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Future England and Manchester United Stars

Two you products of Manchester United
Started on 7 February 2012 by Ory1997
Latest Reply on 28 May 2012 by Slitty
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I did delete and upload again, 5 times. Gonna see if the glitch is still on.
Finally, here's the new stats of Andrew Love:

Ok so recently I just won my third ECC in a row. Remember in the past 2 finals it was against Dortmund and then Bayern. Well I predicted that I was going to play Leverkusen next and I was correct. However the score is not 4-0 to me, they were tough and I only managed a 2-1 victory.
Hmm right now Andrew Love seems just a tad bit one dimensional and that is that he seems like a person who will make and create plays for other people instead of one who can make and create plays for himself. Finishing training or perhaps free kick taking?

Btw, any other reasonable youth products coming through?
Hey Orry, can you pls give me some advice on how to develop those youngsters i told you about? see link on your previous page! thanks
great story m8 look forward to next update
#46189 nakulp : Hey Orry, can you pls give me some advice on how to develop those youngsters i told you about? see link on your previous page! thanks
I'm not sure about the 24 year old guy as so far I found that players develop really slowly at 24 and above. The first thing you should do is improve your training facilities or improve your coaches or both. In my game nearly all my staffs are paid below 2000 pounds and they are all world class. Some really good coaches with four and a half stars will except pays as low as 300 pounds. Now looking at your youngster. These days before I begin training them I always think where he will they will fit in my squad. If there is a place for him and I mean like if he's the 3rd or 4th defensive midfielder you should keep him and tutor him. Try to train his tackling and marking as in my opinion they are the two most necessary attribute for any defensive role. Now make sure you are putting him in a good training shcedule, I don't have my own and I downloaded my schedules, so far the results have been great, these schedule makers are really good. Now he is a defensive midfielder meaning that other attributes such as technique and passing is a really good for him. Now since improving defensive skills and technique skills are really slow to do through specific traiing it is a bad idea to do so. Now this is the trick: I find that tutoring players not only give them mental and playing style, it gives them an overall boost on their attributes. Now for example I trained Andrew Love to specifically impove his speed but I also wanted him to improve on his skill (technique, attacking creativity). So I got a senior player who is strong in all three, in this case Hamsik. So through personal training Andrew got his speed and through tutoring he got his skill. Make sure if you keep your players that you play them, they need it. Otherwise loan them. The most important thing about loaning is actually how much it tests your player. Training facility is important but your player's effort is worth more. For example when I got Deane he was completely rubbish except for his speed and strength. So I loaned him out. Now the most important things about choosing the right club to loan your player to are: Is he going to play a lot and how tough are his oponent. It would be useless to loan him to a club in which your youngster is leagues ahead of his opponents, it would be too easy for him. Now it would also be pointless if he does not play if his teammates are way ahead of him. In my case I loaned Dean Keane to Antwerp first. In there he was the first choice striker but his opponents were also tough. In his informaiton he said it was too easy but after that season he was good enough to break into the FC Twente first team then on to becoming a world cup winner. I hope this helps, sorry for really long message, your question is not simple and has many ways to answer.
Hmmm right now I've got:

Lorenzo tutored by Scotty Parker

Mbaye Niang tutored by Adebayor

Lenny Nangis tutored by Defoe

Joel Valencia tutored by Lennon

Maxym Koval (GK) tutored by Gomes

In a Euro Cup game against Hadijuk, I played all of them except Valencia as he was ineligible. Lorenzo scored 1, Niang scored 1 and Nangis scored 2 and Koval let in one goal due to a defensive muddle but had a rating of 7.0. Also there is a problem of loaning out players as most clubs do not want them. I'm hoping that next season will be easier to loan out players like Valencia and Lorenzo.

Right now i seem to have a big chunk of promising young players! I also have Couilaby and Robbie Cotton and Hoilett to join during January transfer. I'm not sure who to loan out or who to keep now as the current depth of my Spurs squad ain't pretty...
I think you need some feeders, it really helps the loan as you can compare their players and your own to make sure that yur players play. You can also just loan your players immidiately so not to waste time if you have feeders. I suggest if your youngster is a 5th choice in any outfield position he should be loaned out. If it is for goalkeeper he should be laoned if he is 3rd choice.
Thanks Orry. I have sorted myself out..i think!
Hey dude any updates on your youngsters? I've been playing my youngsters for Euro Cup, but they're quite inconsistent. I'm afraid if they do really bad it might affect their confidence!
#46910 xXBlueXx : Hey dude any updates on your youngsters? I've been playing my youngsters for Euro Cup, but they're quite inconsistent. I'm afraid if they do really bad it might affect their confidence!

Yeah sry for the lack of updates, these days I drink instead of playing FM and my head fucking hurts. So I haven't been playing FM for awhile,as I always find myself in weird places which I don't remember going to. Then I got sick and puked on my laptop, causing it to break.


Deane Kean and Adew Love are almost world class, Paul Hall is improving and playing well, continential class. I suggest you loan them out where they will play but still challenging.
Here are how my stars progressing:
Deane Kean

Andrew Love

Paul Hall

And my newest propect, also dubbed as the next Alan Shearer
Hal Pates
Niceee :) I dont know how your game generates such good regens for your youth academy!
They don't, they generate those with potential, I train them.
Haha! Well I'm looking forward to seeing them develop even more and taking over Messi! Haha!

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