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The Ultimate Pentagon Challenge

It can't get any harder!
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Michael's avatar Group Michael 2012-10-11 20:06
00 759 posts 51 likes joined Jan 02, 2011


I've managed to win the Europa League with only Dutch players. I managed to win the Champions League 3 times in a row with a club which I brought up from the 5th Dutch league. I managed to win the Serie A without getting a goal against. I managed to be 178 matches in a row undefeated. Hell yeah, I even managed to play above 5300 hours of FM2012.

I can safely say that I'm one of the better managers of the game, how arrogant it may sound. I can do that, because I have the details to prove it. But still, I can't put myself in the list of the greatest FM-players. I'm missing 1 archievement. Just 1:

I never did the Pentagon Challenge: I never won the African, the North-American, the South-American the Asian and the European Champions League in 1 game. I wanna do it.

But thinking this is hard? Can you imagine it even harder? I can. I'm not gonna buy any foreigner. I'm not gonna bring my club in debt. I'm not playing in England. But the hardest part is: I wanna win the Club World Champonship with any club I play.

Am I gonna make it? I dunno. But 1 thing I know. You guys are following me. Every fucking move I make. Every transfer I make. Every game I play. I'm gonna be THE FM-GOD. Not just a master. With this epic story I'm gonna steal the title of the best FM-player you guys will ever see.

Are you guys with me for this one? Are you? ARE YOU? LET'S DO THIS SHIT!

The FM Rookie's avatar Group The FM Rookie 2012-10-11 20:07
ie 1300 posts 216 likes joined Jul 29, 2012
From FM-King to FM-God, the ultimate journey! We will all be following!
Taking over the world with a team from snowy Finland. Is it possible? Can it be done? Only one way to find out: KuPS - The Rocky Road To Glory
Akash's avatar Group Akash 2012-10-11 20:13
hm 1007 posts 174 likes joined Feb 12, 2012
Try harder :P
Michael's avatar Group Michael 2012-10-11 20:31
00 759 posts 51 likes joined Jan 02, 2011


It has costed me 4 months, or to be precise: 127 days. 127 without a club. It's a long time, but as a sunday-league footballer it may even be short. I applied in Mexico, in South-Korea, hell yeah, I even applied in Indonesia.

But the club came. It came from an unexpected way. It wasn't a low level league club from Brazil, not a low ranked club from India. It was a club from the US of A. It was Philadelphia.

Philidelphia, a club from the Major League of Soccer. It is the 8th club, of the 9. But is it gonna stay that way? No. NO, it isn't. Not when I'm in charge. This is club 1. And it's gonna be the thrill of the Phill.

The Club

Philly (as we are gonna call it) has no history, so do you have a sheet? I'm gonna write it. No assistant-manager, and a bunch of players where the highest valued one is just 1.1 Million.

At this moment the club has ended 8th of 9 in the league, so next season I wanna be 6th. I will do a monthly update. Starting from now, I am on my journey. I hope you have some popcorn, and don't have an overweight problem, because it's gonna be a long one.

Michael's avatar Group Michael 2012-10-12 18:13
00 759 posts 51 likes joined Jan 02, 2011


139 days. That was the time between being appointed, and my first match. Enough time to do a lot of things, such as transfers, and getting to know the club. After appointing a few staffmembers, I was busy scouting for some players.

6 free transfers, 7 due drafts (which are free too), and 1 loanee: Starikov of Zenit.

I'm a healthy club, making around 90K a month profit :)

Friendly's in pre-season were pretty bad, 5 of the 9 were lost (Malaga was in those), 3 draws, and 1 win.

I'm beginning against Kansas, so let's start the game :)

/* Next update after 5 matches *\

adonis_p's avatar Group adonis_p 2012-10-12 19:01
us 110 posts 6 likes joined Oct 26, 2010
Absolutely love this idea. Philly for a start, that's too funny!
J.A. Marítimo's avatar Group J.A. Marítimo 2012-10-12 20:30
pt 10 posts 3 likes joined Jul 19, 2011
What a great challenge! Go for it! ;)
Glenn T's avatar Group Glenn T 2012-10-13 00:18
sg 4658 posts 450 likes joined Jun 02, 2012
Go for it mate... can't wait.
biggsy141's avatar Group biggsy141 2012-10-13 09:02
00 1 posts joined Oct 13, 2012
Good luck to you my friend
Michael's avatar Group Michael 2012-10-13 09:58
00 759 posts 51 likes joined Jan 02, 2011

First 5 matches

So, I knew we had some scoring issues, but this is getting riculous. 7 goals in 5 matches from 6 different scorers. It is gonna be a hard time this way.

MLS: Sporting Kansas City: 1-0
Not a good match, just a good result.

MLS: Real Salt Lake: 2-1
0-1 behind, fought myself back to 2-1

US Cup: Sporting Kansas City 2-2 (5-4 after penalty's)
I felt pretty ashamed, as I needed a goal in the 89 and 105th minute. just after 7 penalty's I won.

MLS: Houston: 0-3
It was coming, damn, my team got some heavy fines after this match.

MLS: Toronto FC: 2-2
Nothing more annoying than losing a 2-0 lead.

Strangely: I'm 4th in the league, on 1 point behind the no.1 and 2, and losn on goaldifference against the no 3.

Michael's avatar Group Michael 2012-10-16 11:27
00 759 posts 51 likes joined Jan 02, 2011

Second set of matches(6-10): 2012 season

MLS: Portland 1-0
3 points, and go on. I really need a scoring striker ....

MLS: FC Dallas 1-0
My starting eleven can't score, unless they come of the bench :P

US Cup: Columbus 3-1
Highest scoring game, number of goals from the striker? 0

MLS: Chicago: 0-1
zero points. i wanted at least a draw

MLS: New York: 5-4
Calculated loss, but really annoying in the way it was. Goalkeeper is kicked away for this :)

Biggest game in the next series: Los Angeles Galaxy!

Michael's avatar Group Michael 2012-10-16 19:56
00 759 posts 51 likes joined Jan 02, 2011

Third Set of Matches (11-15): 2012 Season

MLS: Seattle 2-1
I'm saying it again: 3 points is 3 points.

MLS: Vancouver 0-1
Angstgegner is found

MLS: Los Angeles 0-0
Beckham and co were failing against my 17 year old goalie.

US Cup: D.C. United 2-1
Another cupround for me :)

MLS: Chivas USA 0-1
And there goes the good spirits :)

and place 6, where I was expected to get 16 :D

sevannime's avatar Group sevannime 2012-10-17 06:35
gh 93 posts 16 likes joined Apr 25, 2012
The dutchieeeee effect can win any tournament!! go Mike!!
Michael's avatar Group Michael 2012-10-18 01:21
00 759 posts 51 likes joined Jan 02, 2011

Forth Set of Matches (16-20): 2012 Season

MLS: New England 2-1
Winning! © Charlie Sheen

MLS: Colorado 2-2
I can better draw a bird, and fly away from this madness (2-0 -> 2-2)

MLS: D.C. United 0-0
The president needed new glasses

MLS: Columbus 1-0
I think he needs to find something new :P

MLS: Portland 2-1
Finally some wins in a row.

Still 6th, but just 2 points behind the no.1

adonis_p's avatar Group adonis_p 2012-10-18 15:22
us 110 posts 6 likes joined Oct 26, 2010
You are a better man than I. I can never get used to MLS rules and structure. Seems slow and steady. Keep it up!

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