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Leeds United story

Started on 9 November 2011 by psah
Latest Reply on 3 February 2012 by promitch
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Terry will be 35/36! Crazy!

Some decent offers there but now you have got so far with Leeds there would be no point in leaving until you complete what you want to acheive...that and the English clubs you mention you are now above.

Would you do another game in England or would you consider abroad?
I would probably do another one in England, but I'll keep my options open :). I mostly follow English football so it is my favourite.

Of course my ultimate goal is the Treble! heh.
Yeah well it might happen in the next couple of season judging by your progress!

I quite fancy a crack of Leeds myself as it's an interesting challenge and a club I used to follow a while back. I mostly manage in Scotland and take it from there and see where I end up.

For my next one I may download the face packs and kits...though at 4-5gb that could take a while....
personally i would never manage in scotland unless i was managing rangers or celtic. its not competitive enough for me. try coaching in ukraine or russia . its always interesting :). especially Anji ( russia ) cause they have the financial power
#36708 toonman8589 : personally i would never manage in scotland unless i was managing rangers or celtic. its not competitive enough for me. try coaching in ukraine or russia . its always interesting :). especially Anji ( russia ) cause they have the financial power

It’s actually very competitive in Scotland especially if you start off at the bottom of the divisions and work your way up. Going Rangers and Celtic is like going City or Chelsea in the EPL…not much of a challenge really.

I Like what Psah has done with Leeds as getting them to be a top club in England is a tough feet especially in the position they were when he took over the club.
The 2017/2018 season is well on it's way, but I'll go through the activity of the summer transfer windowd first.
I liked Steven Fletcher, but didn't impress me when I gave him his chance in the starting 11 during the few years he spent here and he wanted more football so I decided to let him go. Pepe left for the obvious reason that he is quite old and very much overpaid.

I signed three promising youngsters:
I tried to pick youngsters that have developed enough to play in the first team aswell if needed.

And here are the other signings I made. Nothing ground-shaking, I didn't try to replace anyone, but I felt I need more depth in my squad.

Again I tried to save money and succeeded in doing so, even though I signed quality(although quite old) players on reasonable contracts.

Spent: 5m Earned 5,5m
The season has started well enough and we're currently sitting in 3rd place. We drawed a pretty hard group in our first ECC, but I think we have a chance of qualifying for the next round, especially now after a strong showing against Sevilla.
Unfortunately Sturridge got himself injured in our season opener against Man Utb, but youngster Ruslan Levchuk came in and did a great job. I gave him his chance in the next few games aswell and he's already scored 3 goals and has generally been very impressive. Sturridge is now returning from injury after being sidelined for over a month, but Levchuk has earned himself atleast a spot on the bench.

It was horrible to lose against Bolton, but we can't win every game and Bolton played very well and it was an even and action packed game. Drawing at Old trafford was fantastic, as well as winning 2-0 against Liverpool.

We're off to a good season in England and looks like we can compete in the ECC aswell!
We are now in november and things are going well, especially in the Champions League. We have so far won all of our four games in the group stage and now with 2 games in hand, we have already qualified for the next stage. This makes me very happy because I have basically used a different starting eleven in European games.
With the press not giving us the slightest of chances in pre-season, I am very proud of the team's performance. Our most notable victory was a 4-0 away game against Inter:
Leed's own boy Aidy White picked up the match ball, which he hasn't done in years. We only had 39% posession in the match, but somehow came away with such a scoreline in the end.

Here are our fixtures so far and the league table.
We are now through february. We have been a little bit disappointing in the league, but we're still very much competing for Champions League spots.
We've had some serious problems with scoring goals and after scoring them we couldn't hold the lead for more than a few minutes. We are currently unbeaten in 10 league matches, but a lot of those games have been disappointing draws that I have to admit we deserved to win, but luck has certainly not been on our side recently.
I cant quite believe how we didn't win against Southampton, basically lived inside their penalty area, but their keeper managed to make some once-in-a-lifetime-saves about 10 times. It was a very similiar match against Reading and since we spent most of the game in their penalty box, we actually had a penalty shot and Sturridge finally managed to put one in after hitting the crossbar/post more than once.

Europe is a very different story. We have played like a real big European club and we completely dominated our group and finished it with 6 victories and 18 points.
I cant believe how well we're doing in our first Champions League. We are up against Dortmund in the first knockout round and we already managed a magnificent 4-2 victory against them and the next leg will be played on Elland Road. Victory seems almost certain.

And once again we find ourselves in the League Cup Final. This time against Blackburn and I hope we can do better than last season against Watford.
This is a wonderful day for us as we lift the League Cup. We played very nervously, but Sturridge and Griffiths, my two long-serving strikers brought home the trophy!
Summary of the 2017/2018 season

The season is once again over and what a great season it was too! In the end it was a very tight race until the very last game for the last CL spot, but we managed to finish 4th in the league and will compete in CL next season aswell.
With only one game left, we had a 3 point lead against Arsenal so I knew that if we can get atleast a draw against Aston Villa, it would be enough. We played very nervously against Aston Villa, but somehow managed to snatch a draw anyway. I guess we were destined to play in the CL!
We also had a very good CL campaign this season, finishing our group undefeated and then winning against Dortmund and beating Porto in the quarter final. I already started harbouring hopes of a place in the final, but Real Madrid showed their class and we were easily beaten at Bernabeu. We managed a draw at home and played much better, but it was too late at that point.

Here is the Best Eleven for the 2017/2018 season:
The board announced some truly wonderful news at the end of the season:
I was delighted that we were finally expanding as I had been worried about our Avg,. Attendance not growing, but Champions League helped us alot. I'm also very happy because this kind of forward thinking is the reason I have been VERY careful with my signings in the last few seasons, excluding Felipe Anderson's 20 million deal. Our finances now look stable and if we keep qualifying for the CL, this club can go very far.
The board also began construction on new Youth Facilities.

Going in to the transfer window, I'm thinking about buying a defender or two, mainly a CB as Raul Albiol will be leaving on a free transfer. I will also try to pick up a few promising youngsters that I have been keeping my eye own the past season.
Summer 2018 transfers
I ended up spending quite a lot of money. I was initially given a budget of 16million and wage budget remained as it was. The two players I signed to replace Granero and Albiol were both on a free transfer so I'm pretty happy about that. Here they are:
He's actually a very different player than Granero, more of a physical player, while Granero is more technical, but I have always valued good physical attributes over technical.
I think he looks like a great CB, even better than Albiol, but we'll have to see how he does on the pitch.

The last player I signed for my first team was another physical player for the midfield, specifically the right wing. I actually bought him to replace Snodgrass, who from some reason has decided that Leeds is not good enough for him anymore. I haven't been able to sell Snodgrass yet though, but I think Molenaar will get some playing time anyway.

I then signed some youngters again. I spent a lot more money on them than I wanted to, but I think they're value can only go up from this point so I dont think there's much risk of losing that money:
Nothing to say about him, looks very good and my assistant gives him a 5-star potential.
I'm pretty excited about him, he's got amazing stats already so I dont know how much he will progress. Looks like a great Target Man and I've been wanting to try one out in my tactic for a while now. And yes, he is VERY slow, but I hope that with the right training he'll get atleast a little bit better in that regard.
Nothing to say about him. Promising full-back.

2018/2019 Pre-season
The games went pretty well, but I think we could have benefitted from a few more as I feel we're not as prepared as we could be yet. We're up against Spartak Moscow in our ECC qualifying match and I think we've got a good chance, especially when it's a 2-legged tie. The first five games are very close together and there wont be much time for rest. I hope we can manage.
We have reached october and games have been much as excpected. First of all though, I made one more new signing. He had a release clause of 4,2million so I jumped at the opportunity.
He's been doing very well so far.

Here are our fixtures so far:
A disappointing loss against Stoke, but after that we picked ourselves up. A great win against Man Utd, In which we truly were the better team and deserved our win. And after falling 2-0 behind against Arsenal in the first 20 minutes, we equalized before the half time and kept the score until the end. We had a league cup match against Crawley and I had a great opportunity to give youngsters some valuable experience and a chance for the back-up players. The result isn't too impressive, but the game featured their first ever goals for Leeds from Ludovic Lucas and Hadi Aktan, both youngters with a bright future.
We have won both of our Champions League games so far, but we're up against Real Madrid next and that's going to be a whole different game. Anyway we are looking like a strong bet for qualification to the knockout stage.
The january transfer windowd is about to close. I didn't make any new signings, because very I'm happy with the team at the moment. Manchester City and Arsenal are dominating the league and Leeds are sitting 3rd. ManU is slowly losing it's position as the best club in England and Tottenham is atually trying to avoid relegation. Times have sure changed since I began. Here is the league table as it currently stands:
I'm very happy with our current position, even though no real progress has been made during the last couple seasons. It's a very slow process to challenge the rich and mighty, but I remain determined to do just that.
Here are our fixtures since october:
I think we won the games we should've, but it was disappointing to lose against struggling Spurs and of course West Ham, who both came at us like a bulldozer and we were caught off guard. We have to be more careful in the future.

Champions League is once again going extremely well. We even won our home game against Real Madrid and won our group.

We have a very interesting match-up in the first knockout round of CL. Braga. We played them in a pre-season friendly match and absolutely demolished them with a 11-2 scoreline. It will be very interesting to see if they put up more of a fight in a competitive match.

As for the domestic cups, we were knocked out of the League Cup fourth round by Liverpool, but neither me or the board had any ambitions on that front this season so I'm quite fine with especially since we had full team of reserves and youngters out there.

So Liverpool knocked us out of the League cup, but after winning it the last season, I wanted to turn my focus more on the F.A. CUP. So this time we beat Liverpool out of the competition and next we face Fulham. I think as long as we dont face Man City or Arsenal in the Cup we've got a chance of winning it.
We are nearing the end of the season and our league results haven't been great. I'm actually in danger of failing to fulfill the board's expectations of qualifying for the EURO cup. It's obvious I would rather compete in the CL next seasons aswell, but EURO cup isn't bad either as I think it presents a great opportunity to give the young players some valuable experience, where as champions league requires some of the best players I have and it obviously tires them out faster.

However, the season is not yet over and we still have a chance to qualify for the ECC, but it isn't looking likely.
I'm happy that Tottenham have managed to pull themselves safely out of the drop zone, but I am not so pleased that Arsenal have only lost ONE game during the whole season. The competition is fierce, with Liverpool and Chelsea starting to live up to their reputations once again and Man city and Arsenal being incredibly strong. I cant exactly call Man Utd weak either.

Even though the league hasn't gone according to my own expectations, we are once again doing very well in Europe and have managed to get ourselves in to the semi-final for the second time where we face Manchester City. I really couldn't have imagined harder opposition, but we've come this far and Man City are bound to be tired aswell so we'll go out there and try to shock them.

I am facing a bit of a dilemma now though, with the CL semi-final and League games. I'll have some decisions to make regarding my line-ups and which competition I want to get some wins in. I think we have a great chance of qualifying for EURO cup through league finish, but then again nothing would be better than winning CL. Also, not only do we face City in the CL, but also the next league game.

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