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The Ultimate Pentagon Challenge

It can't get any harder!
Started on 11 October 2012 by Michael
Latest Reply on 31 October 2012 by Donatt
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Fifth set of Matches (21 - 25): Season 2012

US Cup: Minnesota Star 3-1
Another round in the cup :P

MLS: Houston 0-1
Grrr, zero points where I wanted 3.

MLS: Los Angeles 1-1
Not losing is worth something :P

US Cup: Colorado 0-1
Couldn't win from the Southpark Maniacs :P

MLS: New York 1-0
And a win :P finally :P

Still playing in the top, No big matches coming up :)

Sixth set of matches (26-30): 2012 season

MLS: Seattle 0-0
They made their point :P

MLS: San Jose 2-1
3 points in the bag, they are mine :D

MLS: D.C. United 3-2
1-2 behind, and 3-2 win :P

MLS: Chicago 1-0
3 win in a row, with 1 goal difference.

MLS: Vancouver 2-1
4 wins in a row :D

Still no big matches upcoming :)

Seventh Set of Matches (31-35): 2012 season

MLS: Chivas USA 4-0
5 in a row, and finally more than 1 goal difference

MLS: New England 2-1
18 points in 6 matches, am I dreaming?

MLS: Colorado 2-2
2-0 behind and going to 2-2, that's stealing a point

MLS: San jose 3-1
And another 3 points.

MLS: Columbus 2-2
And this is a loss of 2 points.

4 matches to go, no big one, i might even become champion.

Eight set of matches (36-39): 2012 season

MLS: Toronto FC 0-2
no points, it's a big miss.

MLS: Dallas FC 4-0
3 points which I need

MLS: Sporting Kansas City 0-1
Most sour loss of the whole season.

MLS: Real Salt Lake 3-0
2 goals short.

This close: Too Close

Max 4 matches to go, championship isn't decided yet.
Good luck, love reading Pentagon Challenges! Never actually tried because I don't have the patience. Keep up the good work!! Where do you think you will go next?

Last set of Matches: Road to Victory

MLS East Conf 1/2 Final 1st Leg: Seattle 0-2
Fuck It, I hate losses at the end ...

MLS East Conf 1/2 Final 2nd Leg: Seattle 3-1 (7-6 after penalties)
... But this is a sweet win.

MLS East Conf Final: New York 2-1
And this one is even sweeter!

MLS Cup: Real Salt Lake: 2-0
But I'm the Fucking Champion

Pre-season update. Transfers & Matches: 2013

First of all: I'm letting go of the home-grown rule. It's too difficult to play for the prices, last year I had extremely much luck and I don't want to depend on luck to win the league (or anything else).

so the transfers:

14 players for free went out, most noticeable: Nate Jaqua, good for 6 goals.
furthermore: Brunner went to Seattle for a player exchange + 2 Draft-Picks. McLauglin to Columbus for a player exchange, and Califf to LA Galaxy for a 2 draft picks and a small fee of 150K. George John was send to AEK Athene for a fee of 250K, And Adu is going to brondby in the Summer for free. Happy to see Adu leave in the summer, as he has a wage which is around 30% of my total wage budget (53K a week).

There were a lot of good players coming in: Mirosevic is a CM from the Player exchange with Seattle, Meridith a goalie from the player exchange with Columbus. Braun (my 5th striker, so a last resort) came from montreal for free. Gomez is a new striker (no6) which needs a lot of attention before securing a higher place :)

My new LB is called Leonardo, a free, and my new CD is called leonardo, a free (no, no joke). Fülöp is my new goalie, and I have 3 new strikers for the 3 striker positions. Brazilian superman Jô signed for 5 seasons for a 4.6K a week contract, and so did the Argentinians Parra and Bravo. Defender Sarr came for the CD :)

And the friendlys:

I played 20 friendly matches pre season, won 12, drawed 6, and lost 2 (against Hoffenheim and Toronto FC). Fluminese was a 4-0 win, Boca a 1-1 draw and a 4-1 win, Vasco a 0-0 draw and Lorient was a 1-0 win. In 11 of the 20 matches i kept a clean sheet, and in just 1 match I got 2 goals against :)

Started the season nice, but that's for the next update :)
This is a good story, never seen a Pentagon last more than a few posts. I trust we will see another like it on FM13?
@blue, I will buy 13 after this challenge is done :)

2013 season, first 15 matches!

MLS: Real Salt Lake 3-0
Start with 1 win :D

MLS: Sporting Kansas City 4-1
First hattrick: Jô with 4 goals

MLS: Houston 2-0
and 3 wins in a row

MLS: Toronto FC 4-1
4 in a row, and first 2 goals of Parra

MLS: Portland 3-3
first pointloss, red card for Jô, goal 3 and 4 for Parra

MLS: Dallas 4-0
and Parra scores 4! (first hattrick)

MLS: Chicago 6-0
And Parra scores 3! (second hattrick (in a row)), 11 this season

MLS: New York 3-0
And Parra scores 3! his third hattrick in a row

MLS: Seattle 3-1
goal 15 and 16 of Parra, and his first red (2x yellow)

MLS: LA Galaxy 2-2
Parra wasn't on the field, Jô saved a point

MLS: Vancouver 5-0
And the 4th hattrick is there from Parra: 19 goals

MLS: Chivas USA 3-0
and Parra was complacent, a 6.2 today.

MLS: Columbus 4-2
Hattrick hero Parra with 3 goals again. (22 so far)

MLS: New England 4-1
You know his name, you know his game, he's archieving fame: Hattrick Hero Parra!

MLS: D.C. United 4-1
Parraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh x4 :D (29 goals in his 14 matches)

Parra is my saviour, don't know how many I would have won without him :D

1st in the league, with a large lead :)
Why haven't we seen a screenshot of Parra yet? This guy sounds unbelievable.
2012-10-22 23:45#68240 akash.vidyasagar : Why haven't we seen a screenshot of Parra yet? This guy sounds unbelievable.

A screen of Parra will be added with my next update :)
definitely following this one :) good luck, hope to see you in the concacaf champions league soon.
Never did understand MLS rules! Haha! But great story mate, just a small question- where do you plan to move for the next part of the Pentagon Challenge?
@xXBlueXx: Hopefully South-Africa or Australia.

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