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Dutch Demons, FC Eindhoven

Started on 23 February 2012 by Michael
Latest Reply on 9 October 2012 by Michael
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Hello People,

My laptop is repaired (Complete HDD replacements, incluis installing new OS with hundreds of updates) so I'm starting a new career.

The goal this time:

Winning The World Cup for Clubteams with a Completely Dutch team, starting from the Dutch Bottom Division (so the Jupiler League)

I chose FC Eindhoven, because it's a sattelitecub from my favorite club PSV Eindhoven.

Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!!
Ok, Pre-season is just the first building step.

I'm gonna use my favorite tactic: 4231, with 2 quick wingers, and 1 Defensive CM.

All the (good) foreigners must be kicked away, and with the sold players I still have a budget of 285K and 33K salary budget.

I hope to get with all the loans I got to get a valuable team, so I can get some reputation :)

Now let's play some matches :)
Well done!! Good luck for the season ahead!!
Talking about bad runs:

Last 5 matches: 1 point
Last 10 matches: 8 points
Last 16 matches: 13 points

Auch :(
really ouch men. hope that bad fom will go away quick ;)
Unlucky, have you tried tweaking your tactics a bit?
good luck this season m8
Ok People, the Big season update (played alittle qwuicker than thought XD)

First of all: this season was shit. Goalies we're bad, defenders even worse, and still my strikers couldn't score :(

I'll divide the seasosn in 4 quarters:

Quarter 1, Pre-season:

Pre-season was the time to clear my selection from all the freigners. Bought and loaned a bunch of players, Best of those were Marco Van Ginkel (L), Anouar Kali (L), and Memphis Depay (L). Best player really bought was my leftback Shakison.

We started in my favorite 4231 formation, which is a formation for teams which can score. aso I made a defensive 42121 just in case. My bunchload of players were all just happy with the squad balance.

The Aim, and the budgets: Aim: left row (=top 9), which gave us the small budget of 23.19K of transfers, and 30,15K of wages. Not surprising we had a 59K debt :)

So with a good squad (I thought) I went in to the first season.

Part 2: the beginning of the season:

We started pretty well, and with 4 wins in the first 6 Matches we were 5th. That we drawed at the (later 1/2finalist Cup) FC Dordrecht, and lost against demoted Sparta, No3 in 1st league PSV amd the later champion of my league Telstar didn't worry me. this part was ended with 2 losses, 3 wins and 3 draws, and at that point we were halfway the competition in November.

Part 3, I'm getting annoyed:

Did I start with place 8 at this time, I ended on place 17, due 6 losses and 2 draws, in 8 games. Pretty annoying, as my aim was 8 places higher. I did wat was needed, and bought a new goalie, from a direct opponent. It had costs me some money. So wehen those matches were over, we would be ready for the last months. I bought 1 new goalie, 1 new stiker, 2 CD, 1 RB, 1 RW, 1 CAM and 1 CM. Most of them were free, only 1 CD and the goalie costed me money.

SO let go to the last part:

Part 4: Rising from the death:

9 points behind, 9 games to go, and an almost completely new squad. It became do, or die.Maybe lose worthly with 2-6 and gotten in a fight, than just accepting a defeat. And we won our first game, and our second, and the third. Just when I thought that we were good, we lost. % games to go, and 7 points behind. And than come the best streak of the year, 1 draw, 3 wins, and another draw brought us place 9, at goaldifference, which we lost. If I had won the last game I had finished 5-7, depending on my amount of goals I scored.

After all, we had a good season. Without looking at my finiances, we took 1.2M profit, which was absolutely wonderful :) My aim for next season is still the same, only my resources are better :)
Can't wait to read about your second season!

My budget was better, with 172K, and 35,5K for wages.

Leroy Resodihardjo (300K)
Ibrahim Zaari (80k)
Kevin Bobson (10K)
Sjors Paridaans, Rob van Boekel, Ruud Swinkels, Josemar Makiavala (Free Transfer)

Rudy Jansen, Steve Olfers, Ellery Caïro, Thijs van Hofwegen, Guus Hupperts, Tom Boere, Jeffrey Ket, Marc Egberink, Rick van Dekken, Dennis Jacobs, Mitch Stockentree (Free Transfer)
Nick Tol (230k)

On Loan:
Anouar Kali

The first period has ended, so My first update will be here:

8 Matches in total in the competition:

Sparta (H) 2-1 win
Willem II (A) 3-1 loss
Fortuna Sittard (H) 0-0 draw
AGOVV (A) 2-1 loss
FC Volendam (A) 1-1 draw
FC Dordrecht (H) 2-1 win
Fc Den bosch (A) 1-1 draw
Helmond Sport (A) 0-0 draw

And 1 Cupmatch:

2nd Round: PSV Eindhoven (H) 0-2 loss

So a nice 11th place at the moment, and easely can grow up to 9 or higher :)

The second period has ended, and we did well.

This Time 8 competition-matches:

Ijsselmeervogels (H): 2-0 win
Fc Emmen (H): 1-0 win
Go Ahead Eagles (A): 1-2 win
SC Cambuur (H): 1-2 loss
Almere City (A): 1-3 win
RKC (T): 1-2 loss
FC Oss (A): 1-5 win
Excelsior (T): 0-0 draw

We made 16 points out of 8 matches, and climbed up the ladder towards the 6th place, with 26 points. No 3 to 8 have 25-28 points :)

Hope we can go on with this good run, where I needed to let my youthplayer play in a match, because my 2 LB's were injured.
Third period has ended :)

First, the Matches, we had another 8 in total:

MVV (A) 1-0 loss
Sparta (A) 1-1 draw
Willem II (T) 1-1 draw
Fortuna Sittard (A) 0-1 win
AGOVV (H) 2-3 loss
Volendam (H) 2-0 win
FC Dodrecht (A) 2-3 win
FC Den bosch (H) 0-1 loss

11 points in 8 matches, could have been better, could have been worse. I'm now at the 7th position.



Buurmeijer: 3k
Koç: 24k
Baj, 40K

Castillion: 50K
Maria: Free
I'm enjoying this. Well done for picking such a lowly team and sticking with them.
#43898 Geneharper : I'm enjoying this. Well done for picking such a lowly team and sticking with them.

Thx, it will cost me many seasons, and a lot of hard work.

Luckely i'm almost a superscout myself, I search the players, My scout may look at them, and than I pick them transferfree :)

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