, so I have signed two defenders.

Touré looked like a quality player with a very reasonable price tag of 2,3 million. I plan to play him in Central Defence with Pepe.

The other defender I signed was a young Chilean. He has some areas he could really improve on, but since he is only 18 years old he has the time. I plan to have him as long term replacement for Parker, who is now 28.
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Summary of the transfer window

I'll probably end up making a decent profit of around 10 million after already selling quite a few players and Marc-André ter Stegen on the way out for 10 million. He's currently negiotating a contract with Arsenal and Tottenham.

I signed Raul Albiol, cause I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a player like him on a free transfer. He's pretty slow so we'll see how he does.

I was delighter to sign Tioté for only 1,8 million:

Personally I think my best signing of the window to replace ter Stegen, on a free transfer also:

And finally a gifted young midfielder who I hope can fill the shoes of Snodgrass on the right wing when needed. Cost: 4,5 million:
Here are our pre-season Results and our season opener against Bolton Wanderers:

I think the pre-season could have gone a lot better, but we did well against Bolton in our first game of the season so I'm not too worried. Sturridge opened up his scoring for the season and Leeds debutant Cheik Tioté scored two goals. What a debut from him!

What I am worried about on the other hand is our EURO cup qualifying match against Mainz. I looked through their roster and they seem to be a pretty strong team and it will be a big challenge for us to qualify for the group stage.

We're also looking at some very tough fixtures in our early games against Arsenal and Liverpool, but we've caused an upset against them before and I have confidence that we can do so again.
Great read mate, keep us all informed, great to hear the almighty whites can do well...even if it is in a game! best of luck!
#36039 LMFC : Great read mate, keep us all informed, great to hear the almighty whites can do well...even if it is in a game! best of luck!

Thanks for the comments, much appreciated and nice to know someone's reading it :)
We're half way through the 2016/2017 season now and things are going very well in all competitions.
In the league, we're right on Man City's tail and are looking strong candidates for next season's ECC and I truly hope we can retain at least the third position. We've only lost three games, 2 against Arsenal and one against West Brom while 21 games have been played. Liverpool is in a strong position right below us with a game in hand so we might not hold 3rd place for long.
No big suprises in the european fields as we managed to win our Group. We will face Wolfsburg in the first knockout round and it could be a tough match for us, but I cant speculate too much at this point since I haven't had the time to scout them properly yet.

We have also reached the semi final of the league cup and it would be just amazing to actually win something. We've had some pretty easy fixtures so far and now we face Southampton so I think we have a good chance of reaching the final!
26 games played now. Our form is unbelievable.

It's getting very exciting for us. It looks like our current form is helping us get a spot in next seasons Champions League and I am confident we can also progress in the EURO cup this season.

The most exciting aspect for me personally is the league cup final against struggling championship side Watford who have miraculously reached this stage. It should be a comfortable win for us, but you never know with these cup matches... I think I would be happier to play a premiership team because if we lose to Watford it will be a massive blow.
Well we were knocked out of the EURO cup by Wolfsburg. We were the better team in both games but failed to use our chances. The players are very tired so I cant blame them. 4 games in 10 days and I couldn't afford to rest all of my best players.

The players will also be tired for our league cup final so I am very worried.
(Above screenshot not showing the second leg yet, but it was 1-0 as can be seen in the first screenshot).
Well, I have to say I'm not exactly jumping from happines right now. Watford beat us on penalties. I think the worst thing is that I could see this coming. Like I said, would've preferred any premiership team.
Moral isn't good now so our whole season might be in jeopardy, but I hope we can pull ourselves together once again.
Summary of the 2016/2017 season.

In the end, we finished 3rd so I'm very happy we accomplished something. It was by far Leed's best season since I took charge, but obviously at the same time a very disappointing one. We were lucky to face easy opponents in the League cup, but failed to win in the final against Watford and dropping so early from the EURO cup was very disappointing for me, the players and the fans. Now we compete in the Champions League and hopefully we wont get a chance to prove ourselves again in the EURO cup, but rather stay at the highest level.
In any case, it is a very solid platform that we can build on.

I think the most worrying thing overall is the club's stature in regard of match day attendance. Average attendance has hardly grown at all during my time here, which is very disappointing, as I feel we have accomplished much.

It's really slowing our progress as a club. Hopefully the champions league will make the difference.
What is happening with Chelsea? They finished 13th and then 9th in your game? Has something happened with them as in my game they have been top 3 for the past 4-5 years.

Have you had many job offers since you took charge of Leeds?
#36678 Scottio86 : What is happening with Chelsea? They finished 13th and then 9th in your game? Has something happened with them as in my game they have been top 3 for the past 4-5 years.

Have you had many job offers since you took charge of Leeds?

Tbh I dont know why Chelsea are doing as bad as they are. I think one problem is that they were very slow to replace their key players with new young players. For example I think John Terry still plays for Chelsea. I guess it's just a matter of which big teams sign the best players first.

I've had some offers, most notable ones coming from Liverpool and Tottenham. A few offers from other European teams, but none very flattering. Anyway, I'll stay as Leeds manager for as long as they'll keep me and then this game is over and it's time to start a new one. I hope that they wont sack me in the next 10 years atleast though, but anything can happen.

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