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Dutch Demons, FC Eindhoven

Started on 23 February 2012 by Michael
Latest Reply on 9 October 2012 by Michael
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OK, end of season update:

10 Matches:

Helmond Sport (H) 2-1 win
Ijsselmeervogels (A) 0-1 win
Fc Emmen (A) 1-0 loss
Go Ahead Eagles (H) 0-1 loss
Sc Cambuur (A) 0-5 win
Almere City FC (H) 0-2 loss
RKC (A) 3-2 loss
FC Oss (H) 2-1 win
Excelsior (A) 3-1 loss
MVV (H) 2-1 loss

This brought us at the 8th place, 1 higher dan last year, but still disapponiting, as we were heading to the 3rd place for a moment. Still with this result we are placed for promotion playoffs.

FC Emmen (A) 3-1 loss
FC Emmen (H) 0-0 draw

So that was round 1.

To bad we had an amaing loss of 640K, which we need to improve, or otherwise this will be a very hard career.
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10 yearsEdited

Mohammed Ajnane, Ugur Yildrim (Free Transfer)
Jasper Waalkens (30K) Reason: Too high wage
Steve Offers (120K) Reason: unhappy at club, offer to good to turn down
Mitch Stockentree (On loan, 5K fee)
Emre Deniz (On loan, fee 20K)

Daniel Zuiverloon, Ricky van den Berg, Lars Gulpen, Mickey van Rijn, Flynn Jochems, Niels Vorthoren, Ruud kras, Jeffrey van Nuland (Free Transfer) Now woth toghether: 800K
Anoar Kali (50K) Reason: short on LW position, so taken over out of loan
Ruben Ligeon (50K) Reason: short on RB position
Daryl van Mieghem, Jordi Bitter (loans) reasons: very very short on RW position (I had only 1 there)

BTW guys: Screens on request
This counts as a comment. Problem?
#44023 Ory1997 : This counts as a comment. Problem?
Period 1 is over, cupmatch 1 is played, time for an UPDATE!!!

8 Matches this period:

Excelsior (A) 2-3 win
MVV (H) 2-1 win
Almere City (A) 2-1 loss
FC Oss (H) 2-1 win
Fortuna Sittard (A) 0-2 win
SC Cambuur (H) 1-0 win
Sparta (A) 0-3 win
NAC (H) 3-1 win

Those 7 wins brought me the period-title, and autoqualification for the play-offs. Very nice :)

Oh, the cupmatch. This time we must play against FC Oss, which I already beated at home in the competition. this time was aso a win:

FC Oss (A) (CUP) 1-2 win

This means that we are for the first time n this game reached round 3, where we meet Roda JC :)

Screens on request
Hey nice bruh lot of wins this
Time :) good luck
loving this story :) good luck :D
Period 2 is over, that means another update :)

Bitter is sended back to Ajax, due a 3 month injury
Van den Bergh is released, due too many players for his position, his high wage, and short contract

Matches in teh second period:

Telstar (A) 1-1 draw
FC Groningen (H) 0-2 loss
SC Veendam (A) 1-2 win
Go Ahead Eagles (H) 4-0 win
Willem II (A) 1-0 loss
Fc Dordrecht (H) 1-1 draw
AGOVV (A) 0-1 win
RKC (H) 0-2 loss

A bit of a bad period, but still no.1, but now on just 1 point, RKC is the no.2

The Cupmatch:

Roda JC (A) 1-3 win

A bit of a major shock win, as I was trying to minimize the damage, but got away with a win I was delighted with. Next round: FC Emmen, who held me out of the 2nd round play offs last year. I want to win!

Screens on request :)
Tought losses to Groningen and RKC but at least you got nice win against Roda in the cup.
Period 3 has ended, also has the transferperiod ended :D


Henry Noyen (16K)
Melvon Koetsier (Free Transfer)
Sherry kindo kamara (300K, Birmingham)

Peter Beeftink (614K) Screeb


FC Den Bosch (H) 3-1 win
Excelsior (H) 2-0 win
MVV (A) 0-2 win
Almere City FC (H) 1-1 draw
FC Oss (A) 2-2 draw
Fortuna Sittard (H) 0-0 draw
SC Cambuur (A) 1-4 win
NAC Breda (A) 1-2 win

Some nice results, and 2nd time period champion, but still only 2 points ahead of chaser RKC. Almere City Follows on 7 points, and is almost no competition anymore.

Cup: FC Emmen (A) 5-1 loss.

And that's what we not wanted. A major blow on our confidence, which led towards the draws.

For now: 10 more matches to go, let's finish those and do 3 seasons in 10 days :D

First off al: This is the second most exciting seasonfinale I've ever seen (Had one with DZC'68 which was even crazier)

The Beginning of period 3:

1. FC Eindhoven 50
2. RKC 48
3. Almere City FC 43
4. FC Groningen 40

The matches 1-6:

Sparta (H) 1-0 win
Telstar (H) 1-0 win
FC Groningen (A) 3-2 loss
SC Veendam (H) 0-3 loss
Go Ahead Eagles (A) 0-2 win
willem II (H) 1-2 loss

The standings:

1. FC Eindhoven 59
2. FC Groningen 58
3. RKC 53

FC Groningen were scaring me, and not a little bit, no big time scares. 6 wins in a row, including on my team.

matches 7-8-9:

FC Dordrecht (A) 1-0 loss
AGOVV (H) 2-1 win
FC Den Bosch (A) 1-2 win

The stansings before the last match:
1. FC Eindhoven 65
2. FC Groningen 64
3. RKC 60
16. Fortuna Sittard 36

The Matches:
RKC - FC Eindhoven 2-2
Fortuna Sittard - FC Groningen 1-0


btw, who would have place bets on this that this would happen wouldn't be with me on the same pokertale, I'm not nuts.
Well, good luck in the first division. Lets hope the other teams wont steal your star players!
Usually the biggest problem with promotions.
good luck! Thanks for the help !
@Slogh: I have a smart business man on top, he won't sell them :D

Castillion: 2.5M <--- My topscorer, and most important man, couldn't refuse
De Wit: 300K
Vorthoren: 60K
Stockentree: 20K
Maria, Rossen (free Transfer)

Bought over 48 months:
Bovenberg (2M)
Verhulst (1.8M)
Nuytinck (1.1M)
Hofstra (475K)
Berghuis (425K)
Van Mieghem (16K)
Trindade de Vilhena, Pröpper, Luirick, Molenar, Konterman, Van Ooijen, Vermeulen, Van der Poel (Free Transfer)

The departure of Castillion was needed, and with tha momney I needed to reinforce my defence, if I wanted to stay up.

Luckely with all the TV-money we can handle this very expensive buying period, otherwise It would be a hard career.

Btw guys, what do you prefer: 2 updates, when the competition is equal according to matches, of 4 updates, but some teams have played more, and some less?

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