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Arsenal - Road to glory

My campaign towards the throphies
Started on 23 April 2012 by ejay
Latest Reply on 8 June 2022 by Moppy666
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Season 5 - Who will win?

Title race is closing in even further, 5 points to the top with 3 games to go it isn't looking very likely I will win the title, but upsets happen and I'm always ready to take advantage of others misfortune in this game.

Premier League
Newcastle 1-4 Arsenal
Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea
Manchester City Vs Arsenal
Arsenal Vs West Ham
Bristol City Vs Arsenal

Europa League
Semi Arsenal 2-0 Wolves
Semi Wolves 3-4 Arsenal
Olympique de Marseille Vs Arsenal

Season 5 - A fight until the end

The season has drawn to a close, lots of excitement in the the end, sniffing on the no 1 spot both in the Premier League and in the Europa League. Lets start with the Europa League.

UEFA Europa League
Group SK Strum Graz 0-5 Arsenal
Group Arsenal 1-1 Dnipro
Group Feyenoord 1-2 Arsenal
Group Arsenal 0-0 Feyenoord
Group Arsenal 2-0 SK Strum Graz
Group Dnipro 0-3 Arsenal
1st Spartak Moscow 1-2 Arsenal
1st Arsenal 2-1 Sparta Moscow
2nd Arsenal 1-0 Besiktas
2nd Besiktas 1-1 Arsenal
Qtr Arsenal 2-0 Wolfsburg
Qtr Wolfsburg 0-2 Arsenal
Semi Arsenal 2-0 Wolves
Semi Wolves 3-4 Arsenal

Olympique de Marseille Vs Arsenal

The final was one of the more exciting games I have had in this game. Marseille was in the lead 2-0 all up till the 8th minute, then my team started the come back, punching 3 goals in 10 min. Unfortunately Marseille got a penalty after my indisciplined one, Fernando tackled inside the penalty box, making it 3-3.
All went to penalties and who else than Fernando could miss the crucial penalty giving them the trophy.

Premier League

As you can see from my post above, the title race was close, very close, needed to win all games for a shot at the title and couldn't lose a single game since I would be caught from behind.

Premier League
Manchester City 1-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 West Ham
Bristol City 2-1 Arsenal

The most nerve wrecking of these games had to be the one against Bristol City, being one point behind Manchester United at the top and having Liverpool one point trailing me again I knew that nothing but a win could be acceptable. Game started good, with Van Persie scoring a goal in the 25th minute, but after that it slowly got darker and darker. First Gervinho got injured, right after he was substituted out the next player was in pain, Wilshere had to go out as well. Took 23 minutes and Frimpong was next, injured and had to go. 1st half and all substitutions used.

Took 10 min before somehing happened, another injury, Criscito was down and no more subs to use, had to continue with 10 men and with 10 men i conceeded a goal making it 1-1. To make matter worse Hazard went down aswell, having to go off leaving me with 9 men left and a goal to score, was one thing to do and that was to storm forward. 2 minutes before full time, Hernandez delivers a fine assist to Van Persie who can just tap it in and secure the winner.

Congrats on your 2nd place finish, so close to winning the league aswell, I bet you are gutted to miss out by 1 point, good luck for next season, and I can't believe Wolves got into Europe :O

Season 5 - Who is manager now?

Thought i would go trough who is managing who in the big clubs around since there has been alot of rotation on that in my opinion and is very interesting to see these weird things going on in the different clubs.

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Season 5 - Season in review

Is time for the review of the season.

Finally i have players stepping up and dominating, managing to beat the bigger sides and limiting the upsets from smaller clubs, finally a contender for the title and it feels good. With a transfer that turned out to be brilliant this season, knocking Van Persie off his so well rooted spot as striker and probably will take the captain band next season.

My own players are also doing great, Wilshere, Ramsey and Szczsny are turning out to be world class and are expected to be more consistent next season if things go as planned. Will there be need for new transfers in next season? Don't really know yet, have pretty good coverage on positions, but want to get that no 1 spot in the Premier League and a fresh pair of feet might help out. Have youngsters that are turning out great that will be featuring in some games next season, will be incredibly interesting to see how that goes, maybe a new Van Persie or Pires? who knows.

Some players might be leaving the club, those on my mind here is Frimpong, Angel, Valencia and Chamberlain. Not saying I am getting rid of them, they are just on my shortlist of players that are having a very hard time getting into my starting 11 or even on the bench.

Ending the season with 2 trophies, UEFA Super Cup and the Carling cup. 2 trophies more in the cabinet that has grown with 7 trophies since i took over as Manager.

Premier league

Premier League
Norwich 0-3 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Liverpool
Aston Villa 0-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 6-1 West Brom
Sunderland 2-4 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Q.P.R.
Arsenal 2-0 Blackpool
Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal
Wigan 0-3 Arsenal
Tottenham 1-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-2 Birmingham
Arsenal 2-1 Everton
Wolves 0-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 0-0 Newcastle
Arsenal 1-0 Burnley
Arsenal 2-2 Manchester City
Chelsea 3-0 Arsenal
West Ham 1-3 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-1 Bristol City
Arsenal 5-0 Norwich
Liverpool 0-1 Arsenal
Burnley 0-3 Arsenal
Arsenal 0-0 Aston Villa
West Brom 0-2 Arsenal
Q.P.R. 0-5 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Sunderland
Blackpool 0-5 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Wigan
Everton 1-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 1-0 Tottenham
Arsenal 4-0 Wolves
Birmingham 1-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-2 Manchester united
Newcastle 1-4 Arsenal
Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea
Manchester City 1-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 West Ham
Bristol City 2-1 Arsenal

Name AAGames AAGoal(s) AAAssist(s) AAAv Rat
Hernández AA30(2) AAA28 AAA7 AAA7.63
Gervinho AA25(7) AAA13 AAA15 AAA7.47
Hazard AA32(3) AAA8 AAA14 AAA7.33
Wilshere AA21(9) AAA6 AAA7 AAA7.10
Ramsey AA25(5) AAA6 AAA3 AAA7.10
Walcott AA21(6) AAA6 AAA1 AAA7.03
Van Persie AA12(8) AAA5 AAA8 AAA7.34
Muniain AA10(6) AAA4 AAA4 AAA7.13
Chamberlain AA5(6) AAA2 AAA2 AAA6.93
Otamendi AA21(4) AAA2 AAA1 AAA7.34
Koscielny AA30 AAA2 AAA1 AAA7.31
Fernando AA20 AAA2 AAA4 AAA7.22
Frimpong AA3 AAA1 AAA0 AAA6.90
Song AA15(4) AAA1 AAA2 AAA7.03
Vermaelen AA24(2) AAA1 AAA1 AAA7.16
Criscito AA29(3) AAA1 AAA1 AAA7.22

Carling Cup

Carling Cup
3rd Arsenal 1-0 Stoke
4th Arsenal 2-0 Middlesbrough
Qtr Manchester City 0-1e Arsenal
Semi Liverpool 0-1 Arsenal
Final West Brom 0-2 Arsenal

UEFA Europa League

Europa League
Group SK Strum Graz 0-5 Arsenal
Group Arsenal 1-1 Dnipro
Group Feyenoord 1-2 Arsenal
Group Arsenal 0-0 Feyenoord
Group Arsenal 2-0 SK Strum Graz
Group Dnipro 0-3 Arsenal
1st Spartak Moscow 1-2 Arsenal
1st Arsenal 2-1 Sparta Moscow
2nd Arsenal 1-0 Besiktas
2nd Besiktas 1-1 Arsenal
Qtr Arsenal 2-0 Wolfsburg
Qtr Wolfsburg 0-2 Arsenal
Semi Arsenal 2-0 Wolves
Semi Wolves 3-4 Arsenal
Final Olympique de Marseille 3-3(p5-4) Arsenal

FA Cup

FA Cup
3rd Arsenal 1-0 Southampton
4th Wigan 2-1 Arsenal

Star Players

Abel Hernández

My star player of the season, coming to the club for £20M, it took a leap of faith to pay that amount for a striker I really needed to be on fire this season, but he truly delivered. Being my star player in front of goal this man has earned his spot in the starting 11, pushing Van Persie out of the spot he has had his number sealed on for ages. With this players influence level he might just be the next captain of my Arsenal squad, at least he is a massive candidate for vice captain.


One of the players all Arsenal fans wants to develop rockets in his boots and this season. He is at least coming along as far as he possibly can with the players potential, delivering assists and goals this season.

Eden Hazard

My assist king! truly a mastermind in the playmaker role, he delivers passes like a psychic and also puts some behind the net himself, a £42M player who took a while before he blossomed in the club, but now hes here! Lets just hope he does it again next season.

Season Statistics

Name AAGames AAGoal(s) AAAssist(s) AAAv Rat
Hernández AA42(5) AAA36 AAA10 AAA7.50
Gervinho AA38(8) AAA20 AAA18 AAA7.45
Hazard AA54(3) AAA11 AAA31 AAA7.40
Wilshere AA35(13) AAA11 AAA11 AAA7.11
Walcott AA38(7) AAA11 AAA6 AAA7.06
Ramsey AA37(10 AAA8 AAA5 AAA7.00
Van Persie AA21(14) AAA8 AAA11 AAA7.23
Muniain AA19(10) AAA5 AAA5 AAA7.06
Koscielny AA47(4) AAA5 AAA1 AAA7.30
Chamberlain AA9(10) AAA4 AAA5 AAA7.06
Otamendi AA38(5) AAA4 AAA1 AAA7.24
Niang AA5(9) AAA2 AAA2 AAA6.71
Song AA24(7) AAA2 AAA2 AAA6.98
Vermalen AA38(3) AAA2 AAA1 AAA7.14
Fernando AA33(2) AAA2 AAA8 AAA7.13
Solaberrieta AA6(2) AAA1 AAA0 AAA6.93
ejay's avatar Group ejay
11 yearsEdited

Season 6 - Start of transfer window

The new transfer window has opened and need to figure out if there is reinforcements out there that is worth spending money on, where could my squad need strengthening? this is a hard question so i was thinking of posting some options i have found and asking you who read this for your opinions on it, hoping for some replies on this one.

First, I have some players leaving the club due to being in surplus or just simply not preforming at all, someone have already left.

£9.5M Ganso Arsenal Inter
Fernando Going to be transferred
Jose Angel Going to be transferred
Francis Coquelin Gong to be transferred
Emmanuel Frimpong Might be transferred

So here you have my current squad and tactics, so you can have a little look to see what you think.

So who to go for? My initial thoughts are to get a DM, maybe a CB or a backup midfielder. Here are some options I have found:

Transfer budget: £70M
Current date: 2nd July 2016

So what do you think? Are any of these worth their pricetag? do I need any of them?

Here are the youngsters I am planning to promote:

Hamsik or martinez are both strong players that could probably become a key player to replace ramsey or song?
Ramsey is currently world class and still young, but Song is starting to get old and was very much injured last season, so will need a good backup for him
I would have signed Marvin Martin, and Papadopoulos.

Season6 - Pre-Season

Pre-season has been done and have to say I am pleased with the results, not really much to say except for an impressive 2nd half against Besiktas, scoring 6 goals after the 55th minute.

AS Saint-Etienne 2-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 0-0 Porto
Besiktas 2-6 Arsenal
Colorado 1-4 Arsenal

New Signing

Kyriakos Papadopoulos

I am pleased to announce a new addition to the team, Kyriakos Papadopoulos was brought in by Bruce Banner for the sum of £12M. The player is seen to be taken the role as defensive midfielder and as a backup to the central defense squad. Will be very interesting to see how this Greek will preform in the red jersey this season and seasons to come.

Bruce Banner is rumored to be interested in signing more players, so don't be surprised to see more news on this subject

Season 5 - Updates


Marek Hamšík

I am proud to announce a new signing to the Gunners, Marek Hamšík came to Emirates for the sum of £26M. Even tho he is catching up on age he is a brilliant footballer who will have good years in the club when he settles to the English playing style, something i doubt takes too long.

Transfers around the league

£31M Nani Manchester United Inter
£26M Marek Hamsik Napoli Arsenal
£20.5M Fernando Arsenal Vlencia
£17.25M Dejan Lovren Lyon Liverpool
£16.75M Yohan Mollo Malaga Tottenham
£16.25M Connor Wickham Sunderland Tottenham
£15.75M David Luiz Chelsea Manchester United
£15.5M Kieber Porto Chelsea
£14.75M Gylfi Sigurôsson Porto Tottenham
£13.25M Marcelo Real Madrid Liverpool
£13M Tom Huddelstone Tottenham Juventus
£11.75M Kyrkiakos Papadopoulos Lyon Arsenal
£10.75M Mohammed Diame Fiorentina Liverpool
£10.25M Gaëtan Bong PSG Tottenham
£9.5M Ganso Arsenal Inter
£9M Blaise Matuidi PSG Tottenham
£6.75M Islam Bezzaz Lyon Tottenham
£6.25M Ryan Bennett Liverpool Birmingham
£6.25M Francis Coquelin Arsenal Norwich
£6.25M Victor Moses Wigan Norwich
£5.75M Juan Mata Chelsea Lyon
£5.25M Mauricio Isla Tottenham PSG
£3.5M Danny Welbeck Manchester United Wolves
£3.2M Jose Angel Arsenal Real Sociedad
£1.7M Nedum Onuoha Manchester City Newcastle
£1.7M Salomon Kalou Chelsea Genoa
Free Chris Smalling Manchester United Tottenham
Free Demba Ba Newcastle Free Transfer
Free Andy Caroll Liverpool Free Transfer
Free Stewart Downing Liverpool Free Transfer
Free Ashley Young Manchester United Free transfer
Free Daniel Agger Liverpool Free Transfer
Free Nigel De Jong Manchester City Free Transfer
Free Rafael van der Vaart Tottenham Free Transfer
Free Yaya Toure Manchester City Free transfer
Free Gareth Barry Manchester City Free trasfer
Loan Nemanja Vidic Manchester nited Free transfer
Loan Papiss Cisse Tottenham Free Transfer
cant beleive you sold Ganso ?? but very good signing with javi Martinez as i have him with my Man city game. his stats look alot better in my game though :D.

looks like u have been drawn in a fairly tough group in this seasons champions league . best of luck.
Papadopolous and Hamsik will be great for you. And you got them for a bargain price. Good luck with your new season!
Thanks for the comments Shaneo and Stark. Sure hoping Hamsik and Papadopolous will do the trick to get that no 1 spot this season. And for Ganso, is the most useless player I have had in my squad, Frimpong even did better than him, or Fernando who constantly got red cards was a better player. Should have a solid squad now so fingers are crossed.

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