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Liverpool F.C - A Liverbird From The Ashes

Started on 3 February 2013 by Arvind
Latest Reply on 19 February 2013 by Jamesg237
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Arvind's avatar Group Arvind
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Liverpool F.C - A Liverbird From The Ashes

Hey guys. I'm a huge Liverpool fan, and surprisingly, have never done a story with them. I've previously had 3 saves with them, with average success, but this time I hope to get things right.

Many fans keep talking about how great we once were, and expect that we should get back there in one or two seasons. It's not realistic in the real world, since the gap between the rest of the "top six" and us is huge, and though we're a "big club" by reputation, fans, stadium and history, we are still weaker than them squad-wise. However, hopefully in Football Manager, getting back there should be quicker and easier. :)

Thanks for reading guys, please leave a comment. Hopefully you'll enjoy this story.

Great start Liverbird, looking forward to Liverpool being restored to it's glory days. :D
Good luck with the mighty Reds! It is great to see a bit of competition with another Liverpool story.
Great start mate. YNWA!
Arvind's avatar Group Arvind
9 yearsEdited
@Madrista, Jeremy, James Thanks for the support guys, keep reading. :)
Good luck with your story.
Nice start, will be followed :)
Great start, hope you succeed :) YNWA!
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Just 26 days after being appointed as Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has left the club after his contract was mutually terminated after a club event.

It is understood that Rodgers(below) had groped owner John Henry's wife Linda Pizzuti in front of several guests at a club event on Henry's yacht. Rodgers was escorted off the boat.
Touchy feely..Disgraced manager Brendan Rodgers

Linda Pizutti(left) was groped by Rodgers

According to several witnesses, Rodgers was drinking heavily during the event. The club's statement read - "After the events that have taken place, both parties - Liverpool Football Club and Brendan Rodgers - have agreed that the best action is the mutual termination of his contract. The board of directors will begin searching for a new manager immediately.
Arvind's avatar Group Arvind
9 yearsEdited

Sky Sports looks at the most likely candidates for the Liverpool manager job.

The Spaniard is very tactically sound and keeping up Wigan for so many seasons with the resources handed to him is a reflection of how good a manager he is. He is a fan of attractive football, and will continue the same style of football Brendan Rodgers intended to bring to Liverpool. His relations are strained with Wigan's loudmouth chairman, and was in discussions with Liverpool before they appointed Rodgers.

Frank de Boer

The Ajax manager has won two league titles within a span of one and a half years at the club. The Dutchman previously turned down the chance to manage Liverpool, after which the board went for their second choice in Brendan Rodgers. He is not the favourite however, since he already turned down the job once.

Rafa Benítez

Liverpool fans were disappointed when Rafa was overlooked for the job earlier in the summer, but the former Reds manager might be in contention this time around. His cause is helped by the fact that he has already managed Liverpool, leading them to Champions League glory on that fateful night in Istanbul. He has been without a job for 2 years, having been sacked as Inter manager. He is still a favourite with the fans however, and a second spell at the club might work out well for all parties.

Out of the new wave of managers, Diego Simeone is undoubtedly one of the very best. In his first year of management, he led Estudiantes de La Plata to their first league title in 23 years, beating Boca 2-1 in a final match in December 2006. He was voted the best Argentinian manager, and the national team manager at the time praised him as a "born manager". He later went to Italy, helping relegation favourites Catania beat the drop. He then moved on to Atletico Madrid, with whom he won last year's Europa League competition. Given that he is enjoying life at Atletico, by no means will it be easy to tempt him to Anfield, but if owner John Henry does succeed, he will have a spectacular manager leading his club.
7:00am, Melwood, West Derby, Liverpool: I was on the road outside the Melwood training ground. I hadn't been here for 8 years.

I stepped out of my car and removed a black bag from the back seat. I unzipped it and removed two files from it.

They were two contracts. I had to choose which to sign - which job to take. I laid them both down on the hood of my car.

I turned back and glanced at Melwood. There were only a few cars parked inside, which made sense, as players only report for training at nine. A car went past me, into the complex's parking lot.

???: Come on Steve, we don't have all day!

That voice seemed so familiar. I walked a few yards to the gate to see who it was.

Through the gate, I saw a red car. Standing beside it impatiently, was Jamie Carragher. My best guess was the guy in the car was Steven Gerrard. Haven't seen those two in a long time. The last time I got selected for the National Team, probably.

Carra: Stevie, what the hell are you doing in there?

Gerrard: Relax Jamie, I'm just putting on my socks. I'll be out in a minute.

Carra: You drove barefoot?

He turned towards me.

Carra: Michael? Is that you? *runs over* Good to see you mate!

Me: Hey there Jamie. What's up?

Stevie got out of the car.

Carra: Oi Steve! Look who's here! It's Michael!

Gerrard:Mike! Long time no see.

Me: What are you guys doing here so early?

Carra: There's no manager, so we've gotta help Colin and the coaches set training assignments for the rest of the lads.

Gerrard: What are you doing here, anyway?

Me: Well, I've got a contract offer from Liverpool and Stoke. Trying to decide which one to pick.

Gerrard:That's great, we could use an extra striker in the team.

Me:: But Steve..

Gerrard: No buts, you're gonna sign.

He dragged me out to the car and took a pen out of his pocket.

Gerrard: Here, now sign it.

Me:: Steve..

Gerrard: SIGN!

I grabbed the pen from his hand and hurriedly signed on the dotted line.

Gerrard: Now, let's take a look. *clears throat*
This contract was made on 1 July 2012 between Michael Owen herinafter known as "The Employee" and Liverpool Football Club herinafter known as "the Company". Date of Commencement : 1 July 2012

I waited for him to read it.

Gerrard: Job Function : The Employee shall be employed as....

And there it was. The shock on his face.

Carra: What's wrong, Steve?

Gerrard: Manager of Liverpool Football Club...
Hahahaha brilliant! Keep it going!
Brilliant mate, so looking forward to this story!
Michael Owen as manager o.O Now this is contreversy at its best, I love it :P
Arvind's avatar Group Arvind
9 yearsEdited

Thanks for the views and the support guys, it really means alot especially since the story has barely begun :')

Right now the updates will come pretty slowly, as I've got to study this month, but after 5th March it will go much faster.
Brilliant start! Should make for an entertaining read!

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