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Future England and Manchester United Stars

Two you products of Manchester United
Started on 7 February 2012 by Ory1997
Latest Reply on 28 May 2012 by Slitty
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Here are the pictures you requested xXAndyhXx:
Muniain's Attributes:

As you can see he is world class, if not then he is close to. He's still below Hernandez and Rooney though with both injured for a few days, he may get his chances, he may overtake Hernandez if he performs well vs Bayern Munich. Also with Rooney 28 he may deterioarate soon and fall below Muiain.

My Senior squad:

Just world Champions.

My Reserve squad:

Just a couple of oldies, backups and youngsters, and a few greyed out players. As you can see all my youths are amazing and the England future stars are going to be legends.
nice posts man! keep it up and try doing that guide how to develop players the way you do!

#43826 Sporting_23 : nice posts man! keep it up and try doing that guide how to develop players the way you do!

Right now I'm just too damn lazy to write a detailed guide, maybe I will make one that covers the general idea. Also I don't have much time to do these posts anymore, my grade 10 exams are comming up so I don't have time to even play FM much.
I'm going to show how the three Englismen are doing, on the other hand though I'm starting to use Dean as an attacking midfielder, this is where his strength and speed is really useful because by playing in a deeper role he receives the ball more often than playing as a striker, what surprizes me is that when he plays as an attacking midfielder he is not selfish and shows quality passes dispite the fact that the attributes show he has low creativity. Andrew is improving a lot in speed and in other stats in general, and Paul's defensive attributes as risen greatly, along with his passing abilities, his attrribute shape now resembles Phil Jones, or maybe Ferdinand when he was younger.
Well I was planning to show their progress at the end of the year but they've been progressing a lot I thought that no one should miss it.

Dean Keane

Already 2 caps and 1 goal, I hope he plays in the World cup.

Andrew Love

As you can see he is no longer Mr. Slowass, hoping his international debut happens soon.

Paul Hall

I'm starting to think that he may become the world's best defender one day.
You should train andrew Love in Long shots, with his great technique and crossing it should be a new weapon for him :)
Love got his first cap for England when he played againt Spain. England won 1-0 thanks to an early Ashley Young Goal.
Get Love tutored by someone with high determination and work rate. If he improves those two, he will eventually become even better. A high determination stat directly affects if a player will reach full potential or not i.e. the higher the better as player is more "willing" to work to improve.
Not that he is bad right now, I would just hate to see him not fulfil his potential, he is the second coming of Beckham by the looks of it!
Hall is also very good mate. Don't tutor him though, unless you have someone with equally good determination/work rate and better mental stats for things like concentration, positioning.
I would train him as a center back too, he will be a mean defensive midfielder or a brilliant ball playing defender one day.
Those guys are really amazing! Dean Keane is a monster! Andrew Love, 6 assists, 5 goals in 13 app is crazy! And Paul Hall is really developing! I forsee a future with him and maybe Phil Jones (though you use Jones as a DMC). Loving this!
First of all thanks to all you guys who are reading this journal (can't really call it a story can I?). I hope these guys will help England win the WC someday, under my managment of course. Which is why I became the Russian manager, so that hopefully I can knock out England early in the upcoming WC and hopefully get Pearce fired.

First of all I would like to say that Andrew Love is not another Beckham, he is more of a Ryan Giggs player.

The real free kick taker of the tree is Dean Keane, look at his freekick attribute.

Paul Hall plays similarly to Phil Jones, they are both amazing in DM position.

This year though no one in the youth recruitment is really talented so no new English talens :(
Both Dean Keane and Andrew Love are particiating in the world cup. Dean has 7 apps and 2 goals for England while Andrew love has 4 but no goals, yet.
Is it ongoing or has the competition ended? Btw, can i have a screenshot of Crisetig, Joel Valencia as well as Luis Guilherme? Thank you!
On a side news the World cup Final is between England and Mexico. England had to beat the likes of Uruguay, Spain and Belgium while

I also sighned Andre ter-Stegen on a free transfer after I approached him last season when his contract had only 6 months left.

Here is the progress of Dean Keane and Andrew Love

What should I improve for Dean Keane and Andrew Love?

And this is for xXBlueXx:

I think based by these three it is proven that Italians develop faster then Brazillians and Equadorians, or am I wrong?
Ory1997's avatar Group Ory1997
10 yearsEdited
This is the result of the World Cup Final:

As you can see Dean Keane was the hero os England's famous World Cup Come-Back

This could be the start of England's dominance in Football.

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