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Beggars can't be choosers!

Started on 18 July 2012 by Kiwi
Latest Reply on 30 October 2012 by Kiwi
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Drat, I was too slow off the mark. The Portuguese/Angolan right back whom had been released on a free by his previous club, would have made a most excellent signing to replace Barkhuizen, but didn't want to discuss terms when I approached him earlier in the month has gone and retired.

And here I was hoping he'd be more open to discussions now we where officially in the PSL.

Beggars can't be choosers I suppose.
Our ticket prices has moved from GBP3.60 to GBP6.30 - I'm hopeful that we can retain the same sort of crowd support that we did in the NFD.

We now also have season tickets available, for GBP130 per pop.
What you said it is so interesting.I support you.
The Board has finally agreed to look for a new parent club, after first stating that they didn't think it would be worthwhile to become a minor party in such an arrangement. No guarantees that they will find anything suitable either, but it doesn't hurt to look.

They are still unwilling, much to my disgust, to even have the scouting area increase even tabled with them. I am getting a bit sick of waiting.
Thanks for reading Rappelz - hope you continue to enjoy the story.

#60852 rappelz : What you said it is so interesting.I support you.
Friendlies in the back end of '13/14 season

We have played three friendlies since returning to pre-season training, all away fixtures against PSL sides.

It didn't tell me much as it was used purely for the first squad to get a bit of match conditioning back, and to put a few pennies in our coffers.

Evening away fixtures against Sundowns (0-4), our former parent Kaizer Chiefs (1-4) and Orlando Pirates (1-4) showed me that the squad could mix it at the next level, and perhaps worrying, Mashego was again the main source of the scoring with seven goals.

Against the Pirates, I unloaded my bench, which was my u-19 reps, and while we didn't score a goal, and didn't concede, we weren't nearly as controlling.

I had particular eyes on my youth utility player Mhlongo, and youth right back Khuzwatyo.
In what might be more of a problem, PSL side Sundowns are making repeated approaches to us for centre back Inna Gomis.

Not wanting to lose arguably the key player in our backline, we have set a steep asking price of GBP500K. This hasn't put them off, as every subsequent offer has been just that bit more than the last.

I've sent my scouts out to check on the availability of centre backs, to make sure that we aren't embarrassed by our leaky defense should we - and it is getting very close - get the offer that we can't refuse!!
I've spend a good portion of the day scouring around for replacements for Inna Gomis.

Whilst I set the asking price at 500K, it is only really a negotiation and a matter of making sure that I can make enough to buy a replacement and perhaps make a little bit to set aside.

Gomis is currently earning only GBP220 until May 2016 and I have visions of his agent pushing that to 1.2K akin to Barkhuizen if I attempt to block the transfer. So any money I could have banked in transfer fees, you end up paying again to keep the player happy...bit of a double edged sword.

I do have options, there is a fairly decent youth player at Orlando Pirates, but he doesn't want to discuss terms, although if I wanted to swap foreign for foreign, there are some deals to be had in Egypt, of all places.

Catch twenty two is Pirates have made noises about my goalkeeper, Masabo, and I am not sure that I can source the required talent, on my budget, from within South Africa.

Decisions, decisions.
The unexpected bid from Sundowns for Gomis hasn’t disrupted the pre-season training, but it has gone an awful lot slower then I would have liked, and I have sent my four slightly dodgy scouts to the deepest corners of my world (that is Africa) at the moment looking for a replacement player(s).

While it is clear that there is some great young talent coming through the ranks whom are South African born and bred, it is also apparent that they don’t wish to discuss terms, even after I have agreed a price with the club in question.

We have agreed a price of around the 400K mark for Gomis to transfer to Sundowns which will smash our transfer record if successful, and logic should decree that we should be able to pick an adequate replacement for that sort of money….it would appear that we could, if our reputation (or potentially my reputation as manager) was higher.
I think I have found a way forward for the club, which involves sacrificing a bit of flexibility, spending some of the money we would receive for Gomis and bringing two new foreigners to the club, and tempting a South African goalkeeper who was interested in signing with us before he renewed his current contract for another year. I'd only look at him if and when there is a need to, because he and Masabo are of a similar quality.

It is also largely dependent on the foreigner players getting work permits, one my scouts think would pass on the appeal, the other I can't get any oversight on, so wish me luck!
Obviously, we are not fancied by the media....but then again, we weren't last season either.

Anyone want to put down a cheeky monkey?
Now my playing roster is starting to take shape, I am looking at the backroom staff.

The most as risk, unsurprising, are the first tranche of coaches that I signed, and my Ass Man. There are mainly relative youngsters who generally filling a player/coach role who appear much better value, so I am bouyed by that possibility and means I can take a bit of time and won't rush to renew any contracts.

Better news: The physio I signed last season who started with a score of 13, has now increased to a 17. I consider myself very lucky, as I punted to wait and see whether anything better than a seven would turn up. And it has.

My scouts however, are a different story, and there doesn't seem to be anything better, although I may move for Welcome Qalanto, who is currently a player/scout with Chippa. The irony is his attacking scores would also make him a useful coach, but he is interested in scouting and physio work.
1000-1 gotta be longest odds I have ever seen in the game. To bad you can't gamble with club money in the game.
I didn't see the odds for our promotion from last year, but I'd have a fifty quid bet with my own money. Probably get busted for fraud or some such. Club money, well I have 1.1M on hand, I could pay off my bank loan....or find a bookie!

Much will depend on whether I can keep my key players Mashego and Masabo, so I have plummed for avoid relegation for starters.

Thanks for your comments and I hope you are enjoying reading Jeffc!

#61035 jeffc : 1000-1 gotta be longest odds I have ever seen in the game. To bad you can't gamble with club money in the game.
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Now that you in the PSL, get used to greedy Sundowns bidding for your players (even the very average ones). They buy anyone.
They once signed my entire back 4 in a week. :(

1000-1! .. Off to the bookies to put some money on you ;)

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