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Dutch Demons, FC Eindhoven

Started on 23 February 2012 by Michael
Latest Reply on 9 October 2012 by Michael
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Halfway update, 17 competitionmatches played, 3 cupmatches:

Vitesse (H) 2-0 loss
NAC Breda (A) 0-0 draw
Feyenoord (H) 3-1 win <--Big Win
FC Twente (A) 0-2 win <--Big Win
SC Heerenveen (H) 1-2 loss
De Graafschap (A) 1-1 draw
VVV (H) 0-1 loss
PSV (H) 2-3 loss
FC utrecht (A) 2-0 loss
Heracles (H) 1-0 win
FC Groningen (A) 2-1 loss
NEC (H) 2-1 win
FC Volendam (A) 2-1 loss <--Big Loss
Roda JC (H) 1-1 draw
Ajax (A) 1-0 loss
AZ (H) 0-1 loss
Ado Den Haag (A) 3-1 win

This brings us to place 11, with 18 points out of 17 matches :)
That's 7 points ahead of no 16. which will play play-offs, and 11 before place 18, which will mean direct demoting.


Round 1: bye (As always)
Round 2: UNA (H) 3-0 win
Round 3: MVV (H) 2-1 win
Round 4: FC Zwolle (A) 0-2 win

My opponent for the quarterfinals is Vitesse, which is also my last opponent before the winter break.
Season doesnt look good so far mate, lets hope you can improve as the season goes by and win against some of the big teams.

Good Luck for rest of the season
Hey Craig, I just promoted to this division, only thing I need to do is savemy club from relegating. That i'm currently running for a mid-table finish is far above expectations :)
2nd update, 10 matches played from last update, also 1 cupmatch:

Vitesse (A) 0-0 draw
NAc Breda (H) 3-0 win
Feyenoord (A) 1-2 win
FC Twente (H) 2-3 loss
SC Heerenveen (A) 3-0 loss
De Graafschap (H) 3-0 win
VVV (A) 1-2 win
Ajax (H) 1-3 loss
PSV (A) 4-2 loss
FC utrecht (H) 3-1 win
Heracles (A) 1-0 loss

This brings us to a satisfiïng 10th place, well above the 15th we aimed for. With still 6 matches to go, we have build up a 15 point lead, so we can safely say that we stay in the competition.


qurterfinal: Vitesse (A) 3-0 loss

End of the game, not sad, but hoped the score was lower.

Transfers: way too many this period, only hoping that I'm capable of not losing to many players :)
Last 6 matches:

FC Groningen (H) 2-1 win
FC Volendam (H) 3-1 win
NEC (A) 2-1 loss
Roda JC (A) 1-1 draw
AZ (A) 3-2 loss
Ado Den Haag (H) 2-2 draw (average age: 19 year(and a bit))

This brought us to a fine 10th place, which is a very very very nice result for a just promoted team.

I played the transfermarket this season as I play football: Reckless, fast and a lot.

Maybe i'll do an update about it.

Screens on request, as usual.
Tomorrow evening there will be an update :)
A bigger update, because i played a whole season:

This set of results brought me to the 6th place, where a win in the last match would have brought me the 5th place, and European football. So a tough last position, taking in account that I didn't got a penalty i n the 89th minute and my LB red.

I recognise a cuprun when I do one: this is my first bigger prize, so I'm very happy with it, It also means that we get in the 4th qualifiing round for the Europa League, which is also a first time.

Sorry for keep you guys waiting so long, When I'm done with playing in October I will update again.
Well done mate. Keep it up. Who are your top 3 performers?
I can't see it from lst season, but this season Hofstra (RAM), Beeftink (ST) and Trindade de Valhena (CAM)
First part of the season update:

Dutch Super Cup:
0-2 loss Against Ajax, which is a pity, but with 2/3rd of the starting eleven at the Olympics not that bad :)

Feyenoord 4-2 win
Go Ahead 4-1 win
MVV 2-1 win
De Graafschap 3-2 win
Vitesse 0-3 loss
AZ 6-3 win
PSV 1-1 draw (92th minute goal)
FC Twente 0-0 draw
Ajax 3-1 win
NAC 1-0 win
Heracles 2-0 win

Currently at my aim, which is top 5, with my 4th place, but with 1 match less played than no 1 and 3, and 2 less than no 2.

Dutch Cup:
Excelsior 1-0 win
Rijnsburgse boys 4-0 win

In the 4th round I will face Almere City FC, who kicked out AZ.

European Qualification:
Partizan Belgrado (H) 0-0 draw
Partizan Belgrado (A) 1-5 win

A nice 5-1 win on aggregate, which brings me to my first matches in Europe.

Europa League:
I was seeded in the poule with Malaga, Dnipro and Salzburg.

Dnipro 1-0 win
Salzburg 2-0 win
Malaga 1-2 loss

After everything a nice run of form at the moment, lets keep it up.
Update 2:

Dutch Cup:
I thought I could win with semi-B team. It turns out I couldn't:
Almere City FC 2-1 loss

Dutch eredivisie:
A Nice Set of results, again:

FC groninge 4-1 won
SC Heerenveen 0-0 draw
Roda JC 4-0 win
Sparta 2-0 win
VVV 3-2 win
Feyenoord 1-1 draw
FC Utrecht 2-0 win
Go Ahead 4-1 win
MVV 4-1 win
De Graafschap 4-1 win

Brings us to no.2 , with 2 point behind PSV Eindhoven :)

3 more matches top go:
Malaga: 2-1 loss
Dnipro: 3-3 draw
Salzburg: 2-0 win

Brings us at place 2 with 10 points, and the 1st KO round. I can safely say that this will be the end of the journey: I've been drawn Manchester United.

Important transfer:
Demy de Zeeuw, Ouwekerk (talent).
In the summertime we need to find a new home for Robin van persie:D
End of season update

Cup: Already Out.

Europa league:

Mancheater United: (H) 2-0 win
Manchester United: (A) 0-4 loss

It begun in such a nice way, and than my back were hammered on the way back :S average rating for my defence that day: 5.8, Only thing I can say: New season, new chances

Competition, 13 matches still to go:

Vitesse 3-2 win
AZ 3-1 win
FC Twente 2-1 win
Sc Heerenveen 2-2 draw
PSV 1-0 win <------- HUGE WIN
Sparta 2-0 win
Ajax 2-0 win <-------- HUGE WIN
NAC 1-1 draw
Heracles 3-1 win
Groningen 2-2 draw
Roda JC 4-1 win
VVV 0-0 draw
FC Utrecht 2-2 draw

Now The Standings:

No 3 is Ajax 77 points. +52
No 2 is PSV with 79 points + 63
No.1 is FC Eindhoven (me) 81 points +47

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screens as always will be done on request.
sweet story! i wish Man.utd only got 77 points in my story --'
keep it up :D win the champions league :D
The screens for Ory:

Molenaar (CD)

Prins (ST)

Van den Herik (CM)

Van der Poel (GK)

Witsche (AMCR)
Not bad, although I think the keeper was the only truly impressive one, Van den Herik could use a bit more strength and deffensive abilities.

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