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KuPS - The Rocky Road To Glory

Bringing glory to my beloved Keltamusta
Started on 27 November 2012 by The FM Rookie
Latest Reply on 13 July 2013 by wellsy1498
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This is crazy! :O

Football's Best

Johnson: "Diego the greatest"
Kuopion Palloseura manager, Nick Johnson, was interviewed by a number of reporters from Finnish broadcasters today. Amongst the questions asked, he was asked on his opinion on who is the greatest footballer in history? This was his answer:

Nick Johnson: "For me, Diego Maradona has to be the greatest player in the history of football. He was everything you could want in a player, and more! Some people say that Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo are better players than Maradona was, but I think that it is hard to compare two or more different players, especially over different generations. For me, Diego could just about pull off anything and everything with consumate ease. He was a lethal finisher, had a creative mentality and was a fierce leader."

When asked about a public figure who has stalked him for the last few months, Nick Johnson had this to say:

Nick Johnson: "I feel sorry for the guy, really. He doesn't know what he is doing or of the consequences of his actions, which is a shame. I am sure that if he did not have his sexual addictiveness, he would be a really nice person, or is "he" a "she"? I am aware that he loves getting hand-cuffed while being bent over the bonnet of a car because of the sexual positions that these actions resemble. This guy is a felon and must be stopped before the entire population of Kuopio is raped anally!"
Auch Nick.

That one hurt my prostate
2013-01-13 04:32#76915 mdlp1991 : Auch Nick.

That one hurt my prostate
I hope it did ;)

July Update

Hey guys, July was a very exciting for KuPS as we played our first round of Europa League qualifiers agains Swedish giants AIK. All-in-all, we played seven games in this month. Here is how they went:

3-1 Win vs FC Inter (H) League. 07.07.13.

Aleksi Paananen 11'
Ats Purje 82'
Sander Puri 90+1'
Paul Obiefule (8.1)

FC Inter:
Irakli Sirbiladze 17'

3-0 Win vs MYPA (H) League, 11.17.13.

Ats Purje 44'
Mikael Forssell 57'
Sander Puri 75'
Johann Smith (8.7)


1-0 Win vs FF Jaro (H) League, 15.07.13.

Dudu pen 55'
Sean Cunningham (7.8)

FF Jaro:

1-1 Draw vs AIK (A) Europa League 2nd Qual Rnd 1st Leg, 18.07.13.

Viktor Lundberg 14'
Robert Ahman-Persson 25'

Jari Litmanen 23'
Pieteri Holopainen (8.0)
Etchu Tabe 40'

3-0 Loss vs Honka (A) League, 21.07.13.

Tapio Heikkila 45'
Tim Vayrynen 89', 90+1'
Tim Vayrynen (9.2)


3-0 Win (4-1 agg.) vs AIK (H) Europa League 2nd Qual Rnd 2nd Leg, 25.07.13.

Aleksi Paananen 23'
Mikael Forssell 36'
Pyry Karkkainen 45'
Aleksi Paananen (8.1)
Jari Litmanen 21'


1-0 Win vs TPS (H) League, 29.07.13.

Mikael Forssell 5'

Jani Tanska (8.3)

League Table

Here are my fixtures for August:

So, we had a very good month, beating both first and second placed sides in the league in FC Inter and MYPA. We now sit second thanks to these victories and we are also up against Werder Bremen in the next qualifying rounds of the Europa League. This is a very tough tie and it will be hard to hold on to any sort of draw, home or away. So I will leave you with KuPS' Goal of the Month. Please comment belo if you are enjoying this style or the story in general. If you don't, comment too. Until next time, stay tuned!

I agree. Diego Maradona is the greatest player ever. :D. The Stalker though. :O
Great win against Inter! How many more games do you have left to win the league?
2013-01-13 14:36#76959 manchesterblue97 : Great win against Inter! How many more games do you have left to win the league?
33 games in the league season so 16 left for me :)
Nice! Litmanen finally did something :P ;). You are in CL contention area! How much money do they give you if you qualify for CL? Any transfers coming in?

Old Friends

Dean Ashton was seen having dinner with an old friend Nick Johnson, its understood that Ashton And Johnson were child hood friends when Ashton made it as a football player Nick always wanted to be a manager and had to go true it the hard way making a name for himself. While Ashton was already known in the world of football and for him to get a job was well easier.

Dean said that he looks up to Nick both as a manager and a friend, and the reason he was chatting to him was about the last few league games and Cup games. Dean asked Nick how do you keep your players fully fit all the time. We don’t know what Nick Said but it seemed to of worked for Sunderland .

Also dean said that Nick will be one of the best managers in the game if he keeps working hard and stick by what way he run’s his team. Ashton Speaks highly of Nick and even asked him to become an Assistant Manager at the Stadium Of Light, Were Nick kindly Refused and said he does not want any hand outs. We all hope that Nick Johnson Makes it big in the Footballing world.
2013-01-13 21:11#77030 PaukerJ : Nice! Litmanen finally did something :P ;). You are in CL contention area! How much money do they give you if you qualify for CL? Any transfers coming in?
No prize money from the league, I'm afraid. I would get a few hundred thousand from TV rights, sponsorship deals and round prizes though. Two transfers in, will reveal in the next update :)

A big thank you to FM King for his wonderful post :D

What is this? And they were "seen having dinner together" ? :P
2013-01-14 10:05#77079 afhp89 :

What is this? And they were "seen having dinner together" ? :P

And than he complains about a Stalker who wants him to feel good...
Hard to know Dean is checking out the goods when my head is turned :P

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