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Arsenal - Road to glory

My campaign towards the throphies
Started on 23 April 2012 by ejay
Latest Reply on 8 June 2022 by Moppy666
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ejay's avatar Group ejay
12 yearsEdited

Arsenal - Road to glory

Hi everyone,
I've now decided to write a little about my progress and road ahead, have now gotten into the 2nd season and doing quite well, but first I'm gonna go trough my first season.

Wasn't very active on the transfer market in my own opinion, but did end up with 2 players and getting rid of some i felt was no use for the club, a little overview here:

I've used a tactic that i found that was called "Play like Arsenal". Gotta say i like this one very much, it gives a flowing game with passes and inside forwards going in the middle creating havoc. you can check it out yourself here: Play Like Arsenal
(Screenshot taken in 2nd season, just to show, is the same tactic)

Another point i find very important is the training regiment, even tho the the standard training in this game isnt very bad i always look for new ones, not very good at setting this up myself so i go out and i find one out on the world wide web. you can find it here: Training Schedule

When it comes to coches I have switched out many of those too, are too many to list here so if there is someone who is really, really interested you can give me a shout.

now to the real part, how did i do in the first season with Arsenal? Not too bad i would say myself, didnt preform as well as I hoped in the PL, but being the first season and running off with 2 trophies it can't be called a bad season.

the final league table ended up like this:

When it comes to the cups, i managed to win the Champions League(or Champions Cup as it's called in the game), winning a thriller over Real madrid 2-3 in overtime.
Other games in CL:

Also did well in the FA-cup final,winning 0-2 over Everton
Other matches:

Lost the league cup in the 4th round against Watford on penalties witch is a terrible result, but is how it is.

Will come with more, comments are very much appriciated, even tips will be concidered.

Untill Next time.
ejay's avatar Group ejay
12 yearsEdited

Season 2

Seasond season has started well, even tho with some upsets that was truly hurtfull to watch.
But lets start with my activity on the transfer market:

Community Shiled
Manchester City 3-1 Arsenal

Euro. Super Cup
Paris Saint-Germain 4-3 Arsenal

So to look beyond those big upsets the PL started out very well, you can read for yourself:

so so far I'm in a good position n the league

So over to Champions League(yes, I will call it that). gone good in my own opinion.
This is my Group, not a hard group.

FC København

I've played 4 games so far and it's a close group

So the start i gotta say all in all is a good one, scoring 34 goals on 11 matches in PL, goals are divided like this:
8 goals - Theo walcott
5 goals - Eden Hazard
4 goals - Laurent Koscielny
3 goals - Robin Van Persie
3 goals - Mikel Arteta
2 goals - Gervinho
1 goal - Per Mertesacker
8 goals - Own goals
ejay's avatar Group ejay
12 yearsEdited

Season 2 - Update 2

Finally managed to pull trough in CL group stage, was too close for comfort. Struggling trough it all it ended up with dropping points 3 times.

For the League Cup I've gotten an easier way trough it, First meeting Cardiff and then West-Brom, should manage to beat them, but seeing from the CL group im not gonna take that one for granted, thats for sure.

And now i got my youth facilities upgraded to the status of "State of the Art"

Injury update:
Gervinho - Returning to light training in 9 days
Chamberlain - Returning to light training in 15 days
Hazard - Returning to light training in 17 days
Sanogo - Returning to light training in 5 days

Boardroom Confidence:

Hard club to have a safe job in, Winning 2 cups previous season and finshing 4th in the league and end up with status that looks like a "meh" comment from the board... well well.

Commets will be very much appriciated!
LOL @ the "meh" comment haha, seems to be going okay, your board, just like mine, look like right wankers haha
hi m8 wit your foration won seri a and la liga good formation another formation 4-1-3-2 2fb 2cb 1 dm 2 wing 1 if 2 cf if you looking for a new formation try that only thing sindeline pick get ball forward
good story though
ejay's avatar Group ejay
12 yearsEdited
I will set up a formation like that, may be nice to have a backup for when i need to switch things up

Season 2 - Cardiff game

Did get warnings from "1650 Yo" that this would be a tough game and shouldnt take it lightly, but having a upcomming game against Man City 3 days after i really had to try and rest a few players. so i ended up with this starting lineup:

So, as i was warned about, Cardiff had periods where they had controll and nded up scoring a goal after a missed tacke by Koscielny and a great shot by Conway.

I had the ball alot and ALOT of chances missed, could have so many goals, should have so many goals, but i had to wait untill almost 4 min on overtime in the 2nd half for the goal to come, couldnt had come any later. So it all went to extra time.

In the 96th min my goal came, it ended up being an own goal by Gunnarson, but was an attempt of a clearance that would have given Ramsey the goal if he hadn't been there. here you have the stats for the game:
Craig Conway (8)
Tomas Rosicky (90+4)
Aron Gunnarsson own goal (96)

ejay's avatar Group ejay
12 yearsEdited

Season 2 - Club World Cup

For some reason im in the Club Word Cup and start out in the quarter final, but hey, a chance at another trophie, why not. This all ended up being quite hard and giving me something of a headscratcher, but will come back to that later and you'll see what i mean.

First off it's Okayama FC vs. Arsenal

This game went very well, winning it 1-4 it is aa result I'm pleased with.
Jack Wilshere grabbed an injury, witch i really dont mind, plaed him just because hes bitching about not playing and now i have the perfect excuse to leave him out of the squad.

Now on to the game that made my heart go from jumping to really not care how it went at the end.

Arsenal vs. Sao Paulo

Here i struggled like an old boys team, started out with having Vermalen injured in the 57th min.It went all the way to 70th min before Mertesacker managed to put one in, but took just 7 min before they pulled one back.

Diaby got me back in the lead in the 87th min, but with my luck the boys conceded in the 90th min. So it all goes to exta time, now here is where things start to happen.

in the 110th min my spirit went to sh*t, Szczesny picked up an injury and had to be taken off, with me not expecting that by a massive long shot i had used up all my substitutions. Now, who should i put in goal, because by the look of it this will go to penalties. After scratching my head and pulling my hair off i decided Koscielny would be just as good of a choice as any. so i ended up with a lineup like this:

Put the team in a very defensive lineup, because this goalie isn't a goalie so gotta put em off. BUT, with a strike of lightning, Mertesacker went up(with he shouldn't have really) and scored a late goal. Now it was just hoping the defence could be rock solid for once, but no, 1 min on overtime in the 2nd half of extra time they put one past Koscielny. So YAY! penalty shoot out with a defender in goal.

By a strike of luck they put one in the woodwork and my players manage to hit 5 penalties in a row for once, making it end up 5-4 on penalties!

So, apperently, Arsenal is now world champions... among clubs I've barely ever heard of in my life... yay!

Injury update:
Jack Wilshere - Returning to light training in 23 days
Alex Chamberlain - Returning to light training in 1 day
Wojciech Szcz?sny - Returning to light training in 5 days
Tomas Vermalen - Returning to light training in 5 days
Benik Afobe - Returning to light training in 1 day
Eden Hazard - Returning to full fitness in 4 days

Very glad Vermalen and Szcz?sny isn't out for more than a week or 2 before being fit again, but will give me a challenge having to use Mannone in in goal for some games ahead. *fingers crossed*
I like your "Play Like Arsenal" formation. I'm gonna give it a try in my Arsenal save. Was also curious who you signed in your second season? Go Gooners!
Hi Nick,

In the first transfer window, the only player ive been using that i bought was Martin Montoya, he manages to play on the same lvl as Sagna, witch makes for rotation. But, tried to sign Otamendi before the transfer window closed up, but the work permit got denied on deadline day so that ended up a no-go.

I have been active before the January window openes and setting up transfers that will stroll in when it opens.

These are the plyers i have gotten deals on and waiting for the January window to open:

Otamendi £13M
Muniain £25M + £7.5M over 12 months
Luis Estrada - Free - £1.9M compensation
Rob Barns-Graham - £500k

So now i have a defender and a striker comming in, the only spots i feel should be strengthened is the full back positions, atleast the left side. Gibbs/Santos are decent players, but can't really see them being the future of my club. Would love to get in Sime Vrsaljko, if you can get this player cheaply, run and buy him! Also Thiago Silva, Mats Hummels and Mamadou Sakho.... RUN AND BUY... (if they are cheapish)

I'm still looking into players, for example Yann M'Villa would be a decent signing even tho Song plays really good for me. Havent really been so worried about my midfield, but as I'm writing this im thinking my midfield has been shit... injuries are the big bad wolf stripping my team for Gervinho, Hazard and Arteta, so should probably look into that.

Also, with my goalie out with injury and only Mannone to cover my ass, I am certainly gonna go look for a backup GK.

If you have any tips about who to buy etc. DO let me know, I love suggestions on good buys.
ejay's avatar Group ejay
12 yearsEdited
Anyone have tips on a more defencive tactic i can use when I'm starting to struggle?
I'm thinking of more spesific then just a lineup, all from philosophy, strategy and team instructions etc.

Season 2 - Disapointment

here we have my latest PL games:

Wolves 1-0 Arsenal
Arsenal 4-0 Bolton
Manchester City 2-0 Arsenal
Aston Villa 3-2 Arsenal

Goes without saying that this is a bad run, having injuries and tired players, my players were tired before the Villa game and tried to rest some of them, under here you can see the lineup i was forced to use. so including the Villa game i have 3 games in 6 days with tired players... oh joy!

But to some positive notes i have players returning from injury.

Mertesacker was named best player for the Club World Cup and 2 players as runner ups.

Season 2 - News

Seemes it just tumbled in some news recently, I'll first start off with Walcott's agent wanting an improved deal for his client even tho he has a full 4 years left in the contract he has 50K p/w is a good deal for me.

here is what went down

So then he wanted to have a private chat with me, went like ive captured under and in my book couln't have gone any better.

Have had a good week it seemes, atleast my players has, bringing 4 players in the team of the week.

World team of the year has been decided aswell, here having Koscielny in it, a player i really didn't have in my plans at the end of the season, has stepped up, big time.

And the final round up that has been done that I've been made aware of atleas tis the XI of the year and Gervinho has deserved his spot in this one.

Now with it being 1. January the transfer window has opened and brining in my new players witch are very needed with a squad almost falling apart at times in my view. Those comming in are:
£13M - Otamendi
£32.5M - Muniain
Free(£500k fee) - Barns-Graham
Free(£1.2M compensation) - Bacoul
Free(£1.9M compensation) - Estrada

Thinking of getting me a GK, not sure who to bring in, got £10.9M still in my transfer budget. Anyone have good suggestions?? Everything will be appriciated.

ManU aperently bought Cavani for £35.5M, which will be very interesting to see how develops.
Ezekiel_87's avatar Group Ezekiel_87
12 yearsEdited
#49492 ejay : Also, with my goalie out with injury and only Mannone to cover my ass, I am certainly gonna go look for a backup GK.

If you have any tips about who to buy etc. DO let me know, I love suggestions on good buys.

Alphonse Areola, Neto, Marc Andre Ter-Stegen, René Adler, Igor Akinfeev..

Season 2 -

So I had a game against Everton away, started out good with getting an early goal, but right after the kick-off Van Persie goes and gets himself sent off!! luckily my boys showed real character and my new buys preformed better than what i could expect having the game ending 2-4. Look for yourself, fined him 1 weeks pay and no complaints.

A deserved red card for v. Persie

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