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Gonzalez's C.D. Tenerife

Started on 9 March 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 24 April 2013 by Northwood
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Brilliant. Asier Del Horno will be quality.

Meeting the Team

I walked into the dressing room where all the players were having a good time and laughing after a good practice. I got to say, I was nervous but I tried not to show it. I whispered to my second hand, Roberto Perea to round up the team in five minutes.

Five minutes later..

Sergio Aragoneses (SA)
Raul Gonzalez Blanco (RG)
David Medina (DM)

RG- Alright team! We got so close on getting promotion last season and it was a let down not to go up. This time, I want to breeze through this season and get back on track for us to be back where this team deserves. The Liga BBVA.

SA- We were so close to getting back on the Liga Adelante last season and we can do it boss. I believe in the team, myself and the board will be pleased by this.

RG- Would anyone want to add to what Aragoneses said right now?

DM- I think we got it clear boss by Aragoneses and yourself. I think that on behalf of the team and club, we will be on the Liga Adelante next season.

RG- That will be all guys, thanks.

Tenerife sign a duet

C.D. Tenerife S.A.D. have completed the signing of former Athletico Bilbao legend Francisco Yeste and former youngster Jeffrey Sarpong.

The 32-year-old has signed a one-year contract with Tenerife and said that he was delighted to be playing under such a legend and idol. Francisco Yeste said," To be asked to play by a former team-mate is awesome. Plus, he told me that he would show me some “tricks” he learned in Real Madrid. I’m over the moon that I’m his player now and I always felt him as a older brother.”

Tenerife manager Raul Gonzalez Blanco told the press he is "delighted" with the signing, and he strongly believes that Yeste shows how Tenerife is making progress. Raul later said,"He's a great player, and during my career, I got to play against him and with him in the Spanish team." With a grin in his face, Raul added,"He is a great player and we always got along."

On the other hand, Jeffrey Sarpong signed a three year deal with Tenerife, meaning that he would stay until his 26th birthday. Sarpong told Marca,"It's great to play again in Spain. When I left Real Sociedad for Breda, it was the worst call I did in my life. Breda lied to me and released me, where I could’ve stayed in Spain with Real Sociedad and have my chances there. Plus, I barely played there. But, when Raul phoned me about my availability, I didn't hestitate."

Gonzalez' reaction was quite similar to Sarpong’s. He told the press," Sarpong is a fantastic player and we lacked a player who can play all over the wings. He was my first choice after Tom de Mul and I personally think that he’s better. Sarpong got transferred to Real Sociedad because they saw potential in him. But, they gave up on him, and I believe that no one should give up on their players.”

Good signings, try and keep yeste for another season after this season
Nice signings, hopefully get a good run in copa del rey :)

Pre-Season 2012


C.D. Tenerife 5-0 Las Palmas At
Alaves 2-3 C.D. Tenerife
C.D. Tenerife 0-0 Villa Santa Brigida




First, the transfers. I'm really pleased with the players we got. I think that I'll try to sign Ivan Bolado (free player, who is injured). Two major coups, as we got two great players. Francisco Yeste and Del Horno can tutor players and play key part in our push for promotion.

Now, onto the results. The results were fantastic, but we conceded two goals, which shouldn't have stood. We do need another striker, as all of these matches Yeste was playing as an AP.

We need to improve our goalscorers during the competitive season. With Bolado coming in January, I think that we can rely on Yeste or Aridane.
Looks amazing so far, will be following :)
Jer's avatar Group Jer
7 yearsEdited

Raul's Debut

C.D. Tenerife 1-0 C.D. Marino – Copa del Rey 29.8.2012

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Aragoneses, Moyano, Del Horno, Tarantino, Llorente, Ros, Medina, Chechu, Yeste, Crusat, Aridane.

Goals: 70' Ayoze

Injuries: 34' Asier Del Horno (4 weeks)

Subs: 34' Asier Del Horno Sergio Rodriguez
45' David Medina Anthony Obodai
73' Aridane Jeffrey Sarpong

MOTM: Javier Tarantino 7.7(C.D. Tenerife)

Raul's point of view

The match was very boring to be honest. I was expecting to win by a difference of three or four goals, so it is dissapointing seeing Yeste or Aridane not hitting the target. I made a tactical switch by telling Chechu to support and letting Crusat attack more. This payed off, since the own goal came from Crusat's shot. A player who deserves my compliment is Javier Tarantino. After putting in two great centre-backs, he took over when del Horno got subbed off. Like I mentioned in the other update, we do need our strikers in top form until January, where we will attempt to get Ivan Bolado on a Tenerife shirt.
Del Horno injured, unlucky

Sarpong ruled out for 4 weeks

C.D. Tenerife have confirmed the rumors of Jeffrey Sarpong being injured. After the attacking minded player tweeted," 4 weeks out here at Tenerife. Shit!" With this informed, there are rumors that Raul Gonzalez will be looking at the market once again. But, with this information pinging up in the Internet, the Tenerife manager quickly shot down the rumors. Raul said," It is unfortunate for the club and Jeffrey that he is injured, but it is four weeks. We won't be signing any players permanently, but perhaps on loan." The new Tenerife manager added," Jeffrey is a key part of us in the season, but if anyone is injured, I expect their replacement to play as good as the predecessor did." With that said, it has been said that Nico or Suso will be taking the place of Jeffrey Sarpong.
Like this Mate :)
Great read so far pauker keep it up :D

September: Picking up Steam

C.D. Tenerife 2-0 Coruxo – Second Division B1 02.9.2012

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Aragoneses, Moyano, Del Horno, Tarantino, Llorente, Ros, Medina, Chechu, Nico, Crusat, Yeste.

Goals: Albert Crusat 24' Francisco Yeste 45(+2)'

Injuries: None

Subs: 63' Raul Llorente David Medina
63' Inigo Ros Guillem
63' Albert Crusat Suso

MOTM: Iosu Villar 7.8(Coruxo)

Real Madrid "C" 0-3 C.D. Tenerife – Second Division B1 08.9.2012

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Aragoneses, Moyano, Del Horno, Tarantino, Llorente, Ros, Medina, Suso, Cristo Martin, Crusat, Yeste.

Goals: Crusat 31' Inigo Ros 41' Suso 89'

Subs: 61' Cristo Martin Nico
76' Inigo Ros Luismi Loro

MOTM: Suso 8.1(C.D. Tenerife)

Amorebieta 0-1 C.D. Tenerife – Copa del Rey Second Round 12.9.2012

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Aragoneses, Moyano, Baltasar Rigo, Tarantino, Llorente, Obodai, Ros, Suso, Yeste, Crusat, Luismi Loro.

Goals: Luismi Loro 27' Inaki Goikoetxea 10'

MOTM: Baltasar Rigo 7.8(C.D. Tenerife)

Tenerife get Llagostera in the Copa del Rey Third Round

Raul's point of view

The first match of the month was against Coruxo, a team that always finishes mid-table in this division. This match is always important, as it can kick the players morale up, or lowers it. Thanks to two great goals from Crusat and Yeste, two new players at Tenerife, we won that match at the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez stadium. For the second match, I decided to rest Chechu and Nico, who had great games against Coruxo, but were rested for the Copa del Rey Second Round against Amorebeita. Cristo Martin took his place for Nico and Suso took the place of Chechu. The match was very active, with Crusat again on target against Real Madrid's third side. The first goal was a nice exchange of passes before Crusat slided it past goal. Inigo Ros, took his chance great when he was left alone and placed it into the top right corner. Finally, at the death of the game, Suso scored a great goal from a corner kick. After a heated fight in the Amorebeita stadium, we finally took the lead with a Luismi Loro header. With Crusat hitting the post twice, we lacked finishing.
great results especially the madrid c team :P gives the team confidence

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